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"Time Intertwined"
Part 3
by Gail
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Summary: A strange man appears in Roswell with the power to destroy their world and with the mission of killing the link, only Liz is the link. Michael has a flash about the granolith and a strange vortex that has the power to send them to the future, but what happens when the vortex sucks them in, only they end up in the late 1800’s. Will they figure out what’s really going on or will the strange man, set on destroying the link, get to her first, and before they can get home?
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Rating: R
Authors Note: Um, up to the Harvest I guess, all episodes after that never happened and Max knows the truth about Kyle and Liz.
Max and Michael enter and Crashdown, the first thing they notice is the floor. It’s covered in blood leaving it a deep crimson shade of red. Maria was just to the left of the door and Liz lay towards the back, almost completely behind the counter.

Max: “God no!”

Michael: “Max! I found Maria, get down here and help me with her!”

Max: “Wait, where’s Liz?!”

Michael: “I don’t know but Maria’s out cold and she’s barely breathing.”

Michael begins to look over Maria and then discovers the pen stuck in her side.

Michael: “What the…Who the hell did this?! Max, someone stabbed her with a pen! I think they punctured her lung, she’s not getting much air.”

Max was still scanning the café while Michael was talking and then he noticed it. Liz’s arm hanging out from behind the counter. As the closer he got the more she came into view. He froze when he scanned down to her midsection and then back up to her face, their eyes locking.

Liz: “Max…”

Her eyes wide as she stared at the knife and her voice a scared whisper. Max dropped to his knees and called for Michael.

Max: “Michael! I found Liz, she’s been stabbed in the stomach with a knife! Get over here!”

As words left his mouth Isabel and Alex walked in,

Isabel: “Oh my God!”

Alex: “What happened?!”

Isabel rushes back to Max’s side and Alex joins Michael next to Maria.

Isabel: “Max we need to heal them!”

Max: “I know! Go to Maria, Michael can’t control his powers as well as you, he’s never healed anyone before.”

Isabel: “But Max neither have I!”

Max: “I know Is, but you two can help each other.”

Max pulls the knife from Liz and gazes at her face which crumples in anguish. His heart breaking at the sight. The whole time Liz has been lying there perfectly still and conscious, peering up into his eyes sharing her pain and fear with him.

Max: “Hold on Liz, it’s going to be ok.”

Liz: “Max, I, I can’t feel anything.”

Max: “Shh, try not to talk, save your strength.”

Isabel is over with Michael trying to heal Maria but nothing is happening. They yell at Max getting his attention, he turns to them taking his eyes off Liz only for a brief moment.

Michael: “Damn it Max! Its not working!”

Isabel: “Max what are we going to do?”

Max: “Hold on Isabel, I’ll be there in a sec!”

Max turns back to Liz and begins to place his hand on her, but when he goes to look at her to make the connection he see’s her eyes glaze over and they now hold a vacant stare.

Max: “Liz…Liz? Liz!”

Isabel: “Max! Didn’t Liz say something about the granolith being really powerful! Maybe if we get them there we can heal them both! Come on, we are not going to let them die!”

Max picks up Liz and heads for the door, Michael right behind him with Maria in his arms. Alex and Isabel picking up the rear when Isabel stops and waves her arm over the floor, wiping away the blood and then repeats the same motion only this time she takes care of the damage to the table and chairs, restoring the Crashdown back to it original sate. Then turns to follow Alex and the others.

Alex: “Good idea Isabel, but wait what about Tess? She’s supposed to meet us here.”

Max: “We don’t have time to wait. Lets move.”

The six of them headed out to Max’s jeep and Alex’s mom’s minivan. Alex, Michael and Maria heading to the minivan and Isabel, Max and Liz to the jeep.


Max and Michael lay the girls down by the granolith and Isabel joins them making a triangle around Liz and Maria.

Isabel: “Alex, sit across from me and join hands with us, we’re going to need all the help we can get, and we can use your strength.”

Alex sits and a diamond shape is formed, Max reaches out to the granolith and touches it. There is a blinding white light and then everything goes black. Slowly shadows start to form and from within these shadows come a vortex.

Michael: “It’s just like my vision!”

The vortex grows larger and strong winds being to blow, suddenly the vortex begins sucking everything in.

Max: “Hold on everybody!”

Isabel starts sliding forward, the vortex pulling her in. Alex grabs her hand and is sucked in with her. Before anyone can say anything Liz and Maria are also being sucked across the room, their boyfriends both clinging to them. All four are wrenched into the vortex, joining Alex and Isabel. The vortex closes and everything becomes still, except for the form that is now entering the chamber. The man steps into the light and moves forward. He approaches the granolith and begins to speak, a look of disappear on his face. Man: “You weren’t supposed to take them yet, the time isn’t right. Don’t you see they won’t make it to the future. They will end up in the past because they don’t know how to control it.” The man circled the granolith and then touched it, disappearing into a bright light. His thoughts on the six young friends and where they would end up. He would have to travel back and find them before his brother realized that the Link wasn’t dead. He had to stop Roland from killing her again.

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