#301 Busted! - Information

Writer: Jason Katims
Director: Allan Kroeker
Production Code: 3ADA01

First aired: October 9, 2001

Guest star: Garrett M. Brown (Phillip Evans), Michael Chieffo (Biology Teacher), Jo Anderson (Nancy Parker), John Doe (Jeff Parker), Mary Ellen Trainor (Diane Evans) Guest Star: Yorgo Constantine (Agent Burns), Jeanetta Arnette (Dolores Browning), Michael Earl Reid (Harlan), John Bisom (McGregor), Randy Thompson (Egtall), Gilbert Glenn Brown (Security Guard), Joshua Duenner (Officer)

Description: Max wants to win Liz back. Although she hasn't forgiven the thing with Tess, it doesn't last long and Max wins her heart again. During a romantic date, Max gets visions of his son. Max and Liz decide to look out for him. This plan leads them to a convenience store that lies above an undergournd goverment storeage facility housing the alien's space ship. In order to get to the space ship they ambush the shop. But an informant betrays them to the police and after a car chase they get arrested. Luckily, Max father and his new collegue Jesse (who is in a secret relationship with Isabel) get them out of prison. But Liz parents forbit their daugther to see Max ever again. Max father wants to know the truth about the irruption. Since Max don't want to lie to his father he has to move out from home.

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#301 Busted! - Transcript

Max: Are you ready?
Liz: Yeah, I think so.
Max: Liz, you don't have to do this.
Liz: No, Max. We are in this together. That's what we said. Together till the end.
Liz: Down! Down! Now! Whoa! Down! Get down!
Max: Do what she says. She's crazy.
Liz: Face on the floor! Now! 
[East coast accent] yeah. I, uh...I wanna report an armed robbery in progress. At Sam's quick stop on highway 65. Yeah. Hurry. 
Clerk:  I have a family.
Liz: Hurry. We've only got a few minutes.
[Siren approaches] 

Liz: just keep your face down! Keep your face down! The cops are coming. We gotta get outta here. Come on, let's go! Come on, let's go! Hurry up! 
[Max, now in the room below the store sees the spaceship.  He holds up a large diamond, and the ship begins to glow]

Liz: Come on. How'd they find us so fast?
Max: I don't know. All right, hold on!
Liz: Max, they can't find out about the diamond.
Officer: Hands! Let me see hands!
Liz: You got any powers for this? 
  previously, on Roswell... 

Max: Liz, there's something I need to tell you about Tess and me. Our relationship is, uh-- something happened. Liz, Tess is pregnant. I'm going back.
Liz: Just tell me one thing. Do you love her?
Max: Not like I love you. 
Max: This was all some kind of plan to get pregnant and go home, wasn't it?
Max: This isn't over, tess.
Isabel: What happens now, max?
Max: I have to save my son.
[Telephone rings]
Max: So I was wondering if you wanted to, you know, see me.
Liz: You mean, like, on a date?
Max: Just somewhere we can talk. I just want to try to start over, liz. You look amazing.
Liz: They're my favorite. Thank you. So where are we going? 
Max: It's a surprise.
Liz: It's kind of dark.
Max: Liz, i just want to put everything that happened behind us.
Liz: Yeah, you know that I would, too, if i had impregnated an alien killer who murdered one of our best friends and then left the planet with my unborn child.
Max: So you're still holding on to that?
Liz: It's hard not to, max. See, you slept with tess, and then you got her pregnant. I don't know how to just move past that. You hurt me, you know?
Max: Liz, meeting someone, someone like me,
Liz: it attracted me. I admit that. It was something I had to find out about, and now I'm over it.
Max: It's not that simple. Liz, i'm here. I'm not going anywhere. Isabel, michael, and I, we've lost our only way home. There's no way back. You're the only or me to-- you're my only reason. I want to be with you.
Liz: Tess is pregnant with your child. What about your son?
Max: There's nothing i can do about that. He's gonna be born in a... In another world, a world that i have nothing to do with. I've accepted it. Liz, you've paid a lot to know me. You've been hurt and you've been put in danger. Now I want to make that up to you. I want to make your dreams come true. Will you let me do that? 

Max: In the neighborhood?
Mr. Evans: son. If you want to get out of here while you're still a young man, don't say anything to anyone unless i'm present. I'm not your father right now, I'm your lawyer.
Mrs. Evans: Oh, my god. Max.
Max: It's all right, mom. It's all right.
Mrs. Evans: Look at you. What is going on? Who are you? Why are you under arrest for armed robbery?
Mr. Evans: Now tell us what the hell are you doing in utah?!
Mrs. Parker: Jeff, stay calm. Calm?!
Mr. Parker: How am i gonna stay calm? [Ms]Honey, i know it isn't you. I know this is not something that you would do, but--but if you did do it, maybe it's because somebody put you up to it. 

Liz: They put me
up to it. Right, mom.
Mr. Parker: Ok. That's enough! Now tell us what the hell happened.
Liz: I'm not gonna speak to anyone until they let me talk to max. Liz: 

Liz: So I've broken, like, 12 of my mom's rules already.
Max: Rules? She has rules? Well, yeah. Yeah, since I told her that you broke my heart, without any of the alien details, of course. She thinks that we should just take things slow. Just dinner, then straight home, no plans for future dates. No making out.
Max: So i suppose skinny dipping would be against the rules, too.
Liz: Uh-huh. What are you doing, max? No. No, this is not happening. Ok, you've made your point. It's not that funny. You can stop now. What--no, max. Max. I can't believe you're  gonna do this!
Max: Whoo! Come on in. It's beautiful. No, it's not. It is obviously freezing. Come on, liz. This is something we'll tell our grandchildren about. Come on in, liz. Come on.
Liz: Fine! Ok? Fine. Grandchildren. What are they gonna be, 3 feet tall and green? But, hey. I am not taking my underwear off. And if my mother, like, ever, ever t about this, you are, like, so dead. Ok? Do we have a deal? Max. Oh, max! Is that a deal, max? Huh? Max! Max, oh, my god!

Isabel: Max!
Michael Just tell us what happened. Feel free to leave out the lurid details.
Liz: Look, I told you already. He was just, like, laying there in the water and he woke up in the car. But he hasn't said a single word. You guys, isn't there d of cure for this? You guys are the aliens. Do something here. 

Michael Maxwell! Hey, Maxwell! Maxwell! Hey, what the hell's going on?
Max: Something happened. I had this vision. It was my son. He's been born. He was reaching out to me. He's in trouble. 
Michael now if I'm to have any chance of graduating this year, I need to get into your bio 101 class.
Teacher: Why didn't you come to my bio 101 class when you were in it?
Michael I'm turning over a new leaf.
Teacher: Excuse me while I take a moment to chuckle within.
Michael Ok, lookit, plans changed. I thought I was moving out of Roswell, but as it turns out, I'm stuck here for good.
Teacher: And how far away did you plan to move that you didn't think that your high school records would've been sent to your new high school?
Michael Actually, pretty far. Mr. Seligman, I know you hate my guts. Personally, I hate yours, too.
Teacher: This is how you ask a favor?
Michael But if you help me graduate this year, then you won't have to see me next year.
Teacher: Well, you do have a point there. Ok, Mr.. Guerin, I will let you in to my biology 101 class if you make a sacred vow to me right now that you won't miss a single session.
Isabel: Michael, there you are.
Teacher: Miss Evans, I thought you graduated.
Isabel: I did, mr. Seligman, but I just can't seem to cut the cord. Too many fond memories. I need to talk to you.
Michael I got class.
Isabel: It's important.
Michael I will be one minute.
Teacher: I'm sure you will. Miss Evans, love the hair.
Isabel: Well, thank you.
Michael So, what's going on?
Isabel: Max and Liz got arrested in Utah for armed robbery. We have to go. 
Michael: So much for ever getting out of this school. What were they doing in Utah? 
[In Utah]
Isabel: Mom!
Mrs. Evans: Isabel. Your father and i have been going crazy. Oh, hi. Philip!
Isabel: So what's going on?
Mrs. Evans: Well, we're still trying to figure out what happened with your brother and Liz.
Isabel: Hi, dad.
Mr. Evans: Hey. This is Jesse Ramirez from my office.
Isabel: We met at the company--
Jesse: picnic, that's right. Nice to see you again. 
Isabel: Nice to see you again.
Mr Parker: So what have you found out, Philip?
Mr. Evans: A detention hearing has been set up for tomorrow with the judge. Max and liz are first-time offenders, no physical evidence has been produced, so we're hoping they get a slap on the wrist and get sent back home.
Mrs. Evans: Well, what about jail?
Mr. Evans: They can only go to jail if the case is transferred to the criminal court system and they get tried as adults. But so far that seems unlikely.
Jesse: Ok, they haven't found a gun, and there are no witnesses other than the nutcase behind the counter who claims to have seen an otherworldly yellow light.
Isabel: So as long as there's no evidence, max and Liz will be ok, right?
Mr. Evans: Yeah. Yeah, we certainly hope so.
Michael: Can we see them? 
[Door opens]
Isabel: max! You idiot. What are you trying to do to our poor, clueless human parents? 
Michael: So what's the deal? You running low on cigarettes?
Max: There's an underground government storage facility under the convenience store.
Michael: Well, that's a surprise.
Max: Our ship's there.
Michael You mean our spaceship?
Max: It's been reassembled. I saw it with my own eyes.
Michael: I can feel biology 101 slipping from my grasp. 

Isabel: So, reassembled that means it works?
Max: Possibly.
Isabel: I thought we made an agreement to let go of the other world and live here.
Max: That was before my son tried to contact me.
Isabel: Max, a little reality check. This ship you're talking about...Sucks. It's a lemon. It crashed to begin with. That's why we're stuck here.
Michael She's got a point.
Max: Look, I need you to find something for me. I had to toss it before we were arrested.
Isabel: No. No, we are not helping s absurd plan to find a spaceship, ok? This is ridiculous.
Max: This isn't about getting to a spaceship. Liz and I stole it. It's a diamond.
Isabel: You stole a diamond?
Max: It's not actually a diamond. It's the key to our ship. It's alien, and if we don't find it before the police do, we'll be linked to another crime. We'll never get out of here.
Michael So what does it look like? 
[Scene switches to the past, Max and Liz looking at Tess' things]
Liz: Hey, i've been for you.
Max: Yeah. Yeah, I was just, uh--
Liz: looking through tess' stuff. What's that?
Max: It was buried among tess' things. It's a letter Nasedo wrote to her before he died. It says, "I am your one and only protector on this planet. "I'll protect you until the end. "If I ever die, this is our only way to communicate with our home."
Liz: And? 
Max: I have to contact my son
Liz: So i guess this part of your life isn't over after all. 
[Michael is in a field looking for the diamond- a man with a gun confronts him]
Michael Mandatory attendance, I understand. Yeah. An attitude improvement? I'm already on that. And a respect for authority, yeah, absolutely.  Mr. Seligman, I gotta call you back.
Man: Who was that?
Michael It's my science teacher. I'm trying to graduate high school.
Man: Why don't you just get a G.E.D.?
Michael No one hires anyone with a g.E.D.
Man: I got a G.E.D. I'm doing fine.
Michael Yeah, you're on a nice career path there.
Man: I got a message for your friend max. Stop looking. The person i work for will do whatever is necessary to stop him. Whatever is necessary.
Michael  Whatever, dude.
Man: don't be such a smart ass. Maybe that's your problem in school, too. Don't make me come back to Utah. 
[Maria arrives in Utah]
Maria: Why can't these aliens ever get in trouble somewhere decent? Like Graceland or Tahoe or New Orleans. No, Utah. Mormons and mountains.
Liz: Oh, my god, Maria. I can't believe you're here.
Maria: Who am i, liz? Of course I'm here.
Liz: Ok, thanks. Now give me some sugar.
Maria: Hi. Mmm. Hi. Ok, first of all, I have some fresh green lime pie from the Crashdown.
Liz: Oh, Maria, you-- you are a goddess. You know, if you were a boy, I would--
Maria: ok, no, don't go there, girlfriend. All right, now i talked to everyone involved, and I got the total unadulterated scoop. The judge and D.A. of this town are, like, totally sweating it because they have to go before council next month for reappointment and they haven't caught a criminal in, like, a decade, so they're basically out for your scalps. Ok, that's all i have. Now it's your turn. Spill. Last i heard, you and max were trying to take it slow.
Max: What? Mmm. What's going on, liz? 

Liz: Do you love me?
Liz: Yes. How much do you
Max: who are you?
Liz: Look at this.
Max: How'd you find this?
Liz: I spent 16 hours at the main branch of the library in Albuquerque. The diamond's owned by Delores Browning, one of the 10 wealthiest women in the world.
Max: Where is it?
Liz: It's on permanent loan at the Tate museum in London. But it's gonna be the main event in a traveling exhibit. It'll be in Santa Fe in two weeks.
Liz: No, no, no, no, no. I want to do this with you, max. Together.
Max: Why?
Liz: Because if i had lost a child, I would want you to help me find him. But that's only part of the reason. The other part is that i don't want you to slip away from me. I know what it's like to be with you,  and I know what it's like to be apart from you. And I would rather be with you.
Max: I don't know if i could live with myself if anything ever happened to you.
Liz: Max, you're an alien king. What could ever happen to me? 
[In the present], Isabel knocks on Jesse's door
Isabel: thank you for this meeting, Mr.. Ramirez.
Jesse: No problem, Isabel.
Isabel: Mmm! Why didn't you tell me you were here?
Jesse: I was working all night with your father. I couldn't call.
Isabel: Oh, I just wish this could all be out in the open.
Jesse: I'm still not sure why it can't be.
Isabel: Well, there's the fact that you're 26 and I'm barely legal. 

Jesse: you're an old soul. You have clearly lived before.
Isabel: You have no idea. So, what were you and my father holding back from us before?
Jesse: What do you mean?
Isabel: I saw the look between the two of you earlier. Clearly you're not telling us the whole story.  Jesse...
Jesse: Last year there was a robbery in the county. A kid died. No one was ever charged, and the local prosecutor got a lot of heat for it.  So... This town is looking for someone to hang.
Jesse: Max and liz picked a bad place to play bonnie and clyde.
[Telephone rings]
Jesse: hello? Philip. Oh, just, uh, working on some research. Ok, I'll be right over. That was your dad. They found evidence.
[Scene switches to the past, and the museum]
Max: The honor's mine. So you're the Delores Browning?
Mrs. Browning: Well, I don't usually put an article before my name but, yes, I am.
Max: So what's it like to actually own all these diamonds?
Mrs. Browning: I only own some of them. Well, most of them, actually. So you're-- max. And you're not really ly a waiter. You're really an aspiring artist or actor or--
Max: no. I'm just a waiter.
Mrs. Browning: A waiter? [Laughs] god bless you.
Liz: What the hell are you doing?
Max: Oh, liz.
Liz: What the hell are you doing?
Max: Nothing.
Liz: Nothing. I can't believe you. How many times have i stuck my neck out for you, and you are standing here obviously flirting with a woman obviously-- come on, she's, like, twice your age.
Max: Liz, calm down.
Liz: : Calm down!
Max: I better be going. I'm sorry.
Liz: Oh, my god! You're apologizing to this bimbo?!
Mrs. Browning: Excuse me?
Max: Liz, let's just walk away and forget it.
Liz: Forget it. You think that's your answer to everything, isn't it, max? Forget everything, ignore everything. 
Security Guard: Excuse me, ma'am. Could you come with me, please?
Liz: Can you please not touch me?! Listen, this is what he does, ok? You, you're not special. He does this to everyone. You are a little bit too desperate to see what is really going on here!
Max: Liz, will you just stop it?
Liz: Why?!
Mrs. Browning: Young lady, I don't think you have any idea who you're speaking to.
Liz: Oh, I don't, huh?
Mrs. Browning: Ohh!
Max: Don't touch her! 
[Max pushes a guard, the diamond falls, and Max does a somersault and catches it]
[Alarm bell rings]
Max: I believe this is yours. I'm sorry.
Liz: Get me out of here.
Max: Liz-- 
Liz: you have humiliated me again. Now get me out of here. Did you get it?
Max: Of course i did. We did it.
Liz: You were brilliant.
Max: No, you were brilliant.
Liz: That was so exhilarating.
Max: I know.
Liz: You know, just the fact that we, like, pulled it off. everything. It's just, like, anything's possible right now. And then throwing that champagne at that woman, it was so cathartic. Look, and, max, I know what we did is totally... Totally wrong and completely illegal, but I just loved it. You know? In a million years, in one million years did you ever think? Yeah. So, now that the diamond, we have to find the spaceship, right?
Max: Well, not right this second.
Liz: Ok. [Giggles]
[At Liz's home]
Mr. Parker: Liz! It's 2:00 in the morning. Where the hell have you been?
Liz: Upstairs.
Mr. Parker: Where were you?
Liz: Nowhere.
Mr. Parker: And what are you wearing?
Liz: Clothes. 

Lawyer: That's just the way things work here. She'll be fine.
Mr. Evans: Nancy, Jeff, hi. Mr. McGregor 
Lawyer: Nice to see you again, Mr.. Evans.
Mr. Parker: Mr. McGregor here was just giving us the inside scoop on the Salina court system.
Mr. Evans: Ah, how generous.
Lawyer: Well, nice to meet you folks. Nancy, Jeff. You're good people. Your daughter deserves her best shot.
Mr. Evans: What was that about?
Mr. Parker: He's trying to put our kids in jail. 
Mrs. Evans: Mr. McGregor just feels that we'd be better off pleading guilty. 
Mr. Evans: Well, he'd certainly be better off. He's a prosecutor. His job is to get a guilty plea.
Mr. Parker: But he said that if we plead not guilty, it could provoke the judge and he'd be that much more likely to transfer the case to a criminal court.
Mr. Evans: Jeff, if we plead guilty to a felony, then there's a case against them in criminal court. We can't give them that option. Believe me, I know what I'm doing.
Mrs. Parker: No, it's just this isn't personal, Phil. It's just that you're a corporate lawyer and this is not your area of expertise.
Mr. Evans: Nancy, Jeff, that man you were talking to wants a guilty plea, and he'll say and do anything he has to to get it. If we plead guilty, I guarantee you this case is going to criminal court. Look, our children are in this together. We're all in this together. Believe me, I am doing right by your daughter.
[Scene switches to court]
Judge: Do you understand the charges against you? 
Max and liz: Yes, your honor.
Judge: How do you plead?
Max: Not guilty.
Liz: Not guilty.
Judge: All right, then, you can have a seat. Now, mr. Mcgregor and Mr.. Evans, I've reviewed the material you've submitted--
Mr. Evans: your honor, before you make a ruling on this, I have additional material that i feel is critical to this case.
Judge: All right, let's see it, Mr.. Evans.
Mr. Evans: Thank you. These are 4 recent rulings in Utah state courts, all of which disallowed dna matches from hair follicles to be submitted as evidence. Uh, your honor, in consideration of the fact that these few strands of hair are the only physical evidence in this case and there are no priors on eitherr defendant who are both standout students and members of their community, I ask that this matter be dismissed.
Judge: All right. Well, thank you, Mr.. Evans, I'll take that under consideration.
Judge: Max evans. It's the decision of this court that you be released to the custody of your parents, that you be returned to your home state of New Mexico if you will agree not to return to the state of Utah until your 21st birthday. Do you agree with that, Mr.. Evans?
Max: Yes, your honor.
Judge: Very good. Have a seat. Elizabeth parker. Now, your voice and your height match the description of the person in possession of the firearm. Armed robbery's one of the 10 crimes punishable under Utah's serious shooter offender act. Therefore it is my decision to transfer your case to the criminal court system.
Mr. Evans: But, your honor, there was no gun found. The only mention of a gun was from the testimony of a clerk whose credibility--
Judge: I've made my decision, Mr.. Evans. This is for another court to consider.
Mrs. Parker: Oh, my god!
Mrs. Parker: You can't do this! 
Mr. Evans: Your honor, this girl has never so much as jay-walked. She's one of the best students in Roswell high.
Judge: Well, you're not in Roswell, counsel. This hearing's adjourned.
Mrs. Parker: Oh, my god, no! No, you can't take her! You can't--no!
Mr. Evans: It'll be ok. Liz-- liz, we'll talk, ok? 
[Later in the courthouse]
Lawyer: liz, i've reviewed your case with your parents, and my advice as your attorney is to try to make a deal.
Liz: What kind of deal?
Lawyer: You're a good kid, liz. Honor student, clubs, activities. Maybe you fell in with a bad crowd, met a guy with a problem. Maybe max dragged you into this.
Liz: You want me to sell max out?
Lawyer: He sold you out when he made you walk in there holding that gun.
Liz: We're in this together. 
Mrs. Parker: Not anymore. Honey, you could go to jail for 20 years.
Lawyer: Let's talk about the gun. Did max convince you to hold it? How'd you get it to begin with? 
[Scene swithces to the past]
Liz: So, why do we need this?
Max: Road trip. 
Liz: Where?
Max: I did some research at the UFO center. There are 5 government storage facilities large enough to hold the ship. It's gotta be in one of them.
Liz: I don't see a government facility , do you?
Max: Let's take a look.
Max: Don't worry. It won't be loaded.
Liz: To go in there with a gun, that's a felony. Why can't I just distract the clerk?
Max: That's not enough time. I need at least 5 minutes to get downstairs, see if the ship's there, and if it works.
Liz: And what if it works? I mean, you go off to Antar and what? I mean, what if you never come back?
Max: I will come back. And I'm not leaving yet. First I have to see if this is even a possibility. I'm gonna have to figure out how to navigate it.
Liz: We can't get caught.
Max: We won't.
[In the present, Max opens Liz's cell]
Max: Let's go.
Liz: What do you mean?
Max: Let's get out of here.
Liz: Max, and then what? Just be on the run the rest of our lives? We'd never be able to go home again.
Max: That's not as bad as it sounds.
Liz: No, max, i'm sorry, but that's just too far for me. I'm not ready to give up my home or my family.
Max: I wish we could trade places.
Liz: No. No, no, no, max. Ok, I don't. You're free. We came here for a reason because your son is in trouble. Now you need to go back and do what we came for. You know, see if your ship works. Come on. I don't want this to all be for nothing.
[At the hotel]
[Knock on door]
Max: how's it going?
Michael: Maria's been crying about Liz the whole night. Other than that, things are great.
Max: I need the diamond.
Michael: Maxwell, i told you that guy scared the crap out of me. There's someone out there that wants us to stay away. And you know what? He convinced me.
Max: I'll be careful. Michael, my son is in trouble. Just give me the-- give me the diamond.
Michael: I would do it for you. You tell Isabel that you came in here and you found it yourself.
[Max gets the diaomond from the undr the couch- Maria wakes up]
Max: Hey.
Maria: How could you make Liz hold the gun?
[Max in the hall, sees Isabel]
Max: Hey. Isn't your room down the hall? Yeah. I was just in there with Maria.
Max: In there. You were in there with Maria?
Max: Where you going? My stuff's in the trunk.
Isabel: All right. Well, good night.
Max: Yeah. Good night.
[Max gets into his car]
Agent Burns: Max. I'm sorry. I have to, uh-- please. Agent burns of the fbi. So, why sam's quik stop?
Max: My case has been dismissed.
Agent Burns: By the sheriff's office maybe. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're just an incompetent criminal. But if you were in that store for any other reason, ... If you don't stop, you and your girlfriend will not be happy juvenile delinquents.
[Max is reliving the past]
Max: I have to contact my son. My son is in trouble. Just give me the diamond.
Isabel: I thought we made an agreement to let go of the other world and live here.
Max: That was before my son tried to contact me.
Liz: I want to do this with you, max. Together. 
Max: Why?
Liz: Because if I had a child that i had lost, I would want you to help me find him. Max: I couldn't live with myself if anything ever happened to you.
Liz: Come on. We came out here for a reason because your son is in trouble. Go back and do what we came here to do.
[Max is in the basement, but the ship is gone]
Mr. Evans: What the hell's going on, son?
Max: You followed me here?
Mr. Evans: Yes. Yes, I followed you here. Because I can no longer trust you me the truth. I thought you were involved in drugs. But this is clearly something else. What were you looking for down here, max? What is this place?
Max: If i told you what this was about, it would put you and mom in danger.
Mr. Evans: And what's this?
Max: Don't touch that, dad. It could be toxic.
Mr. Evans: Why would there be a toxic chemical in the basement of a convenience store?
Max: Just don't touch it, dad.
Mr. Evans: Max, if this is what you think it is, we might be able to help liz.
Max: What are you talking about? How?
[Scene switches to a road]
Agent Burns: Mr. Evans. It's nice to meet you. Agent burns of the fbi. We now have jurisdiction.
Mr. Evans: So, maybe someone can tell me why the fbi is so interested in 2 teenagers robbing a convenience store.
Agent Burns: Actually, mr. Evans, we're not. We tested the so-called toxic chemical you submitted to the sheriff, and it turned out to be laundry detergent.
Max: It did? Well, we did our own test and it turned out to be tetryl.
Max: Now i'm sure there are any number of people in the media that would be interested to find out why such a dangerous chemical was found underneath a convenience store. And even more interested to find out the location was on federally owned property. 
Agent Burns: You two are lucky to be walking away from this alive. You give me that jar now, and you were never here. You never saw anything under that convenience store, you never found any chemical there.
Mr. Evans: It's gonna be difficult not to ever mention this again if that girl is still in jail, Mr.. Burns. 
[Back at the jail]

Mrs. Parker: Could you give us a minute?
Liz: What's going on?
Mrs. Parker: The charges were dropped.
Liz: What?
Mrs. Parker: Max's father discovered improper conduct with the arresting officer, and so they dismissed the case.
Liz: Oh, my god, mom. Oh, my god.
Mr. Parker: Liz, before we leave, there's something i need to talk to you about.
Liz: Yeah?
Mr. Parker: Your mother and I forbid you to see max anymore. He's not welcome at our restaurant. You are not to go out on a date with him, or attend the same parties. If you pass him in school, you are to look the other way. 
Mrs. Parker: It's for the best.
Mr. Evans: Max... There was over $200 left in that cash register. You didn't do it for the money. I never believed you did it for some adolescent thrill. You did it because you wanted to get down those stairs into that room. And I need you to tell me why.
Max: I can't ever tell you the truth. Please, don't make me lie to you.
Mr. Evans: I'm sorry, son. Silence is not acceptable. And neither is a lie, not after what we've just been through. No. Not under my roof.
Max: I can respect that. I just want to thank you for helping Liz. I'll always appreciate that.

Max: I'll come by home to pack my things. Good-bye, dad. 
[Max sees Liz come out and drive off with her parents.  He gets in his car and leaves.  The final scene is him sleeping in his car looking at the stars]

#301 Busted! - Music

Sugar Ray - Under The Sun *
Album: Sugar Ray or The Best of Sugar Ray
Scene: Liz and Max are sitting in the car in front of the store they're going to attack.

Minibar - Choked Up *
Album: Road Movies
Scene: When Max gives Liz the flowers, this song plays in the background.

Preston School of Industry - Whalebones *
Album: All This Sounds Gas
Scene: On the school corridor, when Michael converses with his biology teacher and Isabel joins them.

Evan Johansen - Where Happiness Lives *
Scene: As Liz and Max drive away after switching the diamond. Continues through their make-out session in the Crashdown's back room before Liz's dad comes downstairs.

Sense Field - Here Right Here *
Album: Tonight and Forever
Scene: This song plays during the scene when Liz gets the pistol.

Blur - Trimm Trabb *
Scene: When the FBI agent Burns speaks to Max. (Max sits in his car in front of the hotel building.)

Mark Knopfler ft. Van Morrison - The Last Laugh *
Album: Sailing to Philadelphia
Scene: This song plays when Liz gets accompanied by her parents to the car in front of the prison until the end of the episode, when Max lies in his car.

Remy Zero - Prophecy
Album: Villa Elaine

#301 Busted! - Quotes

Added by Lena

Isabel: Max. You idiot. What are you trying to do to our poor clueless human parents?
Michael: So what's the deal? You're running low on cigarettes?
Max: There's an underground government storage facility under the convenience store.
Isabel: That's a surprise.

Isabel: Max, a little reality check. This ship you're talking about...sucks. It's a lemon. It crashed to begin with. That's why we're stuck here.

Michael: Mr. Seligman, I know you hate my guts. Personally, I hate yours, too.
Mr. Seligman: This is how you ask a favor?
Michael: But if you help me graduate this year, then you won't have to see me next year.
Mr. Seligman: Well, you do have a point there.

Max: Liz, I just want to put everything that happened behind us.
Liz: Yeah, you know that I would, too, if I had impregnated an alien killer who murdered one of our best friends and then left the planet with my unborn child.
Max: So you're still holding on to that?