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"Roswell: The Rage"
Part 2
by Amanda Wood
Disclaimer: This is not a professional script, please do not assume such, it is just a fan having fun and amusing herself.
Summary: When Max suddenly becomes irritable and dangerous, the gang starts to realize that something is happening, and they must find a way to help Max fast or they may lose him forever.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I am still working on improving the script so please bare with me. If you have questions or comments, heck even ways you think I could improve the script don't be afraid to a-mail me. Thank You.
Itís the next day Isabel, Michael, Tess, Maria and Liz are sitting in the Crash Down discussing Max. They are all crowded in the Kitchen area; Michael is making an order, the rest are standing around. Isabel To Michael Michael, where is Max? Michael I donít know. Isabel He didnít come home last night. Iím worried. Michael Placing the food in the order window. And walking back to the grill. Order up! Liz With her arms crossed and turning to follow Michael. Well, you were the last one to see him. Michael I told you, he left and I didnít see where he went. Tess Well, we canít just stand around. He couldnít have gone too far. Liz Tess is right. Maria Maybe you guys should just leave him alone for a day or two. Michael To Maria Thank you. Maria No problem. Isabel No, I donít like the idea that there could be something wrong with him. He needs our help. Michael Thereís nothing we can do, Maxwell isnít stupid, and maybe disappearing for a day will help him. CUT Max is in the cave, he is sitting leaning against a rock, his eyes are closed and he is twitching back and forth rapidly. We again see white flashes; suddenly he lets out a loud scream... FADE INTO Liz is sitting at her desk doing some homework; she hears a knock at her window and looks out to see Max, heís in bad shape, he is sweating and shaking. She closes her book and gets up to open it. Liz Helping him in. Max, whatís wrong? She helps him stumble to her bed. What is it? He sits. Max Itís getting worseÖ Liz What is? Is this what Michael was talking about? Max He told you? Liz She sits next to him. Yes, whatís going on? Max ItísÖ. He shivers. Liz Touching his hand. God youíre freezing. Max Iím fine. Liz No, Max youíre not. Get under the covers. She pulls her quilt back Max lays back. She props his head up with some pillows and covers him keeping her hands on the quilt. Now, whatís going on, maybe if you tell me, I can help. Max I donít know what it isÖ More flashes, he throws his head back and forth. Liz help me. Liz Panicked Iím going to call Isabel and get Michael. She turns to leave but he grabs onto her wrist she winces in pain. Max No. Liz Ouch, Max. She pulls at her wrist but he pulls her back towards him. Max Tightening his grip. Liz, listen to meÖ Liz Frightened Youíre hurting me Max. We see some more flashes in Maxís head; he tightens his grip until Liz whimpers in pain. Suddenly he flashes out of it. Liz Struggling. Ouch. He letís go. Liz pulls her wrist back into her body, itís badly bruised. Max stands up. Max Liz, Iím sorry, I didnít mean toÖ She steps forward. Liz Itís okay. Max I didnít mean toÖIÖ She steps forward and touches him with the other arm. Liz Itís just a bruise donítÖ He steps back and looks around the room rapidly, his vision is blurred. Max LizÖIÖ He takes a shallow breath. Liz Iíll put ice on it donít worry. She puts a calming hand on his shoulder. He relaxes for a minute. It doesnít hurt. Max I didnít mean toÖI don't know what's wrong with me. Liz puts her arm around him and hugs him he embraces he, he sees more flashes and Liz has a red halo around her head the picture is blurry Max falls pushing her back on the bed. Liz Frightened Max what are you doing? He gets another flash and pushes her down harder. Liz Max stop it. We again see flashes, this time they are more rapid and edged with red. Throughout the flashes Lizís voice can be heard echoing. Liz Max please stop. We cut out of the flashes and see Liz struggling, Max accidentally rips the sleeve of her shirt. Max! We cut to more flashes and then back to Liz and Max-Max pulls away quickly clutching his head. Max No, no, I shouldnít be here. Iím sorry, IÖI He goes to the window. Liz Standing up and cradling her arm. Max wait, let me get Michael, we can help you. He looks at her and then crawls out onto the veranda. Liz follows him. Max wait. He continues down the ladder and runs down the street. Liz turns and crawls back in to her room, then down to the restaurant. She goes into the kitchen. Liz To Michael Michael, itís Max he was just here. Michael What? Liz He came to my window; I let him in, Michael it's badÖ Maria Coming in from the restaurant. Whatís going on? She catches sight of Lizís wrist and sleeve. Liz, what happened? Liz Max, he didnít mean to. What ever heís got, itís getting worse. Michael, do you know where he is, we have to help him. Michael Yea, He undoes his apron and hangs it on a hook. I know where he is. Liz you come with me, Maria call Tess and Isabel. Meet us at the cave. Maria Right. Liz and Michael leave the restaurant. CUT Michael and Liz run up to the cave, but when they reach it they canít go any further. Michael Running and stopping. What the? Liz Racing up behind him. What, what is it? Michael pounds on the invisible wall. Michael He put up some kind of shield. Liz What? Can he do that? Michael Apparently. Liz Looking in. Well, where is he? Michael I donít know. Pounding on the wall again. Maxwell? Liz Pounding as well. Max! She stops. To Michael Canít you just, you know zap it. Michael I can try. He holds up his hand and tries to break through the wall, but canít. Liz Why isnít it working? Michael I donít know, you try. Liz Speaking into the cavern. Max, itís Liz and Michael, can you let us through. Max Faintly from the other side. Go away. Liz Why? Max Something is happening to me, IÖI canít control it. Liz We know. We want to help you. Max I donít want to hurt anyone. Liz Can you just come where we can see you, please? He timidly steps into view matted against the blue light of the cave. Max, let us help you. Max You canít. Liz But we can try. Michael Itís not going to work. Liz Max, come on. Let us in. Max No. Maria, Tess, and Isabel coming running up behind them. Isabel Running up. Oh god MaxÖ Max Isabel, go away, all of you go! Isabel No, Max. Maria Hitting the invisible wall. Whatís going on, what is this? Michael Heís put up some sort of wall. Maria Well, did you try zapping it? Michael Yes. Isabel Desperate. Max. Tess Maybe if we all try. Isabel Right. They all put their hands up and concentrate on breaking through the wall Max mimics their motion a white blast increases the power of the wall and tosses everyone backwards. They all stumble, Max walks away. Isabel Oh god. She is frightened. Michael Calm down. Weíll get in. We have too. CUT We re-open on everyone sitting outside of the cave trying to figure out a way to get through to Max. Isabel Looking down with her hands in her lap. Thereís got to be a way. Tess What about Larick. They all look at her. Maybe he could tell us whatís wrong with Max. Liz You heard what he said the last time we contacted him. He canít prepare Brodyís body right; one more time could kill him. She leans her head back against the cold rock of the cave. Isabel If we only knew what this wasÖ Tess Liz, have you ever heard of anything like this in other creatures? Liz Looking at Tess What do you mean? Tess Well, like animals or something. Liz She looks at the through the invisible wall at Max who is pacing back and forth. Thereís something kind of like it, it's called Distemperment. Tess What does it do to them, the animals I mean? Liz It kind of drives them insane; they start attacking for no reason, becoming irritableÖ Tess Well, how do they fix it? Maria Dryly. They gas them. Everyone falls silent. Isabel There has to be another way. Michael Yea, well there better be. He gets up, everyone looks at him. Maria What are you doing? Michael He looks at them all in turn. The only way to find out about this is through Larick. Liz Yea, but what ifÖ Michael We have to take that chance. Maria Well, take my phone; Iíll call if we have any breakthroughs. CUT Isabel, Michael and Tess are walking into the museum that Brody owns. Isabel She stops walking. Michael, Iím not so sure about this. Michael Turning to her. Do you want to help Maxwell? Isabel Yes, but, I donít want to hurt anybody else. Tess If we donít do this we could lose him. Isabel I know I justÖwhat right do we have to mess with Brodyís life? Michael We donít have a choice.
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