Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 4
by Ala
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Summary: Maria and Liz are Skins and they are send to kill the Royal Four... Well, when they meet our favourite aliens, they are not sure what to do.
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Rating: PG-13
“Well, how do you like our new house?” Peter asked when they entered one of big houses down the main street

“ Wow! It’s… big” Maria said with admiration “Nicolas buy it for us?” She couldn’t believe it. “How can he afford that?”

Liz looked little disappointment. “ It’s too big. I mean, it has two bedrooms for one person”

“Yes and you will have a personal bathroom”

Liz and Maria looked at each other.

“ I want to share a room with Liz. I don’t need two bedrooms and private bathroom” Maria looked at Peter “Liz is right. It’s enormous and when you leave we will live in it by ourselves. We don’t want such big house”

“ You are so ungrateful…” Peter spat “Tomorrow I will search something smaller for you”

“What about money? How much Nicolas gave us?”

Peter looked uncomfortable. “Not much. You must find job around here”

“You mean that WE have to work?” Maria couldn’t believe it. She thought they would leave in luxury. That they will have enough money and their only problem will be to kill the Royal Four. Now all her fantasies vanished and she saw how hard it’s going to be living in Roswell. Peter pulled her out from thoughts

“Liz. You will work at the UFO Center. I talk today with it’s owner. He’s name is Brody. You should remember it”

Liz was getting mad. “And when did you plan to consider it with me?” “There is nothing to consider. Maybe you will find something in there about this aliens”

“Oh yeah. Like they are going to come to UFO center and say that they are aliens” she said sarcastically. Maria smiled

“Liz. This is an order”

Liz once again felt disappointment. She didn’t want to work, and especially not in place about aliens. It’ s enough that she’s from another planet. She has always wanted to have a normal life. And she hated when somebody or something reminded about her origins.

Maria watched the floor. She tried to cover her smile. Her little Lizzie was becoming more confident and brave. She liked that new Liz.

“And you Maria…” Peter looked at surprised girl “I talked today with Philip Evans. And I got you job at the local restaurant called Crash Down Café”

“WHAT? You must be kidding!” Maria yelled. She remembered Isabel. That waitress was the last person in Universe that she wanted to work with. “But Peter… I’m not good at being waitress…” She tried to defend herself “I’m ninny about it…”

“You will learn it”


“No buts. Liz will work and so do you. We don’t have enough money and somebody has to pay the rent”

“I… Want to go sleep!” Maria yelled. She was furious.

“Your bedroom is on the first floor, ” Peter said. He knew exactly how Maria would react. She was the impulsive one of Parker siblings. Liz didn’t often show her emotions to other people. Peter raised them here on Earth, and he knew about them more than anyone else. He taught them how to fight, use powers, and be courage and brave. When Maria ran to her room Liz and Peter stood in uncomfortable silence “I will check and talk to her. She’s little upset”

“Yeah I know. Hurricane Maria” Peter shyly smiled. Liz started to walk up stairs. Peter timidly said “Thanks Liz”

“You’re welcome”


Maria was lying on her bed when Liz entered the room. They looked at each other.

“It won’t be easy here” Maria started

“Yeah. But… We still have each other. Nicolas could separate us, but he didn’t. And c’mon it could be fun. Do you remember that two hotties from Crash Down?”

Maria smiled. Memory of that brown-haired guy made her happier “Yeah. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all”

“C’mon. Now we should go to sleep. I’ve got this feeling tomorrow will be a long day”


Liz entered Roswell High with some feeling of fear. She wore black flared jeans and blue shirt. She didn’t sleep well. All night long she was thinking about that handsome stranger from Crash Down. < If he often eats at Crash Down I’ll beg Maria to change her work with me > she thought.

“Hi!” Liz jumped and turned around to see Isabel with Maria’s-Dream-Boy standing in front of her

“Oh hi!” Liz smiled “You scared me”


“ No. I’m really sorry for my sister’s yesterday behavior. I really don’t know what’s got into her”

“Don’t be sorry. Well, I’m waitress and I know how hungry people react when they wait too long for their food”

Girls smiled. Liz felt sympathy for the blonde girl. Beside Maria, she never had a friend. Then she looked at the boy.

“Oh. I forgot.” Isabel quickly said “Liz this is my boyfriend Michael Guerin...”

< Maria will love that > Liz smiled at the thought. She looked up just to see that Michael was also smiling.

“Michael this my new friend Liz...” Isabel hesitated

“... Parker” Liz added “Nice to meet you, Michael”

Michael thought “The same” he spat

“Liiiiizzzz!” Suddenly Maria ran to her sister. “Give me the keys to the car!” She demanded

“What? Why?”

“I’ll tell you later. Just give me those damn keys!”

Liz watched her sister. She didn’t know what happened, but she knew it was not the time to ask for it. So she opened her purse and started to look for it. Maria noticed two teenagers standing near her. “Oh. I didn’t introduce myself. Hi. I’m Maria Parker” Maria looked Michael directly in the eyes. They were standing in silence just watching their selves. And there was some big tension between them. Isabel could feel it too. And suddenly she felt a big wave of jealousy hitting her.

“I’m... “ Michael started

“Engaged” Isabel finished “He’s my boyfriend for 3 years” Maria felt little disappointment. Isabel saw that and she decided to take advantage over Maria “Hi Maria! I’m Isabel and I feel honored to meet you. You must be a great person and I can’t wait to know you better” she said sarcastically

Maria looked at the girl, wondering what she should say, “Well I’m happy to. Especially that we’ll work together. So you will have plenty of time and occasions to know me better”

Isabel looked shocked “What do you mean?”

“My...” “... good friend got for me job at the Crash Down so we’ll see each other very often now” She smiled. She thought to herself. Isabel was stunned. And Michael was... did she saw a small shy smile on his face? Nah. she thought

“Hi guys! We are waiting for you” Alex said running to his friends. He saw new pretty girls talking with them and he seemed to be surprised. “And you are?” he asked Maria

“I’m Maria and this is my sister Liz. We’re new here” The blonde girl said smiling sweetly to Alex. She could feel Isabel’s eyeing her “Could you show us the school?” She looked at him doing most sweet look on her face.

Alex looked at her in amazement. “Yeah of course. If you want me to...”

Isabel felt now VERY jealous. She was ready to jump on Maria and ripped her hair off. But then she realized that she was jealous of ALEX. And she felt weird. Why he had such affect on her? She didn’t know. She thought. From that moment she knew that life with Maria in town is going to be horror.

Michael looked at her soft skin. He immediately wanted to grab and kiss her passionately. He ordered himself. But when he saw her talking to Alex he felt jealous hitting him. He looked at Alex Whitman and all he wanted to do was to use his powers on him

“Why don’t you sit with us” Alex proposed, “We’re sitting over there and eating lunch. You could join us”

“Yeah. Sounds good” Maria said

“You were hurrying somewhere, don’t you remember?” Isabel interrupted them

Maria immediately remembered her earlier rush. “Oh. I forgot about it! But I could do it later. I mean Peter could wait” Michael thought, “So lets go” ***

„And then he said that our enemies are in the town” Tess was drinking her Coke

„How does he know that?” Max asked

„He found a piece of skin in front of Crash Down”

„That’s all?”

„Nasedo said that it belongs to our enemies called Skins. And that they want to kill us”

„Sounds bad” Max tried but he couldn’t think about anyone else than the brunette that was yesterday in Crash Down. So he was very delighted when he saw her walking with Isabel and Michael in his direction

„Have you already met our new friends?” Alex asked. Max shook his head „Well, this is Maria and this is her sister Liz”

Max looked at them. Then it hit him. They were totally different. Liz had brown eyes and dark hair and she looked more sensitive than her sister. And Maria was blonde. She had completely different eyes. How could they be sisters? Then he concentrated only on Liz. She was so beautiful. „So...” he started „It’s probably hard to be new students”

„Tell me about it...”Maria started

Liz thought She knew that her sister could talk for hours. So she sat next to Max and she was happy just to be near him.

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