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"The Baby Nexus"
Part 3
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme from Tess to TESS and Treasures Found (Crashdown Fanfics.) Liz and Max are anxious about a Physical exam Mrs. Parker is adamant Liz takes Birth Control.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
"Maria, I don't know how much longer I can go on this way." Michael pulls away from his prone position atop Maria and pulls at his hair with both hands as he walks away and stops in front of the refrigerator and rests his forehead on the door.

Maria closes her eyes and lets out a heavy sigh before sitting up and fumbling around for her discarded bra. She trips over Michael's shoes twice before finding her blouse. "Can you at least turn on the light?" She snarls.

He turns around letting his frustrated body lean against the refrigerator door and watches her silhouette as she adjusts and straightens her clothes without the luxury of being able to see what she's doing. Once dressed she lifts her arms and runs her fingers through her hair before bending to look for her shoes.

His voice is a seductive whisper as he calls her name, "Maria, where are you going?" Michael slowly advances to where she is holding one shoe in her hand and frantically looking for the other.

He turns her into his arms and cups her lowered chin with his knuckles as he rains short sweet kisses on her full pouty lips. She starts to respond and drops the shoe and he runs his hands down her back and inside her pants and panties to cup her butt cheeks and draw her firmly into his swollen manhood.

"Maria," he leans back to look into her fevered eyes without losing the contact of their bodies. "I love you."

"Oh Michael," She strokes his face and finds his mouth to nibble at his lower lip before darting her tongue into its warm recesses. She relinquishes the tongue dance to explain her reluctance, "Michael, we've talked about this and you know my reasons."

"Yea, yea. You're not your mother Maria and I'm not your father. I'm not going anywhere," he barks out at her as his hands leave the firmness of her butt and grabs her shoulders to shake her gently to bring home his point.

Even in darkness he can see her tears and releases his hold on her shoulders to pull her into his arms to absorb her convulsing body.

"Maria, I really do understand." His voice sultry as he holds her head firmly against his shoulder and rocks on his heals.

"Ever since Max and Liz told us that they had done the deed I feel like you're pressuring me Michael. You are not Max and I am definitely not Liz." She wipes at her tear stained cheeks and rushes pass him to the bathroom.

(Hallway of Michael's apartment) Sondra can hear strains of an Old Chaka Khan tune as soon as she enters the building. She's not surprised when the music is traced to Michael's apartment.

She had suggested that he give up his apartment and move in with Teresa and herself but his life hasn't been easy and his recent emancipation was hard fought - he likes his independence.

Michael is posed to go after Maria but a knock (the secret knock used by the group) at the door stops his pursuit of her. She must have heard it too because she returns almost immediately and takes a seat at the counter while Michael straightens the room before answering the door.


Sondra knocks on the door but there's no immediate answer and she's about to leave when the door is swung open by a disheveled Michael.)

"Sondra, is anything wrong. He peeps his head out into the hall. "Where is Teresa?"

"No there's nothing wrong and Teresa is over at Kyle's. May I come in?" She is posed in the doorway when she catches sight of Maria sitting on a barstool at the counter.

"Michael, I'm sorry. I didn't know that Maria was here because the schedule said she was working tonight." Sondra stops her progress into the room. "We can talk later."

"No Sondra, come on in, it must be important for you to be out this late."

She looks from Maria to Michael and can tell she's interrupting something and it looks as though Maria has been crying.

"Michael, it can wait until morning," she turns to leave and is just about to turn the doorknob when he extends his arm high above her head to block her opening of the door.

He gently takes her arm and leads her further into the studio apartment where she takes the stool next to Maria.

Maria hasn't said a word, which is a far cry from the girl she has gotten to know these past weeks. Further perusal reveals that she has definitely been crying.

Sondra looks to Michael and raises an eyebrow and he begins to fidget. "Michael, I don't want to interfere but..."

He cuts her off in mid-sentence, "Then don't," he barks.

"Michael." Maria cuts her eyes at him then looks to Sondra, "Everything is okay. I was just leaving."

She hugs Sondra, grabs her purse, stops in front of Michael and is about to say something but just touches his hand before walking out the door.

"Michael," She jumps off the stool and comes face to face with her much taller brother. "Don't let her walk to her car alone. Go after her."

"She does it all the time, she'll be okay." He shrugs his shoulder and opens the refrigerator; "Do you want something to drink?"

"Michael, You go after that girl right now." She grabs his arm and points to the door.

"Sondra, I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier but Maria and I at a crossroads in our relationship which may prove fatal to Maria's and my continued alliance." He shrugs his shoulder and takes a swig of orange juice from the container.

"Michael, this isn't about sex is it?" She saw it in his eyes right before he turned away from her. "It is, isn't it?"

"Sondra, you don't understand. We kiss and kiss all night long and my body wants more and I've tried, believe me I've tried but I'm just so frustrated at this point." He runs his hand through his unruly hair and walks past her to flop down on the couch.

"You horny alien you, do you love her?" Sondra stands in front of him with her arms across her chest and one foot extended and a toe tapping.

He voice doesn't falter when he speaks, "More than life itself."

"Then why are you pressuring her into doing something that she doesn't want to do, probably isn't ready to do. And by the way you're acting I don't think you are either." She looks around the room for his jacket before handing it to him and giving more sisterly advice.

"She loves you Michael and you may not get another chance at it. You are in a war against an enemy you don't know and you need to face reality. You can die tomorrow and without Maria would it have been worth it." She hands him her keys.

"Drop me at the loft and you beg if you have to, but get her to forgive you."

"But didn't you have something to talk to me about." His fear of having to face Maria is evident.

"It can wait until morning. Let's go." Sondra waits in the hall for Michael to turn off the light and lock the door. He puts his arm around her shoulder and they walk down the hall and to her car.

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