Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Who Will Save Your Soul"
Part 15
by Hero of the Day
Disclaimer: Everyone belongs to the WB, except Gaven who will come in later.
Summary: Michael is leaving Maria for Isabel but for a reason he can't explain and only time will make Michael stronger as he searches for what Isabel gave up to save the group.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: R
Isabel saw Michael run into the little restaurant. "Oh, there's Michael!" she said pointing out the window. "HEY!! Keep those eyes shut!!" Alex said suprised that she opened them. Isabel quickly shut her eyes and faced front in the car. "Alex, where are we going?" she asked in a nearly begging voice. "Isabel, good things come to those who wait!" he said in a calm voice. "Yeah, I know, but I'm impatient and I want to know now!!" Alex chuckled as he pulled the car to a stop. He got out and walked to the other side of the car and opened the door. "Milady." he said taking her arm and leading her out of the car, "Keep those eyes shut!" He lead her to a small blanket where he helped her sit down. She could feel the coolness of the shade the tree provided. "Okay,!" Alex said. Isabel opened her eyes and was in complete aw as she looked around. "OH ALEX!" she gasped as she saw the tiny lake from the small incline they sat on. She turned around to see a beautuful old Victorian house and she gasped again. "Alex....this is so beautiful....but won't the people who live here get a little mad that we are having a picnic on their front lawn?" Alex just smiled, "Isabel...I highly doubt it!" He sat down next to her, "I have missed you so just have no clue...and um..." he looked at the ducks in the pond as they went bottoms up, "I grandmother passed away while you were gone, and she left me this house....." he looked at her and pulled a little velvet box from his pocket and she began to cry, "and I would like it if you, Isabel Dianne Evans, would be my wife, and live with me in this house and eventually have a family with me where little Alexs and little Isabels can run in the front yard, I'll cook dinner on the BBQ, you'll invite hopefully the Evans and Guerins over, you'll never leave me again and we'll be happy....." Isabel laughed through her tears and hugged him. "Yes Alex..." she whispered into his ear, "I .....I love you soo much!!" she kissed him all over, "I promise...I'll never leave you again." He slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her. "Do you want to go and take a tour of the house?" "You bet!!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh my god Max....I can't believe we just did that on Maria's couch!!" Liz said looking at the mess on the couch, "Nothing is going to get that out!" Max waved his hand over the goo that sat on the couch, "All gone! Maybe next time, you'll look before you sit down and you won't spill chocolate syrup on the couch Ms.Parker!" "Well...if I was that could always use those handcuffs you got from class on me!!" Max looked at her and his eyes grew darker as he got a wicked smile, "or, you could take your yard stick and slap me with it if I fall asleep in you class Ms.Parker..." "Really?" "ya...Science never REALLY intrested me...but being that you were in my class druing high school....I grew to like it!" he grabbed her ass. "but it's now noon and I have to get to the training work on these abs.....ya all nice and strong!" Liz mumbled something that Max didn't catch. "Can I come over tonight?" he asked. "Make it really late,..I'm comming over here and Ria and I are gonna hang." "Okay.." he kissed her and left. Liz sighed as she sat on the couch. She looked around and decided to take the afternoon off and go down to the park. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (later that night at the Evans's house) "Isabel are you comming?" Alex said as he came into the bathroom. "I can't do anything with my hair" she said as she threw the brush. He walked in and had her sit on the toilet. He softly brushed her hair and worked it up into a ponytail. "Alex...Isabel...where are you?" Maria called from down the hall, Michael was right behind her. Maria stopped in the door way and saw Alex doing Isabel's hair. "Now, why can't you ever do something nice like that to my hair?" Maria asked Michael in one of her "Maria De Luca" tones. "Because you always yell at me!" Michael said back. "Because you always pull my hair!" she said back. "Done" Alex said. Isabel looked in the mirror to see a perfect bun. "Perfect..." Isabel said turning to kiss him. Max ran up the stairs, "Hey we got to go now! Everyone is already at Maria's apartment so we need to leave now and it's almost the time Liz said she would be at Maria's." Everyone piled into their cars and took off. They arrived at the apartment, got inside, turned off the lights and not more than 5 minutes later Liz walked through the door. "SUPRISE!!!" everyone shouted. Liz dropped the movies was amaized. "For me? You guys did this for me?" Her mom and dad walked over and gave her a hug followed by Maria & Michael, Alex & Isabel, Amy, Mr. Whitman, Kyle, and Jim. She walked around the apartment greeting other people. Brody gave her money, Sean brought her some flowers, and at the far end of the apartment was Max. She walked over to him and gave him a big hug. "I should have known somthing was up when you didn't get all dissappointed when I told you, you had to come over late!" she kissed him. "I'll come over really late and I'll give you and Alex!" he said as he put on his officer's hat. "I'll leave Maria's early!" she kissed him again. "Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention" Alex said as he help up his Coke, "A few years ago I almost lost a really good friend of mine, I thought she got shot at work....and for as long as I can remember, there have been a few special people in my life and I can't think of a better friend to throw a party for than my Lizzie....she is one of my two best friends who has been there for me when I needed her, she didn't make fun of me for crying because I'm a guy, she gave me a list of reasons why I should dress up like batman for Halloween WEARING the tights, she was kind to me all those years ago in kindergarden when the other kids made fun of me but the thing that sticks out from any friend I have ever had is her honesty, she will tell you like it is and do it in the most kindest tonight I want to with my best friend, Liz Parker, a happy 20th birthday. Happy Birthday Lizzie!!" Alex whiked at her and everyone cheered. Then Isabel stood up, "I have another announcement I would like to make...Liz has been more of a sister to me as I have gotten to know her....via Max, but the more she hung around the more we became close .....and this up comming spring, Alex and I are going to be married and I would like her to be my maid of honor....." Isabel smiled at Liz. " What do ya say, Liz?" Liz was in total shock. "Yes!" she jumpped up and down as she gave Isabel a hug, "Yes,...I would love to be!!" Isabel turned to Maria,"and I would like you to be my other bride's maid...if you don't mind!" Maria joined the hug-jumpping party. Isabel's parents gave her a big hug as did everyone else. Everyone had left and Maria was picking up garbage when Michael came back from driving the drunk home. He had a letter in hand and sat on the couch. "Whats that?" Maria asked as he read it. "It's a...a note,...." he said trying to keep calm. "and it says...." "to not look for my daughter.....they found a way home and are leaving in a week." Maria sat on the couch next to him, "Then we'll leave tomorrow....Isabel must know where they might be! You go lay down and I'll call her now..." Michael started to cry as he folded the paper... "What if we don't find her?" Maria pulled him down on the couch so he was laying on her and she was smoothing out his hair, "We will find her, Michael....If it's the last thing we do,...we will find her." They stayed there, like the night Michael crawled through her window soaking wet, she held him as he cried himself to sleep.
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