Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 2
by Ala
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Summary: Maria and Liz are Skins and they are send to kill the Royal Four... Well, when they meet our favourite aliens, they are not sure what to do.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
“Maria, wake up!” Liz said waking her sister up

“What? Why?” Maria asked still unconscious

“We’re here”

Maria looked out the window when they were passing sign, which said ”Roswell City Limits”

“So we are here? “ Maria asked not believing in it. When she fall asleep they were about 300 km to Roswell


“What time is it?”


“I slept four hours?”

“Yep. You are hard sleeper...”

“So we’re we going now?”

“You will see the city. Try to find some place where could be a lot of teenagers “ Peter said “ And I will find a place to sleep for the night for us”

“When you are leaving?”

“Next week. When we will find some clue about Royal Four. I’m responsible for mission. Nicholas wanted me to gave him report every week”

“This is stupid. We don’t even know if they are still in Roswell. We got the signal in spring. I mean. They could be everywhere!

“No. Nicholas said that they are here so they must be here!”

“Yeah... Of course “ Maria said sarcastically

“Nicholas is our leader and we have to listen to him. Rebellion is convicted death”

Girls lapsed into silence. Liz winced. She didn’t liked Nicholas at all. He was so cruel. The most of people of their planet hate him. But they had to listen to him. They wanted to return to home. And Nicolas was their ticket. She thought about her mission. She had never killed anyone before. She didn’t want to. Nicholas knew that. she thought < Nicholas knows my weakness and he plays with me> and the other reason was Zan. Nicolas had to know what was between her and King.

When she was eighteen she meet Zan on some royal ball. And she knew that was IT. Their gazes meet and that is how it started. The war was coming up and Kivar was Liz’s superior. He hated Zan. He wanted to kill him. So she had to finish their relationship. For good all of her family. Kivar could kill them and she loved Maria and her parents more than anything in world. Beside that, there was Ava - future Zan’s bride.

The car suddenly stopped pulling Liz out of her thoughts.

“ Okay. Get out. We will meet at ten in front of UFO Center, which is right on the left side of car. Go and look for them. We must succeed! Nicholas will make heroes of us. We will be famous and our supreme....

“Yeah, yeah Peter. Leave that senseless crap for yourself” Maria closed the door

She looked at Liz. At the same moment, both of them felt unconfident and little frightened. This wasn’t their area. Everything could happen.

*** “Oh Michael! Don’t stop! “ Isabel moaned when Michael’s lips were kissing her earlobe

They were making out in the back room of Crash Down. It was pretty dead night. And now only two customers were eating their Eclipse Burgers when they heard someone’s coming.

“Michael I have to work...” Isabel tried to push him away

“Yeah... “ Michael didn’t stop kissing her neck

“Oh, I can see how you are working” they heard familiar voice They turned away to see smiling Max in front of them. Isabel quickly stood up “Just don’t tell dad.”

“I won’t”

“So…how was your date?” Michael asked

“No ‘how it was’ but ‘how it is’. We are waiting for someone to wait on us”

Isabel winced. She improved her costume and antennas. Michael got up from the couch. He went to kitchen and waited for order

“What can I get you?” Isabel asked blonde curly girl

“And how do you think?” Girl said smiling

“Okay. One cherry coke and …for you, brother?”

“ I’m hungry...” Isabel thought, “I will take...”

He stopped when Crash Down doors was opened and a beautiful, small girl with dark, long hair came in. He automatically recognized her. Sometimes she appeared in his dream. No. It was more like visions. He saw himself and her in some strange place that he’d never seen before. They were kissing each other. And he felt that he loved that girl. But he was always thinking that She didn’t exist. That it was only his imagination

“Max! Max!” Isabel called “Earth to Max”

“Yeah “ Max finally said little distracted. He looked at concerned Isabel

“What was that about? “ She asked

“Nothing. Just thinking” He was still staring at the girl. In fact, he couldn’t take his eyes of her

Suddenly that girl saw him and she was as much surprised and stunned as he was. Isabel followed his gaze. And so do Tess.

“Who is she?” Tess asked

Isabel looked at the girl. “I don’t know but I’m going to find out” She smiled and then she went to the table where the girl sat down

“Hi! I’m Isabel and I will be your waitress today”

“Oh, hi! I’m Liz and I’m new in the town. I want to eat some fries. Do you have fries?”

“Yes. Of course... And to drink?”

“Well, maybe... no! I’ll wait for my sister. She should be here in five minutes


Isabel watched the brown-haired girl. She looked somehow familiar. Isabel thought. Then she walked to Michael and gave him the order.

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