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"Roswell: The Rage"
Part 3
by Amanda Wood
Disclaimer: This is not a professional script, please do not assume such, it is just a fan having fun and amusing herself.
Summary: When Max suddenly becomes irritable and dangerous, the gang starts to realize that something is happening, and they must find a way to help Max fast or they may lose him forever.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I am still working on improving the script so please bare with me. If you have questions or comments, heck even ways you think I could improve the script don't be afraid to a-mail me. Thank You.
FADE INTO Maria and Liz are still sitting outside the cave; Liz is standing in front of the wall. She’s talking to Max Who is pacing rapidly. Liz Max…Max… we need to get you help. He ignores hers. Please give us a chance to… Max Angrily. I told you to leave me alone. Liz Well, I’m not going listen, Michael and Isabel went to get help. Max I don’t need your help! I don’t need their help! Liz Yes you do! Maria is sitting leaning her head back rolling her eyes at the situation. Maria It’s not going to work. Liz Looking down at her. I’m still going to try. Maria Fine, whatever. Liz Laying her hands flat against the invisible wall. Max look at me. He ignores her. Max please. Please! She hits the wall angrily. He looks at her. I’m not leaving you. None of us are, we’re going to get through this. He walks up and places his hands on the wall on hers. I’m here, I'm not going to give up on you. Please, you have to trust me, you mean too much to me, to all of us! We're not prepared to just give up! The wall weakens and Liz falls through, Maria jumps up. Max hugs Liz, she hugs him back. Maria watches as the white crinkle of the wall flashes up again and pulls out her cell phone, she dials Michael. Maria Michael, yea it’s me Liz got through. Michael From the other end She did? Cut to Michael now Maria From the other end Yea, how are you guys coming along? Michael Looking at Tess and Isabel working with Brody. It’s not working yet. How does Max look? Cut to Maria, Max and Liz. Maria Looking at them. She’s got him calmed down. Michael Good. There is a commotion from the other end. Maria, I have to let you go. Maria Right, hurry though… She hangs up the phone. Liz, Michael says to keep him calm. Liz Flatly from behind the wall. Okay. How are they doing? FADE INTO Michael Walking over to Isabel who is lying on the floor, Brody is sitting up strait, with a very odd expression on his face-Tess is hovering over Isabel. What happened? Tess Shaking Isabel’s hand. I don’t know. She was just touching him and then she fell over. Michael Stay here, I’m gonna check on Brody. He walks over to Brody. Larick? Brody Shaking his head. Who? Michael Turning to Tess and Isabel. Frustrated It didn’t work. Brody From behind him and standing up What didn’t work? Is she okay? Michael Tess, take care of it. Tess Whispering What do you want me to do? Michael Tell him something, or mind warp him, just get him out of here. Tess nods and stands up. Tess She just passed out, she hasn't been feeling very well. Why don’t you go get her some water? Brody Yea sure. He leaves the room. Isabel sits up stiffly. Michael What happened? Isabel He’s here. Michael No, it didn’t work. Isabel He’s with me; he’s in my head. Tess You mean like telepathy? Isabel Yes, we need to ask him… FADE INTO Liz and Max are still hugging each other-she is consoling him, he is babbling indistinctly. Maria knocks on the wall. Maria How is he? Liz He’s okay. Maria Good, I hope Michael hurries back. Liz Me too. To Max We’re going to help you, you just hold on. Max Weakly I’m trying. It hurts. Liz I know, but you have to be strong, okay? Max Weakly I feel like…like I'm dying. Liz Shaking him No, no you aren’t. Don’t say that. You can do this, I know you can. Compared to some of the stuff you pulled through this is nothing. Max I’m sorry about everything… Liz Pulling back to look at him. There’s nothing to apologize for. Max But I… He finishes in a sharp inhale and falls to the ground Liz kneels beside him. Liz Max…don’t….Maria! Maria What? Liz He’s going to die-they have to hurry up. Call them, tell them. Maria nods and dials quickly. The phone rings. FADE INTO Michael and Tess are helping Isabel to a chair they sit her down. Michael kneels in front of her. Michael Can he hear me? Isabel I don’t know. Michael Fine, you ask him. Ask him what's going on with Max. They wait impatiently as Isabel asks the question silently. After a minute Michael speaks. Michael What did he say? Isabel Panicked and close to tears I can’t hear him Michael. Tess But you said he was with you? Isabel Frightened I know…I… I can’t hear him. Tess Here, let me try. She places her hand in Isabel’s and closes her eyes, a second later she speaks. I can hear him. Michael What did he say? Tess He says Max is in serious danger. Michael Danger? Like what, what are we talking about here? Isabel closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Tess Matter of factly Death…Michael, Max is dying. The cell phone rings, Michael ignores it. FADE INTO Maria is listening to the dial tone waiting. Liz What’s going on? Maria Hanging up the phone. He’s not answering the phone. Liz Well, call him again. Max arches his back in pain and falls again. Oh god, max stay with me. Call again! Maria All right, all right. She dials again. FADE INTO Michael Is there a way to cure it? The phone rings again this time he answers it. Yes. Maria Michael, you have to hurry, he’s dying. Michael I know. Taking his ear away from the phone. Tell him to hurry up. Isabel nods. Tess He wants to know how long he’s had it. Michael We don’t have time for this. Tess He says it’s important. Michael Tell him just to tell us what to do! Tess But he… Michael Isabel, tell him. Isabel Right, She closes her eyes and inhales Tess We have to use the stones. Isabel The healing stones? Michael How? CUT Liz is holding Max in a sitting position, she is crying, his eyes are closed and he is glistening with sweat, his breath is ragged. Maria is leaning against the invisible wall watching them. Liz Stay with me, come on Max, you can't, She sniffs You can't leave me. Max Very weak Liz I'm sorry…Thank you for every kiss…for every embrace… Liz Don't start talking like your going to die… Cause you're not okay, do you hear me? Max Very weak I love you. His head lolls to the side. Liz No Max…Max! Maria stands up and looks in at Liz and Max Max…no, come back, come back! Maria takes a sad breath and looks down Michael, Tess, and Isabel walk back in and put up their hands they now easily blast the wall and step through. Liz In tears Oh god, Michael he's dead… Isabel drops back and put her hand to her mouth Michael Runs over to check Max’s pulse. Tess, Isabel, get the stones. Liz, help me get him to the healing circle. To Max It’s not that easy Maxwell Liz Wiping tears away from her cheeks. Okay. They get him in the circle and Isabel and Tess return with the stones, Liz stands up and walks to Maria who hugs her. Maria Looking at Michael over Liz's shoulder What are we supposed to do? To Liz It's okay. Michael Each of us takes a stone. Tess hands everybody a stone and then takes one herself and tries to put one in Max’s hand like they were told, but she can’t. Tess Panicked I can’t get him to take this. Michael Liz, get in the circle hold him and the stones. Liz Nods and pulls away from Maria then takes her position. She whispers, through tears. Come on Max. Everybody holds his or her stone out and a white-blue light fills the cave. Each person is seen in turn and then we focus on Liz and Max-the light surrounds them, Max’s body glows red. Max? The light dies and everyone falls back exhausted, Liz continues to hold Max, but he doesn’t seem to be alive. She closes her eyes in sadness and lets her cheek rest on his hair. Silence engulfs the cave, everybody watches. Max… Liz takes deep breath…and then Max inhales sharply and sits up. Max? His eyes open and he weakly tries to sit up Liz Relieved Oh God Max, She hugs him he hugs her back I though you were dead Max I could hear you the whole time I couldn't leave you Liz. Liz Smiling, Max wipes tears off her cheeks Max And I’m glad you didn’t. Liz I love you too.. He kisses her gently and tries to stand, but almost fails, Michael catches him and helps him stand Max To Michael Thank you. He and Michael hug. Isabel Walking over to him, she hits him in the arm Don't ever scare me like that again! She hugs him. Then Maria and Tess hug him. Michael Whew, it's been a long day. Anyone hungry? Max I am. Liz smiles and he puts his arm around her, she smiles. Michael Good, me too. He drapes his arm around Max on the other side. Looking at Max Burger? Max Sounds good. They all leave the cave in a group. THE END
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