#317 Four Aliens & A Baby - Information

Writer: Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner
Director: William Sadler
Production Code: 3ADA17

First aired: May 7, 2002

Guest star: Emilie de Ravin (Tess Harding), Garrett M. Brown (Phillip Evans), Jonathan Fraser (M.P.), Gary Riotto (Scientist #2), Adrianna Sanovich (Reporter), Chris Butler (Scientist), Bart McCarthy (Colonel Thompson), Gunther Jensen (Air Force Officer), Woody Brown (Major Carlson)

Description: After the crashed spaceship gets opened by the air Force, all involved scientists die. They block Roswell to find the suspect. Max and Isabels parents found out the truth about their children. Afterwards Tess appears with Max son....

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#317 Four Aliens & A Baby - Transcript

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[The episode opens in the late afternoon at Michael's apartment. Michael sits eating sunflower seeds and staring at the piece of the alien ship which he lifted from the Air Force base last episode. Max is brushing his teeth, preparing to go out.]
Max: Michael, you've been staring at that thing for hours.
Michael: It's part of a crashed alien ship, Maxwell.
Max: I don't think it makes it any more interesting to watch.
Michael: It could be from our home planet.
Max: Or not.
Michael: Why aren't you taking this thing more seriously? A UFO lands -
Max: Crashed. And I am taking it seriously. I'm just not obsessing over it like you.
Michael: Obsession isn't always a bad thing. Maybe there are enemy aliens on that ship.
Max: All the more reason to stay away.
Michael: Have you been body snatched or something?
Max: (grabs his keys off the counter.) We have no reason to believe the ship was occupied. Even if it was, the occupant probably died in the crash.
Michael: We didn't die in our crash. (Max and Michael exchange a look, then Max turns to leave.) What should I do with this thing?
Max: Keep watching. Make sure it doesn't hatch and release an army of enemy aliens.
Michael: I liked you better when you were brooding and paranoid.
[Max returns a pained smile and leaves. Michael keeps studying it.]
[At the air force base, there is a buzz of activity as several personnel in safe suits are working in the hangar-like area we saw in the last episode. Inside, part of the area is curtained off with plastic sheeting from ceiling to floor. The crashed alien ship is inside, and it is the center of their activity and attention. A senior officer enters the curtained area.]
Officer: Sir.
Senior Officer: Any sign of a door or cockpit?
Officer: No, sir. Nothing yet. Watch your step, sir.
[An announcement in the background about recording about to start.]
Announcement: Commencing systems analysis. We are recording. One... One... Two...
Senior Officer: What about a propulsion system?
Officer: Nothing definitive. I don't know how this thing ever flew...
Senior Officer: Well, it had one, didn't it?
Officer: We just haven't found it yet. Believe me, we're working as fast as we can without damaging it further --
[Suddenly sparks fly out from some equipment being used on the hull.]
Senior Officer: Hey, careful! We still want to reverse-engineer this thing.
[He approaches the hull and carefully touches it. Suddenly there is a loud noise.]
Senior Officer: What the hell was that??
Officer: --'don't know-
[A hole opens in the rough, rock-like material which covers the ship, revealing a smooth area emblazoned with the alien whirl symbol. A portal suddenly opens, to reveal a human-looking baby bathed in blue light.]
Senior Officer: Oh, my God...
[The senior officer slowly begins to reach in for the baby and suddenly all chaos breaks loose. People screaming and running; blood splattering; machinery sparking, exploding, and going dead. Then, just as suddenly, everything is eerily quiet. The baby is whisked away by an unseen force.]
[Opening titles]
[Max and Liz are laying entangled on Liz's bed, making out, embracing and caressing each other as they kiss.]
Liz: It's really nice to be able to be close to you again without...
Max: ...setting something on fire? Yeah... ...You sure you're okay?
Liz: Yeah, I'm fine... (Liz stops to show Max her hand.) See? No green in sight. We're okay.
Max: Are you sure this is safe? I mean, your dad is downstairs...
Liz: No, no, he's working the grill. He won't come up.
Max: You sure?
Liz: ...yes! (They go back to kissing passionately.)
[A cell phone starts ringing. Still kissing, Liz works her arm up under Max's and begins searching for his pants pocket. He is puzzled and startled, then smiles as she reaches in, pulls out his phone, and tosses it.]
Liz: (laughing) Where is that phone?!... Go away!
[They continue to kiss. A moment later, the phone on the night stand is ringing.]
Liz: Just ignore it, okay?
Max: ...um hum...
Liz: Okay?
Max: Yeah.
[The answering machine kicks in, Liz's recorded message - "You've got the Parkers, but we're not here. Leave a message."]
Answering Machine: Hi, Liz? It's Diane Evans, uh, Max's mom..? (Max suddenly stops to listen to the message, and Liz gives up on their lovemaking, throwing herself back on the bed.) Um... I'm trying to find Max. It's an emergency...
[Max sighs in exasperation, and also falls back on the bed.]
Max: ...I suppose, pick up.
Answering Machine: ...if you're there, would you-
Liz: Hello? Hi, Mrs. Evans. Uhm... Yes, yeah, he - he is here. Hold on, one second...
[Max holds out his hand for the phone, but Liz puts it up against his left ear so she can nibble his other one as he talks to his mother.]
Max: ...Mom, what's wrong? ...A family dinner, that's the emergency? What kind of dinner is an emergency?... (sighs)...Can we do this... this weekend? ...It's just... Liz and I are studying...
Liz: (whispers) That's right, YOU were studying... (she giggles.)
Max: Biology. (he gives Liz a quick smile, then continues the phone conversation with resignation.) ...Okay, fine. Ten minutes. Alright. Bye. (hangs up) ......Sorry.
Liz: It's okay...
Max: Can we continue this after...?
Liz: My Dad'll be finished working the grill in half an hour.
Max: Well, meet me back at Michael's - it's safer, anyway.
Liz: What about Michael?
Max: I'll get rid of him.
Liz: ...'kay. (They kiss again.)
[Isabel is on the phone arguing with her mother as Jesse watches, eating a TV dinner at the kitchen table.]
Isabel: Mom, I don't want to argue with you about it, alright? Is it really that big of a deal?? Can't we just come - ? Fine. Fine. I'll come over. Fi--Yes! We'll come over. Okay. 'Bye. (she hangs up the phone and sighs, exasperated.) My mother wants us to go over there for dinner.
Jesse: What? Tonight?
Isabel: Right now.
Jesse: I'm already eating.
Isabel: (terse.) So stop.
Jesse: (warning) Isabel.
Isabel: What?
Jesse: Look, I really don't wanna go over there.
Isabel: Neither do I, but we're going.
Jesse: Go without me...
Isabel: Jesse... I've already told her that we're both coming. Can't you just pretend that everything is alright between us for one hour??
Jesse: I pretended for three straight days with your dad, okay?! I've been pretending since I found out what you are! I am sick and tired of pretending!!
Isabel: Welcome to my world. Okay, this is why I didn't want to drag you into all of this!
Jesse: But you did, Isabel! You did!
Isabel: Oh, here we go, then. Let's hear it Jesse. Let's hear it...
Jesse: You expect me to-
Isabel: It's been days, Jesse! It's been -
[They continue to argue sharply...]
[At the air force base, several personnel are investigating the destruction surrounding the alien ship. A general speaks first to another officer, and then to Major Pete Carlson, whom we met last episode as the officer in charge of containing the UFO incident involving pilot Colonel Theodore (Ted) Griffin and Griffin's daughter Air Force Cadet Connie Griffin.]
General Thompson: Play it again.
[We hear a tape rewind, then loud crashing noises, screams]
General: That's enough. (He speaks then to the Major.) So we lost all 16?
Major: Yessir. All eye witnesses are dead. An automated security camera snapped this as it was leaving the building. (He hands the general a picture.)
General: I want this thing contained. I want Roswell locked down and searched until this thing is found and destroyed. You understand me?
Major: Yes, Sir.
[The Major crisply turns heel and marches off.]
[In the dark of the evening, Jim Valenti and his son Kyle are returning to their house with armloads of groceries.]
Kyle: --the way home tonight-
Jim: Yeah, but I-
[As Jim flips on the light, he stops cold. The kitchen has been ransacked. There is a red smear on the refrigerator door.]
Jim: (retrieves a gun from a wooden rack on the wall.) Stay behind me. Stay behind me... (He walks cautiously into the room, then on into the house.)
Kyle: Holy... Is that blood?
Jim: Yeah... I think so.
[Entering the dark living room, they hear the door to Kyle's room suddenly shut. Jim moves towards it slowly, and opens the door, his gun ready. Just as he is looking in, there is a blinding flash of light and an explosive sound with glass shattering. They enter the room to find a huge hole has been blasted through the window. We then see Jim and Kyle deeply concerned, looking out into the night through the smoking hole as helicopters fly over the area.]
[At the same time, Phillip Evans looks out his window at helicopters searching the area with spotlights.]
Phillip: Whoa. What's going on out there?
[Max, Isabel, and Jesse are sitting in the Evans' living room with Diane Evans.]
Max: So... Mom. What's for dinner?
Diane: ah... actually, I'm... not cooking tonight.
[The kids all look puzzled.]
Isabel: uhm...Are we... ordering in?
Phillip: We're not actually having dinner. Uhm... Your mother and I have something that we want to share with you all.
[He sits next to his wife on the couch and uses the remote control to start a video tape playing. The group sees Isabel with a whirlwind of objects circling her. Horrified, each of them realizes that Max and Isabel's parents have caught Isabel using her powers. Jesse looks down and shakes his head. Max looks sideways over at Isabel. Isabel is just staring, in shock.]
Isabel: I... oh, God, I can't believe that you spied on me. (She gets up and walks towards Max. She stops behind his chair, her back to the group.)
Diane: I'm sorry, honey, but we didn't know what else to do!
Phillip: Can you please just tell us... what this means? Who are you?
[Max slowly stands up to face their parents, and Isabel turns around.]
Max: We're your kids.
Phillip: Are you?
Isabel: Yes!
[Suddenly there is a noise like pots clanking, and they all look towards the kitchen.]
Diane: What was that?
Max: ...I'll check it out.
[Isabel speaks under her breath as Max moves off, leaving her standing alone.]
Isabel: Thanks a lot, Max.
[Max walks cautiously through the kitchen. It seems empty, and he begins to go back to the living room, when he hears a weak, familiar voice from the shadows.]
Voice: ...Max...
[A bedraggled young female figure appears from the shadows, carrying a baby in her arms. Max is stunned as he sees her.]
Max: Tess...
[Tess staggers towards him, struggling for breath.]
Tess: Please... hold him...
[With great effort, she places the baby in Max's arms, then collapses unconscious on the floor. He makes no move towards her, but gazes, incredulous and amazed, at the baby. The others come into the kitchen to find Max.]
Phillip: Max... What is it?
Max: .......It's my son.
[Her leg wound dressed, Tess lays sleeping on Max's bed. He watches her grimly. Suddenly she startles awake, looking for the baby.]
Tess: Zan! Where's Zan??
Max: ...You named the baby Zan?
Tess: Well, he is your son, and that is your real name. Where is he?
Max: In the other room, with his very confused grandparents.
[Tess jumps up and opens the door.]
Max: --SIT... (Tess whirls around as Max uses his power to slam the door shut in front of her.) ...down.
Tess: (indicating her leg.) ...I guess it would be too much to ask you to heal this?
[As Max talks to Tess, his voice is strained with anger and grief.)
Max: Making you feel better isn't one of my priorities.
Tess: Okay... (She crosses to the other side of the room and faces him, defiantly.) I'm sure you've got a lot on your mind, so let's hear it.
Max: I thought our baby couldn't survive in Earth's atmosphere. I felt that when I connected with him.
Tess: It was a mind warp. Something I needed you to believe. (Max snorts in disgust.) I had to do whatever it took to get you to activate the Granilith.
Max: Including killing Alex?
Tess: That's not what I meant to do.
Max: What was he? 'Collateral damage'? I should kill you right now. (Max extends his hand towards Tess, ready to blast her with his powers.)
Tess: If you kill me, you kill Zan.
Max: What are you talking about?
Tess: My son. Our son. We're linked, Max. Physically. If I die, so does he.
Max: I don't believe you. (Max keeps his hand extended towards her.)
Tess: Then kill me! See if I'm lying! (Max is tempted, but doesn't act.) I know you, Max. You would never take that risk. You're just going to have to trust me.
[Tess stands, smug, as Max slowly lowers his hand. He is still glaring at her distrustfully.]
[In the living room, Diane Evans holds her grandson as Phillip Evans sits close by.]
Diane: (cuddling the baby, letting him suck on her little finger.) Okay...
Phillip: Where do you think Tess has been all this time? And- and why do you think she suddenly walked into our house now?
Diane: Phillip...
Phillip: Do you think Tess is somehow linked to what's going on with Isabel?
Diane: (smiling but exasperated, whispers) Phillip! Shhh... It can wait.
[In another room, Jesse approaches a worried and brooding Isabel.]
Jesse: ...You all right?
Isabel: Are you kidding? ...Max is with Tess... My parents think I'm some kind of freak...
Jesse: Look... it's going to be okay. Max can take care of himself, and your parents will love you, regardless.
Isabel: I don't know, Jesse. Do you? (She turns and leaves him frowning.)
[Max looks out his bedroom window at the helicopter search. He turns back to question Tess.]
Max: So what are you doing here? And, why did you come back?
Tess: Kivar betrayed me. He rejected Zan as the heir. And...he was going to kill him, so I escaped.
Max: So that was you that crashed the other night.
Tess: Yeah. There was an accident.
Max: With the Air Force jet.
Tess: It was trying to shoot us down. I don't know why. Typical human response, I guess. My ship was destroyed, and I woke up just as they were about to take Zan.
Max: (apprehensive) ...So what did you do?
Tess: I protected my son.
[Air Force helicopters fly by, and bright spotlights shine in through the window onto their faces.]
Max: And how many people did you kill in the process?
Tess: I don't know...
Max: How many?
Tess: I don't remember!
Max: (Imperious and angry.) How many?!?
Tess: Fifteen, maybe twenty! I didn't stop to count!!
Max: I can't believe I ever cared about you...
Tess: Well, you did. And that was not a mind warp.
Max: (stares at Tess for a long moment.) None of that matters now. We have to get our son out of Roswell.
[Kyle and his father are cleaning up their ransacked house.]
Kyle: Maybe we should try Max again.
Jim: Yeah. Maybe we should-
[Suddenly there is knocking at the door.]
Jim: Stay here.
[Jim goes to answer the door and is confronted by the Air Force Major, accompanied by other officers and search dogs.]
Major: I'm Major Carlson, United States Air Force. We've had a security breach out at Rogers Air Force Base. And the dogs led us here. (A dog sniffs Jim's shoes and begins to whine.)
Jim: Yeah. How about that.
Major: Is that blood on your shoe, sir?
Jim: The dog certainly seems to think so.
Major: We're going to have to search your house. Now.
Jim: I'm afraid that, uh - I, uh...
[The officers push the door all the way open and enter the house. We see Kyle peer out of his room to see them and their dogs. He ducks back in and closes the door.]
Jim: ...Yeah, I just came home and found it like this. Blood all over the floor.
Major: (holds up the picture of Tess.) Have you seen this woman?
Jim: (recognizes Tess, but doesn't let on.) No. No. The...ah, house was empty. You think this little blonde girl did all this?
Major: Is there anyone else in the house?
Jim: No.
Soldier: Sir.
[They have found Kyle's room with the hole in the window. Kyle is not there. The dogs are picking up the alien's scent outside the shattered window.]
[At the Evans' home, Isabel looks out worriedly at the sky full of searchlights and helicopters. Her dad calls her.]
Phillip: Isabel. About this tape.
Isabel: Please... Dad, don't make me do this right now...
[The phone rings.]
Isabel: I'll get it.
Jesse: You stay and talk. I-I'll get it. (He walks off to pick up the phone.) Hello?.
[It is Kyle, calling from a pay phone near his house.]
Kyle: (speaking quickly.) Jesse, Jesse, thank God. Listen to me, look, this is very important. There's an alien on the loose.
Jesse: Yeah, we know. It's Tess.
Kyle: Tess is back?
Jesse: Yeah, she's here. She brought Max's son.
Kyle: She has the baby? Are you kidding me? Ahhhh, my brain is exploding over this... Look, look. Those Air Force guys followed her scent to my place, they'll be there any second.
Jesse: Well--what should we do?
Kyle: Get the hell out of there!
[Kyle shrinks back to hide as an Air Force vehicle drives past him.]
Jesse: Look, Kyle, this is actually a really bad time, okay? I-I-I'm going to have to call you back. (Jesse hangs up.)
Kyle: Look, Jesse? Jesse? (hangs up the pay phone) You did not just do that.
[Jesse returns to the living room to get Isabel.]
Phillip: Isabel, we don't need a big explanation. I just - there's just some things here we just don't understand...
Jesse: Isabel, I need to talk to you in the kitchen. Now.
Phillip: No, now...can't this wait?
Jesse: It'll just be a minute.
[Jesse and Isabel move off into another room and close the door.]
Jesse: The military's coming for Tess and the baby.
Isabel: Okay. You go get my brother. I will tell my parents we have to go.
Jesse: Why don't you tell them what's really going on? Maybe they could help us.
Isabel: Or turn us in.
[Isabel goes back into the living room while Jesse goes to talk to Max.]
Isabel: We have to go.
Phillip: No, no. You're not leaving.
Isabel: Dad... (sits down in front of her parents - her mother is still holding the baby.) Mom... Listen to me. There are people coming for Max's baby - bad people.
Diane: Isabel, what are you talking about?
[Suddenly, there is knocking at the door.]
Major: (heard through the door.) Major Carlson, United States Air Force. Open the door.
Isabel: No! Dad, don't answer that, please!
Phillip: (looks at Isabel, incredulous) The United States Air Force? Those are the 'bad people' you're talking about?
Isabel: Yes. They are coming for Max's baby.
Major: (knocking again) Open the door. United States Air Force.
[Suddenly Max and Jesse come into the room.]
Max: Mom, give me the baby. We have got to go. Now.
Diane: What is going on here?
[Max and Isabel exchange desperate, intense looks, as the Air Force continues to pound on the door, demanding entrance.]
Isabel: Max's baby is an- is an alien.
Phillip: He's a what?
Isabel: So am I. That's how I was able to do those things on that tape.
Major: Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Open the door.
Max: It's true. We're... different. But we're still your children. Help us, please?
Major Carlson: Open the door, or we'll be forced to break it down.
[Their dad hesitantly stands and moves to the door.]
Isabel: Dad!!
[Phillip opens the door a crack to talk to the officers.]
Major: We're here to search your home, sir.
[Phillip looks back at Isabel, then turns back to the Major.]
Major: You'll need to step aside.
Phillip: Sorry, I can't let you do that.
[As Phillip delays the officers, Max takes the baby from his mother, and they slip away.]
Major: I'm not asking permission.
Phillip: The US military has no jurisdiction here-
Major: Step aside, sir!
Phillip: Can you produce a search warrant?
Major: Sergeant. (The other soldiers move forcefully into the house, restraining Phillip and beginning their search.)
[Max, and Tess with the baby, enter Michael's apartment. Michael is sitting watching television, but jumps to his feet, incredulous, when he sees her, and raises his hand to blast her...]
Michael: Tess, you are not here!!
Max: (rushes forward to get between Tess and Michael) Michael, no!
Michael: Maxwell, get out of the way.
Max: Not until you calm down.
Michael: Whatever she told you, she's lying.
Max: She has my son.
Michael: Well, get the baby out of the way.
Max: No, he needs her. If you kill her, my son will die.
Michael: (Hesitates, but backs off.) Max, what the hell's she doin' here?
Max: It's a long story. But we need to get them out of Roswell.
Michael: Yeah. My heart bleeds.
Tess: Nice to see you, too, Michael.
Max: (warning Tess.) Hey, don't start. (He reaches down to take the baby from her.)
[Outside Michael's apartment, Liz arrives. She preens and smiles as she reaches for the door, eagerly anticipating her evening with Max.]
[Inside, Tess has just finished telling her story to Michael.]
Michael: Oh, so you're the one that crashed in the desert the other night.
Tess: You always were the quick one, Guerin.
[Suddenly Tess is blasted through the air. She lands hard in the adjoining room and Max and Michael are shocked. They look back towards the door.]
Liz: Get up, bitch!
[Liz's outstretched hand crackles with green sparks. Without waiting, Liz blasts Tess again, knocking her back into the wall as a stunned Max and Michael watch for a moment in disbelief.]
Liz: I'll kill you!!
Max: --Liz- -No-
[Max quickly hands the baby to Michael and lunges to stop Liz.]
Liz: You're a murderer! I'll kill you!
Max: Liz..!
[Max restrains Liz and pulls her outside onto the patio.]
Michael: (smirking at Tess) ...Welcome back.
[Outside, Liz is still agitated, pushing away as Max relinquishes his grip.]
Liz: What?? What?? So you trust her now?
Max: No, Liz, far from it. But Tess and my son are linked. Killing her would kill him.
Liz: Yeah, it's convenient.
Max: Liz, I have no other choice. I have to believe her.
Liz: This is insane. She betrayed all of us! She killed Alex!
Max: ...I know.
Liz: No, she has to pay for it! Max, promise me... when this is all over, Tess will pay for what she did.
Max: ......I promise...
Liz: Let me know when it's over. (Liz turns abruptly and walks off, leaving him standing.)
[Liz walks out just as Kyle is coming in.]
Kyle: Gee, Liz. Is everything okay? (Liz just blows on past him.) ...'guess not...
Tess: Kyle! Thank God you're here!
Kyle: (comes into the room, but paces back and forth in front of Tess, frowning.) Don't come near me.
Tess: Kyle, at least give me a chance to explain!
Kyle: (to Michael) Why haven't you killed her yet?
Michael: Max wouldn't let me.
[Max comes up and takes the baby away from Tess.]
Max: Come on, Zan, - I don't want you to see this...
Tess: Be careful with him, Max.
Kyle: So, what are you doing here?
Tess: Ask one of them, I'm sick of explaining.
Kyle: Okay, why don't you explain what the hell you were doing at our house earlier.
Tess: I thought you'd help me.
Kyle: Then why'd you run away in such a hurry?
Tess: I was protecting my son.
Kyle: He wasn't in danger.
Tess: Your father had a gun! Instincts took over! You're lucky I didn't kill you!!
Kyle: (laughs ironically) Oh... I guess I owe you one. Oh, actually... No.
Tess: Kyle...
Kyle: We took you into our home, Tess. We protected you. And how did you repay us? You brainwashed me into carrying Alex's dead body!!
Tess: I never meant to hurt-
Kyle: Well, too late!!!
Tess: You've never even heard my side of the story.
Kyle: You have a side? The murderer has a side!
Tess: I was raised by a killer, Kyle... a sick and twisted man...!!
Kyle: Don't play the victim here, Tess. You know, of all the aliens I've met... you're the only one who has no soul. (He walks away from her, leaving her stung and frowning.)
[At the Evans home, Diane, Phillip, Jesse, and Isabel sit at the kitchen table talking quietly while the military continues to search the house.]
Diane: This doesn't make any sense, Isabel. You don't look any different.
Isabel: I'm half human.
Diane: And the other half?
Isabel: Mom, please! Not now...
Phillip: (to Jesse) How long have you known?
Jesse: About a month
Phillip: And you're okay with it?
Jesse: I'm trying... She's still the woman I fell in love with. She's still Isabel.
[Jesse takes Isabel's hand, and gives her a warm look. Phillip is happy for his daughter, but Diane is still shaking her head. Meanwhile, one of the officers has found and confiscated the tape of Isabel using her powers.]
[At the Crashdown, Maria is sharing a booth with Liz, having soft drinks.]
Liz: I blasted Tess and she went flying.
Maria: Wait a minute. Back up a second. You 'blasted her'? I thought your little power flare-ups were over with.
Liz: Yeah, me too. But, I saw her and all of this energy just came out of me -I mean, all of this - like - anger and hatred. Oh...I-I just thought that part of my life was dead and buried.
Maria: Wait a minute. No. That part of your life was never dead and buried. I mean, you've never truly gotten over that...
Liz: Okay, but... I just want Tess out of my life.
Maria: Well, it's easy enough. Just walk over to one of those men over there and tell'm where she's hiding.
[Liz looks over and sees the soldiers standing outside the Crashdown doors, questioning people.]
Liz: No, I - I can't do that.
Maria: Fine. I'll do it. (Maria starts to get up.)
Liz: No! Sit down! (Maria sits down, but shakes her head.) What?
Maria: I am - I am so sick of seeing my best friend like this.
Liz: Like what?
Maria: Like, a victim! I mean, you don't have to be a victim... Forgive Max, or get him out of your life. It's one or the other. ...You have to make a decision. It's your decision. It's your life.
[Liz looks unhappy and thoughtful.]
[At Michael's apartment, Michael, Max, Kyle and Tess sit around trying to decide what will happen. Outside, the lights and sounds of the search go on. They have on the TV news.]
TV Reporter: An Air Force truck filled with three tons of explosives was stolen earlier this evening... The military has set up checkpoints on every road leading out of Roswell...
Tess: Nice cover story.
Kyle: We're screwed.
Max: No, we're not
Michael: What've you got?
Max: I don't know... yet.
[Suddenly search lights glare through the apartment.]
Michael: Maxwell, we're screwed.
[The phone rings and Max picks it up.]
Max: Hello. ...What?? (He hangs up.) That was Isabel. The Air Force found the baby's blankets. The dog picked up the scent. They'll be here in no time.
Tess: We'd better go. Now. I'm getting Zan. (She runs to go get the baby.)
Michael: (calls after Tess) Hey, you're not the one calling the shots around here! (Then, to Max.) But, Maxwell, she's right. We've gotta get the hell out of here.
Max: (as Tess returns) Do you have enough energy to mind warp?
Tess: I think so.
Max: (grabs his car keys.) Okay, great. I'll get the car.
Tess: Michael, do you have any milk?
Michael: Ah... just Snapple.
Tess: Great.
Kyle: (parting shot) Can't you breast feed?
[They arrive at the checkpoint in Max's convertible, Tess and the baby in the back seat, Max driving, Michael up front.]
Max: (to Tess) Here they come. Get ready. (Tess closes her eyes and concentrates.)
[A soldier comes up and shines a flashlight over the car, and sees only an empty back seat.]
Soldier: (Shows Max and Michael the picture of Tess.) Have either of you seen this woman?
Max: (Both he and Michael shake their heads no.) Huh uh. I haven't seen her...
[Search dogs come up and are barking, and eagerly interested in the car, but the soldier still sees no one in the back seat. He walks up to Max.]
Soldier: Can I have you open your trunk, sir?
Max: ...Sure. (He complies, and gets back in the driver's seat when the soldier finds nothing.)
Soldier: Alright. ...You guys are clear to go through.
[The soldier walks off, but suddenly they can hear Zan cry faintly, and Max turns to the back seat.]
Max: Shhh...
[The soldier stops walking away. The cries are distinct now, and he shines his flashlight back at their car. He can see Tess holding the baby in the back seat. She tries to cover Zan with a blanket.]
Soldier: Hold it. Hold it right there. (He levels his rifle at them) Get out of the car. Now!!
Tess: I'm sorry... I couldn't hold it...
Michael: (Jumps up suddenly and turns his powers towards the soldiers - disabling their cars.) Maxwell, go, go, go, go!!!
[Max spins the car around and floors it, and they screech off under a hail of bullets from the soldiers.]
Max: Get down!! (As the baby keeps crying loudly, Max turns to the back seat.) Is he okay??
Tess: Yeah - Just get out of here!!
[At the Evans' residence, Jesse, Isabel, Diane, and Phillip are straightening up after the soldiers' search. The phone rings and Isabel answers it.]
Isabel: Hello?
Kyle: They didn't make it.
Isabel: What happened?
Kyle: They got turned back. We need to meet back at your apartment. It's the only safe place left.
Isabel: Okay, I'll be there. (she hangs up.)
Phillip: Are Max and the baby okay?
Isabel: For now. We've gotta go.
Diane: (holding her hands together in a pleading gesture.) Isabel. Honey, please... be careful.
[Isabel nods. She and Jesse leave.]
Diane: (turning to put her face into her husband's chest) Phillip...
[Phillip holds and comforts his wife.]
[At Isabel and Jesse's apartment, Max gently lays Zan down on the bed. He watches him for a moment, awed and amazed. He smiles as Zan plays with his fingers.]
[Shortly, Max comes out to join Michael, Kyle, Jim, Isabel, Jesse and Tess. Liz and Maria have joined them here as well.]
Max: Zan's asleep.
Jim: We're runnin' out of time, Max.
Kyle: We need a Plan B.
[Sitting on the couch, Tess decides to speak, resigned.]
Tess: ...Go. Go without me. Just get Zan to safety.
[The group glares at her now, with restrained anger.]
Max: ...You said he couldn't survive without you. (his voice is choked with anger now.) ...Another lie? (Tess doesn't answer.)
Michael: I knew it.
Tess: You were going to kill me! I was just trying to stay alive. To keep our son safe. ...Now the only way to keep him safe is to let him go.
Max: So the baby's not linked to you... at all??
Tess: No. ...Zan is completely human.
Isabel: --What?
Tess: ...That's why they rejected him on Antar. That's why I had to come back.
Max: How is that possible?
Liz: It's genetics, Max. She's half human, you're half human. You both have the DNA. It makes sense...
Michael: Wait, let me get this straight. If the baby doesn't need you to survive, then we can kill you.
Max: ...Michael...
Isabel: We could. But the Air Force would still be looking for an alien. Looking for us.
Michael: If the Air Force wants an alien, then why don't we just give'm one?
Isabel: Turn her in?
Maria: Yeah, then they won't be looking for an alien, and they'll leave us alone.
Kyle: I'm sensing a Plan B...
Max: No. They would throw her in a white room and study her like a lab rat for the rest of her life. I've been there. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
Isabel: Max, this isn't a decision that you get to make. It affects all three of us.
Maria: Oh, no, no, no. This is not an alien decision only. She killed Alex. She killed my best friend. (Behind her, Liz smiles proudly, smug.) I think that we should all get to vote.
Max: ...All right. Fair enough. Let's put it to a vote. 'Yes', we turn her in. 'No', we try to help her...
Maria: I say 'yes'! Turn her in! (turns her back, contemptuously.)
Jim: --We shouldn't be doing this! I vote 'no'.
Isabel: I trusted you. And Alex... I vote 'yes'.
Max: I vote 'no'. ...Michael.
Michael: Do it. Turn her in.
Max: ...Jesse, what do you say?
Jesse: I never met her or Alex. I shouldn't get a vote.
Max: Fair enough. Kyle?
Kyle: I don't know... [hesitates, finally looks back at his father.] ...No, I can't do it.
Maria: All right, Liz. Cast your vote, break the tie.
Liz: (Hesitates a long moment, staring at Tess.) ...I vote 'no'.
Maria: What?! Are you crazy?
Liz: ...I made my vote.
[Liz walks off into the kitchen with Maria following her.]
Max: So what are we gonna do?
Jim: Wait... pray they don't find us.
[Tess watches them decide her fate, then is left alone with her grim thoughts.]
[Late that night, Maria, Michael, and Kyle sleep close to each other on the floor, while Liz is sleeping on the couch. Tess kneels by the arm of the couch, and whispers to Liz, wanting to wake her, but no one else.]
Tess: Liz. Wake up.
Liz: (Startled, Liz gasps when she sees Tess, and props herself up on her elbows.) -What??
Tess: Why didn't you vote against me?
Liz: ...Because I'm not a killer, Tess.
Tess: I need a favor. I need you to drive me somewhere.
[Liz looks at her with deep distrust.]
[Next we see that Liz has driven Tess up to a hill overlooking Roswell and the Rogers Air Force Base compound. In the darkness of the night they look out over a plain of lights. As they sit in the car Tess tries to share some things with Liz.]
Tess: ...Max loves you. Every time we were together. Every time we kissed. He was thinking of you. He had these flashes... that I saw... and... they were always of you.
Liz: ...Why are you telling me this?
Tess: Because I know how much it must've hurt you.
[They look at each other for a moment. Liz studies Tess.]
Liz: So you're really gonna go do this, huh?
Tess: At least I can do one good thing with my life. (She turns to get out of the car, but turns back when Liz makes a comment.)
Liz: You just did. (Tess moves to get out of the car.) Hey, Tess. You're not gonna let them throw you in the White Room, are you?
Tess: ...No.
[Tess exits the car then and marches down towards the chain link fence. She vaporizes a hole in it and walks on through into the compound.]
[We see Liz waiting in her car as we hear sounds of confrontation from the base; sirens, helicopters, loudspeakers. Suddenly there is a tremendous flash of light that splits the night - a blast and explosion down on the base.]
[Back at the apartment, a glass of water vibrates from the distant explosion, the windows rattle, and the baby cries, disturbed out of its sleep.]
[Two weeks later. It is morning. We see Zan in normal baby clothes, laying in a baby carrier in the Evans' kitchen. Phillip walks in to see his son watching the baby.]
Phillip: Don't you think you should get some sleep?
Max: (looking sideways over the top of his mug.) Didn't I tell you? Aliens don't need sleep.
Phillip: (smiles) You don't have to watch him every second...
Max: It's hard to tear myself away.
Phillip: I know how you feel. That's how I felt when we first adopted you and Isabel. The love you feel for him, Max... that's how your mother and I feel about you. No matter what.
Max: (staring out the kitchen window.) They're out there, Dad. I know it. I can feel it. They're coming for him.
Phillip: No one's coming for him, Max. Your son is safe, here. It's been over for days.
Max: It'll never be over.
Phillip: Max...
Max: (strained) I've been dealing with this a lot longer than you have. It's a constant battle.
Phillip: (sighs deeply.) And your mother and I have been a part of that battle, haven't we? ...Well... I'm sorry. But we can help you fight them, now.
Max: We have been fighting them. And if not these guys, it'll be someone else... I just want my son to live a normal life. ...away from all of this...
Phillip: He will live a normal live, Max. He will.
Max: Not if I'm a part of it...
Phillip: What are you saying?
Max: (looks up at his father, on the verge of tears) He's human. He deserves to live a normal human life. Look, all I've wanted for the past year, more than anything else in my life, was to find him. And now that I finally have, I... I think that I'm going to have to give him up.
Phillip: Max...
Max: I'm a marked man! ...and so are you... (He turns to look at Zan.) Maybe if things were different... Maybe in the future there will be a way... (Max walks over to touch Zan. He keeps looking at Zan, not looking at his father.) But right now...I - I have to ensure Zan's safety. And the only way to do that is to get him away from me... from us... Can you help me?
Phillip: (Studies his son, concerned.) Are you sure about this? (Max just nods, looking at Zan.) I, uh... I have an old law school buddy who handles stuff like this. He's in New York, though...
Max: The further away the better. The less I know about where Zan's going to end up, the safer he'll be. Just - promise me... you'll put him with a good family. (finally, Max looks up furtively at his father.) I want him to have parents like... well, just like you and Mom. Can you make sure he gets that?
Phillip: Yeah. I can do that. (He puts his hand on Max's shoulder and they both look down at the baby.)
[One morning Max is waiting on the Evans' front porch, holding Zan, and looking down at him. Liz sits nearby. Max's dad and mom come out the front door.]
Phillip: Max... It's... uh... it's time.
[Max looks quickly at his father, who walks on down to the curb to open the car, then at Liz, who gives him an encouraging smile. Max looks down at Zan and brushes a hand tenderly across his forehead. There is a glow, and sparkling white lights appear, then fade.]
Diane: (Amazed and curious.) What was that?
Max: (continues to gaze at Zan, speaks softly.) Just a memory...
[Max stands and kisses Zan, carrying him to the car. Liz touches the baby's hand and lets the baby play with her fingers for a moment. At the car, Max hands Zan to his mother. Concerned, Diane studies her son as she takes the baby, then turns to secure Zan into the car seat.]
[As Max's parents prepare to drive off, Max stands on the curb, grief-stricken and heartbroken. Liz reaches over to take his hand and stand close to him.]
Liz: I'm here. I'll always be here.
[Max looks down at her, and she smiles back supportively. Max turns and gazes after his parents' car. Liz draws him into an embrace and they hold each other.]
[We see Zan in his infant car seat playing with a flying saucer-shaped rattle as the Evanses drive away.]

#317 Four Aliens & A Baby - Music

Zero 7 - Destiny *
Scene: Lizís bedroom, Max and Liz making out; also at the Ramirez apartmentóJesse and Isabel argue, after her parents call them to come for dinner.

www.zero7.co.uk | www.myspace.com/zero7official
Elbow - Red *
Scene: Evans living room. Crashdown, Air Force man takes the videotape of Isabelís powers from the tv. Liz tells Maria about using her powers to blast Tess and send her flying. Maria tells Liz to forgive Max or give him up.
Kasey Chambers - Nullarbor Song *
Scene: At the end of the episode, outside Evans home - Max with Liz says goodbye to his son.

#317 Four Aliens & A Baby - Quotes

Added by Lena

Liz (as she throws Tess across the room): Get up bitch!

Kyle (to Tess): You know, of all the aliens I've met, you're the only one who has no soul.

Kyle: Why haven't you killed her yet?
Michael: Max wouldn't let me.

Tess: Why didn't you vote against me?
Liz: 'Cause I'm not a killer, Tess.

Tess: Max loves you. Every time we were together, every time we kissed he was thinking of you. He had these flashes that I saw and they were always of you.
Liz: Why are you telling me this?
Tess: Because I know how much it must have hurt you.
Liz: So youíre really going to go do this?
Tess: At least I can do one good thing with my life.
Liz: You just did.