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"Time Intertwined"
Part 2
by Gail
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…..except for my boyfriend.
Summary: A strange man appears in Roswell with the power to destroy their world and with the mission of killing the link, only Liz is the link. Michael has a flash about the granolith and a strange vortex that has the power to send them to the future, but what happens when the vortex sucks them in, only they end up in the late 1800’s. Will they figure out what’s really going on or will the strange man, set on destroying the link, get to her first, and before they can get home?
Category: Other
Rating: R
Authors Note: Um, up to the Harvest I guess, all episodes after that never happened and Max knows the truth about Kyle and Liz.
Maria stood uneasily and pushed off the chair that had landed on her. The first thing she saw was Liz laying on the floor and the man standing above her, in a frantic sate of mind Maria searches for a weapon, anything that could possibly inflict any kind of pain, coming up short handed she pulls a pen out of her apron that had been sitting next to her order book. Her panic blocking the realization that a pen will do very little if nothing at all in the area of self-defense. By the time reality had in kicked in it was too late to grab a chair or anything else for that matter, because the man had started to turn to her, the pen would have to do.

Maria: “Get away from her!”

Man: “Or what? You’ll poke me to death? I don’t think so, in fact I’m guessing it’s going to be the other way around.”

With that the man lifted Maria up to his face grabbing the pen Maria had pulled on him in her desperate attempt at self-defense and stabbed her with it. The pen was embedded up to the cap in her side, stuck between her ribs. Maria screamed in torment and was dropped to the ground; she clutched her side in agony whimpering to herself.

Maria: “Please God, don’t let him kill us, don’t let us die. Michael….”

That was all Maria got out before she too fell into unconsciousness. He had gotten her out of the way and could now turn his attention back to Liz who had begun to stir.

Man: “Now it will be done.”

Liz: “Who are you?”

Man: “My name is Roland.”

Liz: “Why….why do you want to kill us?”

Roland: “Not ‘us’ dear girl, but you. Without you the King, is unable to stop us and the royal four are defeated. But you were the one who shared a love strong enough to transcend time, allowing the future Max to come back and find you in the past. Thus giving you the knowledge and power to link the present with a new future.”

Liz looks into his eyes and says in a tiny whisper,

Liz: “Your one of them. (Liz pauses) But why, why would you betray them?”

Roland is startled by what she has said, a look of confusion on his face. Roland: “How, how did you know?”

Liz: “I don’t know how, but I could see it in your eyes. (Liz pauses again and repeats her question) Why?”

Roland: “Because I didn’t want our people to be equal, your great Max wanted everyone to be equal, he wanted to end poverty. But without the poor there can be no rich and without the powerless there cannot be the powerful. I was among the richest and most powerful in our nation but with Max as our King I would have lost it all. So now you see why I did it, but it does not matter anymore because it is time to set my future in motion.”

Roland reaches into his coat and pulls out a hand knife with a sliver blade, he slowly raises it above his head and plunges it into Liz’s stomach. Her eyes widen in pain as she stares at the handle protruding from her gut. Roland stands and walks over her, heading out the back door thinking victory will be his.

Roland: “Now the future will be mine.”


Max and Michael have gotten to the Crashdown early in hopes of hanging out with Liz and Maria for a little bit before the meeting. They didn’t realize anything has happened yet because the girls had pulled the shades down and the door was shut. As they neared the cafe they both turned to each other and in that instant knew something wasn’t right. Michael ran to the door and threw it open with Max right behind him. What they saw destroyed them.

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