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"The Baby Nexus"
Part 2
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme from Tess to TESS and Treasures Found (Crashdown Fanfics.) Liz and Max are anxious about a Physical exam Mrs. Parker is adamant Liz takes Birth Control.
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Rating: PG-13
Sondra has been on staff at West Roswell Medical Center for two weeks now and has been kept pretty busy but Liz is able to get an appointment for the day after tomorrow.

Teresa and Sondra had been told about Liz and Michael's trip to the Chaco Canyons and the discovery of the metal chest and its contents.

The chest has since been relocated to the Pod Chamber for safe keeping pending further study of the alien book outlining the use of the Tri-fold objects as weapons.

Even though Liz and Michael's vision clearly shows Max and Liz with a child there is no certainty that this is their biological child.

Sondra is certain Teresa's reproductive system is completely human but the jury was still out on alien sperm.

The Research Lab section of the warehouse is nearly completed and Sondra is already working on a project for a large pharmaceutical company.

A state of the arts security system has been added and Liz has been helping her out temporarily until she can hire an assistant, which her sponsor insists on.

Max corners Sondra in her office at the lab the night before Liz's scheduled examination, "Sondra," he closes the office door once he's inside. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure Max, just let me finish this report and I'll be right with you." She peers over her glasses and notices the usually self-assured leader, nervous and fidgety and suddenly the report doesn't seem that important. She will finish the report later.

"Sit down Max," she gestures to the chair, saves her document and closes the lid to her laptop.

"Hmm, sure." He starts to take a seat and decides against it. "I'll rather stand if it's okay with you."

"Max, what is it?" Sondra sits up in her seat, "Has anything happened?"

"No, everything's fine. It's just that I'm a little concerned about Liz's exam tomorrow and what it may reveal." His voice is ragged with emotion.

"What do you think it will reveal?" Sondra relaxes back in her chair, removes her glasses and begins to clean them with a tissue.

"I don't know, that's the problem," he spurts out. "You saw the V tattoo, and you've heard how she emits a golden glow sometimes. But what you don't know is that a couple of months ago she developed a glowing hickey on her neck, which later turned into a rash. And later that same day her mother noticed that she had a fever." His eyes become shuttered and unfathomable.

"I'm a scientist Max, first and foremost," Sondra points out. "But, I've seen things that defy any and all scientific explanation. I understand your concern and if Liz is changed physically in any way, I feel it in my heart, that it hasn't and never will bring her harm."

"As a precaution I'll do all her blood work and urine analysis here along with yours, Michael's and Isabel's," she assures him.

"I hope you're right Sondra because I would die for her," his voice cracks a little and his eyes are moist with unshed tears. "I'll die for all of you."

Sondra is around the desk and hugging him when Teresa barges in without knocking.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that anyone was in here with you. I can come back." She senses that something is going and backs out of the door without asking any questions.

Max regains his composure, sits down and starts to pick at a loose thread on the arm of the chair. "There's one more thing I need to talk to you about."

"Shoot," She sits on the edge of her desk directly in front of him and crosses her arms across her chest.

"Other than the inhumane experiments that Pierce performed on me, we've never had a physical examination. I was hoping that you would do the honors."

"Actually, I had planned on asking Michael to talk to you about that but I didn't think the time was right so soon after your experience with that bastard Pierce." She looks up to see a smile on his face. "Sorry but every time I think of that experimental drug he used on you I cringe."

"The exam will have to take place here secretly, but it would help us to know your physiology better especially answers to any reproductive questions that may arise."

Max blushes, "Yes I would definitely find that interesting."

"Max, are you and Liz sexually active?" She adjusts her seating by pushing further backwards and starts to swing her legs over the edge.

He looks down embarrassed but answers, "Active is a strong word. We've been together once, the night before Teresa arrived in Roswell.

"I take it everything was functional." She looks him directly in the eyes and nods.

"Yes, except for the fact that there was a aura surrounding our combined bodies. But the physical parts fit together and we reached the same conclusion as human couples." A smile seems permanently etched in his features.

"The exams should be soon because any birth control I prescribe for Liz won't do any good if your sperm is not human or is immune to spermicide. Continue to use condoms or abstain until my findings are concluded." Sondra slides off the desk and walks around the desk to her chair.

"When would you like to start our examinations?" Max stands and puts his hands in his pockets.

"Will tomorrow night be too soon?" She checks her day planner to make sure she was free. "Let's say 6:00 for Isabel, 7:00 for you and 8:00 for Michael."

"7:00 is fine for me and I'm sure Isabel will be okay with the time you have scheduled for her but Michael is going to be a problem."

"Why is that, I thought he was off tomorrow?" Sonja looks at the scheduler that they all fill out so that they all know where the other is at all times.

"He considers you his sister and he may not feel comfortable with..." Max lets the sentence trail off.

"I understand - I'll talk to him. Is he upstairs?" She nods upwards.

"He wasn't when I came down to see you. Do you want me to call him?" He reaches for the phone.

"No, I have to go by the hospital to check on a patient. I'll stop by his apartment. And Max, don't worry about tomorrow. I'm sure Liz is fine."

Max waves as he leaves and closes the door behind him.

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