Fanfic - Poetry
"Whatever Happens"
Part 2
by Gwyllion
Disclaimer: They're not mine. *sniff*
Summary: It's a fanfic story told in poetry. Don't worry it's simple to understand and easy to breeze through. I LOVE input...hint...hint...
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
Liz ran from the home of her love,
She ignored the moon that hung above.
She hated the universe, she hated Earth!
She hated the moon's iridescent mirth.
As she ran to Maria's house to cry,
The tears already clouded her eyes.

"Why did I make such a horrible mess?
Why did I ever try to stop Tess?
How can my life be so full of tears?
All these nightmares and unusual fears?"

She ran past the places she had grown to adore,
She remembered the times that could be no more.
Then something happened, she didn't expect,
She saw not far away, the cloak of death.
All of a sudden she was frozen in place,
A look of terror etched on her face.
The car wasn't stopping, not slowing down,
Liz couldn't move until she fell to the ground.

The tires screeched a horrible sound,
And Max flew from the jeep to the blood stained ground.

"What have I done in my act of love?
I've caused my soul to drip with blood!
Liz wake up! Look at me now!
Let me help you! Let me save you somehow!"

The people around them stopped and stared,
They all looked with pity, they truly cared.
Max was oblivious to the humans around him,
He touched Liz's body, let her soul surround him.
In moments Liz had awaken in awe,
To the most handsome face she ever saw.

"My hero," she whispered as he held her tight,
"You saved me again, on this fateful night."

Max suddenly felt something cold to his head,
The barrel of a gun. The cold, hard lead.
Liz gasped with fear as the gun released a soft click,
Max was paralyzed, frozen, stiff.

Max looked deeply into Liz's eyes,
"I was on my way to apologize.
I'm sorry I've given you so much pain..."

"Shut up before this bullet is in your brain."

The voice was unfamiliar and cold,
Max decided to do what he was told.
His fingers still laced with Liz's hand,
He formed a connection, he told her again:
"Death will never keep me from you,
There's so much more we have yet to do.
I am to blame for this tragedy,
We'd still be safe if it weren't for me.
Just remember how much I wanted to live,
I wanted to give you all I could give."

"Max don't leave me!" Liz screamed in fear,
"I'm not ready to lose you here!"

The connection was broken, Max had drifted apart,
Not from a bullet, but from a tranquilizer dart.
Liz watched in horror as he was dragged to a truck,
And two more men grabbed Liz, and picked her up.

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