Fanfic - Poetry
"Whatever Happens"
Part 4
by Gwyllion
Disclaimer: They're not mine. *sniff*
Summary: It's a fanfic story told in poetry. Don't worry it's simple to understand and easy to breeze through. I LOVE input...hint...hint...
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
They knew who he was, this was the end,
They had found out he was an alien.
They hadn't killed him, not quite yet,
Because there was something, they just didn't get.
They had stopped testing, they had their proof,
They already knew the whole truth.
But they kept him here, in this tile cage,
Building his fury, his anger, his rage.
They told him stories of his friends,
They commanded him to seek revenge.
"Revenge for what?" Max asked unsure,
"You silly boy, they told us who you were!"

Max couldn't believe this man who spoke,
This must be some sick joke!
He spoke of Maria more than the others,
Why was this? He was like her brother!
Well, maybe it was more than this,
Maria had helped him get over Liz.
Her smile was more bright than hers, And her voice was the sound of a singing bird.

Well, Maria was the one they blamed,
For his discovery, the end of the game.
"She told us everything, she left out no details,
And now look who prevails!"

His mind was reeling, he couldn't think straight,
And what about Liz? Had she been his bait?
He had used his powers to heal her with care,
He hadn't even seen them there.

Now the doctor entered his jail,
With four big men on his tail.
"Take him to room number 37-A,
And waste no time, do not delay!"

They grabbed Max firmly and dashed down the hall,
And followed the doctor, thin and tall.

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