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"The Journey"
Part 5
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please email and let me know your thoughts on this fiction. If you can see the possibility of a third part to this fiction, please email me and tell me what you'd like to see in a third part. If you haven't read my first fic, "Secrets", then this fiction will make no sense because it's a sequel. To read my first fic, email me ( or visit
Max dumped the contents of the box on the floor. There were hundreds of dated notes and memos from the companyís headquarters in the box. It wouldnít take them very long to get through the box. Max decided to talk to Isabel first.

"IsabelÖ" he started.

"Max, donít." She said, angrily. "I just want to get through these files and get out of here."

"Iím sorry." He said.

"Sorry for what?" She demanded, flipping through a stack of notes. "Sorry for not believing Maria? Sorry for not trusting me? What exactly are you sorry for?"

"Everything. Just everything thatís happened." Max looked away from Isabel. "Iz, we hardly ever fight. This has been pure hell on me the last three weeks. Iím sorry that I donít believe Maria is our sister. Tess has some points to her reasoning too."

Isabel stared at him hard. "I cannot believe you just brought her into this conversation. Thatís your whole problem Max. Youíre listening to Tess."

"Tess is one of us. Maria is not! Tess knows what sheís talking about. She feels something strange when Maria is in the room. Sheís had visions. Isabel sheís scared of Maria. She says there is something evil about the whole situation." Maxís voice was strained. He just had to get through to Isabel.

"You know what Max. Youíre right! You are so freakin right! There is something evil about the whole situation. Itís Tess! I swear she is like the devil reincarnated! No wait, I think Iíd ten to one rather meet the devil than thatÖthatÖthing on the street any day!" Isabel was furious. "Look Maxwell, I donít know what you thought you could accomplish by grouping us together, but if you thought it was so you could to turn me against my OWN sister, youíve got another thing coming."

"You donít mean that. Tess has done NOTHING to you to make you say that!" Max defended. "And I

didnít group us together because of that. I just wanted us to be able to talk. Come to an understanding."

"Iím sorry. Until you realize that you are wrong for once, there is no understanding. I just canít believe you, of all people, are not keeping an open mind about this. You were always the strong one Max. What happened to you?" Isabel had tears in her eyes.

What had happened to him? He had always been the most levelheaded alien in the group. There was just something about the whole situation that weirded him out. Something wasnít right.

"Nothing, Isabel. Nothing has happened to me." He looked at her. "And one day, when Iím finally able to prove that I was right, then you will understand me. Then, maybe youíll be able to forgive me."

Isabel just looked at him. He wasnít her brother anymore. He was a remote controlled toy guided around by Tess. How dare she put things into her brothers mind? Isabel didnít care what anyone said, she was always going to be there for Maria. Maria was her sister. The sister sheíd longed for all her life.

"Max, Iím telling you this for the last time." Isabel looked him straight in the eye. "I AM NOT GOING TO SPEAK ANOTHER WORD TO YOU until you start acting like my brother again. Maria is OUR sister." Her tears were flowing now. "Whether or not you believe it is ok by me. But believe this Max. You are pushing me away and the friendship you have with MariaÖwell itís hanging on by a very small thread. One day you are going to wake up and have your wish Maxwell. You wonít have a sisterÖeither of us."

Max looked shocked. How could Isabel say such a thing? "IzÖ"

"DONíT!" she screamed. "Donít say another word to me. Letís just get through these files and out of here."

Max looked away. Why did his sister have to be so damn stubborn? Maybe he was the one being stubborn. No, Tess was right. There was something wrong with the whole situation and he was bound and determined to prove that Maria was the something.

They sat in silence the rest of the afternoon going through the box. Isabel hadnít so much as even looked at her brother. Max knew she was serious. He was pushing her away. Not meaning too, but every time he said something negative about Maria, she just seemed to get further and further away. Isabel was on her last pile of notes when she came across a sheet with the heading "suspects" on it. On the piece of paper were Michael, Max, Tess, and her name. Along with their name was two others: David and Mark. The agents who had been doing the investigation had tracked Michael, Max, Tess and Isabel to Roswell, which was list on the sheet. The other two names, David and Mark, were listed as living in North Dakota.

"Max," Isabel said. "I think I may have found something."

"So now your talking to me?" he said with a smile.

"Forget it!" Isabel retorted. "Iíll show Michael."

"No, No, No!" Max said. "Iím sorry, I didnít mean it. JustÖwell what did you find?"

Isabel glared at Max. When she knew he was no longer going to interrupt her she continued.

"Itís a note with all the people the agency was investigating." She said. "Weíre on here and they have us pinpointed. Then there are two others, David and Mark." She saw Maxís expression pale. "Max, I think David and Mark are who we are looking for."

Max looked sick. "Itís not possible, Iz. Our parents, they didnít make it out of the crash. Theyíre gone." Max looked back down at the paper Isabel had handed him. "Itís just not possible."

"Letís not even start it Max." Isabel said. "Why canít we assume itís possible, and just check it out? What will it hurt for us to take a vacation up to North Dakota and see what we can find out about these guys?"

Max looked at Isabel. He hated when she begged. It could be a wild goose chase. But what ifÖwhat if there was a possibility that their father had survived. Isabel would never forgive him if they at least didnít check.

"Alright," he said. "weíll take a road trip. Next weekend weíll tell mom and dad weíre going camping and weíll go." Max looked at Isabel. "But Iím telling you right now this may be a dry run."

Isabel was too excited to care. She knew that sheíd be able to find some information to prove to Max that Maria was their sister. "Good! Thanks Max. Iíll let Maria, Alex and Michael know, and you can let Liz."

"Maria? No!" Max said startled. "Maria canít go with us. Sheís not one of us." Max looked hurt that Isabel had even thought to include her. "Itís going to be just you, me, Tess and Michael. No one else."

"Tess?" Isabel said in mock surprise. "Figures."

Isabel got up from her where she was sitting. "Iím not asking you, Iím telling you. Maria, Alex and Liz are going with us. And you know what? Itís sure be nice if you asked Kyle to come too."

Isabel was proud of herself. Sheís finally stood up to her brother. She had always been the follower up to that point. She was tired of him trying to control her though, tired of the way he tried to be all that! As she turned to leave she felt a wave of dizziness overcome her. She felt sick all of the sudden. The world seemed to be spinning in slow motion. And as quick as it had began, it ended, followed by a feeling of pure dread.

Max looked at Isabel. He could tell something awful had just happened. "What happened, Iz?" He asked.

Maria looked at him, and then through the open door. Max covered his ears at the awful racket that ensued.

"MARIA!!!!" Isabel screamed. "MARIA!!!!"

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