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"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 6
by Ala
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Summary: Maria and Liz are Skins and they are send to kill the Royal Four... Well, when they meet our favourite aliens, they are not sure what to do.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
I just can’t get you out of my head… Boy, your love is all I think about

Liz walked into UFO Center still thinking about Max. When she heard Kylie’s Minouge song she smiled to herself. She looked around the place. “Everything is about … aliens” she said to herself

“No kidding” Someone said and Liz felt stupid. She spun around and saw Max Evans smiling at her

She thought to herself “Hi Max! What are you doing here?” She tried to hide her embarrassment

“Working” Max pointed at his UFO Center waistcoat

“Oh” Liz felt like total idiot “Great” She said

“And you? What are you doing here? Do you want to know something more about aliens?”

She thought She smiled at the thought. Then she looked at him. He was observing her. “I know that they are green with big eyes. It’ s enough for me” Max smiled. “Serious, I will work here too. I’m looking for a guy named Brody”

“Someone’s talking about me” Brody walked to them “I’m Brody and you must be Liz. Come with me. I will tell you what you have to do in here”

Max watched her go with Brody.

*** Michael sat in one of the booths in Crash Down. He was waiting for Isabel.

“Hi Michael! What can I get you?” sweet voice asked

It belonged to Maria. He remembered it from the moment that they have met. He looked at her in admiration. Even in this silly uniform she looked perfectly. He almost laughed at her antennas

She saw that“ Yeah I hate this uniform but when you live on your own you have to be ready to great sacrifices” She said jokingly “SO you and Isabel are together?” She looked at him provocatively

“Yes” was all he could say. He wanted to ask her out. But no word came out from his mouth. He immediately reminded himself that he couldn’t trust her.


“So what?” he grumbled he thought, when he saw her hurt face

“So what can I get you?”

“Coke and Tabasco.

“Is that all?”

“Yeah. That is all. Hurry up”


She walked away. She didn’t want to show him her upset face she thought

Michael couldn’t believe what has he done. Why it was so hard for him to be nice. Well, he couldn’t let anyone get close to him. His destiny was Isabel. Nasedo said that. When they were ten he came to Roswell and he taught them a lot of things. He talked about their previous lives. About their destiny. Tess was the happiest one. She always wanted to be Max’s girlfriend. At the begging, it was hard. Being in relationship with someone, who could be your sister, wasn’t very encouraging. Michael didn’t love Isabel. And she didn’t love him. But they were supposed to be together. Nasedo said that love would come later so they were waiting. Well, now they were couples for three years and Michael still haven’t felt anything special for Isabel. She was his friend. He loved her but wasn’t IN love with her. And there she came. Maria. He wasn’t ready for that kind of emotions. In fact, he was afraid of what he was feeling towards the girl. He has never felt anything like it. He didn’t how to deal with it. Being ‘stonewall’ was the best way out of it. But why it hurt so much?


“Liz!” Max bumped into the girl. They were still in UFO Center. Liz was showing one of showcases to some tourists

“Oh hi” she said

“How do you like the job?” Max asked. He desperately wanted to talk with her

“I enjoy it. I think that Brody guy is kind of weird” She said. She felt she could tell Max everything. But she knew that what impossible. How would he react if he knew she was an alien? “But the tourist are nice”

“Yeah. I don’t know why people are visiting places like that. It’s kind of creepy. Afterwards you can get some nightmares about green creatures with big black eyes” he thought. But he didn’t know how to say it. She looked at him with these lovely eyes. He couldn’t take it anymore “What are you doing tonight?” he suddenly asked

Liz was surprised. Was she? “I don’t know. I think I will help my sister with whole this removal thing” She was VERY delighted and suddenly all she wanted was to kiss him tenderly “But you know, I could go somewhere else… “

“Do you want to go out with me?” Max couldn’t believe that he said that aloud

“Yeah. Of course” But then it hit her. Her happiness was replaced by disappointment “What happened?” Max asked truly concerned

“Max. I can’t” Liz said with trembling voice “You have girlfriend, remember?”

He looked surprised. Then he realized that he was in long lasting relationship with his blonde friend. He didn’t know what to say “So lets go to cinema as… friends” It sounded ridicules but he couldn’t think of anything else for now

“Yeah. Why not?” Liz said smiling


“So you have got a date with Max Evans?” Maria couldn’t believe it. They were sitting in their new bathroom. Peter found smaller and cheaper house near the Crash Down. It had one bathroom, four rooms and kitchen. The girls loved it.

“NO” Liz said looking in the mirror ” It’s not a date. He’s with Tess. It is a… friend’s meeting”

“Oh yeah…” Maria said smiling ironically “Friend’s meeting… So why are you doing your make-up for two hours?”

*** “Maxwell, tell me that you’re kidding” “No, Michael. I’m going out with the most beautiful girl in the whole world” They were at florist’s buying red roses

“But I said that we can’t trust them. Are enemies are in Roswell”

“Michael. You are paranoid. I’m not going to tell her that I’m a… Czechoslovakian. I just want to have nice evening with nice girl. That’s all”

“But you ARE with TESS!”

“I know. That’s why it is only a friend’s meeting”

“Friend’s meeting?” Michael asked unbelievably


“So why are you buying her red roses? You’ve never bought Tess flowers”

Max looked at his friend “Just shut up”

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