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"The Summer Season"
Part 4
by Clint Parks
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Summary: This fic is part 4 of 13 stories that compile the Roswell Summer Season that was originally posted at my website ( It takes place shortly after the events in the Roswell Season Two finale.
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Max and Kel faced one another, eyes locked, while Liz Parker watched in silence. Sean DeLuca lay nearby on the ground, moaning slightly. Liz wanted to go to him and see if he was okay, but the tension of the moment left her unable to move. Max seemed prepared for a confrontation, but Kel seemed passive. He even smiled.

"I've been waiting a long time to meet you," said Kel.

Max ignored the greeting. "What have you done with Isabel?" he demanded.

Kel's smile vanished and Liz thought his face actually bore a look of concern. "I haven't done anything with her. Is she missing?" he asked.

Max suddenly grabbed Kel by the shirt. "I don't believe you!" he shouted, "Where is she?"

Before Kel could answer, the familiar whine of a motercyle could be heard as Michael rode up the street with Maria on back, her arms around his waist. The bike came to a stop next to Max, who turned slightly. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, Kel swiftly broke free of Max's grip and backed away.

"Who's this?" asked Michael.

"Kel," answered Max, his voice flat.

"I need to talk to you," said Kel, "that's all."

"Just tell us where Isabel is," demanded Max.

"Isabel?" asked Michael, "Is she in trouble or something?"

"She was kidnapped last night," answered Liz.

Michael's face turned serious as he joined Max at his side. "And this guy has something to do with it?" he asked.

"No, you have it wrong," said Kel, "I didn't know she was missing. Actually, I need to talk to her and the rest of you."

Kel reached into his long, black coat and pulled out Liz's journal. "I found this," he said, "and I have some questions."

Max and Michael exchanged a knowing look. "Whatever you read in that book is only fiction," said Max.

"I don't think so." Kel tossed the journal to Liz. "I need to know everything about you. Where you come from, what abilities you have...everything."

"How did you know to look for the journal?" asked Max, "Have you been spying on us?"

"No," replied Kel, "I was led to you."

"By who?" asked Michael.

"By this." Kel pulled a triangular device from his pocket. It was lit by a tiny blue screen with two yellow dots indicated on it.

"The dots are Max and Michael," explained Kel.

Liz forgot her fear of Kel and leaned in for a closer look. "It's some kind of tracking device," she said.

"It activated on it's own a few days ago," continued Kel.

Suddenly Max had an idea. "Can that device locate Isabel?" he asked. Everyone looked expectantly to Kel.

"Yes, it should," he said.

Everyone seemed to breath a sigh of relief when Michael pulled Max aside. "Max," he whispered, "there's something else we've discovered. I found it. Well, Maria and I found it. We found the Trident."

Max gave Michael a nod. "Good," he said, "but let's take care of Isabel first."


Max and Michael rejoined the others as Kel toyed with the tracking device, searching for Isabel's signal. Liz and Maria where busy helping Sean regain his senses.

"We should leave before Sean see's what's going on," suggested Michael.

"Wait," protested Liz, "I'm coming with you."

Max looked from Sean to Liz. "You should stay with him. This could be dangerous."

"Max, I can help," responded Liz.

Sean began to stir. "Liz...?" he asked, "what's going on?"

Liz looked at Sean as he shook his head and sat up. Her lip trembled as her eyes danced from Sean to Max, and back again. Time seemed to slow down for a moment as Liz searched her heart for direction. Stay and help Sean or run off on another dangerous mission with Max? Events both recent and old flashed through her mind: Max healing her in the Crashdown the day she was shot, their subsequent first kiss, saving Max from the White Room and Agent Pierce, then the Prom, Max kissing Tess, sliding down the alleyway with Sean, and their first kiss. But in the end, only one of them had truly touched her heart, her soul. Only one of them had been her soulmate.

Her destiny...?

"Sean," started Liz, reaching to touch his shoulder, "Maria will take care of you for now. I have something I have to do."

With that, Liz rose to her feet and joined Max. "Let's find Isabel," she said.

Max nodded, then smiled.

"Max," interupted Kel, "I think I have something. It's her! She's in an old mine shaft in the hills."

"Take the Jetta," said Maria, tossing Michael the keys. Michael nodded a quick 'thank-you'.

"Let's go!" he shouted.

Michael, Max, Kel and Liz set out to find Isabel as Maria helped Sean to his feet.


A golden sun set on the ocean horizon, sending a palette of bright, inky colors across the sky as Isabel Evans glided barefoot along a white, sandy beach, her hair flowing gently in the breeze. In the middle of this perfect setting there was a man, walking alone through the surf. Isabel smiled as she regonized him. It was Alex, her love. She waved to him but his back was turned and he didn't see her. She tried calling his name, but still he didn't respond. Isabel jogged towards Alex, smiling as she closed the distance between them. Finally, she caught up and put a hand on his back.

"Alex, I've been trying to get your attention," she laughed.

But when her man turned around to face her, it wasn't Alex. It was Kel.

"Don't worry, my dear," he said, "Soon we'll be together forever."

Isabel screamed...

The next thing she knew, Isabel found herself in a dark room all alone...


A short explosion followed by the screech of tires on pavement shook Jessica Russell from her thoughts as she walked home at night. Peering from behind the corner of a building, she could see a pizza delivery truck come to a sudden halt, black smoke rolling out from the hood. She continued to watch as Nigel Fiennes jumped out of the drivers seat and kicked the door shut, cursing aloud.

"That's it!" he shouted, apparently at the truck, "This is as far as we go together. You and I are through!"

Nigel kicked the truck once more, which in turn made a girgling noise. Jessica couldn't help but laugh.

"Relationship trouble?" she asked jokingly as she stepped around the corner.

Nigel turned in suprise at the sound of her voice. "Yeah, sort of," he played along.

"What are you going to do?"

"Well, I guess I'll have to deliver this pizza on foot. Again."

"Do you want some company?" asked Jessica.

"Sure," replied Nigel.

Nigel grabbed the pizza from the truck and walked down the street with Jessica at his side. The two talked for a while until suddenly Nigel stopped cold.

"Wait," he said, holding up a hand, "Do you hear that?"

Jessica listened but couldn't hear anything.

"It sounded like someone following us," continued Nigel. "Same thing happened to me last night. Creepy."

Jessica and Nigel walked a little further before they stopped once again. This time, Jessica had heard it, too.

"You're right," she whispered, "Someone is following us."

Nigel quickly dropped the pizza and pulled out a flashlight, shining it behind him. Crack. The sound of a twig breaking came from the bushes.

"Hey!" shouted Nigel, "Who's there? You better come out, or...or..."

Nigel picked up the pizza. "I've got a weapen!" he shouted. Jessica gave him a look, but Nigel just shrugged.

Finally, a figure emerged from the bushes, sighing. Nigel let out a war cry and tossed the pizza box. The box openned upon impact and covered its victim with hot, gooey pizza. Both Nigel and Jessica gasped when they saw who had been following them.

Pulling strings of cheese from her face and spitting a piece of pepperoni from her lips was Katherine Wilburg. The look on her face was not a pleasant one.

"I...I'm...sorry, Miss...," was all Nigel could say.

"We thought you were following us," chimed in Jessica, "And we thought you might be dangerous."

"I was following you," replied Katherine, still wiping away the pizza bits from her face. "There has been some strange things going on in this town and I intend to get to the bottom of it."

"So you're just following people around?" asked Jessica.

"Look," said Katherine, "I'm just researching the kids in this town. Forget about it."

With that, Katherine Wilburg turned and marched down the street. Jessica turned to Nigel.

"That was weird," she said, "I wonder what she's really looking for."


Max, Michael and Liz flashed their lights along the hillside in search for the old mine shaft Isabel's signal was coming from. Kel, meanwhile, searched without the use of a light.

"I found it!" shouted Kel. The others ran over to join him.

Before them was a small hole in the ground. Michael produced a rope. "Okay, Max," he said, "I'll lower you down."

"No," interupted Kel, "it's better if I go. I don't need a light."

"What do you mean?" asked Max.

Suddenly, Kel's eyes glowed a brilliant green. "I can see in the dark," he replied.

The others exchanged a look of horror. "Who are you?" Max slowly asked.

"Let's save the questions for later," answered Kel, lowering himself into the shaft.

"Max!" shouted Michael, "I don't trust him! He's going after Isabel!"

Max and Michael pulled the rope, which suddenly went loose, sending the two toppling backwards. They quickly sat up.

"He let go of the rope!" exclaimed Michael.

"That's the least of your problems."

Max, Liz and Michael all turned to face the figure who had spoken. A chill ran up their spines as Max protectivly held Liz and Michael stretched out his hand in defense.

"First you will tell me where the Trident is," ordered the figure, "and then I'll introduce you to Khivar's enforcer."

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