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"The Summer Season"
Part 3
by Clint Parks
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Summary: This fic is part 3 of 13 stories that compile the Roswell Summer Season that was originally posted at my website ( It takes place shortly after the events in the Roswell Season Two finale.
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Light pierced the murky waters of Sumner Lake as Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca used their underwater torches to search the rocky sea bottom. The two had spent countless hours looking for the alien Trident device and were getting very tired. Making one last sweep of the watery floor with his torch, Michael signalled to Maria that he was heading to the surface. A wave of bubbles rushed over Maria as she watched Michael accend to the top. Taking a final look arond herself, Maria decided to join him.

As Michael burst through the surface, he pulled off his scuba mask and slammed it against the water, cursing loudly. At that moment, Maria emerged next to him.

"I thought you knew it was here!" exclaimed Michael.

"I thought so, too," breathed Maria as she pulled off her own scuba mask.

"Maybe we should try again," suggested Michael. He reached over and cupped Maria's face, kissing her vigorously. Maria quickly shoved him off.

"Michael, give me a chance to breath first!" she gasped.

Michael backed off and looked at her for a moment. "You're right, I'm sorry," he said, "Maybe we should go in."

Michael and Maria swam to the rocky shore and pulled themselves onto the beach, water dripping from thier wetsuits. Michael unzipped his suit and pulled it open, letting the sun dry his bare skin while Maria pulled back her wet hair and placed her head on Michael's shoulder.

"Michael, what happened out there?" she asked softly.

"I don't know," he answered, "I guess I'm just frustrated." Maria looked up at Michael. "Maybe we're going about this the wrong way," she suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when I had the first flash, it was during a passionate moment between us. Maybe we shouldn't try so hard to force flashes and should just concentrate on the passion behind our actions."

Michael looked into Maria's eyes and smiled. The last few days had yielded very few intimate moments between them and this suggestion from Maria was no dought an excuse to get away from searching for alien artifacts for a while and a chance to spend some quality time with her boyfriend. Both of them were also very tired, so with all that in mind Michael leaned in and kissed Maria gently. Maria responded and the two seaside lovers were soon lost in their own sea of passion.

And then...

Suddenly the murky depths of Sumner Lake cleared in Maria's mind and a strange alien device came into focus. Maria gasped.

"What's wrong?" asked Michael.

Maria looked directly into Michaels eyes.

"I know where the Trident is."


A myriad of rose peddles gracefully flowed from his hand and covered her body. Laying on the green grass with her head resting carefully against the trunk of a large tree, Isabel Evans smiled at Alex as he covered her otherwise naked body with the beautiful peddles.

"I always said you looked good in red," he smiled.

"Alex," began Isabel, her voice almost song-like, "promise me we'll stay like this forever. Promise?"

A gentle breeze flowed through the leaves of the tree as Alex simply smiled at Isabel. As he leaned closer to her, his face seemed to go out of focus. Isabel blinked for a moment, but when she looked back up she was no longer looking at the face of Alex. Suddenly, she was staring into the eyes of Kel.

"I promise," he whispered.

Isabel screamed...

And all of a sudden the vision vanished and Isabel found herself all alone in a dark room.


Meeting in private at Sheriff Valenti's house, Max Evans, Liz Parker and the Sheriff himself all sat around the kitchen table to discuss the events of the night before.

"I heard what sounded like struggling coming from inside the Crashdown," began Valenti, "so I went around back and found the lock broken on the back door. I went inside and looked around and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor with a wicked headache."

"That was the intruder," said Liz, "whoever it was was extremly fast."

"Whoever it was?" asked Max, "You don't think it was Kel?"

"I'm not sure," answered Liz, "Kel was more up front and seemed more interested in me, not Isabel."

"That still doesn't rule him out," said Max.

"Anyway," interjected the Sheriff, "I went to see Katherine Wilburg today to see if she had heard anything that might be useful. But according to her staff, Ms.Wilburg hasn't been seen since yesterday afternoon."

"Do you think she has anything to do with this?" asked Max.

"Well, it just seems a little strange to me that she would disappear at the same time Isabel is kidnapped."

Liz had a sudden thought. "Max, what about that girl you saw last night?" she asked.

"Jessica? We don't have any reason to suspect her," replied Max.

"Why not? She was there, Max," said Liz.

Max smiled sheepishly. "Jessica kind of knows where I hang out. I think she has a crush on me."

Max's smiled dissolved quickly when he saw the incredulous look on Liz's face. "Oh, great," she sighed.

"Max," started the Sheriff, "didn't you tell me Jessica said she was running an errand for her mother?"


"Well, doesn't that seem a little odd? What kind of errand could she be running so late at night?" asked Valenti.

"And why show up at the exact same time Isabel is abducted?" included Liz, "It's like she was there to distract you."

Max looked to the others for a moment and thought about what they had said.

"Okay," he agreed, "I'll talk to her.


Jessica Russell stepped out into the night air and closed the doors to the UFO Museum, locking them. When she turned to leave, she bumped into Max.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she apologized.

"No, it's okay," replied Max.

Jessica smiled. "Did you want to go inside? I just locked up."

"No, actually, I came to see you," said Max.

"Really?" Jessica seemed shocked but excited.

"Do you remember when we saw each other last night?" asked Max.

"Of course, you were waiting for someone."

"Right. I was wondering if I could ask a personal question about last night?"

"Sure, ask me anything," smiled Jessica.

"What was the errand you were running for your mother?"

Suddenly Jessica's smile disappeared and she seemed nervous. "Um, I kind of have to go home now."

"Can I walk you home?" asked Max.


Jessica's loud and sudden response hung in the air for a moment before she said," I just really need to go now. Sorry, Max."

Max watched as Jessica walked past him and down the street.


From her hidden spot behind a tree, Liz could see Jessica walking away from Max.

"Follow her, Max," she whispered.

"Follow who?"

Liz shrieked as she spun around and saw Sean DeLuca standing behind her.

"Sean!" she gasped, "You nearly scared me half to death. Don't sneak up on me like that."

"Whatever, Parker. What are you doing anyway?" he asked, looking over her shoulder, "Spying on the old boyfriend?"

"No, of course not," replied Liz.

Suddenly, a dark figure emerged from the shadows. Liz recognized him right away. "Kel," she whispered.

"I need to speak with you and the others," said Kel.

As Liz backed away, Sean could sense something was wrong and he stepped in front of Kel.

"Hey, we were having a private conversation," he said.

Kel ignored Sean's comment and advanced toward Liz. Sean took a step forward, as well.

"Maybe you didn't hear me..."

Sean didn't get the chance to finish the sentence as Kel reached out and shoved him off his feet, sending Sean sailing through the air and to the ground with force. Liz watched as Sean lay still on the pavement.

"I said I need to talk to you," said Kel in a serious tone.

"Get away from her!"

Kel stood still and turned his head slightly in the direction of the voice. Then he smiled.

Liz watched in silence as Max and Kel came face to face...

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