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"The Summer Season"
Part 2
by Clint Parks
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Summary: This fic is part 2 of 13 stories that compile the Roswell Summer Season that was originally posted at my website ( It takes place shortly after the events in the Roswell Season Two finale.
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Liz Parker slowly backed away from the black-clad man who called himself Kel. She considered yelling for help, but her voice froze in her throat. Kel glared at her, then motioned towards her with the journal he held in his hands.

"Did you write this?" he asked, his voice flat.

Liz carefully nodded. Kel openned the journal and thumbed through the pages.

"There are gaps," he said, "I need you to tell me everything you know about your alien friends."

"Who sent you?" managed Liz, trying to change the subject.

"I'll ask the questions," replied Kel. Suddenly, the pantry doors swung open and Sean DeLuca marched into the room. He saw Liz and approached her.

"Hey, Parker," he smiled, "I saw you run in here and I was wondering if everything was okay."

"Um..." Liz looked past Sean, but suddenly Kel was no where in sight. "Ah, everything's fine, Sean. I, ah..."

Liz looked to the shelf next to her and grabbed a bag of sugar.

"I just came back here to get some more sugar."


"Right." Liz took the bag and lead Sean back into the Cafe. Michael and Maria were speaking to Max, Isabel and Kyle at one table, so Liz directed Sean to the counter.

"Just look at a menu and I'll be right with you," she said, then quickly joined the others. Sean watched her go, shaking his head.

Liz found Max in mid-sentence. "...then we need to find someplace more private to talk."

"Max," interupted Liz, "We have a problem."


Moments later, the group assembled on the balcony above the Crashdown. Liz quickly filled in everyone on her mysterious visitor while Michael and Maria finished telling everyone about their flash while kissing.

"It was sort of like when when Max and Liz had flashes that led them to the communicators," said Michael.

"Maybe if you continue to be physical with each other, the flashes will lead you to the Trident's exact location," suggested Max.

Maria put her arms around Michael. "I think we can handle that," she said.

"What about Kel?" asked Liz.

"He'll probably return," answered Max. "Someone should stay with you tonight just in case."

Liz looked to Max and smiled. He returned the smile, but added, "It should be someone your parents won't be suspicious about. Isabel?"

Isabel looked at Max. "None of our parents will be suspicious about you staying with Liz. It's like a sleep-over."

"Max, you've got to be kidding," protested Isabel, "We're not fourteen."

"I know," said Max, "but it can't be me or Michael. I'll watch from outside."

Isabel rolled her eyes, but grudgingly accepted. Everyone knew what they had to do and the plan was set.


From her parked car in the street, Katherine Wilburg observed the events taking place at the Crashdown Cafe. First, the group of Max, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Liz and Maria had entered the building. Then a black-clad man crept up to the window and watched them, swiftly moving around back when Kyle and Isabel came outside. Moments later, the group assembled on the balcony above the building. Katherine took pictures of each individual and carefully documented all the events she had witnessed into her micro-cassette recorder.


Nigel Fiennes came to a sudden halt as thick smoke burst from the hood of the delivery truck. Cursing the truck under his breath, he bounded from the vehicle and openned the hood. Liquid spewed in all directions as the radiator finally blew. Nigel slammed the hood down and violently kicked the bumper.

"That's it. That is it!" he exclaimed to himself. Nigel reached inside the truck and pulled out the box of pizza he was suppose to deliver. It was dark now, but the air was cool and he decided a brisk walk was in order. The truck would have to wait. The last thing Nigel needed right now was an angry customer to go with his troubles.

Roswell was fairly quiet and the streets seemed empty and lonely. Nigel decided to whistle to pass the time as he walked, the only other sound being the click of his shoes on the pavement. As he walked along, Nigel could suddenly hear another sound. It sounded like a second set of footsteps, so he turned to look behind him. The street was empty. Shrugging to himself, Nigel continued to walk and whistle. And once again, the footsteps returned. This time, Nigel whirled around.

"Hey, who's there?" he called. Still, the street appeared empty and there was no sound. Nigel forgot about whistling and picked up his pace. The footfall behind him increased also.


Max Evans sat with Sheriff Jim Valenti in the police truck, which was was parked across from the Crashdown. Sheriff Valenti was filling Max in on how they were going to explain the Evans' jeep having recently been lost when Max noticed a young man approach the Cafe holding a pizza box. He knew the kid from school, Nigel Fiennes. Max thought Nigel looked a little nervous as he banged on the doors to the Crashdown.

"I wonder where the delivery truck is," said the Sheriff, "I better go talk to him and see if he needs a lift. You'll be okay, won't you, Max?"

"Sure," answered Max.

Sheriff Valenti made his way across the street and headed towards Nigel. As Max watched, suddenly a face appeared at his window.

"Hi, Max," said Jessica Russell.

Max jumped slightly, then quickly regained his composure. "Jessica, what are you doing here?"

"I'm running an errand for my Mom," she cheerly replied.

"This late?" asked Max.

"Sure. What are you doing here?" asked Jessica.

"I'm just...waiting for someone," Max replied.

"Well, I guess I'll see you at work, tomorrow," said Jessica, "Bye, Max."

Jessica made her way down the street as Max looked back to the Crashdown. Neither Nigel or Sheriff Valenti were anywhere in sight. Curious, Max got out of the truck and crept up to the building. Placing his hand over the lock on the door, Max used his alien powers to open it. He stepped inside and looked around. Suddenly, there was a scream from the back room and Max headed quickly towards the sound. Upon entering the room, Max found Sheriff Valenti laying face down on the floor, apparently out cold. There was a thin trail of blood leading out the back door. Max followed the trail into the alley. Standing there before him was a figure dressed completely in black with a dark mask covering their face. In his/her arms, the figure held Isabel, who seemed unconscious.

"Let her go!" demanded Max.

The dark figure pulled out a gun and fired it directly at Max. Max reacted quickly and erected a green force field that stopped the bullet. Meanwhile, the figure escaped with Isabel in his/her arms. Max dropped the shield and gave chase, but the streets were now empty.

Liz emerged from the Cafe and joined Max.

"Max, someone took Isabel!"

"I know," said Max, " Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine. Whoever it was attacked so fast..." Liz trailed off as she caught her breath.

Max reached for Liz and pulled her into his embrace. "It's okay. We need to get everyone together. We'll find Isabel."

To Be Continued....

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