Season 3


#301 Busted!
Max wants to win Liz back. Although she hasn't forgiven the thing with Tess, it doesn't last long and Max wins her heart again. During a romantic date, Max gets visions of his son. Max and Liz decide to look out for him. This plan leads them to a convenience store that lies above an undergournd goverment storeage facility housing the alien's space ship. In order to get to the space ship they ambush the shop. But an informant betrays them to the police and after a car chase they get arrested. Luckily, Max father and his new collegue Jesse (who is in a secret relationship with Isabel) get them out of prison. But Liz parents forbit their daugther to see Max ever again. Max father wants to know the truth about the irruption. Since Max don't want to lie to his father he has to move out from home.
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Michael, The Guys And The Great Snapple Caper

#302 Michael, The Guys And The Great Snapple Caper
Michael would like get a grip on his live on Earth. Therefore he accepts a second job als night watchman in a chemistry company. But then he and his crew get fired, because some snapple is missing... snapple Michael stole. Michael feels responsible and he tries to get the thing straight. Kyle don't want to play the family breadwinner anymore. When he hears that this father choose a chareer als lead singer in a band he get's mad.
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Significant Others

#303 Significant Others
Isabel visits Jesse in his dreams and she accidentally watches how he makes a proposal to her. When she sees on the other day, that he selects a ring she's totally in panic. After all, her past relationships didn't last for long - Alex and also Grant died. She doesn't want to endanger Jesse and the ghost of Alex gives the advice to break up with Jesse. Isabel acts on Alex advice. In her sorrow she turns to Kyle, who is the only one who knows about their secret relationship. Kyle makes clear, that she can't let Jesse go. After a discussion, Jesse pop the question in fact. But Isabel declines... or not?! Meanwhile Michael spends a secret "double date" with Maria in the restaurant of the bowling alley - while his new friends are next door. Of cause Maria finds out and is pretty mad... or not?!
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Secrets & Lies

#304 Secrets & Lies
An unknown actor is found burned in his car. The police finds a licence number in his glove box, which leads them directly to Roswell and Max. In order to understand the reason, Max goes to Hollywood. There he participates a casting for "Enterprise" and he finds the only survived shapeshifter - and famous producer Kal Langley. In Roswell, Kyle and Liz bring Jim to deal with his father, who is in a nursing home.
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#305 Control
Max finds out that the shapshifter Langley must obey his instructions - whether he wants or not. Thus Max forces him to use his military relations to find the spaceship. And they really find the UFO. Again Max must force Langley to transform in order to fly the ship. Langley askes for grace, because he didn't transfor for many years and he wins a piece of humanity. But max cannot. He must find his son! But it's without success, because the ship seems to be damaged. Langley is weak because of the tranformation.. He execrates Max for what he had to do. In Roswell Isabel has to react to negative reactions about her upcoming wedding with Jesse.
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To Have And To Hold

#306 To Have And To Hold
The day before Isabels and Jesses wedding is a total chaos! Isabel has till a hundredthousand things to organize and she loses her head. Their parents try to hold Isabel from the marriage. Whereas Max and Michael are distrustful about Jesse and they sound out Jesse and his friends. They even take a blood test of Jesse. Meanwhile Isabel has strange dreams about a man, whom she does not know. On the wedding celebration this secret is disclosed.
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#307 Interruptus
Kivar appeared on the wedding celebration and Isabel is in panic. On the honeymoon Kivar appears again and Isabel is under his spell. Kyle had to tell Michael and Max everything about Kivar and they go to Jesse and Isabel's destination to protect her and to bowl down Kivar. There arrived, the total chaos breaks out..
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Behind The Music

#308 Behind The Music
Maria gets a visit of ther ex-boyfriend Billy from bandcamp. Billy has an completely differnet life style and he inspires Maria to make music again. Michael is suspicious of Billy and his powers get out of control. Maria recognizes that she has to break up with Michael, to find to herself again and to be able to dedicate to her music...
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Samuel Rising

#309 Samuel Rising
When an autistic child calls Max "Daddy", Max believes that his lost son tries to contact him. Isabel organizes all kind of things to Christmas, again. And she determines the christmassy atmosphere with her ambition to a perfect Christmas with Jesse. Maria and Liz are playing the elves and they have to help Santa Claus - Michael. Max tries to help the autistic child by wanting to heal him, but it doesn't work. Then, Max arranges that Isabel brings all three - Samuel, his mother and father - into Samuels dream. Whereby Isabel recognizes that Christmas is around family. Maria and Michael kiss again, but Maria pushes Michael away. She just want a friendship. Max confesses that he wanted to help Samuel not because of the child but only to use him in order to find his son.
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A Tale Of Two Parties

#310 A Tale Of Two Parties
New Year's eve - In Roswell a popular and infamous party takes place... But everyone who want to attend has to follow a paper chase to find this party. Liz must work at her Dads café, which organizes a New Year's Eve Party for the older inhabitants of Roswell. Maria and Michael go along on the search for the party and they take Max with them, because Liz convinced them to have fun. Isabel had planed an evening with Jesse, but he stucks at the airport in Houston. She and Kyle go on the search for the Enigma Party. Kyle tries to impress some girls but he has no chance until Isabel brings him to a party on her college. There, she introduces him to Bitsy. But in that moment Kyle recognizes his feelings for Isabel. Meanwhile Maria, Michael & Max are on another party and they try to find out where the notorious party takes place. Michael gets drunk and he starts to get seizures (cry, tremble, etc.). They bring him home and the evening seems to be over for Maria. Maria, Max and Liz celebrate the new year with the guests in the Crashdown at 11 o'clock. Afterwards Michael and Liz send Max and Maria on a search again. And they finally find the party..
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I Married An Alien

#311 I Married An Alien
An old friend of Jesse - a reporter - comes to a visit. Jesse and Eric have fun together, but Jesse, who doesn't know about the double life of his wife, tells his curious friend a little bit too much. He smells a story and he investigates. He doesn't need much time to find out "your wife is an Alien."
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#312 Ch..Ch..Changes
After an appearance with Jim Valentis band, Maria gets an offer of a music agent. She dangles her a carrer in New York. Liz feels strange changes in her body and senses. She assumes, that this are aftereffect of the healing. Max tries to help her again..
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#313 Panacea
Maria and Liz left Roswell. Liz goes to the Winneman Academy - a boarding school.Her best friend Maria tries to gain ground in the music industry ans she followed Monique to New York. In an incident at the Meta Chem factory Michaels colleague and good friend Monk gets killed. The murder findings get adjusted very fast. Michael tries to find the murderer with the assistance of Jim Valenti.
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Chant Down Babylon

#314 Chant Down Babylon
During the escape from the Metachem factory, Isabel gets wounded. In order to prevent that Jesse calls an ambulance Michael tells him about their origin. Clayton Wheeler, the sick owner of the chemistry factory is in Max body. In Vermont he meets the drunk Liz...
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Who Died And Made You King?

#315 Who Died And Made You King?
Jesse does not get on with the fact that Isabel didn't tell him about her true identity. He goes to a therapists and Max and Michael are watching his steps. When Michael threatens the therapist, he talkes to the FBI. Caused to Max death, Michael is king now and he gets the ability to heal..
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#316 Crash
Michael sees the crash of an UFO with a fighter plane in the desert. The government wants to hush up the incident and announces the crashed pilots is dead. With the assistance of Connie Griffin, the daughter of the pilot, Michael tries to find out the truth..
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Four Aliens & A Baby

#317 Four Aliens & A Baby
After the crashed spaceship gets opened by the air Force, all involved scientists die. They block Roswell to find the suspect. Max and Isabels parents found out the truth about their children. Afterwards Tess appears with Max son....
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#318 Graduation
Liz has visions about future events, which get proved as correct. When she sees Max, Michael, Isabel and herself get killed they all have to act fast. They come together in the desert to find a decision about their future...
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