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"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 3
by Ala
Disclaimer: I wish I do but I don't own anything.
Summary: Maria and Liz are Skins and they are send to kill the Royal Four... Well, when they meet our favourite aliens, they are not sure what to do.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
When Liz entered Crashdown she felt three pairs of eyes looking at her. She was embarrassed. She thought. She looked to the table where He sat. He was dazing at her. He had the most amazing eyes that she had ever seen. She was drowning in them.

She decided to sit. She took place in the first free booth.

Moment later, pretty tall waitress came to her. Liz was feeling nervous. She hasn’t ever liked to be the new person in town. She felt too much attention on her. And she was rather shy, quiet and modest girl - totally unlike her sister Maria.

She ordered her meal and looked again at the dark - haired boy. she thought. Suddenly she heard familiar voice behind her.

“Liz! There you are! You should tell me where are you going! I looked everywhere for you!” Maria yelled

“Sorry. I was and I am really hungry. I couldn’t resist the urge when I saw the restaurant sign”

“ Yeah... Me too” Maria admitted “I would never find you if I didn’t get so hungry” They laughed Maria sat next to Liz

“So what they have here to eat?” blonde asked

“Here’s the menu “ Liz gave Maria list of the meals

Moment later the same waitress, which served Liz, came with hot fries. She looked surprised when she saw Maria

“Oh hi! What can I get you?”

“Hi... “ Maria looked at uniform that Isabel worn. She had to keep herself from laughing. Isabel saw that and she felt really stupid. She felt her cheeks grow warm. She immediately didn’t like that blonde haired girl.

“.... Isabel” Maria ended “ I am VERY hungry so I will take fries and Will Smith Burger. And Cherry Coke”

“Is that all?”

“For now - YES, space girl. Now go and get our food

Isabel was furious She thought. . Somewhere in her head she heard voice

“Dammit” she said entering the kitchen “What happened? “Michael asked with curiosity when he saw Isabel’s red face

“Nothing. Just those two new girls! Especially that blondie. She treated me like I was her slave or something!”

“What new girls?”

“I don’t know. The first is Liz and she said she’s new here. She was kind of nice and I even liked her. But the other one... her sister. Ugh…

“Don’t worry. I will take care of it” Michael said

“What?” Isabel was surprised “She asked for fries. So she will have it... with some extra features” Michael grinned and he took Tabasco sauce from the table. ***

“ You should have been nicer” Liz said gazing at her sister

“What? C’mon Lizzie. You know how I am”

“Unfortunately yes” They started to laugh

“But…“ Liz started talking again “We are here NEW and we should make some friends”

Maria looked at her sister apologetically “Yes. Okay. I know. I will be nicer. I promise”

Liz once again looked at mysterious guy in the other booth. He was staring at her. Then he said something to the girl, who was sitting with him, and she smiled. Liz thought. Maria followed Liz’s gaze

“Kind of nice guy” she said

“You think?”

“Yep. I think he likes you, babe. And vice versa”


“Nothing. So... are you going to sit here and stare at him?”

“Yeah. What do you suggest?”

Maria just smiled. In that moment Isabel came and gave them ordered food.


Michael couldn’t wait to see the blonde’s reaction so he went to Max’s table to look closer at her

“Hi Maxwell! Hi Tess!” He said and then he joined them by sitting in the table

“Hi! What is going on?” Max said

“I... Just wanted to see the new girls. Isabel told me about them...”

“Only that?” - Tess asked suspiciously

“Yep” Michael said avoiding their eyes

“ Michael. You’re lying. Tell the truth” Max demanded

Michael thought for a moment and then said “Well. One of them has just hurt Isabel, so I added some extra Tabasco to her fries. Just wanted to see her reaction. That’s all”

“That’s irresponsible! “Max yelled

“Yeah I hear that a lot” Michael wanted to add something but suddenly the blonde girl looked at their table. When he saw her he felt a wave of warm running down his body. She was the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen. He thought Her full lips and that beautiful green soulful eyes. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. He could only look at her. He quickly begin being sorry for what he did to her fries

“Michael! Michael!” Tess yelled. She hit his shoulder. He looked at her with annoyance

“What?” he spat

“What is with you guys today?”

“Sorry… I just... It feels like I know them from somewhere”

“You too?“ Max asked

They looked at each other in surprise.

“Visions? “ was all Max said

“You too?”

Max nodded. Then they looked in amazement at the two girls, who were eating their fries


“ My fries taste like they’re with Tabasco sauce…”

“Nah.... You are just imagining things... So what are you were saying about that guy?”

“I was saying that you could…wait a minute. Let me take a look at him again”

Maria looked at the booth, but she didn’t turn her attention to the dark-haired boy. She saw the brown-haired one and her heart started to skip quicker “Well that one is hottie...”

“What?” Liz asked

“That one with that longer hair. Yep! He’s definitely in my type!”


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