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"Time Intertwined"
Part 4
by Gail
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…..except for my boyfriend.
Summary: A strange man appears in Roswell with the power to destroy their world and with the mission of killing the link, only Liz is the link. Michael has a flash about the granolith and a strange vortex that has the power to send them to the future, but what happens when the vortex sucks them in, only they end up in the late 1800’s. Will they figure out what’s really going on or will the strange man, set on destroying the link, get to her first, and before they can get home?
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Rating: R
Authors Note: Um, up to the Harvest I guess, all episodes after that never happened and Max knows the truth about Kyle and Liz. Want to see what the dresses and suits look like? I have a few color sketches of them at go check it out!

Tess enters the Crashdown and looks around; everything is as it should be except that there’s no one in sight.

Tess: “Hello? Anyone here? (Pauses) Gosh, I’m a little late and they go ahead and have the meeting with out me, figures, but where’s Liz? It’s not her to leave this place unlocked when no ones here. Well she’ll owe me one and as for the rest of them, they’ll have some explaining to do in the morning.”

With that Tess walks over and turns everything off then heads out the door locking it behind her with her powers.


In the back alley of a street in London late at night a blue spinning vortex opens and the 6 friends are spilled into the street. Alex comes through first, Isabel landing on top of him. The two quickly stand and move out of the way. Next Michael and Maria land side by side, Michael is helping Maria up when Max, who is holding Liz in his arms, lands behind them.

Liz: “Max, what happened?”

Max: “Liz! You’re all right! Can you stand? Are you in any pain?”

Liz: “I think I can stand and yes I’m fine. How’s Maria?”

Maria and Michael walk over to Max and Liz joined by Alex and Isabel. Michael has given Maria the once over and finally agreed with her that she is ok.

Maria: “Hey girl, I’m doing alright. But next time lets not open the door until after we’ve looked to see who it is.”

Liz: “Agreed.”

Everyone is now standing and they take in their surroundings. The streets are deserted except for a couple that is stepping out of a carriage across the way.

Alex: “Where are we?”

Isabel: “I think a better question is what year is it? Did you see what they were wearing?”

Michael: “Hey guys look at this, The London Times.”

Michael holds up a newspaper that someone has tossed in the alley.

Michael: “Its says it’s May 13th, 1887!”

Max: “That can’t be! How did we end up in the past?”

Liz turns to face Max, pausing before she speaks.

Liz: “I think I might know.”

Everyone is silent as Liz explains what happened in the Crashdown before they arrived. She tells them of Roland and how he said she is the link and how it was the love that she and Max shared that changed the future, how he betrayed them and by killing her gave Roland the future he wanted. When she finished Max was the first to speak.

Max: “He won’t ever hurt you again Liz, I swear my life on it.”

Liz: “Thank you Max.”

Isabel: “Ok, now that we know what’s what, what do we plan on doing about it?”

Maria: “I think the first thing we need to change are our clothes, were dead if we’re seen in these.”

Liz: “Maria’s right, we need to blend in and not draw any attention to us until we figure out how to get home.”

Isabel looks around and notices that on the side door of the building to their right there is a small sign, ‘The Floral Boutique’

Isabel: “I think we finally found a little luck.”

Max: “What makes you say that?”

Isabel: “Because we landed next to a clothing store and it just happens to be unlocked.”

Isabel walks over to the door, places her hand on the knob and uses her powers to unlock it.

Isabel: “The owners really should be more careful. Liz, Maria come on girls. Looks like we have some shopping to do. Max, Michael, and Alex you guys stay out here and keep watch, we’ll get something stylish for you boys to wear.”

Michael: “Sorry Is but you are not getting me to wear anything that comes from a store with the word floral in it.”

Maria steps up to Michael who has his arms crossed and a determined look on his face.

Maria: “Please Michael? For Me? You know we are going to have to get clothes from somewhere and here is as good a place as any, plus we won’t even have to leave the alley. Which means no one will have to see us dressed in our normal clothes. Puhleeease? Do it for me.”

There’s no way Michael is going to say no and Maria knows it, so without waiting for his answer she returns to Liz and Isabel and they enter the shop, all three secretly excited about finding the perfect dress, after all what girl wouldn’t be a little excited about dressing up?

The boys are still standing outside half an hour later wondering what the hell is taking them so long when Isabel finally steps out followed by Maria and then Liz.

Alex: “Wow, Isabel you look beautiful, red is definitely your color.”

Isabel: “Thanks Alex, I found you something I think you’ll like.”

Maria swings by Isabel and Michael see’s she has chosen a dress in green and can’t help but take in a quick breath at how gorgeous she looks. He tries to tell her what he thinks but fumbles with the words.

Michael: “Maria, you look, well you look great.”

Maria: “Thank you Michael, I’m glad you approve. (Maria turns to Isabel) God this corset is killing me! Why again do we have to wear them?”

Isabel: “Because we want to fit in right and besides, we tried them without and you could tell we weren’t wearing them, I’m pretty sure people would wonder why three women were running around town without their corsets on.”

Maria: “Fine I see your point. I’ll wear it, but I wont like it.”

Liz: “Neither will I. It feels like I can barely breath in this thing.”

Liz had finally stepped out of the building and is dressed in a dark blue gown, that’s when Max notices her. She walks over to him and takes his hand in hers.

Max: “Liz, the sight of you takes my breath away.”

Liz: “I know exactly how you feel.”

Isabel: “Alright, enough of the mushy stuff. Guys it’s your turn to go in and change. Your suits are hung in three of the fitting rooms. I think you’ll be able to figure out who wears what, and hurry up, we don’t have all night.”

Michael, Max, and Alex return 10 minutes later, each wearing a suit with color accents that match one of the girls dresses. They relock the shop and head out into the street to find a hotel and plan their next move.

On the other side of town there is a brilliant white light and a man appears under a street lamp, sensing his brother is near. He knows he doesn’t have much time before Roland finds the link again.

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