Fanfic - Poetry
"Whatever Happens"
Part 3
by Gwyllion
Disclaimer: They're not mine. *sniff*
Summary: It's a fanfic story told in poetry. Don't worry it's simple to understand and easy to breeze through. I LOVE input...hint...hint...
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
Maria looked at the clock confused,
Liz was always on time, this was new.
She said to herself, "How could this be?
I thought that after the breakup, Liz would want to see me."

Maria turned and watched the rain,
As it pittered and pattered on her windowpane.
She thought back to Michael on that night long ago,
When he came soaking wet through her window.
She sighed with grief at this lost memory,
"This is the way it has to be."

Thunder boomed and lightning crashed,
As Maria heard an awful smash.
She ran to her door and opened it up,
As she was grabbed by Agent Duff.

"I wish you kids never got involved,
But now it's over, it's been resolved."

"What do you mean?" she cried in fear,
"What are you doing? Why are you here?"

"We're here to help you, your family and friends,
We want to protect you from those aliens!"

All of a sudden, the world went black,
Maria passed out, and fell to her back.

"Get her to the truck, and do it fast!
We want to get there while the tranquilizers last."

They carried her out with little care,
And threw her in, when they got there.

Though Maria's body was still,
Her mind was reeling, a swift windmill.
She opened her eyes to a groggy dreamworld,
Where Michael's head rested on her blonde curls.

"Michael wake up! What's happening to me?"

Michael stirred but mumbled, "Go to sleep, sweetie."

She looked around her at the awesome sight,
A cliff in the desert on a warm starry night.
Soon the sun arose from the sand,
And Michael kissed her smooth, silky hand.
Michael's eyes seemed to gleam,
As he looked around at the beautiful scene.

"Michael," she whispered, as he stroked her hair,
"Have you changed your mind? Do you really care?"

"Maria, Maria," he laughed with glee,
"You're the only one for me!
I thought you would always feel it too,
The way my heart belongs to you."
His words sounded sweet, and soft to her ears,
Who would have thought they would end up here!

Then, as soon as it had begun,
The dream was over, finished, done.
Maria laid a few moments still and changed,
Before she noticed, the sheets felt strange.
Her eyes snapped open at the speed of light,
And she looked around, but had no sight.
She couldn't move, she couldn't scream,
She tried to believe this was all a dream.
Ever so slowly her vision returned,
Her body ached, her mind burned.
She looked around her at the white walls,
And in came a man, thin and tall.
Where had he come from? Where was the door?
Maria lowered her bare feet to the floor.

Wailed Maria, "Where am I? You have to tell!"
Replied the doctor, "Welcome to Hell."

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