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"The Journey"
Part 11
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Never have, never will but would like to.
Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please email and let me know your thoughts on this fiction. If you can see the possibility of a third part to this fiction, please email me and tell me what you'd like to see in a third part. If you haven't read my first fic, "Secrets", then this fiction will make no sense because it's a sequel. To read my first fic, email me ( or visit
"Itís been so long since weíve been alone." Liz said to Max as she rolled over. "Did you have a good nights sleep?"

Max looked into her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips touched and instantly a connection was made. Flashes poured through Lizís mind. She realized just how stressed out Max had been over the last few weeks. He continued kissing her, down her neck up her neckline back to her lips. It was finally Max who pulled away. "I had a great nightís sleep." He said with a smile.

"Good." She said, kissing him again. He had to admit it was good having Liz all to himself.

"Max?" Liz asked. "Why donít you believe Maria?" she rolled over onto her side and looked at Max. She had to find out a reason.

"Tess thinks sheís lying. That sheís working for someone trying to get information." Max said, admitting for the first time what Tess had told him. "She thinks that Maria is supposed to tear us all apart and then destroy us aliens. You know, without you and Alex and the old Maria, weÖwe couldnít survive. You are too important to us."

"Really?" Liz asked. "We are that important?"

"Yeah," Max said, touching her hair. "Without you guys, we wouldnít be strong enough to deal with some of the crap we go through."

"But Max, I canít see Maria turning on us." She said, cautiously. She didnít want to make Max mad at her. "Sheís just not like that."

"I know that." Max said. "The old Maria would never do anything to hurt us. That was when she wasnít insisting she was one of us. Donít you think that itís a little odd that she claims sheís an alien after we tell her we are?" Max looked at Liz. She seemed to understand him.

"I admit. It was a little too convenient, but Iím still not sure. I just donít think sheíd hurt us purposely." She said.

"Well, I hope to be able to prove today, that our fathers died in the crash, which will prove to Maria and Isabel that Maria isnít an alien."

"I hope you find what youíre looking for." Liz said, kissing the tip of his nose. I am going down to the cafeteria real quick. Want me to bring you something back?" she asked.

"No thank you." He said, returning her kiss. "Iíll get a shower and be ready to go when you get back.

"Ok, Iíll be back in a few." She said and headed towards the cafeteria.

When she arrived, she saw Michael across the cafeteria at a booth all alone. She ordered a glass of orange juice and set down beside him.

"Hey. Whereís your other half?" she asked.

"Sleeping. We were up kinda late." He said. Then noticing her look, added. "Talking."

"Oh, I see." She said. "You couldnít sleep?"

"No, not really." He said. "Iím kinda worried about Maria. Iím scared that sheís and Isabel arenít going to find what their looking for. I mean, I want our fathers to be alive more than anyone, but I have to agree that finding them in Grand Forks is going to be a long shot."

"Max thinks the same thing." She said, looking at Michael. "He thinks Maria is trying to destroy all of our friendship and then will eventually try to kill the four of you."

"Thatís ridiculous!" Michael said. "Maria would never do such a thing. Thatís not her."

"Thatís what I told Max, but Tess seems to think so. Sheís had visions, or so she said. Max believe her for some reason." Liz looked up at the clock.

"Well I need to get back. I told Max Iíd only be gone for a few minutes." She stood up to leave.

"Yeah, I need to get back too." He said. "Someone needs to wake Maria, Isabel and Alex."

"Why wake me?" Alex said walking over to the table. Iím already up."

"Well thatís one down." Michael laughed. "Want something to eat or drink?"

"Nope, just looking for you guys." He said. "Are you heading back to the room now?"

"Yeah. You coming?" They asked simultaneously.

"Sure." Alex said.

Michael paid for his glass of milk and Lizís juice and the three walked out of the room together.

They didnít see Tess looking out of her room, watching them walk towards Lizís room. They also didnít see her shut her eyes.

As they reached the room, Liz put the key in the door and thanked Michael for buying her drink. When the door opened, Alex, Michael and Liz gasped in horror. There in the bedroom stood Max and Maria, in a towel kissing. Kissing in a way that two friends, especially two friends that were fighting should not be kissing. Maxís hand ran up and down the curve of Maria back. Her hands running through is hair. Water, dripping off of both of them, obviously theyíd just gotten out of the shower. Liz, Michael and Alex continued to watch in shock as Maria pulled Max over to the bed and pulled him down on top of her. Neither Liz or Michael could stand to watch what was going to happen next. They both turned and ran toward the cafeteria, followed by Alex.

As they passed by Tessís room, she smiled to herself. Her plan was successful. She had now planted a seed of doubt in everyoneís mind about Maria. They could continue with their plan. Now she had to figure out how to convince Isabel that Maria wasnít one of them. Once Isabel didnít believe in Maria, she could dispose of her. By any means necessary.

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