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"The Journey"
Part 4
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Never have, never will but would like to.
Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
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"Where do we begin?" Maria asked Michael as she pulled the jumbled heap of mess from the box. "There are like months and months of unpaid bills and all other sorts of crap in here. Weíll be looking for months! What exactly ARE we looking for anyway?"

"Anything that could possibly be important to finding out information about our past or any information that you find on my father, or I guess yours." Michael looked up at Maria. He smiled. He loved that fact that she was part alien. It made him feel so much closer to him. Theyíd been spending a lot of time together lately working on improving her powers. She was actually quite good. He had to admit that he thought Isabel was showing her things, but he didnít mind. He was just glad that he was getting to spend some "alone time" with her.

"Michael, do you believe that I am one of you? That my father is, well, you know, an alien?" Maria said, looking at Michael.

Her eyes were beautiful. When she was worried, there was a sparkle that radiated from the back of her eyes. The expression on her faced topped it off. The sad eyes, the frown, the quizzical expression that danced across her face, Michael loved the way she looked when she was worried. "I think you are definitely one of us." He said, crawling over beside her. He looked up into her eyes.

"Really?" she asked, sort of startled.

"Really." He said, pulling her lips to his. The taste of her lips against his was breath taking. She always wore the most exotic lipsticks she could find. This one tasted like Coconuts, his favorite type of fruit. He didnít want to release her, but he knew that if they continued kissing any longer, no work would get done on their part. He pulled away. "Max is just being Max." he said, sliding his hand into hers. "Heís had a seed of doubt planted in his mind, and being the leader he is, heís going by his brain instead of his heart. Give him some time, babe, heíll come around. I think deep down he knows youíre his sister but is afraid to admit it."

She squeezed his hand. Michael always knew just what to say. "I hope your right." She said. "I am just worried that heíll never except me for who I really am. That he wonít ever believe that I am his sister."

"Weíll find out the truth." He said. "Then there will be no denying it. Liz, Isabel, Alex, and I all know that you are, but with Tess force feeding Maxís head, it will take time for him to see the truth."

"Thanks Michael." She said, reaching over and kissing him. "Iím glad I have you. I love you."

"I love you, too Maria." He said. He looked into her eyes. If she didnít say something soon, she was going to have to kiss him again.

"Well letís get back to the files." She said.

Michael smiled. He could always count on Maria to move along an awkward moment. "Ok, good idea."

The first hour of searching proved to be nothing but just old bills. Michael and Maria had about given up when Michael came across a sealed Manila envelope.

"Maria, look." Michael said, pulling the envelope from the bottom of the box. "What do you think this is?"

Michael flipped the envelope over and over in his hands. It was the first normal piece of mail that they had found. He handed the envelope to Maria. She held it up and looked at it.

"Itís some type of report." She said, eyeing the package carefully. "I think we should open it."

Michael looked at her and smiled. "Go ahead, you do the honors."

Maria carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the stack of papers. Sure enough, the package had contained an investigative report done by Agent Bryan Hunter. Maria read through the report.

"Maria?" Michael asked. "Whatís it say?"

Maria handed the report to Michael. He read through it and then looked up at Maria.

"Theyíre alive." She said. "It says it right in there. They survived the crash and are still on earth. Your father, and my father, both are alive." Maria took a step back. She could feel herself getting dizzy.

"Maria, are you ok?" Michael asked. Before she could answer, she was falling in slow motion. The last thing she remembered was Michaelís strong arms wrapping around her, to stop her fall.

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