Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 5
by Ala
Disclaimer: I wish I do but I don't own anything.
Summary: Maria and Liz are Skins and they are send to kill the Royal Four... Well, when they meet our favourite aliens, they are not sure what to do.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
„Well what do you think about them?” Max asked when they were sitting in his jeep.

„Liz is great, but Maria. Ugh... She’s awful. I can’t believe that I will have to work with her” Isabel said clearly annoyed

„Well I like her” Alex said from back seat sitting between Michael and Tess

„Sure you do” Isabel spat still jealous

„What was that about?” Alex asked „Is, are you jealous?”

Max couldn’t hide his smile when he saw Isabel blushing

„No. Of course I’m NOT. I have NO reason to be. What do you think about them, honey?” She looked in mirror to see Michael lost in his own thoughts

„We can’t trust them. They’re humans” Michael finally said

„So what? I’m too” Alex looked hurt

Isabel saw his hurt eyes „Alex you are like family to us. You were raised with us. We love you” Isabel was staring directly in his dark eyes.

Tess looked at her brother. He was always feeling alien in their little group. His family adopted Tess when she was six. For years they grew very close. They were like siblings and it didn’t matter that he was a human and she was an alien. Alex was first to know about Tess’s origins. In fact, he knew everything about her. And inversely. Tess knew how Isabel affected Alex and he knew why Tess was at every basketball match, which was in school. He knew about hers and Kyle’s Valenti little romance last year. And he was proud because the three other aliens didn’t know.


„So what do you think about them” Liz asked Maria

They were lying on the floor in front of TV watching „X-Files”

„Scully is a cold bitch and Mulder needs a women”

„Maria, you know who I’m talking about…”

„Yeah I know...” Maria said smiling „Alex is great. He could be our best friend. Isabel is a bitch and I can hardly wait to work with her, Michael is my dream-come-true man, Tess is weird and Max is hopeless romantic. I mean he was staring at you all the time” Liz couldn’t hide her smile. “Yeah” she whispered “Okay, I must go to work by now. I don’t want to be late on the first day of my new job so be polite and don’t do anything stupid. Is that clear?” Liz talked to her sister like to a small kid

“Yeah mommy, I won’t. Don’t you know me?”

“Yes. I KNOW you. And that is the problem” Liz smiled

“I won’t do anything stupid. Besides I have to work today. I mean what could positively happen at new boring work?”

“Maria. You’re working with Isabel…”

Maria put on her face mischievous smile “And Michael…”

“This WILL be definitely a long day” Liz said walking out from room

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