#316 Crash - Information

Writer: David Simkins
Director: Patrick Norris
Production Code: 3ADA16

First aired: April 30, 2002

Guest star: Garrett M. Brown (Phillip Evans), John Doe (Jeff Parker), Brien Blakely (Reporter), Lamont Thompson (Guard), Larry Poindexter (Colonel Griffin), Paul Schulze (Man in Black), Samantha Shelton (Cadet Connie Griffin), Woody Brown (Major Carlson), Stephen Rockwell (Scientist)


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#316 Crash - Transcript

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[The episode opens at the Crashdown one evening, with Max, Kyle, and Liz in a booth, studying, working on some papers. Max and Kyle sit on one side of the table, Liz on the other. Maria is in the background, working. We see that Liz is playing footsy with Max under the table, rubbing her bare foot across his knee. Liz smiles playfully at Max as he tries to keep focused on his paper.]
Liz: Um... Did you know there's a full college scholarship being offered to potential podiatry practitioners?
[Both Max and then Kyle glance up at Liz, interested.]
Max: Really.
Liz: I have to keep my business south of the equator, though.
Max: (clears his throat, continuing to write) Couldn't you come a little farther... north?
[Grinning impishly, Liz moves her pointed toes up the inside of Max's thigh, eventually creeping as far 'north' as she can. Max jumps suddenly, then tries to act like nothing's happened. Kyle sees Max jump, then sees Liz smiling, and gives her a stern look before he goes back to studying. Max moves his hand down to Liz's leg and looks back up at her. She is still smiling at him intently.]
[Michael walks in with an armload of boxes for the restaurant, and sees Maria looking at him expectantly.]
Michael: What?
Maria: What?
Michael: Whatever.
[Michael walks off to the back room.]
Liz: No?
[Maria gives an exasperated sigh.]
Max: What?
Liz: Still no apologies from Michael.
Max: -bah--
Kyle: Hey, you know that king-thing tattoo on Michael's chest?
Liz: That's gone. Max is king, now.
Kyle: I know, I know. But what I was going to say is, that maybe Michael can get, like, "I'm eternally sorry" tattooed there instead, and just flash it every half an hour, regardless? Saves time, cuts stress. [Kyle turns to Maria] Do we know the faux pas?
Maria: Yeah. He, uh, threatened my life and then shoved me out of a moving vehicle and just left me in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.
Michael: [Comes storming out of the kitchen.] The car was stopped! And I NEVER threatened to kill you!
Maria: After you suggested it'd be better off if I was dead, and Jesse, and everybody else who knows about your little "secret"..!
Michael: It was a suggestion. [Everyone gives Michael skewed looks, and he gets defensive.] .....Why am I always apologizing to you guys about who I am?
Maria: That wasn't you, Michael!
Michael: Yes, it was me. Max was dead, I was king. I did what I had to do.
Maria: Fine.
Michael: I'm not sorry about it, either.
Maria: Fine!
Michael: No, I'm not sorry.
[Michael walks off towards the door.]
Maria: ...Fine...
[Michael slams the door hard on his way out, breaking the glass. Everyone looks shocked and concerned. Maria can only shake her head.]
[We next see Michael out in the desert, using a twig to make holes in the dirt in the V-shape of the royal seal of Antar. He tosses the stick, kicks the dirt with his foot, and goes back to get on his bike, but he has trouble starting it. Suddenly he sees two bright objects streaking across the night sky. They collide explosively and are hurled to the ground, each crashing separately in bright fireballs, one blue, one red. Michael is startled as his bike suddenly starts up. He rides towards the crash site.]
[At the crash site, Michael sees a parachute lying on the ground amidst the burning wreckage of an Air Force jet. Walking around, he finds a helmet, and reads the name on the side. He calls out, looking for the pilot.]
Michael: Griffin! You okay?! [there is no answer, and he keeps looking around, calls out again.] Hey!! Anybody!! [No one answers, but he then sees some military vehicles approaching the scene, and a helicopter overhead with a search light shining. He tries to start his bike, but has trouble again. Finally the engine catches and he speeds off.]
[Opening credit sequence.]
[A TV news reporter is doing a story on the crash.]
TV Reporter: ...stimulate Roswell's dwindling tourist business, local officials are downplaying the entire incident. As of right now, our inquiries to the national transportation and safety...
[At the Crashdown, Liz is in uniform, sitting at a counter, watching the TV news as Max helps her father carry some boxes out of the back room. Maria is also in uniform, nearby.]
Jeff Parker: Anything yet?
Liz: They're downplaying it.
Jeff: Even better... make it look like a cover-up. And Max, thanks for helping. Would you mind remarking those prices?
Max: Uh, sure. What do you want them to be?
Jeff: Double everything.
Liz: I can do it, Dad.
Jeff: No! You two have to be here to handle the rush.
Maria: [looks up, incredulous] -"The rush"??
Jeff: Yeah! Oh. You're too young to remember. Back in 1986 there was another "unexplained incident" out side of town. This place went wild! ...Oh, Max, there's a box of neckties, the alien neckties, in the backroom near the... mustard containers. D'you mind?
Max: No problem.
Liz: [watches Max go into the back.] Uhmm... I don't think they're there any more.
[Jeff throws up his hand in a 'look at this, now' gesture to Maria as Liz goes off into the back. They continue to watch the newscast.]
TV Reporter: ...get ready to our news conference. From what I'm told, Major Pete Carlson, from the United States Air Force, will be conducting the briefing this morning, although they have yet to claim responsibility...
Jeff: Unexplained. All he's got to say is it's "unexplained". An "unexplained incident". An "unexplained encounter"... Call it "unexplained" and those UFO freaks will be flooding this town... and we'll be swimming in cash!!
[Jeff is exclaiming gleefully, with entrepreneurial fervor. Maria gives him a look like he is dangerously crazy.]
[In the back, Liz is pulling the box of neckties down off the shelf to hand it to Max.]
Liz: Here we are! .....'you okay?
Max: I'm fine. Why?
Liz: Well, a ship crashes in the desert and you don't have a problem with it.
Max: Odds are it's probably nothing.
Liz: You're not even curious? [Max is looking through the ties, looks up at Liz slowly] ....Oh, you are.
Max: I have more important concerns. [looks directly at Liz.]
Liz: [smiles, a little coy] ...Really?
Jeff Parker: [yelling from out front] Liz!! Can you give me a hand out here??
[Max's eyes get wide in mock exasperation.]
Liz: ...Coming!
[Liz looks up at Max, then turns to take the box of ties to her dad. Max looks longingly after her as she walks off. Behind him, Michael comes in through the outside door.]
Michael: Hey...
Max: [turns, sees that Michael looks disheveled.] Where have you been?
Michael: Investigating a potential threat to our existence.
Max: You were in the desert?
Michael: All night. Ah' you couldn't see much. They got perimeters around the perimeters out there.
Max: Leave it alone.
Michael: I... Max, are you nuts? I saw it. It killed the engine on my bike. It went right over my head.
Max: What'd it look like?
Michael: Like a really great sci fi special effect. Only real.
Max: It was probably an Air Force jet.
Michael: How do you know?
Max: Word's out. Unofficially. [he walks away towards the lockers.]
Michael: Yeah, Max, I could tell you an Air Force jet was involved, but the question is, in what?
Max: [he turns back slowly, warning] Look, we're too exposed right now. Especially with Jesse.
Michael: At least he came through.
Max: He killed a federal agent. And right now, the last thing we need is some bona fide alien from another world who's looking for trouble.
Michael: You scared I might find something?
Max: ...I'm terrified they'll find you.
Michael: [rolls his eyes, and turns to leave.] ...Then I'll handle it.
[Michael walks out the door, leaving Max frustrated with him and apprehensive.]
[Back out in the dining area, Maria and Liz are on one side of the dining area, working with the ties, and Liz's dad is up near the counter, where he and some customers are watching the news on TV.]
Jeff: Come on... "unexplained"... "unexplained", baby... One little word... I'd even take "unknown"! Come on, say it... Say it!
[On the TV, we see reporters approaching Major Carlson on his way to the podium.]
TV Reporter: Major Carlson, was it a UFO last night? Can you tell me, was it a UFO? [We see Major Carlson just walk past the reporters, followed by a young woman Air Force Cadet.] ...or a test flight?
[We see Isabel in her apartment, trying to make a call on her cell phone, worriedly watching the same newscast on her TV.]
TV Reporter: We're not going to get many words from right him now... Stepping up to the podium and the microphone right now is Major Carlson, who is expected to confirm what most people in Roswell have already heard through the grapevine, that the UFO seen last night was an Air Force jet on a cross-country test flight that apparently experienced...
Isabel: [under her breath]...Oh, thank you....
[Her call has reached Jesse's answering message.]
Jesse's recorded message: You have reached the cell phone of Jesse Ramirez. Please leave a message at the tone, and I'll call you back as soon as I can. (beep).
[Isabel is shaking her head, apparently a little frustrated she can't reach Jesse. Just as she hears the beep, she also hears knocking at the door. Startled, she puts the phone to her ear.]
Isabel: Hello? - oh - Who is it?
Diane Evans: [through the door.] It's Mom.
[Isabel has a hand to her forehead. She sighs, then goes to answer the door.]
Isabel: [cheerfully, now.] Hey, Momma. How are ya?
Diane: Surprise. Since the men we live with are in Delaware on business, I thought we should spend some money. ...on clothes. [She suddenly looks around the apartment, puzzled.] Isabel, what happened to all the furniture?
Isabel: Nothing. I just, you know, felt like it was time for a change...
Diane: [amazed] You can afford to replace all of the furniture in your apartment?
Isabel: We'll manage.
[Diane holds her arms out to hold Isabel's shoulders.]
Diane: Honey, are you okay?
Isabel: Yeah! I'm fine...
Diane: I, ah, talked to your dad this morning, and he felt that Jesse was acting a bit differently... Did you two have a fight?
Isabel: No, Mom, we're fine… I swear.
Diane: Okay. Well, if you need to talk about anything...
Isabel: There's nothing to talk about. Besides, if there were, it would be of one of two things. Sex or money. One of which is great.
Diane: Oh...oh-o-kay! Then...
Isabel: And the other is the budget I'm about to ignore. Let's go buy me some shoes.
Diane: Let's go!
Isabel: Uhmmm hummmm....[ Diane holds the door for Isabel.] Thank you...!
[Isabel and her mom leave, eager to go shopping.]
[On the Crashdown TV, Major Carlson is making his announcement.]
Carlson: Contrary to some reports this was not, repeat, not, a UFO or an unexplained incident. This morning, at twelve minutes past midnight...
[Liz and her dad have been blowing up inflatable green aliens. When he hears the news, Jeff groans and lets his alien deflate. He balls it up in his hand.]
Jeff: Ohhhh.... I think it's time for a going-out-of-business sale.
Liz: I'm sorry, Dad.... [she gives her dad a hug.] Sorry.
[The scene switches live to the outdoor news conference. Major Pete Carlson is still speaking.]
Carlson: ...crashed nineteen miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. The jet was based at Edwards Air Force base in California... [We see Michael join the crowd listening to the Major's speech.] ...and was engaged in a cross-country test flight in night conditions. There were no weapons on board. The name of the pilot was Colonel Theodore Griffin. He is the one and only casualty in this unfortunate accident.
[Michael is listening, frowning, incredulous.]
Carlson: That's all I'm prepared to say at this time, however, Air Force Cadet Connie Griffin, Colonel Griffin's daughter, would like to say a few words.
Connie: Good morning. I know a lot of people here in Roswell were hoping for some sort of extraterrestrial explanation to last night's incident, but, we know what happened. We know the truth. It's important to me that you know, he died doing what he loved. And you should know my father stayed with his plane until the end. He made sure it went down someplace safe, to protect your homes, and your lives. He was a good man-
Michael: [speaking from the back of the crowd] Excuse me, are you saying he didn't eject??
Connie: ...No, he didn't have the chance to eject -
[Major Carlson steps forward to abruptly end the news conference.]
Carlson: That's all we have time for now. If we get any more information we'll let you know.
[Michael looks over to find a stranger staring directly at him. When he looks back, the stranger simply looks away. But as Michael looks away, the man starts to stare at him again. Uncomfortable, Michael decides to leave. The stranger stares after him as he leaves.]
[The scene shifts to the Pineview Lodge, a somewhat run-down motor hotel. Inside one of the rooms, Connie Griffin is pouring herself a stiff drink on the rocks. It is obvious she has been crying, hard. She takes a drink from the plastic cup, then hears the door creak. Michael walks in.]
Michael: You might want to keep your head clear.
Connie: Who the hell are you?
Michael: I believe your father's alive. [He reaches under his jacket to pull out the helmet he found in the desert, and he hands it to her.] He made it out of that plane.
Connie: Where did you get this?
[Beyond skeptical, she can't believe what she's holding. She turns and steps away from Michael, examines it.]
Michael: In the desert, about a half a mile from the crash site... next to his ejection seat. But, he wasn't there.
Connie: [frowning deeply, staring at the helmet. Suddenly, she whirls angrily to face Michael.] What kind of sick bastard are you, huh? [Michael is taken back, puzzled.] Really, where did you get this?? Some Army-Navy surplus? You buy some rub-on letters right after the news conference?
Michael: [Remains patient.] There's something in the lining you may want to look at.
[Grieved and angry, Connie nevertheless turns away again and searches the lining. She pulls out a photograph of her father holding her up as a child, like she is flying. On the back there is a child's scrawl, "daddys angel". She sobs, and begins crying. Michael moves towards her, speaking softly.]
Michael: Hey... it's okay... [He is trying to comfort her, and puts a hand on her shoulder, but she acts to defend herself, elbowing him and punching him hard in the face. He bends over, holding his nose.]
Michael: Agh! ...Damn!!
Connie: [angry] Who are you?!
Michael: [also angry] I just wanna know why they lied!!
Connie: It doesn't matter.
Michael: What??
Connie: Whatever is going on, they must be doing it to protect national security. That's what they do!
Michael: They lied to you.
Connie: Whatever I'm told, they tell me for a reason.
Michael: Your father may still be alive.
Connie: Carlson wouldn't lie about that.
Michael: How do you know? How do you know that?
Connie: Get out!! Before I have you arrested for looting the scene of a military investigation. That's a Federal offense, buddy. You could go away for a long time.
[Michael can only shake his head. Hesitantly, he turns and leaves. Connie holds the helmet and cries. She looks after Michael, wondering.]
[In Delaware, Jesse and Phillip are relaxing in a leather-upholstered, well-appointed lounge, smoking cigars.]
Phillip: Your battery's dead. [Jesse looks puzzled.] Mm. Your cigar.
[Phillip reaches a lighter over to rekindle Jesse's smoke. They relax, taking deep puffs and blowing out the smoke.]
Jesse: Thanks.
Phillip: Good work today. [Phillip is studying Jesse. Jesse seems distracted.] You missing home?
Jesse: hm?
Phillip: Isabel.
Jesse: What about her?
Phillip: You missing her?
Jesse: Yeah... sure.
[In Roswell, Isabel and her mom are returning to Isabel's place with the spoils of their shopping adventure. They are tired, but smiling and laughing.]
Isabel: oooh...!
Diane: Ohhhh my goodness! Have you ever... seen discounts like that? I mean, you'd think the whole town was having a...a fire sale!
Isabel: Yeah! [They collapse on the couch.]
Diane: How's Max, Isabel?
Isabel: uhm... M-Max? Uh...
Diane: Yeah.
Isabel: Uhm... uh, he's fine... [she shrugs, brow knit] I think he's studying for finals right now...
Diane: [studying Isabel.] Hmm. Does um... does he know what he's going to do when he graduates?
[In Delaware.]
Phillip: Forget I'm your father-in-law for a second.
Jesse: [smiles and laughs] That's impossible.
Phillip: Try me. [Jesse nods, smiles, speechless] You trying?
Jesse: Yes... Dad.
Phillip: Try harder...
Jesse: Whaddya wanna know?
[In Roswell. Diane Evans focuses on Isabel's wedding picture for a long moment. She and Phillip are standing on one side of Isabel and Jesse, Jesse's mom is on the other. Diane closes her eyes, then looks over at Isabel.]
Diane: Nothing worse than being alone in a house without the one you love, is there?
[Now Isabel focuses on the wedding picture.]
[In Delaware.]
Phillip: I wanna know if everything's okay.
Jesse: [smiles, but thinks for a moment before speaking.] Everything's, uh... a little more difficult than I expected.
Phillip: What were you expecting?
Jesse: Less difficulty.
[Phillip smiles, nods.]
[In Roswell.]
Isabel: It's okay. He won't be gone forever.
[She gazes off, hoping to deflect her mother's focus.]
Diane: Oh, it- it drives me crazy. I hate being alone in the house when your dad is gone. The silence is deafening!
[In Delaware.]
Jesse: [gives a laugh.] Look, I'm glad you're concerned, really. But at the moment, I think I should just keep this between me and Isabel. [Phillip nods, looks away.] I know...I know you're her father, and-
Phillip: At the moment, I'm your friend. I'm serious about this, Jesse. I want you to know that you can come to me with anything you want to discuss. Even if it's about your wife. I've known her slightly longer than you. [smiles wryly. They exchange a look. Jesse looks serious.] The door's open, that's all I'm saying.
Jesse: [looks back at Phillip.] Thanks.
[Phillip nods, smiles, puffs on his cigar.]
[In Roswell.]
Diane: I could sure use some company...
Isabel: Uhm...
Diane: I could make double-fudge brownies...
Isabel: Not fair!
Diane: I am an evil, manipulative woman. Just ask your dad. [Isabel laughs, still twirling her hair.] What do you say?
Isabel: [hesitates, then decides.] Sounds great.
Diane: Great.
[In a junkyard, Major Carlson meets with Connie Griffin.]
Carlson: What's this about, Cadet Griffin?
Connie: Thank you for meeting me here, sir. I just didn't feel comfortable coming onto the base with this.
Carlson: With what?
[She reaches into her car and pulls out her father's helmet.]
Carlson: Where'd you get this?
Connie: Through a friendly, sir. Sir, is my father alive?
Carlson: [steps closer to her.] Has your father been depressed lately? Acting different? Has he said anything that would indicate that-
Connie: You think he killed himself??
Carlson: We can't find him. We have reason to believe he may have gone over, with information relating to the Raptor.
Connie: ...No... [shakes her head, skeptical of the Major]
Carlson: We have searched everywhere within a ten mile radius. If he contacts you, I need to know about it.
Connie: My father is not a traitor, sir.
Carlson: [nods, with a vague smile] I hope you're right. There's nothing else you can do here. Go back to Colorado, I will contact you if I hear anything.
Connie: Yes, Sir.
[She turns to get in her car, but the Major has a hand on the helmet. He takes it from her. She hesitates, then gets into her car and drives off. When she is gone, the man who earlier was staring at Michael at the press conference walks up to the Major.]
Man: That was quite a yarn.
Carlson: Find the friendly that gave her the helmet. I'll meet with you later.
[Abruptly, the Major walks off.]
Man: [to the Major's back.] Sure, maybe we can split a malt, or something.
[Connie Griffin is driving down the road at night, when a vehicle starts tailing her. She can't see much in her rearview mirror except glaring lights. The vehicle rams her car, pulls around her and forces her off the road, then screeches to a halt. Her car has rolled and crashed and she is caught in the driver's seat by her seatbelt - hanging upside down calling for help. We see a man get out of the other vehicle. It is the man Major Carlson was speaking to.]
Connie: Help me, please! Somebody, please - help me - help - help me.
Man: [kneels down and looks into the car, with his bland, pleasant smile.] Hey. It's a beautiful night. Just... try and relax... enjoy the desert air.
[As she continues to cry for help, we see him stand up, set the timer on a small device, and attach it to her car. It begins counting down seconds. The man drives off.]
[A moment later, Michael pulls up on his motorcycle and rushes over to her overturned car. He kneels down to look in at her.]
Michael: Cover your face!
[She does and Michael uses his powers to blast the door off its hinges. He then reaches in to get her loose. We see only 12 seconds left as the timer keeps ticking down.]
Connie: How did you do that?
Michael: Do what?
Connie: The door... how did you -
Michael: The crash loosened the hinges. Come on!
Connie: ...What?
[She keeps looking back at the car, puzzled, as Michael tries to pull her away.]
Michael: Come on, I think we should get going...
[Only six seconds left. Michael pulls Connie further away, to his motorcycle.]
Connie: Wait a minute, how did you know I was -
Michael: I told you you were being lied to. I had a feeling they'd try something once you turned that helmet in to Major-with-attitude.
Connie: You followed me?? Who the hell do you think you-
[Suddenly, Connie's car explodes in a fireball]
Michael: Any more questions?
[At Michael's apartment, Max and Liz are sitting at a table studying.]
Liz: Why do you keep doing that?
Max: What?
Liz: Pretending...
Max: What am I pretending?
Liz: That you don't know any of this...
Max: [smiles] It's all a mystery to me...
Liz: Well, me too...
[Suddenly Michael walks in the back door.]
Michael: Hey! [Max and Liz turn, look over at Michael, who is with Connie Griffin.] This is Connie. Her father is the pilot of that crashed Jet. 'Air Force says he's a traitor on the run, but Connie doesn't buy it and neither do I. They tried to kill her.
Connie: Michael says he can help me.
Max: Do what?
[Max gets up.]
Connie: Find my father.
Max: [walks over towards Michael.] 'talk to you for a second? [he and Michael go outside into the back.] What's going on?
Michael: That's what we gotta try an' figure out.
Max: [exasperated] What I'm tryin' to figure out, Michael, is you. I don't even know what to say.
Michael: That's why you gotta trust your second-in-command to know what's right.
Max: "What's right"? What's next? JFK was killed by aliens? What's happening to you?
Michael: Me? ...What's happening to you? We've got a major situation here and you don't seem to care.
Max: What situation would that be? Her or you?
[Max turns and walks back into the apartment, leaving Michael speechless, incredulous.]
[At the Crashdown, Maria sets two milkshakes down in front of the assassin and Major Carlson. The assassin looks mostly unremarkable, like a 30s-something yuppie with medium brown hair, a receding hairline, a crooked nose, and a cold, bored expression. His dress is casual, a windbreaker, pressed blue shirt, and khakis. As always, Major Carlson is in uniform. His friendly-looking face is always tightly controlled and he is perpetually focused on his duty.]
Maria: Ready to order?
Assassin: [smiles, points to Carlson] Major..?
Carlson: I'm fine with this.
Maria: And--
Assassin: Uh, could I have... a...penne pasta with chicken, sundried tomatoes... in a marinara sauce, please.
Maria: Ah, no... we only have spaghetti.
[She looks like she's had a long day, trying to be patient as she brushes her loose bangs back with the spoon in her hand.]
Assassin: That's not what I want.
Maria: What you want is the Olive Garden...
Major: [stares hard at the assassin, intervenes.] He'll have a hamburger. Just bring him a hamburger.
[At the edge of her patience, Maria nods and walks off.]
Assassin: I don't eat red meat.
Major: Did you do it? [the assassin nods and smiles as he takes a pull on the straw in his milkshake.] Did you find anything in her hotel room?
Assassin: No.
Major: What about the helmet? Who gave it to her?
Assassin: Kid named Michael Guerin. I ID'd him off a local news tape.
Major: Are you sure it's him?
Assassin: I will be, after I break a few of his fingers... [smiles] This is a great milkshake.
[Back near the kitchen doors, Maria puts some dishes in a pan, and gives a hard sideways look to the Major's companion.]
Maria: "Sundried tomatoes"...
[She gasps as Michael suddenly grabs her and drags her into the kitchen.]
Michael: We need to talk.
Maria: Ow!! You should be slapped!! [She turns to see Max, Connie, and Liz standing behind them.] Who's this?
Connie: Uh, ah - Connie Griffin.
Maria: Ohh... You're the pilot's daughter, right?
Michael: Yeah, she's in trouble.
Connie: My father's missing.
Maria: M-missing? Isn't he... The news has been saying that...
Michael: No, he's not dead.
Max: Michael says the man with the Air Force guy is a killer.
[Liz suddenly looks concerned, and walks over to the kitchen door to look through the window at the Major and the assassin.]
Michael: Yeah, he ran her car off the road and tried to blow it up because she has proof the Air Force is lying to the public about her father.
[Connie nods in confirmation. The group exchanges doubtful and worried looks. Maria looks around at Liz, who frowns and looks back through the small door window.]
Michael: Come on guys, the Air Force is hiding something. Maybe a crashed UFO.
[Max slowly looks over at Connie, who looks pleading.]
Max: [Stands. Then, to Michael.] What do you propose?
Liz: They're leaving!
[The group walks over to watch the two men leave. As the two leave the Crashdown, Michael and Max come out into the dining area to watch them further, through the main doors.]
Michael: I say we hook the small fish to hook the big fish.
Max: Do you really think there's a ship mixed up in this?
Michael: I'm not sure, but I'm not sure it's important anymore, either.
Max: So what is?
Michael: Doin' the right thing.
[Max looks back towards the kitchen, where he can see the three girls looking out through the pass-through.]
Max: Was there a collision?
Michael: What - between me and her?
Max: [turns back, frowning at Michael's mis-take.] Between her father's ship and a UFO.
Michael: Maybe. I don't know. You gotta help me.
Max: We force the little fish to talk, and we're at risk. We may have to kill him.
[Michael is speechless for a moment, then spies two decorative alien Halloween masks on a shelf.]
Michael: I got a better idea.
[At the Air Force base, a uniformed man walks into a secure room, where a man in a dark khaki Air Force jump suit lays chained to a cot with his head covered in a cloth sack. As he reaches up to remove the sack from the prisoner's head, we see the man in the uniform is Major Carlson. We see the prisoner's face is bruised. The two greet each other with strained cordiality.]
Griffin: Pete.
Carlson: Ted.
Griffin: So what now? [The Major starts to speak, but does not.] No more questions.
Carlson: [shakes his head.] No more questions...
Griffin: Well, I got one for you… who was flying that thing?
Carlson: [smiles] As soon as we figure out how to get the cockpit open, we'll have an answer to that question... [his smile fades] but I'm afraid you won't.
Griffin: Because I'll be dead.
Carlson: Actually... [Walks to the end of the cot, picks up one of Griffin's chained feet by the boot toe and drops it back down.] You already are.
Griffin: ...I never ejected.
Carlson: [shakes his head, smiles.] No.
Griffin: [looks lost now.] What does Connie think?
Carlson: What the rest of the media-fed world thinks, that you... brought a malfunctioning billion dollar jet down into an unpopulated area to save lives.
Griffin: And the guards outside my door?
Carlson: They think you're a saboteur and spy. And they'd like to see you shot.
Griffin: [Nods, grieved but resigned] And here I am, just a guy who ran into a UFO.
Carlson: Well... we've got... protocol in these situations.
Griffin: "Protocol"...
[He watches Carlson pick up the sack again.]
Carlson: I'm sorry, Ted.
[Griffin groans as Carlson puts the sack back over his head and walks out. Angry but powerless, Griffin jerks the chains in frustration.]
[Back at the Evans' home, Isabel's mother continues her "third degree".]
Diane: So... it's a... a nice restaurant.
Isabel: Yeah.
Diane: Jesse likes it?
Isabel: Yes.
Diane: But... you like it more.
Isabel: We like it exactly the same.
Diane: Well... you know... what does he hate?
Isabel: What?
Diane: Well, I mean, you know, honey... your father, he hates, uh, health food and... French movies. What does Jesse hate?
Isabel: ...I...don't know...
Diane: You don't know?
Isabel: He doesn't hate anything! Mom, where - where is this going?
Diane: Honey, I'm...I'm just trying to make a little conversation, you know... I miss talking to you... about...things that matter. We used to do that.... Talk.
Isabel: [looks at her mom for a long moment.] Mom.
Diane: What?
Isabel: I just want to thank you.
Diane: For what?
Isabel: For... letting me be... who I am. For accepting Jesse... and me.
Diane: Honey, you don't have to thank me for that. It's not a chore. You're my daughter. I should thank you for having the patience you've had with me. [Finally, they share a smile.] So. How about blueberry pancakes?
Isabel: [puzzled.] Now...?
Diane: No! No! In the morning... I mean... your room is still there...
Isabel: Oh... I... I should probably get home, I mean, Jesse might call... I...
Diane: But... you have your cell phone, don't you?
Isabel: Yeah, but... [continues to look harried, tired, doubtful, but then looks up into her mother's pleading, smiling face.]...I do kind of miss my old bed.
Diane: [smiles broadly, reaches over and pats Isabel.] Great.
[Diane looks soberly at her daughter now.]
[The assassin creeps into Michael's dark apartment. He uses a flashlight to look around. We see that he wears latex gloves. He pulls a gun out when he hears the front door he closed creak back open, but no one is there. Cautiously, he looks around the place. Suddenly his light falls on two alien-looking figures standing in the corner. Before he can shoot, the gun is knocked out of his hand by an unseen power. It hits the wall with such force it knocks a hole in the plaster and embeds itself. An alien figure punches him and the scene blacks out.]
[Diane is on the phone with Phillip after Isabel has gone to her room.]
Phillip: She didn't leave, did she? You got her to stay...
Diane: She's here. She's asleep. I...I just don't feel right about this, Phillip.
Phillip: We're not doing anything they didn't do.
Diane: But, what have they done?? I mean, if you know something specific, or you have some proof, would you just tell me?
Phillip: They are not who they say they are.
Diane: Is that what Jesse's telling you?
Phillip: Nah, Jesse's not talking.
Diane: Well, maybe that's because there's nothing to say.
Phillip: No... He's hiding something. He's not the same man who married our daughter. He's changed. And I think what changed him was knowledge.
Diane: Of what??
Phillip: That's what we're going to find out. Did you do what I told you?
[There is a long silence from Diane.]
Diane: ...Yes.
Phillip: Honey, they left us with no choice. They forced us to do this
Diane: I know... I know.
[The assassin is sitting in a chair. Green energy force holds his arms down. He finds he cannot pull loose.]
Assassin: Oh, my god...
[He sees the two alien figures watching him from behind the distortion of a bright green energy field. He is defiant and angry.]
Assassin: What do you want? [There is no response from the aliens. He asks louder.] What do you want??
[The aliens speak in high-pitched distorted voices.]
Alien 1: Where is Colonel Griffin?
[The man doesn't answer.]
Alien2: Where is Colonel Griffin?
Assassin: I... I...I don't know who that is... Look, what is this??
[He sees an alien extend a hand towards him, and suddenly he is spinning in his chair, so fast he can't see anything.]
[As the man is spinning, the force shield drops and we see Max and Michael are dressed in the Halloween masks and some sort of silvered reflective sheets. They turn behind them briefly to breath out of some helium balloons before turning back to the man in the chair. Max puts his force shield back up.]
Alien1/Max: Where is our ship?
[The assassin only gapes at them, gasping and speechless. Max gestures to Michael, raising his arm and moving his fist up and down.]
Alien1: Prepare the probe.
Assassin: ....Wait. ...I... Wait...I..I...I...I swear, I... I don't know anything!!
Alien2: Where is Colonel Griffin? Where is our ship?
[He doesn't answer.]
Alien1: [Walking towards the assassin.] We will get answers.
[Max sends him spinning again.]
[Early morning at the Crashdown. Max and Liz are coming down the stairs to join Maria and Michael, who is talking to Connie. Michael is dressed in the assassin's clothes]
Michael: They're gonna kill him.
Connie: What?
Michael: He saw something and they need to get rid of him. A clean team is on its way to pick him up and take him to the desert.
Max: I'm getting there first.
Connie: [Turns and sees Max is dressed in a highly decorated high-ranking Air Force shirt and is holding a beret.] Where'd you get those clothes?
Michael: We've got a plan.
Connie: You've 'got a plan'? No, no, no, no. We're talking about my dad, here. I'm not just gonna let some high schoolers -
Maria: Hey! We've had practice, Okay?
Connie: Who are you people?
Michael: We're the good guys. Maxwell, we gotta go.
[Michael heads towards the door.]
Max: Yeah. [to Liz.] You know where to meet us...
Liz: In two hours.
Max: Right. Connie, we'll get him back. I promise.
[Max turns towards the door, but Liz reaches out to touch his elbow. He turns around.]
Liz: Hey... Be careful. If there really is a space ship, don't get on it.
Max: Not a chance in hell.
[Michael has walked back to talk to Maria, who is looking at him doubtfully.]
Michael: By the way, I'm sorry for suggesting you'd be better off dead.
[Maria nods and smiles wryly. She shakes her head, punches Michael on the shoulder.]
Maria: ...Go. Do a good thing.
[Max and Michael leave.]
Connie: They're going to need IDs to get on the base.
[Maria and Liz exchange a knowing look.]
[At Rogers Air Force Base, a silver van drives up. Max is driving, and the assassin apparently sits cooperatively next to him. With the assassin's ID, they are passed on into the base. Inside, Max wheels a steel gurney draped in sheets. On top there is a folded blanket and a pillow.]
Assassin: It's up here, on the right.
Max: Got it. Go check out the ship. If there is one.
Assassin: And if there's occupants?
Max: We'll deal with it later. I got this.
[They split up. Max continues down the hall to a door that has two armed military guards in front of it. ]
Max: I'm here for him.
Senior Guard: And who are you?
Max: None of your damn business, soldier!! Eyes front!! Don't look at me. Open the door.
[The first guard nods to the second, and the second one opens the door, follows Max into the room.]
Max: Close it.
[The second guard steps out and closes the door. When he is gone, Max goes over to Griffin and removes the sack from his head. Griffin looks at him, puzzled and disoriented for a moment.]
Max: Colonel Griffin? ...Connie sent us.
[Griffin watches as Max pulls up the sheet on the steel cart, revealing the real assassin laying underneath, awake, but bound and gagged.]
[Elsewhere, still in disguise as the assassin, Michael walks around a secured area. From an observation booth, he looks down into a large hangar-like area which is buzzing with activity. He sees several persons dressed in safe suits, working at various stations and equipment. He sees personnel moving in and out of an area which is curtained off from ceiling to floor with large translucent sheets, and he moves off to investigate.]
[Using an electronic pass card, he enters a room with a "Bio Hazard - Entry Prohibited" sign on the door. He walks past tables where various objects are being studied and tested. Seeing a small object of interest, he palms it and walks off.]
[Back where Colonel Griffin is being held, we see the Senior Guard look into the room through the small reinforced window in the door. He is obviously suspicious. Max returns his look steadily.]
[Back at the Crashdown, the three girls hang out in the back room, waiting.]
Liz: It'll be okay.
Connie: 'should've gone with them.
Maria: 'would've been stopped.
Connie: They could die...
Liz: They've had practice..!
Connie: --Dying?
Liz: No, I mean, things like this.
Connie: Do things like this happen a lot around here? [Liz and Maria exchange a look. In the background, the order bell rings.] ...Why don't you leave?
Maria: ...We've tried.
Liz: [shrugs] No place like home.
Connie: If they get him out...
Liz: They will.
Connie: We won't be able to go home. They'll come after us. [Maria and Liz both look at her, sadly, and do not argue.] ...Let 'em.
[At the base, Michael and Max join up again. Michael is still in disguise. Max is wheeling the cart back out, no body on top.]
Max: Is there a ship?
Michael: There's a ship.
Max: Dammit!
Michael: Don't you hate it when I'm right?
Max: Usually. But to be clear, I don't hate you.
Michael: I know that. Where's Griffin?
Max: The guard gave me some trouble. We've got to go.
[Elsewhere in the compound, we hear a loudspeaker announcement.]
PA: Major Carlson, code 8.
[Major Carlson turns in his tracks and immediately goes to the nearest phone.]
Carlson: Major Carlson.
[In the safe area, a technician is telling the Major what happened.]
Technician: It was right here.
Carlson: [turns to a nearby guard.] Give me your sidearm. [the guard complies.] We have a breech.
[The Major walks off.]
[The silver van drives off the base, with Max at the wheel.]
[Major Carlson stands in the guarded room and levels the gun at the prisoner's covered head. He fires.]
[In the van, Michael uses his powers to transform his disguise back into one of the alien Halloween masks. He peels it off and casts it aside.]
Michael: This is where I'd step on it.
[Max speeds on into the desert.]
[Major Carlson pulls the bloody sack off the prisoner's head and is shocked to see it is the assassin.]
[As they drive, Michael crouches in the back of the van to talk to Colonel Griffin. Michael hands him a wet washcloth for the cut on his lip.]
Griffin: Thanks.
Michael: Not a problem.
Griffin: Now... who are you?
Michael: The cavalry. Your daughter's waiting for you. She knows everything.
Griffin: Everything?
Michael: Enough to know that your lives are going to be very different.
Griffin: I guess that means we'll be running.
Michael: I guess so. You might wanna keep the UFO thing to yourself.
Griffin: How do you know about that?
Michael: We've got our ways.
[Michael climbs back up into the front seat.]
[The van pulls up to where the girls are waiting with Max's convertible. Colonel Griffin jumps out of the van's side door as Michael and Max get out of the front.]
Connie: Dad!
Griffin: Connie! Oh...!
[He runs over to embrace her tightly. Meanwhile, Max walks up to the van and puts his hand against it. Liz walks over to join him.]
Michael: I think you guys better get going.
Griffin: Yeah. They're gonna be looking for a silver... [He turns, and is startled to see a white van instead of a silver one.] uh... wasn't that van...
Connie: [walks over towards the van, stops in front of Max.] ...How did you... do that?
Max: Like the man said, we've got ways.
Connie: [turns to Michael.] Thank you.
[She gives him a big hug, and he gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Max, Liz and Maria watch Michael, and Maria, arms crossed, bounces on her foot impatiently as the embrace ends.]
Griffin: [Hurries towards the van.] Let's go.
[He and his daughter get in and start up the van, drive off.]
[Liz smiles, sauntering up to Max.]
Liz: That was different. Saving someone else's bacon for a change.
Max: [smiles at her.] Yeah... 'feels good.
[Max keeps looking at Liz, like he has more to say.]
Michael: [Pulls the stolen artifact out of his pocket.] There's a ship.
Liz: Wonderful... And is there an alien pilot?
Max: 'Don't know...
Maria: Don't you wanna find out?
Michael: For now we should stay as far away as possible from that base.
Max: Fine with me. [Liz looks surprised, but doesn't say anything. Max looks over at her and reaches out to put his arm around her and draw her to him.] Let's go home... Just -- it's been a day.
[Max walks Liz to the passenger side and opens the door for her. Smiling, Maria mugs a coy expression and circles around in front of Michael, looking at him expectantly. He reaches out to touch her, but she slugs him on the shoulder instead. He nods, like that's about right, and they each go to separate sides of the car to get in. While Liz and Max help Maria get in, Michael climbs over the side and jumps in the back seat.]
[Meanwhile, early that same morning, Diane is in the kitchen at the Evans home. She is still in her robe, mixing pancake batter.]
Diane: [calls to her daughter.] Isabel? Honey, breakfast is almost ready!
[In Isabel's room, she is talking to Jesse on her cell phone.
Isabel: Hello?
Jesse: Did I wake you up?
Isabel: No, I'm up... How are you?
[He doesn't answer, but she hears a heavy sigh.]
Isabel: Jesse...
Jesse: Your father's asking questions.
Isabel: What do you mean?
Jesse: I mean, he's on to you. He knows I'm covering something up. He knows it's something bad.
Isabel: How can he know that?
Jesse: Because he's not stupid, Isabel.
Isabel: What did you tell him??
Jesse: I didn't tell him anything.
Isabel: [sighs, upset.] When are you coming home?
Jesse: We'll be back tonight. Where are you?
Isabel: At my mom's
Jesse: Is she giving you the third degree?
Isabel: Yes.
Jesse: It's just a matter of time. They're working on this together now.
Isabel: Dammit... Dammit!!
Jesse: It's just a matter of time.
Isabel: I have to go.
[She shuts off her phone abruptly, leaving Jesse shaking his head on the other end of the line. He turns off his phone and looks grim.]
["It's the time of your lives" is playing throughout the ending scenes.]
[Isabel sits on her bed, tense, angry, afraid - highly agitated. She uses her powers to send objects in the room flying around her in a whirlwind. In the kitchen, Diane hears strange sounds coming from Isabel's room.]
Diane: Isabel? Are you all right, honey?
Isabel: [stands and gestures, sending everything back to its rightful place.] Yes, mother, I'm fine. [then, to herself.] ...just fine...
[Isabel walks out of the room, and we see on a shelf, hidden in a small gift bag, a video camera has been recording everything.]
[As Phillip Evans comes home that evening, we see Diane holding a VCR remote control with shaking hands.]
Phillip: Honey, I'm home. [He walks in to find his wife watching a video, engrossed and horrified.] What's wrong? [she doesn't seem to respond to him as he walks closer.] Hey, are you okay? [He kneels down beside her, concerned.] Honey? Are you okay?
[Diane only nods towards the screen, and Phillip turns to look at it. He is shocked to see Isabel in the midst of a whirlwind of flying objects.]
Phillip: Oh, my God...
[He continues to watch in shock as Diane puts her head down against his shoulder.]

#316 Crash - Music

Marshall Crenshaw - Someday, Someway *
Album: I've Suffered For My Art... Now It's Your Turn (2001)
Scene: At the very beginning of the episode in the Crashdown. Liz 'teases' Max then Michael comes in and Maria complains he hasn't said sorry for chucking her out of the car when he was king.

not available
Mel Torme - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Scene: Scenes slice between Mr. Evans interrogating Jesse at a lounge in a Delaware hotel, and Mrs Evans at the Ramirez apartment persuading Isabel to stay the night at the Evans home with her.
Alanis Morissette - 21 Things I Want in a Lover
Album: Under Rug Swept
Scene: Maria waits on Major Carlson and his henchman, who orders “a penne pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes in a Marinara sauce”. The song continues as Michael pulls her into a back room to discuss what they should do.
www.alanismorissette.com | www.myspace.com/alanismorissette
Coldplay - Brothers & Sisters *
Scene: At the end of the episode (in multiple scenes), but mostly when Isabel uses her powers to vent her anxiety.
www.coldplay.com | www.myspace.com/coldplay

#316 Crash - Quotes

Added by Lena

Kyle: Hey, you know that king thing tattoo on Michael's chest?
Liz: That's gone. Max is king now.
Kyle: I know, I know. But what I was going to say was maybe Michael can get like "I'm eternally sorry" tattooed there instead and just flash it every half hour, regardless? Saves time, cuts stress… Do we know the faux pas?

Maria: Yeah, he...uh... threatened my life and then shoved me out of a moving vehicle and just left me in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Michael: The car was stopped and I never threatened to kill you! Maria: After you suggested it would be better off if I was dead and Jesse and everybody else who knows about your little secret. Michael: It was a suggestion. Why am I always apologizing for who I am? Maria: It wasn't you Michael. Michael: Yes it is me. Max was dead. I was king. I did what I had to do. Maria: Fine. Michael: I'm not sorry about it either. Maria: Fine! Michael: No, I'm not sorry. Maria: Fine…

Crashdown guest (to Maria): That's not what I want.
Maria: What you want is the Olive Garden.