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"Who Do You Love?"
Part 4
by Michael Sim
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Summary: This is a sequel to the fanfiction story "The Truth of It All." Max and Isabel react against each other after learning of Isabel's past treachery. Maria and Michael are forced into a tense situation with Sean while Tess and Liz's relationship grows.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I did this in a different style from my other stories just to try something new. It's definitely a tougher format in which to write and much longer.
Liz, much like the other Roswellians, was lost in thought. An honor student and practically a brown noser, she found herself distracted and inattentive all day. What a waste of a day to go to school and come out without learning anything. And where was Maria? Liz had looked, but couldn't find her all day.

More importantly, where was my mind all day?! But Liz knew exactly where it was, it was replaying the scene at the pod chamber, over and over again. She could still remember Max's exact words, how she felt when he held her. This was something she hadn't felt since Future Max turned her world upside down. How could he give her the responsibility of a whole world?

She hadn't really thought of the implications of having a relationship with Max. Was their love greater than the lives of the whole world? The good of the many outweigh the good of the one. Ugh! She felt like she was some sort of Vulcan. She instinctively touched her ears, expecting to feel the prick of spiky ears, but instantly felt silly for doing it. She knew that keeping her emotions out of the equation was the only way she could control herself, but she also knew that she was only repressing feelings that could consume her. How many people are given the chance at true love only to be forced to reject it?!

Tess interrupts Liz's contemplation.

Tess: Hey Liz. I've called you three times already.

Liz: Oh, Tess. Sorry, I was just distracted.

Liz hadn't even noticed all the hubbub around her, classmates heading in all directions now that the school day was over. She didn't think to hang out with anybody recently. Maria was still a little pissed off at her for going out with Sean and Alex was off following Isabel with his tongue licking the ground she walked on. No time for them! And Max was off limits. She didn't want any more of her emotions getting the best of her. Professing her love was definitely not the way to evade him.

Tess: So, any plans?

Liz: No, not really.

Tess: Good. I had nothing else to do either. Kyle's back to playing football. I don't understand how Buddhism and cracking heads can work together.

Liz: Yeah, Kyle was always good at smacking his head on things.

Tess and Liz share a laugh. How rare that these two women would speak to each other, much less share a jocular moment. But they don't realize how much they share.

Tess: Need a ride?

Liz: Why not?

As they walk to Tess' SUV, Liz can't help but think more about the pod chamber. Max had told her that he loved her! God, that made her heart want to jump out of her chest, but she knew she shouldn't think... feel that way. He did go to Tess as well.

Tess: Can't get it out of your head either?

Liz: What?

Can Tess read my mind?

Tess: The pod chamber. I haven't been able to get it out of my head either. It just brought back a lot of feelings.

Liz, despite her usual trepidation about Tess, perked up. Tess was going through the same thoughts as she was. Maybe she wasn't THAT alien after all.

Liz: Yeah. Max just has that affect on us doesn't he.

Tess: Admit it, we both love him.

Liz became uncomfortable with this statement. Had Tess wanted to confront her about Max? How convenient that she be locked into her moving car, unable to escape.

Tess: I'm not trying to put you on the spot, Liz.

Was she reading my mind again?!

Tess: Really. I just think that we've been skirting this for a long time. The whole freaking world knows that you still love Max. You made that clear in the pod chamber.

Liz was unsure what to say. She didn't want to offend Tess, but she knew that she couldn't get around the topic either. I guess it was time that they had this talk.

Liz: Yes, I still love Max, but I don't... I can't have a relationship with him.

Tess: See, that's what has always bugged me. You love him, but you won't go out with him.

Liz: It's complicated.

Tess: I'm sure it is. Everything surrounding Max is and has always been complicated.

Liz noticed that Tess said that with a degree of certainty usually reserved for someone who has known someone for a long time. What was Liz thinking! Of course Tess had known Max for a long time.

Tess: I also don't get why you had to fake having sex with Kyle either?

Liz: What! Uh... Did Kyle tell you?

Tess: No, you just did.

Liz felt so stupid. She fell right into Tess little ploy and it was so obvious.

Tess: I'm sorry I fooled you like that, I just didn't think that someone like you would give it up so easily. Most girls like you stay virgins till the wedding vows are made. I know the feeling.

Liz: You do?

Tess: Yeah. Back home-home, when I was the equivalent of a teenager, I remember not wanting to give it up until I found the right guy and got married.

Liz: To Max.

Tess: To Max.

They sat in silence for a few moments. Liz's mind was filled with many scrambled thoughts. She had practically forgotten that Tess and Max HAD been married in their past life. She had always seen Tess as an outsider that was destined for Max, not someone who already had Max. Liz suddenly felt like the outsider. Maybe if she didn't get shot that day in the Crashdown, none of this would have happened. Max and Tess could renew their marriage and the world would be safe. She felt very empty thinking those thoughts.

Tess: It was a beautiful day from what I could remember.

Liz: What?

Tess: My wedding day with Max. Maybe I shouldn't tell you.

Liz: No, go ahead, I'd like to hear it.

Tess: Well, we got married in a big building, probably our version of a church. There were so many people there, all dressed so formally. I can remember seeing Max, he was so handsome. Touching his hand that day was so electric.

Tess looked so contented to Liz, but Liz wasn't envious, she knew the feeling of loving Max Evans.

Tess: We linked our thoughts together and I could see everything in his mind and he could see everything in me. I guess that's why I don't understand humans that well. With us, when you get married, you had to share everything with your partner. Here, how do you know that the one you love is the right person if you can't see what they're thinking?

Liz could recall the visions she and Max used to share as well.

Liz: I guess it's just a gut instinct. You have to build trust in different ways.

Tess: You're right, but I'm still trying to figure it out.

Liz: So, what else happened?

Tess: We had a dance, just like they do here. I remember how he held me tight against him, how he twirled me around...

Liz couldn't contain it anymore. She had repressed her feelings all these months, but the one thing she couldn't let go of was her future wedding with Max. She knew it was supposed to happen, but all she had was one dance with Future Max. Now she could see herself in Tess' place. She too had her dance, only to lose Max... to me! Liz began to cry.

Tess: What's wrong?

Liz: Nothing. I just got caught up in your story.

Tess: You act like you just got married yourself.

Liz: I was supposed to be.

Tess: What's that supposed to mean?

Liz: Max and I... we were supposed to get married in the future.

Liz couldn't believe what she was saying, but somehow, she felt it was right that Tess knew the truth. They both loved Max and they both have been/are to be married to him.

Liz: The reason I knew about the granolith was because I've seen its power. It transported Max back from 2014 to Roswell just a few months ago.

Tess pulled the car over to the side. She knew that something big was coming.

Liz: Future Max told me that I was going to marry him when we were both 18 at an Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas. But due to our marriage, the world ends because we drive you away.

Tess: I... I... don't know what to say. I somehow knew that you and Max would eventually get married and I thought that I could live with that.

Tess begins to cry softly.

Tess: I can't believe this. I've never cried before.

Liz: Tess, I'm sorry.

Liz put her hand on Tess' arm, trying to comfort her. She couldn't help starting to cry again herself. What emotions were at play here? Liz felt a burden lift from her shoulders after finally telling Tess the truth. She did not realize it till then how much guilt and anguish she had felt hiding the truth from Tess. Even if it didn't absolve her for being some sort of home wrecker, she felt relieved. And along the way, she learned that Tess was more human than she originally thought.

Tess: I'm not mad at you or anything. It's just a shock to me. You say I left. Part of me wishes I didn't especially if it means that it causes the end of the world. But part of me understands that the human... the emotional part of me must be getting stronger.

Liz: There's nothing wrong in being human.

Tess: I know, but so much of me is alien, that I don't want to admit I have human feelings and weaknesses. But now I can see in you that there are advantages in being more human.

Tess manages a small smile through her tears. Something clicks in Liz. She doesn't quite understand it, but Tess just seems different to her. Here's someone who she hated for such a long time. She had been her rival... her enemy for so long that she didn't realize that the person underneath her hatred was someone in the same situation as she was in. But instead of hating her, Tess was even more controlled about her emotions. She understood her place in my world even if Liz didn't understand her's.

Tess: Thanks for telling me. Look at us, two girls weeping over the same guy!

Tess leans over and hugs Liz tightly. They form a new bond today, a bond of heartbroken, but strong women. Liz though realizes that Tess is more than just her new friend. She has never noticed before how Tess is much like Max: caring, loyal, and loving. But she is also not like Max: she's straight forward, assured, and not emotionally impotent.

Tess and Liz slowly release their long embrace. Liz looks into Tess eyes. They are big and blue as the ocean after a storm. Liz can feel herself getting lost in Tess' gaze. What's going on? She doesn't understand the urges that are coming from her gut, but they are unmistakable.

Slowly, Liz closes her eyes and feels the soft brush of Tess' warm lips on hers. She can taste the saltiness of their intermingling tears. Everything just feels perfect right there with Tess. She can practically see the green skies of Antar.

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