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"The Summer Season"
Part 1
by Clint Parks
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Summary: This fic is part 1 of 13 stories that compile the Roswell Summer Season that was originally posted at my website ( It takes place shortly after the events in the Roswell Season Two finale.
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Alexander Whittman - 1984-2001. That was the inscription on the tombstone as six friends all gathered around in the early morning, standing close together to avoid the chill of a frigid breeze. Max Evans, Liz Parker, Michael Guerin, Maria DeLuca, Isabel Evans and Kyle Valenti all stared at the grave of their departed friend as the shocking revelation about his death had come just several hours before. Tess Harding, an alien spy, had killed Alex and covered it up. When Liz, Maria and Kyle discovered the truth, Max allowed Tess to use the Granolith spaceship to return to the alien planet, Antar, rather than kill the woman who was pregnant with his child. Before the ship departed, Max had promised Tess that "this isn't over."

Standing in silence, the six each paid their final respects, the mystery of Alex's death behind them. Liz took a step forward and knelt down, placing a flower on the tombstone.

"Goodbye, Alex," she whispered for all of them. After a pause, each of the six friends slowly turned to leave. Suddenly, the group was startled when a hand gripped Max's arm.

"Brody...?" managed Max.

"No, it's Larek." The man before them was Brody, Max's boss and the owner of the UFO Museum in Roswell, but his body had been possessed by the alien Larek.

"I've made a discovery," continued Larek/Brody. "I'm putting myself at risk for communicating with you just now, but I think you should know this. Khivar has received a signal from the space craft on its way from Earth. There are only two life signs on board, I'm assuming from the looks of things that would be Tess and your child."

"Does Khivar know who's on board?" asked Max.

"I don't think so, not yet," answered Larek/Brody,"but I've received word that he's somehow sending a message to his troops on Earth to search for and kill anyone left behind."

"You mean the Skins," said Michael.

"Yes, but apparently the signal is being sent to a single individual. This individual's sole purpose is to dispose of anyone left on Earth after the Granolith ship has launched who has any knowledge of the Royal Four."

"But you said Khivar knows the ship only has two life signs," said Liz, "Why would he send his enforcer if he knows he hasn't captured all four?"

"Khivar probably doesn't know about the baby yet," answered Larek/Brody,"He may believe he has captured Max and Tess."

"How do we find this enforcer?" asked Max.

Larek's eyes glared at Max through Brody's body.

"He's looking for you right now."


Larek led Max and the others into the UFO Museum.

"Alright," he said, "I think we can talk here."

Suddenly, a young girl came around the corner and bumped into Max.

"Oh, hi, Max," she said, "Is there a staff meeting or something?"

"Ah, no," said Max, "we're just..."

"Having a private conversation," supplied Michael.

"Oh." The girl backed away. "I'll see you in a while then, Max."

The girl turned and left the room. Everyone remaining turned to Max.

"Her name's Jessica Russell. She works here now."

"Max, I don't mean to interupt," said Larek/Brody, "but I can't stay in this body much longer."

"Of course, go on." Everyone turned to face Brody.

"There is a device," continued Larek/Brody, "hidden somewhere on Earth called the Trident. This device is a one-way transporter, and it's purpose is to return Khivar's enforcer home once he's completed his mission."

"Where is the Trident located?" asked Max.

"I don't know," answered Larek/Brody, "but if the enforcer's mission is to be carried out in Roswell, the Trident is probably located somewhere nearby."


Jessica could here a conversation in the next room, but couldn't make out the words. Giving up, she started to make her way down the hall when suddenly she heard a noise at the front door. It sounded as if someone where trying to get in. Taking careful steps, Jessica inched her way to the door and unlocked it, pulling it open just a crack. Standing before her was a man dressed in black pants, black open shirt, black tank top underneath, and sunglasses.

"We, um, don't open for another hour," managed Jessica.

The mysterious man stared for a moment and Jessica slowly inched the door shut a little further. Finally, the man turned and walked away. Jessica quickly shut the door and locked it.


Sheriff Jim Valenti looked up from his desk at the woman entering the office. She immediately thrust out a hand and Jim shook it.

"Sheriff Valenti," she said, "my name is Katherine Wilburg, and I'm a reporter for 'Conspiracy Digest'. I've been following your career for the past couple of years concerning your apparent involvement in some pretty unusual happenings here in Roswell."

Jim gave Katherine a look. "I'm not sure I know what you mean."

"Oh, come on, Sheriff," said Katherine, "This town has made the news quite a few times in the last two years and everytime you seem to be somehow involved with whatever is going on. As I said, I've been following quite closely."

"Ms. Wilburg," began Valenti, "I'm not sure what kind of story you're looking for in Roswell, but I think you're wasting your time."

"Well, we'll see," she retorted, "because I'll be staying in town for a while. I think there is a major story hidden right here in Roswell, and I'm going to find it."

Sheriff Valenti watched as Katherine Wilburg got up and left the room. "Just what I need," he thought.


As morning turned to noon, Max and the others made there way to the Crashdown Cafe. While Maria and Liz changed into there uniforms and Michael fired up the grill, Isabel and Kyle ordered drinks and sat at a table.

"So, you think this Trident thing will lead you to Khivar's enforcer?" asked Kyle. Isabel didn't respond. She seemed to be looking at something out the window. Kyle looked also and saw a man dressed in black staring back at them.

"I've seen this guy before," said Isabel, "He was following us around earlier and now he's staring at us. He's kind of creepy."

"Come to think of it," said Kyle, "I might have seen him when we left the graveyard."

Kyle and Isabel looked at each other. They both rose at the same time and made their way outside. When they got there, however, the man was gone.

Michael placed his hand over the grill and instantly it fired up. Maria joined him as she finished buttoning her top.

"You know, Michael, we haven't really had time to talk about what happened between us last night," she said, putting her arms around Michael's waist.

"I know," said Michael, "a lot of things have changed since last night."

"Michael, what are you saying? You can't just ignore what happened between us..."

"Hey." Michael put his arms around Maria. "The one thing that hasn't changed is how I feel about you."

Maria smiled and brought her lips to Michael's. As they kissed, Maria suddenly received a flash. She broke away from the kiss.

"Maria, what is it?" asked Michael.

"I saw it," replied a stunned Maria, "Michael, I saw a T-shaped device. It was in the sand, underwater. It had alien inscriptions on it."

"The Trident."


Liz came out of the back room and looked for Max. He was sitting in the usual booth, and she began walking towards him. Suddenly, Liz stopped dead in her tracks. Sean DeLuca came through the doors and took a seat near Max. Liz and Sean had recently begun a relationship but the last twenty-four hours had changed a lot of things and at the moment Liz Parker was feeling conflicted about her feelings for each guy. She quickly turned and marched to the back room. Liz could hear someone moving around the corner.

"Maria, I've got a problem," she said, turning the corner. Suddenly, Liz came to a halt. Before her was a man dressed in black.

"Who are you?" she gasped.

The man held up Liz's journal. "Kel," he said, "and I have a few questions for you."

To Be Continued....

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