#315 Who Died And Made You King? - Information

Writer: Aaron Harberts, Gretchen J. Berg
Director: Peter Ellis (II)
Production Code: 3ADA15

First aired: April 23, 2002

Guest star: Garrett M. Brown (Phillip Evans), John Doe (Jeff Parker), Mary Ellen Trainor (Diane Evans), Jo Anderson (Nancy Parker), James Oberlander (Waiter), Douglas Owen McDonald (Man in Black), Yorgo Constantine (Agent Burns), Harry Groener (Dr. Burton Weiss)

Description: Jesse does not get on with the fact that Isabel didn't tell him about her true identity. He goes to a therapists and Max and Michael are watching his steps. When Michael threatens the therapist, he talkes to the FBI. Caused to Max death, Michael is king now and he gets the ability to heal..

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#315 Who Died And Made You King? - Transcript

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[Previously, on Roswell]
Liz: Max is dead!
Meris: Clayton, can you hear me?
Clayton/M: That's not me. This can't be me!
C/Max: You have to kill this body, You have to stop Clayton!
Liz: No...
C/Max: You have to -- He'll kill you if you don't...
Liz: I love you! [C/Max lunges at her] Ah!
[They struggle, and burst through the window. As they are falling to the ground, C/Max has flashes of meaningful times he was with Liz. ]
C/Max: Nooo! [he projects a field to break Liz's fall, while he crashes through the trellis and to the ground. We see Liz's energy restoring Max to life.]
[Switch to scene of the Clayton and his wife fleeing the scene. Michael and Isabel use their powers to blast the thugs in spite of being faced with gun fire. Isabel is shot. Jesse has come out of hiding to help his wife, but Michael forcibly prevents him from calling for an ambulance]
Jesse: Have you called an ambulance?
Michael: No!
Jesse: What the hell is wrong with you?
Michael: --Man, you can't take her to a hospital -- you can't!
Jesse: Why!? Tell me why?!
Michael: Because your wife isn't human!
Michael: She's alien. We both are.
Jesse: I married Isabel Evans. There is no Isabel Evans.
Isabel: Where do we go from here?
Jesse: I have no idea
[Story opens with Jesse talking to a psychiatrist about his situation with Isabel.]
Jesse: They're looking at me differently.
Weiss: That's understandable. They're curious to see how you'll react to this new information.
Jesse: I don't think they trust me. I think they think... I'm a threat.
Weiss: You think they're worried that you'll tell the truth about them?
Jesse: Yeah, maybe. I don't know. If they found out that I was talking to you...
Weiss: Let me assure you that you can talk freely. As long as you don't tell me that anyone's in trouble, what we discuss in this session stays between you and me.
Jesse: I- I- I'm just scared, Dr. Weiss. You know - Where is all this going to take me? I -I just wanted a normal life.
Weiss: Your anxiety is completely normal.
Jesse: And - let me be clear. Isabel's a good person. I love her. It's just them. She's suffered protecting their secret, and it's just... it's not...
Weiss: You told me they're in the Mob. Most people would have trouble condoning that. You're suffering, too, Jesse.
Jesse: Yes.
Weiss: And we're here to fix that. And hopefully in the process, we'll fix your marriage, too.

[Out side Dr. Burton Weiss' office, as Jesse leaves --{note that besides Dr. Weiss, the other brass plaques names are "Jill Ohanneson, MA" and "Tracey D'Arcy, MA"} -, Michael and Max are waiting around a corner, covertly observing Jesse.]
Michael: [moves to follow Jesse] Let's go...
Max: [stops Michael] Where?
Michael: After him. We've gotta find out what he's talking about in there.
Max: If he's in therapy, he's obviously upset. Getting in his face is a bad idea. ...I'll figure it out.
Michael: I'm not gonna sit back and wait for something to happen like you always do
Max: Michael, I said I'd take care of it. Let's get out of here.

[Max walks off, leaving Michael standing, dissatisfied. Suddenly he feels, then sees, a mysterious pattern of glowing dots on his chest. Suspecting their significance, he looks down the hall after Max who has already walked off.]
[Opening Title Sequence]
[In the back room of the Crashdown, Liz enters and starts putting some things away, as Max follows her in.]
Max: What are you doing tonight?
Liz: Working and studying. Lights out by 11.
Mr. Parker: Hey, Max.
Max: [surprised, with some trepidation] Hey, Mr. Parker.
Liz: [turns directly to her father.] I'll be right out, Dad.
Mr. Parker: Sure. [Mr. Parker goes out into the restaurant then, leaving them alone.]
Max: Is he giving you a hard time?
Liz: No, he's being a total saint. 'You know, Winnaman wouldn't give him his deposit back?
Max: Wow. That's terrible. So, it... seems like you're pretty busy tonight...
Liz: Why?
Max: I just thought it... might be fun if we went out.
Liz: ...Max, it's not that I don't want to, it's just that things can't go back to the way they were. [Max nods.]
Max: Could we at least... hang out, like friends?

[The order bell rings, and Liz kind of smiles.]
Liz: You know, my orders are backing up. I'll have to call you.

[Max nods, happy to have this much. Liz goes back into the restaurant.]
[As we hear the same song continue that was playing at the Crashdown, the scene switches to Jesse and Isabel's apartment. Isabel is feeling worn, tired, standing in front of the mirror, using her powers to mimic a trip to the 'Roswell Desert Spa,' which is being advertised on the radio, just as Jesse comes in. Isabel sees him in the mirror and is startled to be caught using her powers. There is obviously still a lot of tension between them about her alien secrets.]
Isabel: Oh! ...You're home late.
Jesse: I was at the gym.

[We next see Jesse laying in bed. Isabel gives him a goodnight kiss, and we see the lipstick mark transform into a green growth that spreads and takes over, smothering him in a cocoon which he struggles to escape from, but cannot.]
Jesse: Ungh!

[Jesse sits up in bed, gasping but normal, next to a just-awakened Isabel, and we see that he has just been having a nightmare.]
Isabel: What? Were you having a dream? [Jesse gets up and starts to put on clothes.] Where are you going?
Jesse: To the office.
Isabel: In the middle of the night?
Jesse: Uhm... the McAddams case is really weighing on me, and I just figured... if I can't sleep I might as well get some work done, you know...
Isabel: Okay. When can I expect you home?
Jesse: Uhm... I'm not sure. Look, I'm- I'm sorry, Isabel. Really, go-go back to sleep. I'll be back as soon as I can.

[Jesse leaves, and Isabel sits on the bed looking unhappy and thoughtful.]
[We see Jesse driving in his car at night as the car starts to make noise and then die. He curses. Next we see him talking on his cell phone.]
Jesse: Well, I've been waiting 45 minutes. Yes, Henley Street. No, I'm not going anywhere.

[He hangs up the phone. As he goes to put the hood down on his car he's startled to see Max approaching him.]
Max: Car trouble?
Jesse: What're you doing here? It- it's 2 in the morning.
Max: When I can't sleep, I walk. Need some help?
Jesse: No. There's a tow-truck coming.
Max: Well, I could take a look -
Jesse: No!
Max: Maybe I could fix it.
Jesse: Look - I don't want any part of that alien crap, okay?
Max: I'm takin' auto shop, Jesse.
Jesse: Just... leave it alone.
Max: I know that all of this probably doesn't seem real right now, but... if you need someone to talk to...
Jesse: Thanks, Max, I've got that covered, okay?
Max: A doctor isn't going to help you deal with this, Jesse. Trust me, I- I've been in therapy before...
Jesse: - Have you been spying on me??!
Max: ...... You have to realize that if anyone finds out the truth, we're all in danger. Not just us, but Liz, Maria, Kyle, Valenti. Think about it, Jesse.

[The tow driver arrives and Max leaves.]
[Michael brings a box of alien artifacts into his apartment, and starts to look through them. The Orbs. The Book. He sees that the symbol on his chest matches the symbol on the cover of the book.]
Michael: I knew it. I'm in charge.
[At Jesse and Isabel's apartment that morning, Isabel comes out of the bedroom still dressed in her nightclothes, pulling on a robe.]
Isabel: ...Jesse, do you want me to make you s - [She stops suddenly, seeing he has packed some of his things.] ...Were you even going to leave me a note?
Jesse: I'm sorry, Isabel. I can't stay here and pretend like everything's normal...because it's not.
Isabel: But normal is sneaking out of our house while I'm still sleeping?
Jesse: It's not like that. I was waiting until you woke up...
Isabel: Jesse - please... just talk to me.
Jesse: Look, I don't know what to say -
Isabel: No - I am putting in all the effort -
Jesse: What? By pretending nothing's happened??
Isabel: -and you are giving me nothing in return!
Jesse: I'm dealing with this the best that I can! What else do you want from me?
Isabel: I want you to love me... to be the man that I married...!
Jesse: Well that's hilarious, because I want you to be the woman that I married.

[Isabel is momentarily stung into silence by her own guilt]
Isabel: So, that's it? It's over?
Jesse: I'll be at the Travel Inn. [Jesse collects his things and moves towards the door.] And tell your brother to stop following me.

[Jesse leaves, shutting the door behind him.]
[At Michael's apartment, Max faces down a TV dinner, using his powers to prepare it. As he begins to eat it, he notices the box with the alien artifacts in it. Before he can decide what's going on, there is a knock at the door. He puts the artifacts away and goes to answer it. It is his sister, Isabel. She is upset and abrupt.]
Isabel: Please stop spying on Jesse.
Max: [Immediately defensive, justifying his actions] He's seeing a therapist. I don't have to tell you how dangerous that is.
Isabel: It's his private life.
Max: A luxury he doesn't have any more.
Isabel: He moved out.

[Max suddenly realizes Isabel must be more hurt than angry, and as they talk he tries to reassure her.]
Isabel: Everyone said this would happen. I'm such an idiot for thinking that I could make it work ...that I could be happy.
Max: [moves to sit next to her] Jesse was trying to get help, Iz. To me, that means he thinks there's something worth saving.
Isabel: How's Liz?
Max: Cautious. And she has every right to be, but...
Isabel: It's not easy.
Max: Yeah.

[Max and Isabel share a sympathetic smile, then sit quietly with their thoughts. Isabel works worriedly at her wedding ring.]
[Jesse is back in the psychiatrist's office.]
Jesse: They're following me.
Weiss: Who is?
Jesse: My brother-in-law.
Weiss: To what extent?
Jesse: ...He- he knows I'm coming here.
Weiss: Are you in danger?
Jesse: No...No... I -I- I don't know... I don't- I don't know anything any more.
Weiss: Jesse, you're not helpless. What is it that you want?
Jesse: ......I want out.
Weiss: Then we're going to figure out a way to get that. Okay?
Jesse: Thanks. ...Look, I've gotta get back to the office.
Weiss: Yeah. All right, then. I'll see you later, Jesse.
Jesse: Thanks, Dr. Weiss.

[Jesse leaves. As Dr. Weiss goes to his desk, his phone rings and he answers it.]
Weiss: Hello? Hey, Honey! About 20 minutes. Yeah, I'm almost finished here. Okay. I love you. Bye, bye.

[Suddenly Michael bursts into the office from behind Dr. Weiss and forces Dr. Weiss' head down onto his desk.]
Michael: [contemptuous and angry] What kind of a man listens to another person's secrets for a living?
Weiss: Please don't hurt me...
Michael: Does that make you feel powerful? Huh? Knowing the deep and dirty things that make someone tick? You don't know what you're dealing with, so drop Jesse Ramirez as a client!

[Michael grabs Jesse's file out from under the Dr's head and rushes back out, leaving the doctor stunned for a moment. Once the shaken Weiss looks up to insure that Michael has really gone, he immediately picks up the phone.]
Weiss: Yes, uh... I need the police, No, uh, make that the FBI.
[At a restaurant, Isabel meets Jesse for lunch.]
Jesse: Thanks for meeting me.
Isabel: I'm glad you called [A waiter brings menus, leaves] Thank you. I- I brought your sweat shirt - your grey one? You left it on the couch. I washed it.
Jesse: Thanks. ...Look, I've made a decision...
Isabel: -oh, please... don't do this here, Jesse. Not in public.
Jesse: ??-no... Let's pack our bags -- tonight! We'll go to the airport...we'll leave Roswell. We just... won't come back again.
Isabel: I -

[Suddenly we see Mr. Evans find them.]
Mr. Evans: Hey, kids!
Isabel: Dad!
Mr. Evans: What're you doing clear across town?
Jesse: Uh... we, uh...
Isabel: Dirkin's was just having a furniture sale. We were just looking for some...
Jesse: -for, end tables. We were looking for end tables. So ah, How about you?
Mr. Evans: Ah, The Fallon case. So, everything's okay?
Isabel: Yes.
Mr. Evans: Great. Okay. I'll see you back in the office, Jesse, and, uh, Isabel? Would you please call your mother?
Isabel: Yes. [laughs as her Dad kisses her on the cheek]
Mr. Evans: Okay. Hey - did you hear that Liz Parker dropped out of boarding school. She wasn't gone very long. Know anything about it?
Isabel: No... I didn't even know she was back.
Mr. Evans: Must've been a very expensive 2 weeks for Jeff Parker. Okay. See you later.

[Mr. Evans walks off]
Jesse: I respect your father. I don't like lying to him.
Isabel: I don't either, but he's convinced that Max is up to something. We just have to be very careful around him right now.
Jesse: See, that's why we have to leave. I wanna be married to you, Isabel, but I can't be married to this situation. Look, you say you wanna make this work - this is the only way I can see how.
Waiter: What can I get you folks? [Sees the tension.] Need more time?
Isabel: [looking at Jesse.] I do. [Waiter leaves.]
Jesse: Let me know when you make up your mind.
[Jesse gets up and leaves. Isabel sits thinking, conflicted, shaking her head.]
[Max comes into Michael's apartment, sorting through a handful of mail. Michael is immersed in reading some papers in a manila folder.]
Max: [cheerfully arch] Hey. You... you, uh you left your bike parked in front of Mrs. Kierie's door. You know how pissed she gets about that. [Michael is ignoring him.] Did you hear me?
Michael: [curt] Yes, sir.
Max: [notes Michael's attitude and tosses the mail down on the coffee table in front of Michael.] Isabel ...uh, stopped by. I promised her we'd stay out of this whole Jesse thing. I know you're concerned, and I agree, that... our safety should be our number one focus, but we have to leave this to her.
Michael: Got it. [Michael continues to read the folder, not looking at Max.]
Max: What is that?
Michael: [finally looks up at Max.] Jesse's file. I took it. I dealt with the therapist while I was there, too.
Max: Have you lost it?
Michael: I'm doing my job.
Max: You crossed a line. Who said you could do that? [Michael ignores Max and goes back to reading the file. Max kicks the box with the alien artifacts inside.] How'd you get these?
Michael: I made an after-hours withdrawal from the safety deposit box.
Max: My name was the only one on the access card at the bank.

[Michael stands and walks over to challenge Max face to face.]
Michael: What? They're not safe with me?
Max: [Studies Michael for a moment.] I want you to take this stuff back. I want you to let go of this Jesse thing. [Michael turns to step away and Max reaches out to stop him.]
Michael: - Hey! -
Max: Michael, I'm serious -

[Suddenly Michael takes a swing at Max, who dodges the blow, and Michael's fist goes through the wall. Michael pulls back a bleeding, broken hand.]
Max: Michael, what the hell is wrong with you??!!
Michael: You. You were dead, Max, and now I'm lookin' at you?? - and I don't know, who are you, are you a ghost? And you're here in my face all day and you're freaking me out.
Max: Let me see your hand.
Michael: Hey, I'm fine.
Max: Michael, you can't even move it.
Michael: Hey, just leave me alone.

[Fed-up, Max gladly complies. After the door bangs shut, Michael painfully tries to move his hand. To his triumphant surprise, he finds that he can heal it himself.]
[Jesse has his car in the shop Kyle works at.]
Kyle: Your timing belt's broken. I should be able to get another one by tomorrow.
Jesse: I hate not having a car. I feel trapped.
Kyle: ... How are things going with Isabel?
Jesse: Fine.
Kyle: Look, if you ever need...
Jesse: '- someone to talk to?' That seems to be a popular sentiment around here.
Kyle: Would you hand me that deep socket wrench?
Jesse: Here you go.
Kyle: Look... when I first found out, I couldn't ...I couldn't deal. I mean, I had to get out of town for a couple months. But once I got used to it, there's a lot of good that came out of knowing....
Jesse: Kyle, I'm an officer of the court. And I see how lies catch up with people and bring them down. Believe me, there's nothing good that can come out of this conspiracy.
Kyle: Well, maybe. But I realize that I'm part of something bigger than myself.
Jesse: No, it's not bigger, it's all-consuming - there's a difference. They've robbed you of your life.
Kyle: No, actually they gave me one.
Jesse: Stop the cheerleading, Kyle.
Kyle: It's not cheerleading. I was shot. And I would've died if Max Evans hadn't healed me. [Kyle scrapes his hand on the motor while working the wrench. It is bleeding.] Dammit! I'll be right back

[As Kyle goes off to take care of his cut, Jesse looks around the shop, and is amusedly interested by Kyle's ceramic Buddha figurine. Suddenly a van drives up and men in dark suits get out and accost Jesse. As Jesse turns, they grab him forcibly.]
Agent: Jesse Ramirez? You're coming with us.
Jesse: Who are you? Who are you??!! Kyle?! Kyle!!

[Kyle steps back out, only in time to see Jesse being driven away in the van.]
Kyle: Hey!!
[In a dark, empty warehouse, Jesse is sitting at a stark table with his hands cuffed behind him. He hears sharp, echoing footsteps approaching from behind.]
Jesse: Hey. Hey - you have no right to hold me here. Anything you found in there constitutes an illegal search and seizure. [He sees the agent now, as his hands are being uncuffed.]
Burns: My name is Agent Burns, FBI.
Jesse: What do you want?
Burns: Last night, a local therapist was threatened. Your therapist. You said your wife's family's involved in organized crime.
Jesse: No, there's been a mistake.
Burns: The guy who did it mentioned you by name.
Jesse: There's no Mob connection.
Burns: Then why did you say there was?
Jesse: It-- it was an analogy.
Burns: I believe you. Now, let's talk about why you're really here, Jesse. How much do you about your brother-in-law, Max Evans?

[The scene fades out and back in. The two of them are now sitting drinking coffee.]
Jesse: I won't lie to you. I'm not the biggest fan of my brother-in-law. But, Max is just a kid. Troubled, but not a threat to national security.
Burns: [Rises to go and bring some files back over to the table.] Most of these could never go public. People couldn't get their minds around it. He isn't from this world. He's an alien pretending to be a normal teenaged kid.
Jesse: [Laughs.] That's nuts, agent Burns.
Burns: Really. [Burns hands Jesse a folder. As Jesse looks through it, he sees a series of damning photos.] Careers have been destroyed because of Max Evans. People have died. Good people.
Jesse: Well, if Max is the murderer you say he is, why haven't you arrested him yet?
Burns: We tried. I used to be in something called the Special Unit. Now there are only a few of us left. We knew how dangerous he was. I have another theory. There are more like him. And they've been able to live here for the last 50 years under the cover of lies, murder, and deceit. I promise you, these creatures believe in survival of the fittest. We're an inferior life form to them. Nothing will stand in their way. Those are just the victims we know about. Trust me, Mr. Ramirez, we're the good guys.
Jesse: How can I help?
[Max and Liz are out in the frosty evening playing miniature golf.]
Max: He put his fist right through the wall. His hand was a mess, but he wouldn't let me touch it.
Liz: He was probably embarrassed.
Max: [Liz sinks a difficult shot.] Nice.
Liz: Well, my old babysitter, Lynn, used to work at the Snack Shack. She'd let me play here for free all the time.
Max: In light of this new information, I think we should reconsider the rules.
Liz: No... unh uh, no powers.
Max: I'll let you use yours if I can use mine...?
Liz: ...It's... not so funny.
Max: Any sign of them lately?
Liz: Ah, not since Vermont, and I'm not complaining...
Max: By the way, my father's very curious about your sudden return. I'm sure he thinks it has something to do with me.
Liz: Yeah, well, you should just tell him what I told my father. You know, that my drug addicted roommate wanted me to get into a three-way with my Latin teacher. Yeah... I erred on the side of the dramatic. So, anyway, what you were saying about Michael.
Max: He can't stand to be around me. I freak him out.
Liz: It's a hard enough thing to deal with somebody dying, Max. It's even weirder to have them come back to life.
Max: Am I a ghost?

[As Max walks to the next hole, Liz mischievously baps him on the back with the handle of her club. ((proving once again that she really does love him enough to hit him with a golf club whenever necessary... - MD))]
Max: 'Ow.'
Liz: 'guess not.
Max: No, I mean... are you afraid of me?
Liz: No..... but I was- I was wondering... What was it like? When you were dead?
Max: I don't... I don't want to talk about that. To say it out loud makes it closer.
Liz: ...I understand.
Max: But, it changed me... I'm not interested in dragging around these responsibilities any more... or arguing with Michael about how we do things... or keeping on this impossible quest to find my son...
Liz: Max...
Max: I need to live in the now. To appreciate all these things I've been taking for granted... like - like going to school... or smearing you in Putt Putt...
Liz: Oh, dream on...!
Max: ...and... I want us to try again. [They look at each other for a moment in speculative silence, when Max's cell phone suddenly rings. Reluctantly, he answers it.] Hello. Hey, Isa -- What??
[Isabel, Liz, Maria, Kyle, Max, and Michael are at Michael's apartment, talking about Jesse's abduction by the suits.]
Kyle: They shoved him into a van and then they drove off.
Liz: Are you sure it was the FBI?
Kyle: They were wearing the uniform.
Michael: I knew he'd turn on us.
Isabel: Michael, he didn't turn on us, alright? He was taken against his will.
Michael: We don't know that.
Isabel: I do.
Michael: I'm going to find him.
Max: No. Wait. Look, here's what we're going to do. Kyle and Isabel, go back to the garage, see if there are any clues in Jesse's car. Liz, you and I will start canvassing the streets for any sign of the Feds. Michael, take Maria back to Isabel's apartment -
Michael: - I'm not going to sit around on my ass and wait for something to happen.
Max: If Jesse gets away, or tries to make contact, that's the first place he's gonna go.
Michael: No, I have my own plan. [Michael turns to leave, and Max stops him.] Maxwell, I'm warning you - get out of my way.
Max: I don't have time to deal with any of your temper tantrums right now.
Michael: -And I don't have time for your -
Isabel: [Impatient and angry, snaps at Michael.] Stop it! Max is in charge. My husband's life is at stake! Just do what he says!!

[Michael storms out. Maria gets up to follow him, stopping to pat Max on the shoulder and make a wry comment to him before she leaves.]
Maria: Thanks for that assignment, Max. [Maria leaves.]
Isabel: What is wrong with him?
Max: I don't know. Let's go.
[The scene changes to Michael and Maria in the car, speeding down the road. Tires squeal as Michael makes some fast maneuvers.]
Maria: Illegal wrong turn. Hello, Isabel's apartment is that way.
Michael: We're not going to Isabel's apartment. We're doing things my way now.
Maria: Uh... well, Max said...
Michael: - Max should have stayed dead.
Maria: What did you just say?
Michael: I'm the leader, now. This is how it should've been from the beginning.
Maria: All right, you know what, if this is a joke, please note that I am in no way busting up.
Michael: Look where following Max has gotten us. Alex died, Tess betrayed us. He doesn't even wanna be king. I want it, and I'm good at it. And I'm stopping this Jesse thing right now.
Maria: Jesse's not going to tell anybody.
Michael: Jesse is human. Nacedo had it right. When somebody finds out, they should be eliminated.
Maria: Well, if you follow that line of thinking, then that would apply to me, too, huh?
Michael: You said it, I didn't.
Maria: This isn't you.
Michael: You know what really pisses me off? No one ever listens to me. You didn't - not even when we were together. All you tried to do was make me weak.
Maria: No, I loved you!
Michael: I stayed on this planet for you and you show your appreciation by dumping me? Yeah, you love me.

[Suddenly the symbol on Michael's chest below his left shoulder begins to glow brightly.]
Maria: Michael, what is on your chest? [She reaches over to lift up his shirt collar.]

[Michael brings the car to a screeching halt and throws Maria's door open.]
Michael: You never shut up. Now get out.
Maria: Michael...
Michael: Get out!!

[Maria gets out on the side of the road and the car squeals off into the night.]
[The scene changes to the Crashdown; it is still that night. Liz's dad, Jeff Parker, is going over some books when he sees Max's dad, Phillip Evans, at the door. Jeff rises to open the door.]
Jeff: Sorry, Philip, the grill's cold.
Phillip: Actually, I'm not here to eat.
Jeff: Oh, well, um, come on in then.
Philip: Keeping busy?
Jeff: Well, I've been better. What can I do for you?
Philip: Look, I know I may be out of line with this, but uh...it's Liz.
Jeff: What about her?
Philip: I was wondering what brought her back from Vermont so soon?
Jeff: [smiles] No offense, Philip... that's family business.
Philip: I... I know it is. But, you gotta think it's a little strange. A smart girl like her passing up an educational opportunity like that? [Jeff just keeps his close smile and stares silently back at Philip.] You and I have talked about this before, how some of the things Max has -
Jeff: - Look, the girls at Winnaman drank and did drugs. Liz felt uncomfortable around her roommate. In the end it was worth the inconvenience to bring her back home. That's all. Your son had nothing to do with it.
Philip: I see. I'm sorry to bother you.
Jeff: Oh - [politely shrugs it off.]
Philip: Oh - did they give you your deposit back?
Jeff: No.
Philip: Most private schools have an emissions out-clause. I could look into that for you.
Jeff: No, that's all right.
Philip: No, that's the least I can do. [Smiles warmly.]
Jeff: I appreciate it. [Philip gets up and turns to leave, but turns back when Jeff offers one last remark.] Hey, Philip. Don't waste your time not trusting your son. You know, life is complicated enough.

[Philip nods and leaves.]
[Back at the side of the road where Maria is standing next to a sign for JJ's souvenir stand, Max and Liz drive up to get her.]
Maria: Okay, Michael's a freak show...
Liz: What happened?
Maria: He's like a desert-wandering Anne Heche times a thousand, babbling about how Max should've stayed dead because he'd be a better king or something -
Max: That's insane.
Maria: -and he had this, like, weird thing on his chest.
Max: Like what?
Maria: I don't know, it was like this weird 'V'-thing right here...
Max: Did it look like this?

[Max draws a formation of dots in the frost on the hood of his car.]
Maria: Yes, that's it.
Max: That's the royal seal of Antar. ...It's a mark I have inside me proving I'm the true king.
Liz: What if the people that engineered and sent you here built in a backup plan. You know, in case anything happened to you, Michael was encoded to step up as leader.
Max: But nothing happened to me. I'm fine.
Maria: No... you died.
Liz: Max, what - you said that Michael broke his hand.
Max: He did.
Liz: It looked fine to me. Maybe he's inherited other things from you, too.
Maria: Like what?
[Back at the auto shop, Max tries to heal Kyle's cut as Isabel, Liz, and Maria look on.]
Max: It's not working. I can't heal it.
Liz: What about your other powers?

[Max creates a force shield, but it is weak.]
Max: I'm losing the ones that are unique to me.
Kyle: Great. So Michael's the boss-man? 'Think he'll offer a benefits plan?
Liz: Kyle.
Kyle: What? I for one am panicking here. I love the guy, but I don't want to be a member of any club where he's the leader.

[Isabel and Max stand off from the other three.]
Isabel: What do we do?
Max: We have to stop him. This is Michael to the Nth degree... ruthless, impulsive, dangerous...
Liz: The switch got flipped because Max died. Maybe Michael has to go through the same thing in order to be reset.

[Max turns to look at Liz.]
Maria: ?.. No. Max, no.
Max: ...I won't kill him. I just need to figure out a way to take the seal back.

[Anxious and concerned, Isabel nods agreement.]
Max: Where'd he go?
[Jesse rushes into his apartment, calling for his wife.]
Jesse: Isabel? Isabel?

[There is no answer, and he goes over to his desk. We see Michael has been sitting in the dark, waiting.]
Michael: You told them who we are?
Jesse: [Whirls around to see him] Get the hell out.
Michael: You sold us out, didn't you??!
Jesse: Get the hell out, now!
Michael: Didn't you?!
Jesse: No- [Suddenly Michael blasts him and slams him high up against a wall, pinning him there with his powers.]
Michael: I told Isabel not to bring another human into the secret. But she was so in love, so Max said yes. She was my first, did you know that? We were together before you were born, and we'll be together when you're nothing but bones. [Michael sees a small metal piece sticking out of Jesse's briefcase, pulls it out and discovers it's an electronic device.] What do we have here?
Jesse: That's not mine.
Michael: How did it get in your briefcase?
Jesse: I don't know!
Michael: Goodbye, Jesse.

[Just then Isabel, Max, Kyle, Maria, and Liz burst into the apartment. Isabel rushes to put herself between Michael and Jesse.]
Isabel: Michael, stop!
Michael: Maxwell, I was right. He was bugged. He's working against us.

[Isabel and Max are holding their hands up defensively towards Michael.]
Isabel: Let him go.
Jesse: Get out of here, Isabel, he's crazy...
Michael: Hey, shut up!
Max: Back off, Michael.
Michael: Nah, he has to die--

[Max blasts Michael, sending him flying across the room into a light fixture. Jesse falls away from the wall, and Isabel helps him stand.]
Max: [Puts his hand out to guide Isabel and Jesse towards a door.] Everybody out... NOW!

[Everyone scrambles to exit the apartment except Max and Michael, who are preparing to fight.]
Maria: Somebody please tell me it's going to be okay?

[Jesse and Isabel go out a separate door. Isabel takes Jesse aside quickly.]
Isabel: Listen, Jesse, you were right. We have to get away from here, from all of this, so let's just go. Anywhere you want.
Jesse: Anywhere?
Isabel: Yeah, anywhere.
Jesse: Okay, go get the car.
Isabel: Okay... [She runs off to get the car.]

[Jesse picks up his cell phone and dials.]
Voice: Hello.
Jesse: Agent Burns. I'm coming in.
[Inside, Max faces an infuriated Michael.]
Michael: You let him go?
Max: Michael, you have to listen to me.
Michael: Hey, don't give orders to me. You died. I'm king. [Michael opens his shirt to display the brightly glowing seal.] It's your turn to get in line.
Max: [swallows hard as he sees the seal, but stands his ground.] No.
Michael: Okay, then.

[Michael lunges at Max, sending them both over the couch, and they begin to fight. Michael punches Max, then opens a hand to blast him. Max grabs Michael's arm and deflects the blast into the nearby furniture, then uses his own powers to propel Michael away, flying back over the couch. Max scrambles over it to follow Michael.]
Michael: [Rising slowly.] You're going to be very sorry you did that.

[Michael grabs a tall wooden candle stand and punches Max with it, then swings it at him. They struggle, and Michael uses the stand to pin Max and try to choke him.]
Michael: Follow me or die again.

[Choking, Max sees the glass door behind them and uses his powers to explode the glass, sending the shards into Michael's face. Michael falls back and lays screaming from the agonizing pain of glass in his eyes. Max gets up and rushes over to Michael, pinning him and grabbing his jacket.]
Max: I will kill you, Michael, if that's what it takes to stop you... but trust me as someone who just got back from there, you don't want to go.

[Max pulls the shirt away from Michael's shoulder, and clasps his hand firmly over the glowing seal. With a blast of painfully searing red energy, Max extracts the seal from Michael's shoulder, leaving an ugly burn mark. We see the seal transferred to Max's palm, then fade into Max's body. Max sits back, gasping, studying Michael. The battle is over, but Michael is still in agony.]
[Isabel and Jesse run into the abandoned warehouse where Jesse was being held earlier. Jesse leads Isabel to the boxes of records Agent Burns had showed him.]
Jesse: Listen, you have two minutes. Destroy everything. Okay?

[Isabel nods and begins to use her powers to burn the records. Jesse runs off to find Burns.]
Jesse: I told you I'd help you, and you put that mike on me.
Burns: Nothing personal, I just wanted to make sure you were a man of your word.
Jesse: When I file a complaint with the federal prosecutor's office, you're finished, Burns. Now give me the tape.
Burns: That Michael Guerin has a big mouth, doesn't he? He was always one of our prime suspects, but we could never pin anything on him.
Jesse: I am serious. I will shut you down.
Burns: I don't think so. [Burns reaches over and sets a gun down in front of himself, on top of his laptop computer.] With this information, I'll have the proper technicians knocking on doors tomorrow morning, starting with your wife's. That said, thanks for your help...[Burns raises the gun and prepares to fire at Jesse.]
[From the nearby room, Isabel hears a gunshot.]
Isabel: Jesse.

[She runs to find Jesse. She enters the room where he was talking to Burns and stops, gasping in horror.]
Isabel: Oh, God.

[We then see that Isabel is standing next to Jesse, who is holding a gun, standing over Burns' dead body.]
Jesse: We have to go.
[Michael is laying in bed at his apartment, frowning, a large scarred area on his chest under his left shoulder. Max holds out a bottle of Snapple towards him, and he skeptically takes it. Max sits down on the edge of the bed to talk to him.]
Max: How are your eyes?
Michael: They don't tickle. Thanks for healing them.
Max: That was the best I could do with that... [Michael looks down at his scarred shoulder.] Can I get you anything else?
Michael: ...No.
Max: Look, Michael, uh, we both said some things we didn't really mean to... and I... I... just wanted you to know that, I uh...
Michael: Save the touchy-feely stuff, Maxwell. You're the king. You did what you had to do.
Max: ... I don't consider myself your boss.
Michael: 'Got it. It's been a suck day. Can I get some sleep?

[Max nods, gets up, and walks off, as Michael frowns, studying after him as he goes.]
[We see Isabel and Jesse drive into a junk yard. They put Burns' body into the trunk of a car.]
Jesse: If they find him, they'll identify him.
Isabel: [Uses her powers to burn the body beyond recognition.] Not now.

[Isabel continues to use her powers to operate the junkyard machinery, lifting the car with Burns' body in it into a crusher.]
[Back at their apartment, Isabel and Jesse walk in to see the destruction left from Michael and Max's fight.]
Isabel: If we drive all night we can make it to Dallas.
Jesse: I killed a man.
Isabel: In self-defense.
Jesse: I used my gun, Isabel.
Isabel: Since when do you have a gun?
Jesse: Since college. 'Kept it in a strong box in the desk. [He takes out the gun and sets it on the counter.]
Isabel: I didn't know.
Jesse: I guess I've got some secrets of my own.

[Isabel takes the gun and sets it in a frying pan. She uses her powers to melt the gun into a puddle, then tosses the pan into the trash.]
Isabel: Let's pack. Come on. Let's just--
Jesse: No.
Isabel: Jesse, we can leave Roswell and never come back.
Jesse: It doesn't matter, it'll always be with us.
Isabel: Please.
Jesse: There's nowhere to go. I'm part of this for good, now. [Jesse turns away then to go into the next room.]
Isabel: I love you.

[Jesse goes in to sit on the couch. Isabel sweeps up broken debris as Jesse picks up the remote from the floor and turns on the television. A cooking show is on.]
TV Chef: --use much, because it is fattening. So, you just want to use as little as you possibly can. When you hear me do that, just a little bit, it usually means about a tablespoon. After we get that loaded up, we're going to add about a cup of risotto, or approximately a handful for each person. A little more, a little less, it doesn't really matter, because the way we'll know that that's done cooking is by the texture of the rice. So it really doesn't matter how much you start with, about a cup for two people's no problem, cause you'll see as we add the liquid slowly, it'll absorb, then we'll know that it's finished --

#315 Who Died And Made You King? - Music

Added by Yvonne

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
Album: Jimmy Eat World - Self-Titled (formaly known as Bleed American)
Scene: At the Crashdown back room, Max asks Liz out.

not available
Tricky - Evolution Revolution Love *
Scene: In the car, Michael power trips about being king and forces Maria to leave the car.
not available
South - Paint The Silence *
Scene: At the end of the episode, in the junkyard.
not available

#315 Who Died And Made You King? - Quotes

Added by Lena

Michael: Save the touchy-feely stuff, Maxwell. You're the king. You did what you had to do.
Max: I don't consider myself your boss.

Liz: Are you sure it was the FBI?
Kyle: They were wearing the uniform.

Michael: No one ever listens to me. You didn't - not even when we were together. All you tried to do was make me weak. Maria: No, I loved you! Michael: I stayed on this planet for you and you show your appreciation by dumping me? Yeah, you love me.

Kyle: Great. So Michael's the boss-man? Think he'll offer a benefits plan? ...I for one am panicking here. I love the guy, but I don't want to be a member of any club where he's the leader.