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"The Summer Season"
Part 5
by Clint Parks
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Summary: This fic is part 5 of 13 stories that compile the Roswell Summer Season that was originally posted at my website ( It takes place shortly after the events in the Roswell Season Two finale.
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Max, Liz and Michael looked on in horror at the person standing before them. It was Nicholas - Earthbound leader of the Skins, and a powerful foe. To the uninitiated, the sinister adversary appeared to be a mere human boy, harmless to anyone. But in reality, he was a decades-old alien with a score to settle.

"Where is the Trident?" demanded Nicholas, his demented gaze resting upon Max, who was silent.

Nicholas repeated the question, this time addressing everyone. Once again, the response was silent.

"Fine," he sighed, "We'll do this the hard way."

With a wave of his hand, Nicholas sent the three teenagers soaring to the ground, out cold.


Sheriff Jim Valenti joined his son, Kyle, and Maria DeLuca at a table in the Crashdown Cafe. Carefully looking around to avoid easedroppers, the trio began discussing the previous night's events.

"Michael, Liz and Max all went with Kel to find Isabel," started Maria, "and that's the last I saw of them. I stayed behind to help Sean. It was late, so I didn't really notice they were still missing until my shift started this morning and Liz's mom told me she didn't come home last night."

"I just spoke to the Evans family," added the Sheriff, "and they say Max and Isabel weren't home either. I tried to convince them they were probably camping, or something, but I don't think they're buying it anymore."

"So what do you think happened to them?" asked Kyle.

"They obviously ran into some trouble," answered the Sheriff.

"I bet it was Kel. He probably tricked them," said Maria.

"So where do we start looking for them?" asked Kyle.

"Kel said Isabel was in a mine shaft outside town," replied Maria, "and they took the Jetta."

"Okay, so we look for the car and hopefully we'll find them," suggested Valenti.

"Find who?"

Everyone at the table looked up to see Sean DeLuca standing above them, hands in his pockets and a questioning look on his face.

"Sean," started Maria, "this isn't a good time."

"Is Liz missing?" asked Sean, "'cause I haven't seen her here for her shift."

Everyone looked to each other and finally Sheriff Valenti spoke up. "Liz went camping with some friends last night and didn't show up this morning for work."

"Does this have anything to do with that guy that attacked me last night?" asked Sean.

"We don't know," answered the Sheriff.

"Then count me in," said Sean.

"Sean, we appreciate your help, but..."

"If we don't let him come, he'll follow us anyway," interupted Maria.

"Okay," said Valenti, "but you stay in the truck at all times. Understood?"

Sean smiled in agreement and the four of them set out to search for their missing friends.


Able to see in the dark, Kel searched the old mine shaft and found a tunnel. He followed the tunnel for a while until he came to a small chamber, lit only by torchlight mounted on the rock walls. There were tunnels branching off in various directions and all around him, Kel could hear ragged breathing, wheezing and hissing. There was a sudden chill in the thin air as the sounds came closer.

"Who's there?" called Kel.

Suddenly, figures emerged from the tunnels and surrounded Kel. They wore tattered clothing and their hair was wild and unkept. Kel could see their skin was peeling and there were scabs and sores all over their hands and faces. They apparently had trouble breathing, as they were wheezing and hissing for air. One of them, an elder male, approached Kel and looked him over.

"Is he the one?" wheezed an old woman in the group.

The elder man reached forth with a whithered hand and faced his palm toward Kel's face. In a sudden flash of brilliant light, an electrical charge seemed to invade Kel's head. Frozen in place, Kel watched a symbol appear in front of him. The image contained five stars lined up in a V-shape, with a red X crossing through it. When the elder man put his hand down, the image disappeared and Kel regained control of his motor functions.

"He is the one," confirmed the elder. The group of sickly people did their best to cheer and gather around Kel. Everyone wanted to touch him.

"All hail Lord Khivar!" shouted the elder, and the group did so in unison.

"Who are you people?" asked Kel, trying to raise his voice above the shouts of praise from the strange crowd.

"Wait, everyone, Lord Khivar speaks!" commanded someone in the group. All at once, the small chamber was silent.

"You are you?" repeated Kel.

"My lord, we are your loyal servants," replied the elder, "Don't you remember?"

"I'm afraid I don't," answered Kel.

The crowd murmured for a moment until the elder silenced them once again with a wave. "My lord, we thought you would know by now. Please sit, and we will explain everything."

"Everything?" asked Kel.

"Yes, of course. Your destiny," said the elder.

Everyone sat in a circle around Kel and the elder, who sat facing one another.

"My name," began the elder, "is Tobin. Many years ago, there was a war on our home planet of Antar. King Zahn and the royal family were killed and our leader, Lord Khivar, took their place. However, rebel scientists created four human-antarian hybrid bodies and placed in them the essence of the royal family. They were sent to Earth and Khivar sent a contingent of mercenaries in pursuit. We could not survive in the atmosphere of this planet in our natural state, so we invented the 'Skins', special suits that appear human in appearance. For fifty years we have searched for the royal family and only recently have they been found. Khivar made a deal with one of them to return home using a device known as the Granolith, but that plan failed. Now three of the royals still survive on Earth, and plan B has taken effect."

"Plan B was our personal choice all along," continued Tobin, "In the event that the original plan would fail, Khivar tortured the scientists into giving up the secrets of hybrid experimentation and created a hybrid of his own. The hybrid was sent to Earth after us, but we were unable to locate it when it arrived. At first, it didn't matter. The hybrid was only an enforcer in case the original plan didn't work out. But over the years, our Skin bodies have worn out, and the time has come to return home."

Tobin leaned in closer to Kel. "You are that hybrid. You are the clone of our lord, Khivar."

Kel looked to the floor as mixed memories confused his mind. "For twenty-five years I've travelled the world in search of my destiny," he said, "I knew I was different, that I had abilities other people didn't have. But something led me here, to Roswell."

"Yes," said Tobin, "the signal from Antar. When you were created, Khivar devised a signal that would lead you to where-ever he programmed."

"So why here?" asked Kel.

"To finish your mission," replied Tobin, "To kill the remaining royals and their friends, then return home with all of us."

"Return home how?" asked Kel.

Tobin explained to Kel about the Trident device. "So that is it," exclaimed Tobin, "the day has finally come. You, the essence of our master, will lead us home at last."

Kel tried his best to process the information he had received. Shaking his head, he asked, "And you captured one of the royal family?"

"Yes," answered Tobin, "Vilandra, the princess. Nicholas captured her."


Tobin explained who Nicholas was to Kel. "We all live to serve you," he added.

"I want to see her," said Kel.

"Of course," said Tobin, "We've been keeping her druged so she would be without her abilities."

Tobin and several others led Kel down one of the tunnels and into another chamber. Tobin lit a torch, but Kel could already see Isabel with his special vision. She lay on the ground, asleep. Kel knelt at her side and gently lifted her head. Isabel stirred for a moment and openned her eyes. At the sight of Kel, she screamed. Kel struggled to keep his grip when suddenly he found himself lost in a vision...

Kel saw himself as the leader of many people. He watched them from the balcony of a great castle and felt a certain amount of delight at being the keeper of each of their fates. Someone touched his shoulder and he turned to see, Vilandra...smiling at him. They fell into a warm embrace and kissed...

Kel fought to regain his footing as the vision disappeared. When he openned his eyes, he saw Isabel crouched on the floor, staring at him in terror and defiance. She looked scared, but ready to fight.

"What do you want us to do with her?" asked Tobin.

Kel felt as though his mind were still floating as he searched himself for an answer.


It was morning when Max, Liz and Michael awoke to find their hands tied to a post behind them. Nicholas was watching each one of them as they openned their eyes.

"Lovely morning, isn't it?" he asked mockingly, "I hope my snoring didn't keep you up."

Nicholas approached Max and put a hand on his head.

"It's time to find out what you know," he said. A sudden wave charged through Max as Nicholas invaded his mind. There was a flash: Michael telling Max he found the Trident. Nicholas let go of Max, who hung his head in painful exhastion.

"So, it's Michael who knows where the Trident is," said Nicholas, stepping in front of him.

"You won't get anything from me, you little runt" said Michael in defiance.

"We'll see."

Michael tried to move his head, but Nicholas finally cupped it with his hand and probed. Michael fought waves of pain as various things flashed through his mind. With tears streaming and teeth grit, Michael lifted his head and stared obstinatly at his tormentor. Finally, with a hiddious cry of pain, Michael could fight no longer and Nicholas found what he was looking for. He let go and Michael's head dropped.

"I guess you're not as tough as you thought," said Nicholas. Turning his attention to the others, he added," Khivar's enforcer has probably had his way with Vilandra already and is on his way here to kill you all. I'd like to stick around, but I really need to get to the Trident before he does. Have fun dying."

Nicholas turned and headed down the hillside. Once he was out of site, Max looked to Michael.

"Michael, are you okay?" he asked.

Tears still streamed down Michael's face as he hung his head. "Whatever," he said weakly.

"Max, can you get the ropes off?" asked Liz.

"My powers are still weak, but I'll try," answered Max. He concentrated on the ropes, and moments later an orange glow burned them away. Max quickly untied the others. Michael had a distant look on his face and Liz rubbed her wrists.

"What do we do now?" asked Liz.

Max looked her in the eyes. "We find Isabel, then we end this thing. Once and for all."

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