Fanfic - Poetry
"Whatever Happens"
Part 1
by Gwyllion
Disclaimer: They're not mine. *sniff*
Summary: It's a fanfic story told in poetry. Don't worry it's simple to understand and easy to breeze through. I LOVE input...hint...hint...
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG-13
"Maybe someday we'll meet again,
When we are no longer young.
We'll move on, away from here,
I will not think of you, never shed a tear.
I shall forget our times together,
Nothing ever lasts forever.
I'll meet new people, make new friends,
This game of ours has got to end.
I loved you once, but no more,
It's long past time to close the door.
We've reached the peak of our mountain high,
We've loved each other by and by.
This is not the time for words of beauty,
Now is the time to do your duty.
Sometimes I think, 'How will it be?
How will Max ever live without me?'
The hurt and pain is hard to hide,
With all these emotions bottled inside.
I'm letting you go. You're free to ask,
'How will you ever live without Max?'
My answer is simple: I just will,
I don't want to have to die or kill.
Your life is dangerous I must admit,
I'm afraid of you now, I just never knew it.
Just let me leave, I'll be peacefully gone,
You didn't before and look what went wrong.
You can't change who you are,
The way you were born among the stars.
I can't continue to live this way,
I can't make myself believe you'll be human someday.
This is the way you'll always be,
Never safe, never with me.
I do have feelings, you know it's true,
But I can't allow myself to love you.
I don't have to explain this to you,
Just respect that it's over and that we're through!

As she turned to leave, in silence he sat,
Watching her beauty, her anger, her tact.
Then he realized this was the end,
This was the loss of his only true friend.

"Liz, just wait. I have something to say!
Come over here. Sit. Stay.
I want you to know that I'll always be there,
I'll help you when you need it, no matter where.
I need you so much! I love you still,
I'll love you forever, I always will."

And as she left a tear fell from his eye,
As he whispered softly, "I love you goodbye."

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