#312 Ch..Ch..Changes - Information

Writer: Aaron Harberts, Gretchen J. Berg
Director: Paul Shapiro
Production Code: 3ADA12

First aired: February 5, 2002

Guest star: Joseph Williams (Singer), Michael Chieffo (Biology Teacher), John Doe (Jeff Parker), Hal Ozsan (Adam Chase), Ryan Ford (Busboy), Michael Medico (George Winkler), Meredith Scott Lynn (Dominique D'Archer), Aki Aleong (Dr. Frank)

Description: After an appearance with Jim Valentis band, Maria gets an offer of a music agent. She dangles her a carrer in New York. Liz feels strange changes in her body and senses. She assumes, that this are aftereffect of the healing. Max tries to help her again..

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#312 Ch..Ch..Changes - Transcript

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[At Cow Patty’s, Maria is singing with the Kit Shickers. Liz and Kyle are sitting at a table watching them.]
Maria: [singing] Stop right there. I gotta know right now. Before we go any further, do you love me? Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? Will you take me away? Will you make me your wife? Do you love me? Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will--
Kyle: Am I the only one who sees the creepiness in this?
Liz: Get a grip, they sound amazing. [she looks around] Uggh, where's everybody else?
Kyle: There's so many other duets out there. Clean duets. Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt can keep their hands off each other, so can Elton John and Kiki Dee.
Liz: Elton John likes boys.
Kyle: Yeah. Well, did the Captain ever grind on Tennille?
Liz: What? Who?
Kyle: Oh, in the name of all that is holy, stay off each other. I gotta wash my eyes. [Kyle leaves.]
[We see Maria and Jim singing. Then we see a women in the crowd writing down stuff as she watches them sing.]
[Max walks in and sits beside Liz.]
Max: Hey. [he kisses her head.]
Liz: Mmmm. Hi. You missed half the set.
Max: Yeah, I got held up at the library.
Liz: Oh. Well, um, are Isabel and Jesse coming?
Max: Uh, they're in Santa Fe tonight.
Liz: What about Michael?
Max: [shakes his head] I don't know.
Liz: This is a big thing for Maria. She's been practicing for like over a week. None of her friends showed up.
[They watch Maria.]
Max: I don't think she's gonna notice. [he looks at Liz, she's not smiling.] Come on, I'm sorry.
Liz: I'm not the one you should be apologizing to.
Max: What's wrong?
Liz: Nothing. I think I'm coming down with something.
Max: Well, there is a bad flu going around.
Liz: Ah, perfect.
Max: Yeah, it's terrible. Fever, sore throat, nausea. [Max gets up.] And an uncontrollable urge to dance. [He takes her hand.]
Liz: No. no, please Max. [her other hand is on the table, touching her plate. The plate turns red, steam comes from the food.] Please I don't-- [they go to the dance floor].
[A waiter comes over to their table and tries to pick up Liz's plate. It burns him he walks away. The plate is completely warped, half of it is melted.]
[Max and Liz are dancing, having a good time.]
[Opening Credits.]
[CrashDown. Same Day. Liz walks over to Maria who is sitting at the counter. They're not working, they just came from Cow Patty’s.]
Liz: [carrying a plate] Pluto Potato Skins on the house. [she sits beside her.]
Maria: Thank you.
Liz: Congratulations. I'm gonna call it a day, okay?
Maria: Okay, bye.
Liz: [as she leaves.] Bye
[Jim walks over to Maria and sits next to her.]
Jim: Maria, before I forget, [he hands her money.] here's you cut from Cow Patty’s. It's not much.
Maria: Come on, it's all for the love of the loaf.
Jim: Hey, the guys and I have been talkin’ and we put it to a unanimous vote. How would you like to sit in with the Kit Shickers on a more permanent basis?
Maria: No Shick?
Jim: Mmm. [smiles] I mean you wouldn't just be singing back up either. You'll sing a few solo numbers, we'd sing together of course. Um, I've been working on a set list. "Baby It's Cold Outside."
Maria: Nice.
Jim: Ummm, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around."
Maria: Classic.
Jim: Islands in the Stream."
Maria: Not so much.
Jim: Forget that one, what do you say?
Maria: Sure.
Jim: Great.
[The woman who was taking notes as Maria and them were singing walks into the Cafe.]
Jim: Practice is tomorrow.
[The woman walks up to Maria.]
Woman: I am loving you. Dominique Lazar Producer Records [hands Maria her card.] I was at your show.
Jim: Oh, thank you. Jim Valenti, lead singer. Nice to meet you.
Dominique: [ignoring Jim.] You were really, really good. P.S. - I never say that.
Jim: Well thanks, it was a new set. Maria's a nice addition, don't you think?
Dominique: Oh, were you there too?
Jim: Lead singer.
Dominique: Oh. Oh, yeah, sure. Good job. [turns back to Maria] Maria, Maria, what?
Maria: DeLuca.
Dominique: [writes it down in her notebook.] Maria DeLuca, I can work with that.
Maria: Okay, Earth to the lady with really great boots, by the way.
Dominique: Thank you.
Maria: Um, I don't know who you think I am, but I can-- I can guarantee you got the wrong gal.
Dominique: I am an ANR Executive. I have been scouting the Southwest for talent. Sweetheart anyone with a voice like that who can work an outfit like this is definitely not the wrong girl, you got a minute?
Maria: Yeah, sure.
Dominique: Great.
[They get up and start to leave.]
Dominique: Oh, here. [she hands Jim her card.]
[Liz just walked in back of the Cafe, she sees her dad working as she tries to hurry to the stairs before he can talk to her.]
Mr. Parker: How was the show?
Liz: [stops in her tracks.] It was good. [Pauses.] Goodnight.
Mr. Parker: Little early for bed, don't you have homework?
Liz: [turns to him] Yeah, I did it all ready. [she turns to walk.]
Mr. Parker: Mrs. Fletcher called from the Guidance office. 2 C's in Spanish and AP History.
Liz: Umm. [she turns to him.] It's because I had two pop quizzes the same day that an English paper was due. Everybody bombed.
Mr. Parker: Right. Is that the same excuse you're gonna use at your Harvard interview?
Liz: I really have a headache. Can we talk about this tomorrow?
Mr. Parker: You know, I backed off that whole boarding school thing, because you promised you were gonna get your life together, and going to Harvard has been your dream since you were what? Six.
Liz: Five, and that's because you put a poster of Cambridge over my bed.
Mr. Parker: Yeah. Sweetie, you've got more brains and talent in your little finger then all the kids at Roswell have in their entire bodies.
Liz: Dad, please.
Mr. Parker: I am serious. How many of them are even thinking about going to college? [he hands her aspirin.] They're just hanging around watching TV dreaming about becoming rock stars.
[Maria walks in.]
Maria: Wahoo!!! [raises her hands in the air.] A label wants to sign me, I'm going to be a rock star.
[Next Day. School. Liz and Max are in AP Biology class. The teacher is talking.]
Teacher: We'll use the fruit fly to discover genetic hierarchy. How traits change within a population and why.
[Max sits beside Liz who is sleeping.]
Max: Liz.
Liz: Hmm?
Max: You were asleep.
Liz: [sits up.] No I wasn't.
Max: You have drool on your--
Liz: [looks at her hand.] Oh, that is so disgusting.
[Max places his hand over hers.]
[The teacher walks up to them.]
Teacher: Mr. Evans, Ms. Parker is there a problem in your corner of teen angst?
Max and Liz: Um, no. Nope.
Teacher: Well, then please get back to AP Bio.
[The teacher walks away, and Liz moans and puts her head on Max's shoulder.]
Max: You feeling worse?
[They get up and walk across the classroom to their lab station.]
Liz: Yeah, it's like my head is fogged in and my head is just being dragged along for the ride.
Max: Maybe tomorrow?
Liz: Shut up. I totally would have stayed home from school today if my dad wasn't on this case about this interview.
Max: What interview?
Liz: I have an appointment with the admissions person from Harvard in 2 days. Nothing's set in stone, there were just these deadlines, you know? And if I wanted to keep the possibility of going there alive, then this interview is something that I have to do.
Max: Oh, okay.
Liz: We should probably get started.
Max: Right.
[Liz walks over to a counter with the lab stuff. She picks up an Erlenmeyer flask and looks in the mirror. She can't believe what she sees. Her face is completely gone. She stares in disbelief then suddenly her face comes back. She turns and looks at Max. He's oblivious to what she's doing.]
[Liz is at the doctor's. She sitting on bed. The doctor comes in.]
Doctor: Liz your white blood cell count is normal which eliminates any bacterial infection. Uh, you may have a virus. Are you experiencing any dizziness?
Liz: [shakes her head.] No.
Doctor: Coughing?
Liz: [shakes her head.] No.
Doctor: What about uh--
[Liz suddenly can't hear what the doctor is saying. She looks over at him and can see him talking but she can't hear anything.]
Doctor: Are you sexual active, Liz?
Liz: No. No, Dr. Fink, no, um--
Doctor: I can't help you protect yourself unless you are completely honest with me.
Liz: Protect me from what?
Doctor: When you're young, Liz, sometimes you overlook the consequences of knowing someone intimately, and there's a possibility that you may catch something even from someone you love.
[Liz and Kyle at Toby's Garage. Kyle is working, talking to Liz.]
Kyle: Strange symptoms, shoot.
Liz: Umm, fatigue, and total inability to concentrate.
Kyle: Me, everyday.
Liz: I've been having some hallucinations.
Kyle: Yeah? Like what?
Liz: Well... Like yesterday, I looked in the mirror at school and my face totally disappeared.
[Kyle laughs.]
Liz: I mean--No, for real. This is serious Kyle something strange is happening to me.
Kyle: Okay, why are you telling me this?
Liz: What makes me different from everybody else is the fact that I was brought back from the dead by an alien.
Kyle: Yeah. So was I, and now that you've touched on one of my deepest, darkest fears, lets just assume that what you're going through is stress. [He picks up a book and points to the title.] Buddha, Take Me Away. This book has gotten me through some very tough times. Here young grasshopper, take. [he hands her the book, and walks away.]
[Liz looks at the book and tosses it on the bench on top of a radio. The radio turns on and a song comes on for a second. She takes the book off the radio and it turns on again, this time longer. Liz stands up and places her hand near it. Sparks starts flying and we hear static. Kyle hears it and walks over to Liz.]
Kyle: Did you just...
[Liz places her hand near it again. Sparks fly.]
Kyle: You did. Whoa.
Liz: Kyle, I think I'm changing.
Kyle: Have you talked to Max about this at all?
Liz: No, I don't want to tell Max not yet.
Kyle: But he's the one who healed us, he needs to know.
Liz: I'm scared to tell him.
Kyle: Why? You go to him for everything.
Liz: No, he risks so much when he healed me. It's what made me fall in love with him.
Kyle: Yeah, me too.
Liz: Kyle!
Kyle: Look, what's going on here is really scary. If I don't lighten the mood, I might lose it.
Liz: Yeah, I know.
Kyle: If it's too difficult for you, I'll go talk to him.
Liz: No! Um, sorry. No, um, could you just please respect my feelings.
Kyle: [nods.] Let the record show, I think this is a bad idea.
Liz: Noted. I have to go.
[Liz starts to leave.]
Kyle: Liz. You're not alone in this. If you need anything, call me.
Liz: Thank you.
[Night time. Maria is outside Michael's door waiting for him. Michael walks up with a bag of groceries.]
Michael: Look, I miss that thing with you and Valenti last night, cuz I have to pick up an extra shift. [he opens the door.]
Maria: Michael.
Michael: And sitting in bars listening to music doesn't put Snapple on the table.
Maria: Yeah, okay, well I need to talk to you. [she pushes past him and runs inside his apartment. She's extremely giddy.]
Michael: Later, all right? The Daily Show starts in 5 minutes, and I got Lean Cuisine to heat up. [he puts his grocery bag on the counter and starts putting his groceries away.]
Maria: Your existence frightens me.
Michael: Goodnight.
Maria: A woman from a record label saw me perform last night and offered me a demo deal.
Michael: A what?
Maria: A demo deal. It's like a test run for an artist to see if they have any potential. They're gonna record 3 or 4 songs with me and they are going to pay for everything. Can you believe it?
Michael: No.
Maria: Oh god, stuff like this happens to people like Alicia Keys or I don't know, Fiona Apple or somebody. Not me though, not in Roswell. I'm just, OH, I am just freaking out!! [she hugs him.]
Michael: [holds up the package in his hands.] I got potato salad in here.
Maria: Want to hear something really stupid, Michael? When Dominique, the um, label chick, told me about the news, the first thing I thought of was I can't wait to tell Michael.
Michael: That's stupid? Thanks.
Maria: I'm sorry, wrong choice of words, but seriously, you're the first person I wanted to share this with. I've been waiting out there for 2 hours.
Michael: I am really happy for you Maria.
Maria: [laughs and hugs him] MTV here I come. [She kisses Michael. She kisses him again.]
[Michael kisses her back. They kiss some more. They lay down on the kitchen floor and start making out.]
[Liz's room. Maria and Liz are talking. Maria is holding up clothes to herself, looking in the mirror.]
Maria: This so does not mean that we are back together.
Liz: [sitting on her bed.] Does Michael know that?
Maria: Well, he knows that I'm not interested in having what we used to have. I've been clear about that. It's a-- it's a boy-girl friendship with a twist.
Liz: It's sounds so romantic. Why don't you try that black pant suit on?
Maria: The black pant suit. Who are you? My Aunt Maude? This--
[Liz can't understand what Maria is saying. She can only hear parts of words for a few seconds, then everything goes back to normal.]
Maria: Right? I mean, come on.
Liz: Maria, I have to tell you something.
Maria: [oblivious to Liz] You know what else I've been thinking? It is not a coincidence that my life started around the time Michael and I broke up. I mean, god, you don't know how liberating it is to be free from all this alien chaos. It's like suddenly my life is like a life.
Liz: Yeah. Why don't you try the boots on.
[Maria in a recording studio singing and playing the guitar.]
Maria: [singing] You're like an angel with the sweetest smile, but when you use it you're an evil child. Oh, Ohhh. That's what brings me back again. We get along but only half the time. The other half you ain’t no friend of mine. Nooooo. That's what brings me back again. I love you on your best behavior. I love you more when you are doing something wrong. But that's what's wrong with me. You said you liked it yesterday. But now you're telling me that I can't stay. It's all your crazy messed up ways that bring me back. They bring me back. They bring me back. They bring me back. You bring me back.
[Outside of the recording booth.]
Dominique: So Maria, do you drink?
Maria: No
Dominique: Drugs?
Maria: No way!
Dominique: I mean, me, personally I couldn't care less, but the boys upstairs, they make me ask these questions.
Maria: Why?
Dominique: You know, just millions of teenaged girls and there allowances. Oh, how old are you again?
Maria: I just turned 18.
Dominique: Oh great, that's what you're going to be telling people for the next 3 years.
[Michael walks up.]
Maria: [surprised.] Michael.
Michael: Hey. [he kisses her on the cheek.] Just wanted to stop by and see how things are going. [walks over to Dominique] Hi, Michael.
Dominique: [they shake hands.] Hi. Dominique Lazar.
Maria: Michael, he's uh, just--
Michael: I'm a friend of the band.
Maria: We're kinda in the middle of something here.
Michael: Nice space.
Dominique: Yeah, it's passable in a pinch. Oh Maria, sweetie, you need to tell me when you can travel.
Maria: Okay. Where are we going?
Dominique: New York.
Michael: City?
Dominique: Yeah. Well, if my people love what we did here then we'll record the demo over there.
Michael: How long will she be gone?
Dominique: Best case scenario, forever. [laughs] She can bus back to this town when the mayor is gonna cut a ribbon for something. [laughs.]
[Maria is in disbelief. She laughs too.]
Michael: New York?
Dominique: Is that a problem?
Maria: Oh, no, no, no, not at all.
Dominique: Groovy.
[Football field. Liz is sitting on the bleachers watching flag practice. Max walks over to her, and holds up the book in his hand.]
Liz: College Interviewing for Morons?
Max: [hands her the book.] I'm gonna help you get into Harvard.
[Max sits next to Liz and he goes through the book.]
Max: Why Harvard University?
Liz: Um, well, when I was in ninth grade, I read this really amazing article by Dr. Laura Holt, she's this professor who works in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and it just gave me a totally different perspective on science. It really changed my life.
Max: What are your 3 greatest strengths?
Liz: Why are you helping me? Cuz if I get in... Cambridge is really far away, Max.
Max: I know that, but this is really important to you. Uhh, what is your greatest regret? [Liz doesn't answer.] What's wrong? Are you still feeling sick?
Liz: Uh, just a little bit. I don't know. I'm kinda worried about all this school stuff, you know? [she picks up her books and stands up.] You know what? I should be going. My dad is expecting me at the CrashDown. [she takes his book.] Thanks for your help, Max.
Max: [Stands up and grabs her arm.] Liz, wait.
[Liz faints. Max grabs her and sits down.]
Max: You okay?
Liz: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I, um, I just think this flu is hitting me. Um, I should go home and get into bed. She leans on one of her books that’s now on the bleacher to get it. It immediately catches on fire. Liz pulls her hand away and screams. Max blocks Liz with his body and uses his powers to put out the flames.]
Max: I didn't do that.
Liz: I did.
[Max looks at her confused.]
Max: It's not possible.
Liz: [nods] Yes, it is. You healed me and now I'm different.
[Michael and Max out in the desert digging with shovels.]
Michael: You guys are always giving me crap about being impulsive and stupid. Well you know what's stupid? Sneaking around in the desert while your father is watching our every move.
Max: Shut up, Michael.
Michael: Whose idea was it to bury the alien stuff anyway? What are we? Eight? It's called a safety deposit box.
Max: I need the book translation. It might have something on Liz's change.
Michael: You read it like 10 times.
Max: Well maybe I missed something.
Michael: What if there's nothing in there?
Max: Well then I'll find somebody who knows something. [pauses] Even if I have to contact the FBI.
Michael: Hey Max, I know this is a big deal, but you gotta keep calm. All right? Don't kick up any dust, if we get exposed we can't help her.
Max: It's a risk I'm willing to take.
Michael: Do I have to smack some sense into you right now?? I got a shovel here, I'll do it!
[Max uses his powers to send Michael's shovel flying a few feet.]
Max: There is something wrong with her Michael, and I don't know how to fix it.
Michael: We'll figure it out.
Max: And what if we can't? What if it gets worse? I've screwed up hundreds of times to find out who we are, do you know how many times Liz has? [pauses] Never. And this is what she gets in return. Look, I'm doing whatever it takes to help her. If you got a problem with that you can leave right now.
[Michael walks away. He gets his shovel and goes back to where Max is digging and helps him dig.]
[School. Liz is at her Harvard interview.]
Man: So Ms. Parker, why Harvard?
Liz: Well every since I was 14 and read Dr. Laura Holts work, I knew that I wanted to work with her in person.
Man: Laura is an amazing professor. I think you two will really hit it off. Do you see yourself--
[Liz can't understand what he's saying. She can only hear parts of his words.]
Liz: I'm sorry, what?
[The man repeats himself, but she still has no clue what he's saying.]
Man: Liz. [she understands him now.]
Liz: I'm sorry, could you just repeat the question.
Man: Do you intend[[ [she can't understand him again.]
Liz: I guess. I uh, I'm not quite sure.
Man: Now obviously Harvard-- [she can't understand him yet again.]
[The whole room starts spinning.]
[Liz freaks out and jumps from her chair knocking it over.]
Man: Liz, what are you doing?
Liz: I'm sorry. I'm--I'm--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. [she picks up the chair and pushes it in front of the desk.] Here. Here. [She walks out of the office.]
[CrashDown. Maria walks in and sits next to Jim at the counter.]
Maria: Hi.
Jim: Hey. You look nice. Got a date?
Maria: No it's just for a reception thing that Dominique set up.
Jim: Right.
Maria: Listen I never got to thank you. Had you not invited me to sing with the band, this would have never happened.
Jim: You don't have to thank me. Come on, you were great.
Maria: Yeah, but so were you.
Jim: Well, thanks. I thought so too.
Maria: I just feel like I took something from you.
Jim: You didn't take anything. Look, now how often does something like this come along? You have to go with it. I would if it happened to me.
Maria: I know.
Jim: Listen, I'm gonna be late for sound check.
[Jim gets up to leave.]
Maria: Okay, well, will you tell the guys I said hi
Jim: Sure. Break a leg.
Maria: Thank you.
[Jim leaves. Maria goes in back of the Cafe where Michael is working.]
Maria: Hey.
Michael: Oh, thanks for coming by.
Maria: I'm already late, so you only got one minute.
Michael: Well, it's gonna take a little longer than that. Jesse's on his way.
Maria: [confused] Excuse me?
Michael: I asked him to take a look at your contract.
Maria: What did you do that for?
Michael: Maria, you're talking about picking up and moving to New York.
Maria: Jesse does not--
Michael: I just want to make sure you're protected.
Maria: Okay Michael, hold on, I see what's going on here.
Michael: Yeah, you're turning down free legal advise.
Maria: No, I mean, us. I--I really appreciate the interest, but you don't have to look after me. Our lives are no longer linked.
Michael: Didn't we just sleep together?
Maria: [slowly.] We did.
Michael: But it doesn't mean anything.
Maria: It--it was great, I mean-- it's just that it doesn't mean that-- it was a spontaneous thing. You were feeling good, I was feeling good.
Michael: It's a capper to an already great day, I get it.
Maria: Michael.
Michael: Cross signals. It's no big deal.
Maria: Wish me luck.
[Michael waves the spatula at her. Maria leaves. Michael looks up, he's obviously hurt.]
[Liz and Kyle in Liz's room. Liz is sitting on her bed. Kyle's standing up.]
Liz: I'm sorry, I'm sure there's somewhere else you need to be.
Kyle: No. Look, I offered.
Liz: I just didn't have anyone else to call.
Kyle: Maria doesn't know?
Liz: Uhhh-uhhh, not yet. This record deal is like a really huge thing for her. She's given so much of her life for all this. [Kyle sits next to Liz and puts his hand on her shoulder.] How are you doing?
Kyle: I have no symptoms yet, but you know, Max healed me like a year after he healed you, so maybe I just got this totally cool window of time where I just get to obsess about it.
Liz: [laughs] Lucky you.
[There's a knock, we see that Max is at Liz's window. Kyle stands, Max climbs in the room.]
Max: [to Liz.] What happened?
[Liz doesn't answer.]
Kyle: Show him.
[Liz rolls up her sleeves, we see electricity going through her hands.]
Max: Does it hurt?
Liz: It comes and goes.
[Max sits next to her.]
Liz: Am I going to die?
[Max looks down.]
[Dominique and Maria at the recording studio. Dominique is putting on makeup and Maria is sniffing Eucalyptus oil.]
Dominique: So Adam Chase is on his way. He's a legendary producer, honey, and it he likes you stuff you can clear of your mantel and hire a maid to dust off your Grammys. [sees Maria sniffing stuff.] What--what are you doing? What is that?
Maria: Oh, it's just Eucalyptus, it's to help me keep calm.
Dominique: Yeah, well, sweetie, enough, you smell like J. Lo [she smells it.] Whoa.
[Adam walks in.]
Dominique: JC.
Adam (JC): Dominique. What's happening baby?
Dominique: Well, clearly you looking all hottie tottie.
Adam: Like wise.
Dominique: Here's our find. Adam Chase, Maria DeLuca.
Maria: Nice to meet you.
Adam: Nice to meet you.
Dominique: So?
[Adam holds up Maria's demo.]
Adam: It's a single.
Dominique: I knew it!!
Maria: It's called "Behavior" I wrote it about me and my boyfriend breaking up.
Adam: Right. I've been messing with it, wanna listen?
Maria: Yes, I would love to listen to it.
[Adam plays the revised demo.]
Dominique: [on the phone to someone.] Hi. Yeah, Adam Chase alllllll over it. Oh yeah, the girl is going to be huge. Okay, Okay, bye bye.
[Maria's song is now like a techno song. Maria obviously doesn't like what he did to it.]
Adam: Slammin', isn't it?
Maria: That's me?
Adam: Yeah, I remixed the vocals, and I added a few song remixes underneath. You know, it's a little ruff around the edges, but you get the point.
Dominique: Wow. It's a number one, isn't it?
Adam: You know it.
[Dominique squeals.]
Maria: It used to be a love song.
Dominique: Yeah, well now it's one people can dance to.
[A few minutes later. Dominique and Maria are talking privately.]
Dominique: So you hate it.
Maria: No. No, I was just going for more of a PJ Harvey and that sounded like Britney Spears.
Dominique: I--I complete disagree.
Maria: [sighs.] My music is personal to me, Dominique.
Dominique: Okay. Maria, it is my job to find artists who can sell records, right? Now, honey, you've got the looks and the voice to do it, but when it comes to the music, baby, you've got to leave that to the pros.
Maria: So, I'm just a commodity?
Dominique: No, No, you're very talented, but this label is prepared to invest a lot of money in you, and you know, they pay the bills, they have the say. That's just how the way it's always been. Well, look, maybe you need to ask yourself if you really want to do this.
[Maria nods.]
[Later that night. Maria is outside waiting for Michael to come home. Michael walks up to his door.]
Michael: Let me guess, you bumped into George Lucas at the video store, and he wants you in his next movie.
Maria: You were right about me being cautious. Those label people are bogus. They wanted to turn me into some bubble gum pop princess.
Michael: That's too bad.
Maria: They turned one of my songs into complete crap, Michael. It was so humiliating.
Michael: Why are you here?
Maria: I maybe turning down a huge opportunity, I need someone to talk to.
Michael: Let me get this straight, you dumped me so you can go live your dream, and now you're telling me you're dropping that too?
Maria: I'm sorry, I just really need some advice right now.
Michael: It's like you said we're not linked anymore. I could invite you inside, tell you to stay in Roswell, because that's what I want, but you know what? I'm not going to be the guy you blame for ruining your life.
Maria: Michael.
Michael: You should leave now. [He opens his door and walks in.]
Maria: I have no where else to go.
Michael: [turns to her.] You've got plenty of other friends.
Maria: Like who? Liz? I've tried to talk to her, she hasn't been around.
Michael: Do you even know what's going on with her?
Maria: Yeah, she's pissy and preoccupied and doesn't return my phone calls.
Michael: She might be dying, Maria.
Maria: What?
[Max, Liz, and Kyle at the desert. Max carries Liz in front of the car, places her on the ground, and kneels beside her. He sees her stomach and there's electricity shooting through it. Kyle is standing behind Max.]
Kyle: Okay, now what do we do again?
Max: According to the book, I can use the healing stones to amplify my powers. [he places the stones around her body.] If we do that, it might wipe out whatever is happening inside of her.
Kyle: What can I do?
Max: Just stay back.
[Max places his hand over her stomach. He tries to heal her. She suddenly starts hovering over the ground, Max continues to heal her.]
Liz: It hurts.
Max: Take a deep breath. It won't be much longer.
Liz: Stop please, I can't.
[Kyle steps forward.]
Max: [stops Kyle.] No.
Liz: [in pain] Stop!
Max: Hold on, it's working, I can feel it.
Liz: No!
Kyle: Max!
Max: Just a little bit more. Liz, you have to trust me.
Liz: [in pain.] I can't!
[There's a flash of light. Liz drops to the ground, and Max is pushed back onto the ground.]
Liz: [sits up.] Just stop hurting me.
Max: [sits up.] I wasn't trying to.
Liz: No, but Max, you do. You always do. Why did you sleep with her? [Max doesn't answer.] Why?!?
Max: Liz.
Liz: Every single time you mention your son, I am reminded of what you did to me. How you were unfaithful. How could you not know that?
Max: [tries to touch her.] Liz please.
Liz: [pulls back.] Stay away. You're doing this.
Max: No, I'm not. Liz please. [he touches her face.] Please.
[Electricity shoots though her face. Liz screams.]
Kyle: [ grabs Max's arm.] Max, Max, Max, stop! Listen to her. You want to kill her?
[Max looks at Liz.]
[CrashDown. Kyle pulls up in the car with Liz.]
Kyle: I'll help you get upstairs.
Liz: I can do it myself. I really said all those things to Max, didn't I?
Kyle: Yeah.
Liz: I couldn't help it. Everything just...
Kyle: Exploded.
Liz: How am I going to face him?
Kyle: Look, he understands that something went wrong out there. You were not in control of what you were saying.
Liz: But I was. I mean, that's how I feel deep down, and now he knows, Kyle.
Kyle: So what?
Liz: I can't take it back.
Kyle: Liz, look, you can't worry about Max right now. You have to take care of you. [Liz sighs.] You understand?
Liz: Yeah.
Kyle: Okay. Why don't you try to get some sleep.
[Liz unfastens her seatbelt and gets out of the car.]
[Liz is sleeping in her room. Maria opens her door and walks in.]
Maria: I'm here.
[Liz and Maria sitting on a bench.]
Maria: I am so sorry.
Liz: Maria, stop apologizing.
Maria: You've been going through complete hell.
Liz: Yeah, and this is exactly what I didn't want for you to come along for the ride.
Maria: Don't ever. We are best friends, Liz Parker, so just don't ever, okay?
Liz: Okay. You really shouldn't let this music thing go.
Maria: I told you--
Liz: So what? So you have to compromise. So what.
Maria: I am not a sell out.
Liz: That's great. You should tell that to all your co-workers at the cheese factory. I'm sure they'll be very impressed.
Maria: [laughing.] Okayyyy. Bitchyyy.
Liz: Maria, you have more talent in your little finger than anyone else in this town.
Maria: [holds up two fingers.] Which one?
Liz: I'm serious. You should find a way to compromise without losing what's most important to you, because if you don't do this, you are always going to be miserable.
Maria: But then I would have to go to New York, and I'm just not going to leave you. Sorry.
Liz: I'm going to be fine. Really.
Maria: Fine. tomorrow I will invite Dominique to my all-you-can-eat crow buffet. [laughs.] God, could life be anymore complicated right now. Sometimes I just wish you could close your eyes, and just... be somewhere else.
Liz: A cafe in Paris.
Maria: No Jamaica. The beach. The blue ocean. The warm sand between our toes. Feeling any better?
Liz: Yeah.
Maria: Me too.
[They laugh.]
[Liz walks into her bedroom. Max is sitting outside of her opened window.]
Liz: [walks over to the window.] Max, what are you doing here? You can't be here.
Max: I've been calling.
Liz: I was out with Maria.
Max: I thought something happened.
Liz: No, it didn't, but my dad is going to be up here in a few minutes. [Max tries to look in, she blocks his view.] You really-- [Max is too close to her, electricity shoots through her face.] Max, you have to go.
Max: Look, we'll drive to L.A.. Langley will know what to do. He can fix it.
Liz: Max.
Max: Maria can cover for you. We can be back in two days.
Liz: No!
Max: Please Liz. [he tries to grab her arm, she backs away. Max backs away a little.] Everything you said tonight, we just can't pretend it didn't happened. I have to talk about it
[Liz starts to shut the window.]
Max: Liz, please don't shut me out. [They're both close to tears.] What are we going to do?
Liz: [holding back the tears.] I have to figure it out. By myself.
[Liz shuts the window. They look at each other for a few seconds, Max stands up and mouths "I love you." He walks away. As he's about to go down the fire escape, he looks at her one last time and smiles.]
[Mr. Parker is working downstairs after hours. Liz walks up to him.]
Mr. Parker: Sweetie, what's wrong?
Liz: My life is out of control. I want to go to boarding school.
[Mr. Parker hugs her.]
[Liz packs her stuff. She takes one last look around her room.]
[Liz is writing a letter:]
Liz: [Voiceover] Dear Max, What's so great about normal? Do you remember when you asked me that? Back then the answer was nothing, because of you Max, because of how much you love me. [we see Liz on a bus.] Now though, the answer is different. Normal is something I need, and that's why I have to leave. I have to figure out what my life means away from Roswell and away from you. [Max is reading this letter.] Don't hate me for doing this. I love you more than you could ever know. Liz.
[We see Liz on the bus looking out the window smiling.]

#312 Ch..Ch..Changes - Music

Majandra Delfino and William Sadler - Paradise" by the Dashboard Light
Album: ./.
Scene: In a bar, Maria and Valenti sing as Liz and Kyle talk. Max comes in and he and Liz talk. Liz unknowingly melts a plate she touches, and then dances with Max.

not available
Astropuppes - Long As U Love
Scene: Crashdown, Liz congratulates Maria. Jim proposes that Maria join the Kit-Shickers. Dominique introduces herself to Maria and ignores Jim. Liz and her dad talk about Harvard.
not available
Pete Yorn - Strange Condition
Scene: Maria’s bedroom - Maria chooses clothes and talks about Michael. Her words become unintelligible to Liz.
not available
Maria DeLuca (Majandra Delfino) - Behavior (Acoustic Guitar Version)
Scene: Maria records a song.
Jude - Everything I Own
Scene: At the Crashdown, Maria thanks Valenti for the exposure that led to her music audition. She talks to Michael in the kitchen. He has arranged for Jesse to read over her contract. Maria tells Michael that he doesn’t have to look after her, that their lives are no longer linked.
not available
Maria DeLuca (Majandra Delfino) – Behavior (remix version)
Album: ./.
Scene: Maria, Dominique and Adam listen to the remix version of her song.
Turin Brakes - The Door *
Scene: Outside the Crashdown, Kyle and Liz in the car discuss what she said to Max in the desert. Kyle tells her to get some sleep.
not available
Travis - More Than Us
Scene: Final scene, Liz goes to boarding school.
not available

#312 Ch..Ch..Changes - Quotes

Added by Lena

Mr. Parker: You know, I backed off that whole boarding school thing, because you promised you were gonna get your life together, and going to Harvard has been your dream since you were what? Six.
Liz: Five, and that's because you put a poster of Cambridge over my bed.
Mr. Parker: Yeah. Sweetie, you've got more brains and talent in your little finger then all the kids at Roswell have in their entire bodies.
Liz: Dad, please.
Mr. Parker: I am serious. How many of them are even thinking about going to college? [he hands her aspirin.] They're just hanging around watching TV dreaming about becoming rock stars.
[Maria walks in.]
Maria: Wahoo!!! [raises her hands in the air.] A label wants to sign me, I'm going to be a rock star.

Liz: Just stop hurting me.
Max: I wasn't trying to.
Liz: No, but Max you do. You always do. Why did you sleep with her?
Liz: Why?
Max: Liz.
Liz: Every single time you mention your son... I am reminded of what you did to me... how you were unfaithful to us--how can you not know that?
Max: Liz please.
Liz: Stay away! You're doing this.
Max: No, I'm not. Liz, please. Please--

Liz (to Max): You healed me and now I'm different.

Michael: Do I have to knock some sense into you right now? I got a shovel right here. I'll do it!

Liz (about Max): He risked so much when he healed me, it's what made me fall in love with him.
Kyle: Yeah, me too.