#313 Panacea - Information

Writer: Garrett Lerner, Russel Friend
Director: Rodney Charters
Production Code: 3ADA13

First aired: February 12, 2002

Guest star: Clayne Crawford (Billy Darden), Morgan Fairchild (Meris Wheeler), Jack Donner (Clayton Wheeler), Jason Peck (Sheriff Hanson), Martin Starr (Monk Pyle), Meredith Scott Lynn (Dominique D'Archer), Freda Foh Shen (Dean Hackett), Karl Wiedergott (Scientist), Ashley Johnson (Eileen Burrows)

Description: Maria and Liz left Roswell. Liz goes to the Winneman Academy - a boarding school. Her best friend Maria tries to gain ground in the music industry ans she followed Monique to New York. In an incident at the Meta Chem factory Michaels colleague and good friend Monk gets killed. The murder findings get adjusted very fast. Michael tries to find the murderer with the assistance of Jim Valenti.

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#313 Panacea - Transcript

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[Meta-Chem Corporation. 11:29 pm.]

[Security room. Michael is sleeping on the job. Monk is sitting beside him.]
Monk: [taps Michael's shoulder.] Mike. Wake up.
Michael: What? [he turns around.]
Monk: Check this out. [he tries to stand his pen on his chin.]
Michael: You--You woke me up for that?
Monk: [still trying to do it.] I had it a second ago.
Michael: Man, I miss those other guys. These two man shifts are boring as hell.
Monk: Already said a number of times.

[Michael takes off a bloody band aid on his hand.]
Monk: What happened to your hand?
Michael: I put it though a window.
Monk: On purpose?
Michael: Maria issues. [puts the band aid in the trash.]
Monk: Man, no chick is worth that.
Michael: Nope.
Monk: So, you wanna hang out this weekend? I need an opponent. I just got Man in 2002 and the computer keeps kicking my ass.
Michael: All right, but I get to be the Ravens.
Monk: Fine, but you can't have Jamal Lewis cuz he's out in real life.
Michael: I don't need him cuz I got Ray Lewis.
Monk: Well, whatever then, you're going down sucker!
Michael: All right, it's on. Time for the rounds though, lets go.

[Monk moans. They get up and go do their rounds. After they leave, 2 men in contamination suits go into the security room, and take Michael's open bag of chips and put it in a plastic bag, vacuum Michael's hat to get hair samples, and take Michael's bloody band aid and put it in a jar.]

[Opening credits.]

[Liz gets off the bus.]

Liz [Voice Over]: Dear Maria, spending a week on a cramp, smelly bus was the most liberating experiences of my entire life. [Liz walks up the stairs of the Winnaman Academy.] The further away I got from Roswell, the more I felt like myself again. You know, like a normal teenager. In fact, when I finally got to the Winnaman Academy it was like coming home. [she mails a letter.]

[Liz is sitting in an office.]
Lady: We have very strict rules here at Winnaman. Probably a much more disciplined atmosphere then you are used to.
Liz: That's exactly what I want right now.
Lady: Good. Because we do have rules, and we expect them to be followed. [hands her a list of rules.]
Lady [Voice Over]: Curfew is at 9. [Liz walks down the hall.] No boys allowed on campus. There will be no smoking, no drinking, and drugs will not be tolerated.
Liz [Voice Over]: I guess the other girls feel like this is some kind of prison, but I'm actually grateful to have some boundaries clearly laid out for me. With a little discipline maybe I will make it to Harvard after all. [she knocks on a door, a girl opens it.]
Liz: I think this is suppose to be my room.
Girl: You think.
Liz: Well [looks at the room number on the door.] Yeah, it is.
Girl: Well, I knew my single was too good to last.

[she lets Liz in.]
Liz: Are you Eileen Burrows?
Eileen: Yeah, I'm the welcoming committee. You must be umm... [looks at her name tag.] Elizabeth Parker.
Liz: Did they not tell you I was coming?
Eileen: No. But you might want to lose the name tag, cuz you're an inmate now. [Liz takes off her name tag.] So um, Elizabeth, Liz what should I call you? [she takes out a cigarette.]
Liz: Beth. I just go by Beth. [she starts unpacking.]
Eileen: Where you from Beth? [she lights her cigarette.]
Liz: California.
Eileen: What part?
Liz: Um, not too far from Disneyland.
Eileen: Ahh, lucky you. You leave a boyfriend back there?
Liz: [shakes her head.] Nope, no boyfriend.
Eileen: Lesbian?
Liz: Sorry.
Eileen: Oh, no I wasn't asking for a date. I mean, there's plenty of girls here who gabble with the whole thing. [Liz nods.] [holds up her cigarette.] Is this making you uncomfortable?
Liz: You know, to tell you the truth, it is. I just got read out by the dean and I don't feel like getting in trouble 5 minute after I've been here.
Eileen: It was a rhetorical question. I'm not putting it out.
Liz: Then why did you ask?
Eileen: I was being polite. [there's a knock at the door.] Who is it? [takes a drag.]
Lady: Dean Hawkins.
Eileen: Oh, crap. [she puts out her cigarette. She sprays the room with air freshener.]

[She knocks again.]
Liz: Um, Um, one second. [she takes off her coat.] One second, one second. I'm just [takes off her shirt.] changing my clothes. Sorry, I'll be right there[Eileen hides her cigarette. Liz holds a shirt up to her, lights a candle, and opens the door. The dean knocks again.] Coming. [Liz opens the door.] Hi. Sorry, I just wanted to change and get into my uniform--
Dean: Do I smell smoke?
Liz: No, I just lit a candle. Is that allowed?
Dean: Of course.[hands Liz some papers.] I forgot to give you these earlier. Fill them out and return them to me in the morning.
Liz: I will. Thank you, ma'am. [she shuts the door.]
Eileen: Quick thinker.
Liz: Practice.

[New York City.]
Maria: Dear Liz, You know, they say New York can be overwhelming at first, the crowds, the noise, the restless energy. It's suppose to be intimidating to first timers. Not me. I love it. I am never leaving. This is my kind of town. In fact, I feel like, I don't know, I feel like I've come home.

[A limo. pulls up to someone singing and playing the guitar. Someone from the limo throws a piece of paper at the guy singing, he turns around [we see it's Billy.]
Billy: Maria! [we see Maria standing out of the sun roof of the limo.] What in the world.
Maria: I'm a rock star. Come on don't look so shocked, I told you I was coming.
Billy: Yeah, but you didn't tell me you were coming in a limo.
Maria: Well, what can I say, my label loves me.
Billy: Yeah, obviously, they gave you a limousine.
Maria: Gave is a little strong of a word, I actually borrowed it from Dominique de Anarchy. You've got to meet her, a real live talent scout. I've got to introduce you guys, I mean, I know she'll just love your stuff so...
Billy: No, that's cool man, you don't have to do that.
Maria: Come on, it's nothing. Get in here. We're gonna be late to my recording session. Lets go.

[Billy laughs.]

[Meta-Chem. Michael and Monk are doing rounds.]
Michael: [ tries to open a door.] Secure. [Monk checks it off on his list. They continue walking.]
Monk: Do you ever wonder what's behind these secret doors?
Michael: Can't say I really think about it or give a damn.
Monk: I do.
Michael: [checks another door.] Secure. Of course you do.
Monk: [presses his thumb on a panel. Access Denied sign lights up.] See, Meta-Chem is too secretive. I'm telling you, they have some crashed alien space ship in there and they're using reverse engineering to steal other cool technology. You know, like, where do you think remote controls came from? Or microwave ovens? Or cell phones?
Michael: Monk, Meta-Chem is a pharmaceutical company. All they have in those classified labs is some top secret formula from new cough syrup. All right? Come on let's go. [they walks away.]

[Inside the room they were standing in front of is a scientist holding up a test tube that's labeled: Guerin, Michael. BLOOD EXTRACT. The scientist fills a needle with Michael's blood extracted from the band aid.]
Scientist: Are you sure about this?
Woman: Do it.

[The scientist injects the blood into someone.]

[Security room.]
Monk: When am I going to get my 40 bucks?
Michael: I'm not paying you.
Monk: You can't welsh.
Michael: Watch me. Playing an All-Star team against the regular Ravens minus Jamal Lewis, that's not fair.
Monk: Whatever. Take it up with the league, man. I've spent all my cash on Valentine's day.
Michael: You don't have a girlfriend, Monk.
Monk: Yeah. I--I spent it on myself.
Michael: [laughs.] You're weird, you know that? [something starts beeping. Michael looks at a monitor, it's flashing red.] Hey, we got a code blue in sector 5 pulling up.
Monk: [zooms in the camera. A door is open.] We got a breech.
Michael: A real one?
Monk: Yeah, this one ain't a drill, man.
Michael: All right, uh, call 911. I'll go down and secure the area.

[Monk calls 911. Michael runs out of the room. Michael runs down the hall to the opened emergency door. He sees no one. He closes the door and notices the little window on the door is broken.]
Michael: [uses a walkie talkie.] This area is secure. I don't see anyone.
Monk: Police are on their way. I'm gonna come down.

[Michael bends down and picks up a piece of glass. The lights go out.]
Michael: Hey Monk, what's going on?
Monk: It wasn't me. I'm already out of the control center. Michael, I see somebody.
Michael: All right, wait there. I'm on my way. [Michael runs.]
Monk: Stop don't move! [2 shots are fired.]
Michael: Monk! Monk! [Michael runs down the halls to Monk.]

[Monk is on the floor surrounded in a pool of blood.]
Michael: [rolls Monk over onto his lap.] Monk! Monk, look at me! Monk, look at me!! Monk, don't just give-- [Monk doesn't respond.] Monk! Monk! Monk. Monk. No. [he cries.] You can't die.

[Meta-Chem office.]
Lady: [same lady that told the scientist to inject Michael's blood into someone.] Now let me just get this straight. Uh, what happened immediately after the alarm was tripped?
Michael: [softly] We found a breech--
Lady: I can't hear you. Could you speak up?
Michael: [louder] We found a breech in sector 5, and I went down to seal the exit.
Lady: And Mr. Piles stayed behind?
Michael: Yeah, he phoned the authorities. And then the power cut, and he walkied me over the radio saying that he saw somebody. And, uh, and then I heard the gun shots.
Lady: Fine. Well, I think that about wraps it up. Anybody else have any questions? [no one says anything.] Good. Mr. Guerin, you are free to go.
Michael: That's it? Don't the police want to talk to me?
Lady: No, no, no. That's fine. we're gonna send out notes from the inquiry over to them.
Michael: No, but I should go down to the station. I'm the only eye witness.
Lady: That really won't be necessary, Mr. Guerin. You know, you've clearly been through a lot. Why don't you take a couple of days off.

[Michael knocks on the Valenti's door. Kyle answers, and Michael just walks right in past Kyle. Kyle shuts the door.]
Michael: Valenti, I need your advice.
Jim: What?
Michael: Try to catch the guy who killed my friend.
Jim: Aren't the police investigating it?
Michael: Yeah, but that's the problem, I'm the only eye witness, and Meta-Chem doesn't want me talking to the cops.
Jim: Michael, calm down. You're going to have to bring me up to speed. Here come on sit down. Tell me what you saw.
Michael: [sits beside Jim on the couch.] I caught a glimpse of a figure, but it was dark.

[Kyle leans on the back of the couch.]
Jim: Well can you give me any help at all? Was he tall? Or short? Or fat? Thin?
Michael: He was pretty tall, I guess. It was just so quick. I was just trying to help Monk.
Jim: All right, what about video surveillance? Aren't the cameras in all those hallways?
Michael: Yeah, but the power went out and the cameras shut down.
Kyle: Doesn't sound like there's a lot to go on.
Jim: I tell you what, maybe there is a way I can help you.

[Winnaman Academy. Eileen is on the phone in the hallway.]
Eileen: Okay, there is no Liz Parker on this floor. [Liz walks by.] Oh, hey, Liz [Liz turns around.] There's somebody on the phone for you. [she hands Liz the phone and walks away.]
Liz: Hello?
Max: Liz, it's me.
Liz: Hi, Max.
Max: I miss you.
Liz: I'm sorry that I didn't call. It's just that I didn't know what to say after all those horrible things I had said.
Max: I don't even care about that. I just want to know that you are okay.
Liz: I am. I'm really good. This place--it's really good for me, you know? They have a biology club here, and I'm going to go on a ski trip this weekend.
Max: So you haven't had anymore symptoms?
Liz: Um, no, not since I've been here.
Max: That's great, so maybe you can come home soon. [the phone is getting static.] I mean, I know all that stuff you said in your letter about when you leave Roswell and get away from it all, but I know we can work everything out. [she looks at her hand, there's electricity going through it.]
Liz: Oh my god.
Max: What? What happened?
Liz: Nothing.
Max: Liz, are you okay?
Liz: Yeah Max, I just-- I really can't talk.
Max: Can you call me later?
Liz: Yeah, I'll try, I just really have to get off the phone now, Max. Bye. [she hangs up. A girl walks up to her.] Um, the hone doesn't work, um, it's out of order. [There's smoke coming from the phone, and it's warped.]

[Liz walks away. The girl looks at the phone then at Liz.]

[Recording Studio. Dominique, Billy, and Maria are listening to Maria's demo.
Dominique: All right, well come on, this is so working.
Maria: Dominique, this is my very good friend Billy Darden. He's an excellent song writer.
Dominique: Oh, great, well give me a demo. I'd love to hear it. [they shake hands.]
Billy: Sure, I mean, if you're really interested I can just play you something right now.
Dominique: No, actually a demo is best.
Billy: Right.
Dominique: Yeah, thanks. [to Maria:] Okay, sugar, this song is good. I mean, it's really good, you know? I'm just-- I'm not quite sure that it's a home run. Do you know what I mean?
Maria: So, you don't want to use this song anymore?
Dominique: Okay, I love it. But the label, I think, might want to go with something just a little lighter.
Maria: Okay, well if they want a different song, I mean, Billy and I--
Dominique: Actually, I've got the song, honey, right here. [hands her the lyrics.]
Maria: I don't understand, I thought you wanted me because I was a song writer.
Dominique: Oh, well, baby, we want you, you know, for your voice, and your look, everything. Everything. The whole Deluca package.
Maria: Yeah, but I didn't write this. [holds up the lyrics.]
Dominique: Yeah, but professionals did. I mean, no offense, my god, you're, you know, you're just new. You're raw.
Maria: [looks at the lyrics.] I mean, I don't even think like this.
Dominique: Okay. Please try it. All right? And trust me-- I tell you what, you record this song, okay, and if at the end of the day if you don't like it and you want to go with your song, then we will-- we will go with your song. All right? [Maria nods.] Okay, cuz I just want us to have options.
Maria: Okay.
Dominique: All right then.
Maria: Okay. [she looks a Billy. Billy gives her the don't-look-at-me look.]
Dominique: Perfect. Excellent.

[Winnaman Academy. Liz goes into her room.]
Eileen: Is it Liz or is it Beth?
Liz: [sits on her own bed.] I've always gone by Liz, and I'm not from California, I'm form New Mexico. Roswell.
Eileen: And the part about not having a boyfriend?
Liz: Uh, [laughs] That guy that was on the phone, he's actually the reason that I'm here.
Eileen: See? Just be yourself, we'll get along just fine.

[Security room. Michael is playing with his yo-yo. Jim walks up in a security uniform.]
Michael: I guess the interview went well.
Jim: Piece of cake.
Michael: Drop my name?
Jim: I really didn't have to, Michael. She seemed pretty impressed with my resume, you know, being the sheriff and all.
Michael: It must feel good to be back in uniform.
Jim: Not really. Wanna show me that crime scene?
Michael: Uh, yeah [puts his yo-yo down.]

[At the crime scene.]
Michael: This is the door they broke in.
Jim: Good, they haven't fixed it yet.
Michael: No, I delayed the maintenance request. I figured you wanted to see it.
Jim: Good thinking. [looks at the broken window.] Now, if you reach your hand through that hole, you'd still have trouble reaching the handle to unlock it, wouldn't you?
Michael: Yeah, you think they hand a tool or something?
Jim: Anything like that turn up?
Michael: Not that I know of.
Jim: Now look at that [points to the glass.] You see the shards of glass, how they're all pushed out?
Michael: Yeah, what do you think that means?
Jim: It means, that whatever broke this window hit it from the inside. No one broke into Meta-Chem that night, Michael. They just wanted it to look that way.

[The lady that told the scientist to inject someone with Michael's blood is watching them through a monitor.]
Michael: Are you saying that the guy who killed Monk works here?
Jim: I'm saying it's a possibility. I still have to check a few things.

[Valenti house. Hanson is talking to Valenti.]
Hanson: I brought that autopsy report that you wanted.
Jim: Thanks. The company needs that for the insurance, you know?
Hanson: Yeah. It's a shame about that kid.
Jim: Yeah, so uh, any leads?
Hanson: Jim, I'm sorry, I can't discuss an active investigation with you.
Jim: I know you can't. Of course you can't. I taught you. I just figured that uh, well, you know, this being your first homicide case and all, maybe I can help.
Hanson: Well, there is something. We found this shoe print at the scene.[hands his a photo of it.] I've been waiting for a report back from the FBI lab, but they're so backed up it could take weeks.
Jim: I know a guy who might be able to help. I have to borrow this.
Hanson: Sure. Actually, I uh, made you a copy. [hands it to him.]

[Meta-Chem. The lights are off.]
Michael: [looks at the shoe print picture.] This footprint is useless, the floor has already been scrubbed.
Jim: Not completely useless. [he sprays the ground with something, and shines his flashlight on the floor. The footprints appear.]
Michael: That's very cool.
Jim: Let me see the Polaroid. [Michael hands it to him. He compares footprints, they match.]
Michael: That's our shooter then, right?
Jim: Yeah. Lets see where they lead.

[They spray the floor and follow the footprints to the room where Michael and Monk were standing in front of wondering what goes on back there.]

[Michael tries to open the door; it's locked.]
Jim: You think you can open that door?
Michael: Yeah, no problem. [He puts his hand over the verification panel and uses his powers to make the door open. They go inside the room.]
Jim: What the hell were they doing back here?
Michael: No one knows.

[Michael finds a test tube labeled Guerin, Michael with blood in it.]
Michael: Valenti.
Jim: What is it? [he looks over at Michael.]
Michael: That's my blood. They've been studying me.
Jim: You think they know you're an alien?

[Michael looks down at the counter beside him. He turns on the lamp. There's a bottle of Tabasco sauce in a plastic bag, an empty can of soda in a plastic bag, and some other things of Michael's all in plastic bags. There is also Michael's records folder on the counter.]
Michael: They definitely know. [Valenti picks up the folder. Michael picks up a plastic bag.] That's Liz's dress.
Jim: When she was shot?
Michael: And Max healed her. We got to get this stuff out of here. [They grab all of it and put it in a box. 2 people walk in, they hid behind the counter before they're seen.]
Scientist: Yeah, I'm not a fan of horse radish either. I mean, if I get a roast beef sandwich with Mayo, it's fine. All right. Take a look at this here. [he picks up something.]
Jim: [stands up from his hiding place.] How are you fellows doing this evening? [he walks over to them.] Mind if I take a look at your I.D. badges? [Michael sneaks away from the counter to behind a wall near the door.]
Scientist: Well, I don't think I-- We don't usually have to carry them. [searches his pockets for it.]
Jim: It's a new policy we've instituted since the recent break in.
Scientist: Well, I left mine in the car. Do you want me to get it?
Jim: No, no, no, that's all right. I'll tell you what though, in the future why don't you, uh, why don't you make it a point to keep it on you at all times.
Scientist: Okay sir, I'll be sure to do that.
Jim: The company is clamping down on everybody since this thing happened. Makes my job a lot tougher, I tell you.

[That same lady walks in with 2 guys in suits.]
Lady: Hello, Mr. Valenti.

[Recording studio. Maria is singing.]
Maria [singing]: Time to start a fire. I'm done with just desire. Come on and say it for me. Touch me the way I know you care. It's the only way I know to seeeee. Of me-- Okay, can we cut it? I'm sorry.
Dominique: Okay, darling, you don't say cut, I say cut. Okay? Okay, so we're gonna do it again, and now from the second verse. All right?
Maria: Okay. Wait. You know, I'm sorry this isn't working for me.
Dominique: What's wrong?
Maria: I don't know. It's just not me. I'm not feeling it or whatever.
Dominique: Okay, but honey, really, I know what these label boys want, so just trust me on this.
Maria: No, but I do. It's just these aren't my lyrics. I feel really weird singing them.
Dominique: All right. Well, fight your way through it, cuz you sound great. Really.
Maria: I know, but I mean, my songs are, you know, what I am.
Dominique: Well, this is business. This isn't personal.
Maria: Well, yeah it's personal. It's personal to me. I mean, if it's not personal it's just karaoke. I can just do that back at home at the Pizza Pan.
Dominique: Are you going to sing the song or not?
Maria: No, I want to sing the other song. I want to sing my song.
Dominique: Yeah, well, Maria, sweetie, the other song isn't going to work, okay? So we're going to need this song.
Maria: But we had a deal. [pauses] You're not giving me a choice, are you?
Dominique: Oh no. No, no, no, honey. You always have a choice. See you can finish recording this demo or you can head back to Roswell.
Maria: Then I will head back home to Roswell. [she walks out of the recording booth.]
Billy: [puts his arm around her shoulders.] Lets go get that limo before they take it away. [they walk out of the studio.]

[Liz's dorm room.]
Eileen: And you were really arrested?
Liz: Yeah. I was throw against the car and cuffed and everything.
Eileen: Wow! When you first walked through the door, I never would have guessed that.
Liz: I know. It's so weird saying it, it's like I'm talking about another person, you know? But yeah, it's me. I guess that's what I've become.
Eileen: So, what was it like? I mean prison and everything.
Liz: Umm, well, it's like not much different from being here.
Eileen: Ahh, this place isn't so bad. You just haven't been to the Rat.
Liz: What's the Rat?
Eileen: Oh, it's this place we go to get away. I'll take you there tomorrow.
Liz: Why don't we go right now?
Eileen: Liz, it's way past curfew.
Liz: Well, you said if I was just myself we'd get along fine, right? Right? Well, [she sits up.] this is me.

[They sneak out of the room, and go up the stairs. Liz stops.]
Eileen: [whispers.] What?
Liz: [whispers.] Shh! I hear someone.

[They go back down the stairs and hide. The dean walks down a flight of stairs above them. She pauses. Then she continues her way down a hall. Liz and Eileen wait a few seconds, they go up the stairs. They peek down the hall to see who it was, it was the dean.]
Eileen: [whispers.] Whoa, that was so cool!

[They continue up the stairs. They go into the attic and turn on the lights.]
Liz: Why do they call this place the Rat? Are there rats in here?
Eileen: No, it's short for Ratsdale, it's kind of like a bar. [she pulls out wooden wall panels where alcohol is hidden.] See.
Liz: Oh.
Eileen: Now, some of the girls like to drink straight from the bottle, but personally I think a flask is a little more class, don't you? Cheers. [she takes a swig.]

[Michael's apartment.]
Michael: [hangs up the phone.] Valenti's still not answering. It's been over 2 hours, he should have been home.
Max: [Max and Isabel are going through the stuff Michael brought back.] Maybe he's on his way over.
Isabel: How much do you think these Meta-Chem people know about us?
Michael: Everything.
Max: We don't know how much they know.
Michael: Maxwell, they know enough to expose us.
Isabel: I say we go back in there.

[Someone knocks on the door.]
Michael: Valenti. [he gets up and answers it. It's Kyle.]
Kyle: Hey, were you working with my dad last night? He never came home.
Michael: Did he call?
Kyle: [walks in.] No, he never called. [he sees all the stuff on the table.] What's going on?

[Isabel and Max stand up.]
Max: We need to go in now.
Michael: But we can't go now. It's in the middle of a working day. Max, there's millions of people.
Kyle: Millions of people? What are you talking about?
Isabel: Kyle, we think your dad is in trouble.

[Liz and Eileen in the attic.]
Eileen: So tell me about this Max guy. Boyfriend?
Liz: Boyfriend, uh, ex-boyfriend, I don't know. It's so weird that you don't know who Max Evans is. He's like-- He's like such a big part of my life. You don't even understand. [she takes a swig.]
Eileen: You want to talk about it?
Liz: I don't know. It's like complicated.
Eileen: Yeah, it's always complicated. Here, try me.
Liz: Well...he-- he was with this other girl.
Eileen: He stepped out?
Liz: And she ended up pregnant.
Eileen: What?!?
Liz: It's been really rocky since then.
Eileen: I can't believe you're even with him. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
Liz: but see, he really didn't cheat on me, because technically we weren't together at the time.
Eileen: Who cares about technically, did you love him?
Liz: Yeah. Definitely. I still do.
Eileen: And he hurt you.
Liz: Yeah.
Eileen: Well then, he's a cheater.
Liz: I wish it was that simple, you know? But there's like all this-- there's like all this stuff that you don't even like know about.
Eileen: Liz, it is that simple. Okay? There's always extra stuff and it's all just excuses that we make for them. Because we're afraid to leave them and we rationalize and rationalize and let them walk on us. But why are we so afraid? Tell me, what is so scary?
Liz: I don't know.
Eileen: Well, I'm not afraid. [hands her the liquor, and opens the window and yells out:] I AM NOT AFRAID!!
Liz: What are you doing? You are going to get us caught.
Eileen: Come Liz, tell the world. SCREW GUYS WHO CHEAT! YEAH!

[Michael's apartment. Kyle is holding a walkie talkie, Max and Michael are standing beside him.]
Michael: Okay this is how it works. [Max grabs the walkie talkie from Kyle.] I'm going to go on first, alone.
Kyle: Where's my walkie talkie?
Michael: You don't get one, because you're not coming.
Kyle: But my father is in there.
Max: Kyle, it's too dangerous.
Kyle: Don't give me that aliens only crap.
Max: Kyle look, you are the only ones other than us who knows what's going on. If something goes wrong, we could get trapped. Or worse.
Kyle: All right, what do I do?
Michael: If we're not back by dawn, call Hanson.
Kyle: What do I tell him?
Michael: Tell him your father and 3 aliens got kidnapped by Meta-Chem.
Max: At that point, it won't matter what you tell him. Just get help.
Kyle: All right. Just get him and get out.
Michael: Maxwell, you're going to pick up Isabel and bring her to the plant.

[Isabel is sneaking out of her house.]
Michael [Voice Over]: I want you there for the 3 am shift change.

[Jesse sits up and looks at his watch. He looks out the front window.]

[Meta-Chem. Michael is in the security room.]

Michael [Voice-Over]: When nobody is around I'll bypass the system [Michael looks at the monitor. Max and Isabel are outside by the door.]and get you both in undetected. [he unlocks the door for them.]

[Jesse is in his car in front of Meta-Chem. He watches Isabel and Max go inside.]
Michael [Voice-Over.] You and Isabel [Isabel and Max walk down the hall.] will have to split up to cover [they go their separate ways.] as much ground as possible. [Isabel is walking down the hall with a flashlight.] The place is big and Valenti could be anywhere. [Michael checks the monitor, he sees a scientist coming near Max, he walkie talkies Max, and Max hides until the scientist is gone.] I'll watch you from the security center, I'll be you eyes and ears. And we will find Valenti.

[Max opens a door and sees Jim tied up in a chair in the middle of the room.]
Jim: Who is that?
Max: It's me, Max. [he shuts the door behind him.]
Jim: Will you get that light out of my eyes?
Max: Sorry. [lowers his flashlight and walks to him.] You okay?
Jim: Yeah. I could use the bathroom.
Max: [unties him.] Did they hurt you?
Jim: No, the woman just threw me in here and left.
Max: [talking through his walkie talkie.] Michael, I got him, he's okay.
Michael: Good. Now get out of there.
Max: Lets go. [Max and Jim leave.]
Michael: Isabel, Max has Valenti, get back up here.
Isabel: Copy that.

[Max and Jim run through the halls. 2 men run up behind them and shoot Jim in the back.]
Max: [Jim falls on Max, Max looks at Jim's back then at the two men.] No!!! [Max uses his powers to push the two men into the wall and onto the floor. Max leans Jim on the wall, Jim slides down onto the floor.] Can you move?
Jim: I don't know.
Max: [rips open Jim's shirt and places his hand on Jim's wound.] It's okay. It's okay. Valenti look at me. Look at me. [Jim slowly looks up at Max. Max heals him.]
Jim: Thank you.

[They stand up. 3 men surround Max at gunpoint. The lady walks up to them.]
Lady: So you're the healer. You have no idea how long we've been looking for you.

[Isabel walks in the security room.]
Isabel: Where are they??
Michael: Last time I saw them they were in Corridor 3. Lets go. [They run out of the room. In one of the monitors, we see Jesse trying to open a door.]

[The lady opens a door, behind her one of the men is holding Max, another holding Jim.]
Max: What do you want from us?
Lady: Not us. Just you; the healer.

[They all walk into the room.]

[Michael and Isabel are running through the halls looking for Max and Jim. Michael uses his powers to unlock the door where him and Jim found all of his stuff and they run inside.]

[They see a curtain.]
Isabel: What the hell is in here?
Michael: I don't know. [he pulls back the curtain. There's an empty bed.] Lets go.

[Liz's dorm room. Liz is listen to music with her headphones and reading on her bed. There's a knock at the door. She takes off her headphones and stands up] Eileen? Eileen? Did you lock yourself out again? [she opens the door, it's Maria.]
Maria: [grinning.] Guess who?

[Liz is shocked. They hug.]
Liz: My god, Maria. Hi. What are you doing here?
Maria: Do I smell alcohol?
Liz: Why? Do I smell? I should get some gum.
Maria: What do you drink now?
Liz: No, I-- [she nods.] a little bit.
Maria: I leave you for 5 minutes--
Liz: You know, they have this place that I have got to show you. [she puts on her coat.]

[In the attic:]
Liz: You know, I was really scared to come here, and I didn't know if I was doing the right thing, but just in the past few days, it's like the first time in years since I've felt like a normal teenager.
Maria: Yeah. It is nice to get away from the alien chaos, isn't it? God, I don't know if I can go back yet.
Liz: Why don't you just stay here?
Maria: What?
Liz: Yeah. Come on, Eileen and I we have this whole place figured out. We can get you anything you need. And plus spring break is coming up. No one's going to be around.

Lady: Bring him in. [They wheel in an old man. She puts her hand on his shoulder.] Heal him.
Max: [he's at gunpoint.] Who is he?
Lady: My husband. Clayton Wheeler. He owns all of this.
Jim: [at gunpoint also.] So you're what? A few days away from inheriting his millions?
Lady: I don't care about that.
Jim: Right. You just happen to fall in love with a man twice your age who just happens to be a multi-millionaire.
Lady: Quiet! You don't know anything about me. Have you ever been married, Mr. Valenti?
Jim: Once. Didn't stick.
Lady: Well, I've been married for 22 years. That is a long time to be with someone. Things change. Feelings change. Motives change. He is my husband now, and I am not going to lose him.
Max: What's wrong with him?
Lady: He's old. Unfortunately all the money in the world can't stop the aging process. Believe me, we've tried everything. And then we heard a story about a girl in Roswell who was shot with no ill effects.
Max: Liz. That's why you have her dress.
Lady: We analyzed that thing for 2 years. The best scientists in the world couldn't figure that out. And then we got another little tip. Several children with terminal cancer mysteriously healed.
Max: In Phoenix. The surveillance picture of Michael in the hospital. You thought he was the healer.
Lady: Well, until he couldn't heal his friend. Then we knew we had the wrong guy.
Max: You killed Monk as a test?
Lady: My husband is dying. We're desperate.

Max; That's no excuse to kill someone in cold blood.
Lady: What's done is done. Now heal him.
Max: It doesn't work like that. I can't save someone from a natural death.
Lady: I think you can. And you will. [she snaps her fingers. The men push their guns into Max and Jim's throats.]

[Max nods and kneels in front of the old man. He places his hand over Clayton's chest; his hand glows white. Max is trying as hard as he can. The white light intensifies and gets larger.]

[Michael and Isabel are running down the halls looking for them; shinning their flashlights into rooms.]
Isabel: Where are they?
Michael: This place is huge, they could be anywhere.

[Max's hair is turning gray, he's sweating more than usual when he heals someone, the room shakes, test tubes shatter onto the floor.]
Jim: Max! Max! Stop--! [one of the men head butts him with a gun. Jim falls to the floor. The room lights up, Max is turning old, getting wrinkles and more gray hair. Clayton screams and pushes Max away. Clayton and the lady leave. Max slowly collapses to the floor, old and white-haired. A circle of fire emits from Max's body. The fire comes back to Max and envelopes him. The room catches on fire. The men with guns run out.]
Jim: [surrounded by fire.] Max! [Jim crawls to Max.] Max! [he reaches out to touch Max, and Max turns into dust.]

[In the attic. Maria and Liz are sleeping. Liz suddenly sits up gasping.]
Maria: What happened??
Liz: Max is dead.

To Be Continued...

#313 Panacea - Music

Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21
Scenen: When Liz arrive at Winnaman Academy and through her voiceover letter to Maria.

not available
Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day *
Scene: The Winnaman Academy, Liz meets and talks with her roommate; roommate begins smoking as they talk.
not available
Euphoria - Delirium
Scene: After Dean Hackett knocks on dorm door, Liz takes off blouse and lights a candle to cover for Eileenís smoking.
not available
The Donnas - Are You Gonna Move It For Me?
Scene: Shots of New York City with Maria's voice-over, as Liz reads a letter from her.
not available
Maria Deluca (Majandra Delfino) - Behavior (Remix)
Scene: Recording Studio in New York, Maria, Billy and Dominique listen to the new version of Maria's song.
not available
Majandra Delfino - This Stupid Love Song
Album: ./.
Scene: Reluctant Maria sings a song someone else has written.
not available

#313 Panacea - Quotes

Added by Lena

Eileen: Where you from Beth?
Liz: California.
Eileen: What part?
Liz: Um, not too far from Disneyland.

Eileen: Quick thinker.
Liz: Practice.

Dominique: What's wrong?
Maria: I don't know. It's just not me. I'm not feeling it or whatever.
Dominique: Okay, but honey, really, I know what these label boys want, so just trust me on this.
Maria: No, but I do. It's just these aren't my lyrics. I feel really weird singing them.
Dominique: All right. Well, fight your way through it, cuz you sound great. Really.
Maria: I know, but I mean, my songs are, you know, what I am.
Dominique: Well, this is business. This isn't personal.
Maria: Well, yeah it's personal. It's personal to me. I mean, if it's not personal it's just karaoke. I can just do that back at home at the Pizza Pan.

Meris: Heal him.
Max: Who is he?
Meris: My husband. Clayton Wheeler. He owns all of this.
Valenti: So you're what, a few days away from inheriting his millions?
Meris: I don't care about that.
Valenti: Right, you just happened to fall in love with a man twice you age, who just happens to be a multi-millionaire. Meris: Quiet.

Max: You killed Monk as a test?
Meris: My husband is dying. We're desperate.
Max: That's no excuse to kill someone in cold blood.
Meris: What's done is done. Now heal him.
Max: It doesn't work like that. I can't save someone from a natural death.
Meris: I think you can...and you will.