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"Who Do You Love?"
Part 5
by Michael Sim
Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are the property of Regency Television, Jason Katims Productions and the Warner Brothers Corporation. All use is for the sole purpose of fictional storytelling.
Summary: This is a sequel to the fanfiction story "The Truth of It All." Max and Isabel react against each other after learning of Isabel's past treachery. Maria and Michael are forced into a tense situation with Sean while Tess and Liz's relationship grows.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I did this in a different style from my other stories just to try something new. It's definitely a tougher format in which to write and much longer.
This is the life, no books, no rules, and no stupid chemistry. Michael was deep in thought on his third video of the day, kicking back, drinking a couple of beers. Who cares that it's only early afternoon. With his legs up on the coffee table, he sat back ready to do a body count on one of his new favorites: Gladiator. Michael wondered, maybe I was a studly gladiator back home; that would explain my powers, my bravado... His bigheaded imagination is interrupted by knocking on his door.

Michael: (looking at his watch) Finally! It's been more than 30 minutes.

After fetching some bills from the kitchen counter, he opens the door, expecting his pizza with extra sauce, pineapples, and hot peppers.

Michael: So what's the damage?

He stops and realizes that it is not the delivery guy, but Maria, who is visibly sobbing. What the hell did I do this time? She didn't have a recital today. I didn't set any plans to meet with her at school. I know I didn't forget a birthday or anniversary.

Before Michael could do anything else, Maria throws herself at him.

Maria: Oh, Michael, it was horrible.

Michael realizes that this is something more than any delinquency he had ever committed.

Michael: What's wrong?

Michael brings Maria into the apartment and closes the door. They sit on the couch, Maria never releasing her grasp from Michael's chest. She continues to sob, finding solace in his arms. Michael does his best to comfort her, stroking her hair, caressing her back.

Maria: Ow!

Michael: What! What did I do?

Maria: It's not you. I just hurt there.

Michael: Tell me what happened.

Maria: I... I, sort of, had an accident this morning.

Michael could tell that she was not telling him the whole truth.

Michael: What kind of accident?

Maria: I fell down.

Michael: Then why are you so upset?

It is only now that Michael notices her right sleeve bulges out at the right arm and elbow.

Michael: What happened to your arm?

Maria only whimpers in response. Why was she being so timid, so scared to answer his questions? He only wanted to help. What the hell happened?! Only then did Maria slowly remove her sweater. He didn't know what to expect, but he knew that it wasn't good. Struggling, she finally got the right sleeve off to reveal a huge swath of gauze and bandages, soiled with blood covering most of her mid arm. Michael is stunned, he doesn't know how to make heads or tails of the situation.

Before he can do anything, Maria slowly turns to reveal her back. He can see that at the site where he touched her back was a large black and purple bruise. After turning to face Michael again, Maria broke into a new wave of tears.

Michael: You didn't just fall, did you?

Maria shook her head.

If she hadn't just fallen, it meant someone made her fall. He could feel his blood beginning to boil.

Michael: Who did this to you?

Maria: (through her tears) I don't think he meant it. We got into an argument.

Why was she defending this guy? Can't she see that he assaulted her?

Michael: Just tell me who did this.

Michael's voice couldn't hide the anger that was welling in him. He couldn't help it, some piece of shit bastard hurt his girlfriend... HIS girlfriend!

Maria: It... it was Sean.

Michael: God damned bastard! I knew he would be trouble.

Michael could barely contain himself now. He stood up hoping his anger could better flow out of his body if upright, but the exact opposite was happening, he was getting more and more pissed.

Maria: Please don't do anything crazy!

Michael: (returning to her side) How can you say that?! He attacked you!

Maria: I know...

Maria sobs made Michael realize that his actions were only traumatizing her more. He couldn't leave this alone, but he had to take care of Maria first.

Michael: Fine, I'll take care of Sean later. I have to get you to Max so he can heal you.

Maria: No.

Michael: Why not?

Maria: I don't need that kind of healing right now.

Maria again hugged Michael. He felt comfort in her words and her touch as well. Maria, beaten and battered, came to him and wanted him to heal her. So he had the power to heal as well, not the same way Max did, but in his own way. That felt really good, but he still wanted vengeance. Maybe it selfish for him to think that way, but someone had messed with his woman and he wasn't about to let him get away with that.

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