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"Who Do You Love?"
Part 3
by Michael Sim
Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are the property of Regency Television, Jason Katims Productions and the Warner Brothers Corporation. All use is for the sole purpose of fictional storytelling.
Summary: This is a sequel to the fanfiction story "The Truth of It All." Max and Isabel react against each other after learning of Isabel's past treachery. Maria and Michael are forced into a tense situation with Sean while Tess and Liz's relationship grows.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I did this in a different style from my other stories just to try something new. It's definitely a tougher format in which to write and much longer.
Classes at West Roswell High were the same as always for Alex. Similarly dry and boring lectures followed each starting bell that he was getting the distinct feel of déjà vu every time he sat down. Which Bronte wrote Withering Heights? Was it Bell or Edison who invented the phonograph? He was getting his literature and history classes mixed up. Well, that's what they get for being back to back. All Alex could do was daydream about his "date" with Isabel during the weekend. He could still remember how she kissed him on the neck. He was worried that washing that part of his body might make forget how that felt. But he realized, there's no way I could forget that!

Teacher: Mr. Wittman?

Alex: Wuh...

Alex is rudely awakened from his repose and subsequently knocks his textbook and other paraphernalia on the ground. The class giggles, more out of empathy than malice. Any one of them could have done the same thing if singled out as Alex was.

Teacher: Mr. Wittman, are you here with us today or is your mind somewhere on another planet?

Alex: Sorry. I'm right here.

Teacher: Good. Now don't make me stop for you again.

Alex: Yes, sir.

Well that was humiliating enough! This would have never happened in computer science. Alex had that class so down that he could be surfing the web, reading email, and replying to his groups and still finish his assignments before the class was even half over. Here, on the other hand, he could barely keep his attention up before he...

As Alex scanned the room, he noticed that another person didn't seem to be enjoying this class either, Isabel. She sat diagonally behind Alex so he couldn't conveniently see her. Today, it really didn't matter given his vivid imagination and given that Isabel usually ignored him at school to appease her popular friends. But Isabel did not seem herself. She always came to school looking radiant, that was no exaggeration, but today, she looked as if a storm cloud was over her head. The school bell goes off in the distance, none too early as he was ready to get out of another boring class.

Teacher: Please read chapter five and six for tomorrow!

Whatever. Alex's thoughts were on fighting his way through the throng to catch up to Isabel in the hallway.

Alex: Isabel. Wait.

Isabel doesn't turn to look at Alex, just merely stops.

Alex: Oh, I get it. Sorry, I'll call you then later...

Alex realizes that she wasn't snubbing him like she usually did at school. Something was wrong. He walked around to face her, but she had her face down.

Alex: Isabel, what's wrong?

Alex had always been a very sensitive and empathetic individual. As a child, he cared for a hurt bird he found in his backyard. Although the bird died just two days after he found it, he wept for it as if he had lost his own pet. These sentiments were what brought him together with Maria and Liz. Yet for all his childhood feelings, nobody had gotten to Alex the way Isabel had. He could see right through her veil of pretension and see the vulnerable and loving person that hiding from hurt he couldn't imagine.

He softly placed his hand on her chin and turned her face up to look at him. Her face was wet with tears.

Isabel: Oh Alex...

Isabel hugged Alex like he was her salvation, catching him by surprise. Actually, Alex was in shock. He had never seen Isabel lose control in such a public place. Something was gravely wrong.

Alex: What's wrong? Please tell me.

Isabel: (struggling to speak) It's Max... It's so horrible. Help me, Alex.

Alex: How?

Isabel grabbed Alex by the wrist and practically dragged him out of the building.

Alex: Whoa! We're going to be late for sixth period!

Isabel: I don't care! I need to get away from here.

She didn't stop until they arrived at Alex's little Toyota Corolla.

Isabel: You're driving.

Alex: Okay.

Despite his concerns, he took off, not knowing where they were heading. If Isabel was this distraught, he knew it was something important. No matter, if she had asked him to jump from the school's roof, he would have asked feet or hands first.

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