FanFic - Other
"Roswell: The Rage"
Part 1
by Amanda Wood
Disclaimer: This is not a professional script, please do not assume such, it is just a fan having fun and amusing herself.
Summary: When Max suddenly becomes irritable and dangerous, the gang starts to realize that something is happening, and they must find a way to help Max fast or they may lose him forever.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I am still working on improving the script so please bare with me. If you have questions or comments, heck even ways you think I could improve the script don't be afraid to a-mail me. Thank You.
We open on Max sitting at a booth with Isabel, and Tess at the Crash Down. Max has one side of the booth, while the girlís share the other side. Isabel is pouring hot sauce on her food; Tess and her are talking. Max seems very distant; heís watching Liz serve food intently. Suddenly we get flashes of bright white lights. Michael Coming over with a plate. To Max Maxwell, you okay? Max snaps out of these visions and inhales sharply. Michael Reaching a hand out as Max almost falls out of the booth. Whoa. The girlís stop talking. Liz Coming over to see if heís okay. Oh my god, Max are you okay? Max Looks up at her-he sees another white flash with only her head floating in the void, her voice is echoing. He gets up and rushes past her out of the Crash Down. Isabel Looking at Michael. Iím going to go see if heís okay. Michael Iíll check on him. She nods and he follows Max out of the Crash Down. Max is walking fast with his head down and hands in his pockets. Maxwell! He walks to him. What happened in there? Max Nothing, Iím fine. He looks back at the Crash Down. Michael What is it, Liz? Max Quickly No, she has nothing to do with it. Michael Come on. Max Yelling and then speaking quieter. Itís nothing; I just need some rest. Michael Fine. He shrugs and then walks back to the Crash Down. Isabel, Tess, and Liz are all looking at him expectedly. Michael Heís going home to rest. Isabel Is he okay? Michael How should I know? CUT We re-open on Max looking at a picture of Liz in his room. He puts it down and walks to his computer and starts typing rapidly. There is a knock on his door, he jumps knocking something over but reluctantly answers. Max Yea. His mom sticks her head in. Mom You doing homework? Max Yea. Mom Brody called; he wanted to know if you could come in for a while today. Max Oh. Mom Honey, are you okay? Max Iím fine. Mom Are you sure you look... Max He says this with controlled temper in his voice. Iím fine. Mom Okay. She shuts the door, Max stands up and walks away from the computer and flops back down onto his bed. CUT We are back at the Crash down; Liz is busy doing the final wipe down of the tables, Maria steps into the room from the kitchen. MARIA steps out of the kitchen she stretches then Yawns. Thank god, Iím so tired. Patting Liz on the shoulder. Well, see you tomorrow. Liz Yea, bye. Maria leaves as Sean is entering; she stops him at the door. Maria Weíre closed. Sean I know that. Maria Smartly Oh, then why are you here? Liz From behind them. Come on in Sean. Maria Looking from Liz to Sean. Youíre here to see Liz? Charming. Sean Stepping around her and into the restaurant. Relax, weíre just friends. Maria Nodding. Oh right. Liz Smiling. Maria. Maria Fine, Iím going. ButÖ She turns to Sean and lowers her voice. If I find out this goes further then friendsÖ She looks back at Liz and then to Sean. Well, just donít let me find out. Got it. She leaves and Sean takes a seat at the counter. Liz pours him a cup of coffee and continues rubbing down the counter. CUT Max is still in his room, he is lying flat on his back on the bed, sweat is shining on his skin, and he is staring at the ceiling. We see more flashes as before, there is a knock on the door and after he doesnít respond Isabel pokes her head in. When she sees Maxís condition she runs to his bed. Isabel Max. She kneels beside him. And touches his shoulders. Max? Max snaps out of his daze and sits up breathing heavy, Isabel stands. Are you okay? Max IÖIÖ He sees another flash. I just need some fresh air. He grabs a coat from his desk chair and leaves Isabel standing confused. He walks down through the kitchen and heads for the door. Mom Max, honey itís almost time for dinner. Max Flatly, as Isabel comes in. Iím not hungry. His mom looks at Isabel and she shrugs. He leaves the house. Mom To Isabel What was that about? Isabel shakes her head and sits at the table. Max is walking down the street that the Crash Down is on; as he passes the window in the front he sees Liz and Sean laughing. Suddenly he crosses the street and bangs on the door. Liz looks and sees him; she says something to Sean and then goes to open the door. Liz Max, He looks past her at Sean. Max whatísÖ She doesnít finish he shoves passed her and punches Sean off of the stool he was sitting on. Max! Liz races forward and tries to pull them apart, but Max is to engrossed to notice her. Max stop it! Max! Sean is trying to defend himself. Max! Finally he stops, but suddenly, he looks down at Sean blocking his face, then back to Liz. He gets upÖ Max shakes his head and leaves the Crash Down; Liz bends and helps Sean up. Liz Audio fading outÖ Iím sorry Sean I donít know what got into him. FADE INTO Michaelís trailer from a distance, we see Max stumbling forward, he opens the door. Maria and Michael turn to him surprised. And then they notice his condition. Maria Whatís wrong? Max steps in and collapses onto the floor. Michael Walking to him. Maxwell? Maria To Michael. Whatís wrong with him? Michael Do I look like I know? Help me get him to the couch. She nods and together they sit him on the couch. To Maria Go get some water. She nods and goes into the kitchen. Michael Whatís wrong? Max IÖI donít know. Michael Well, what happened? Maria hands Michael the glass of water. Drink this. Max nods and takes the cup, he takes a drink. Max Something is happening to me. Michael What? Max I donít know. Michael Well, what just happened, why did you come here? Max I was walking passed the Crash Down and I saw LizÖ She was with Sean, I donít know what came over me, I punched SeanÖ Maria Smiling Well, at least I didnít have to. Michael looks at her annoyed. What, even you must admit he needed it. Michael Nodding in agreement. Go see if Liz is all right. Max Tell her Iím sorry. Maria Sure thing. She kisses Michael on the cheek and then leaves the trailer. Michael To Max Tell me whatís been going on. CUT Maria rushes into the Crash Down-it is still the same night, Sean is holding a napkin to his nose to stop it from bleeding. Maria ignores him. Maria To Liz I heard what happened, are you okay? Liz Iím fine. Sean To Maria Hey what about me? Maria Ignoring him and speaking to Liz. So tell me what happened, I want all the details. She and Liz sit down. Liz Well heÖhow did you find out? Maria Quickly He showed up at MichaelísÖgo on. Liz I donít know he knocked on the door so I let him in and he just starting pounding on Sean. Maria Sarcastically, frowning. Poor Sean. Liz Maria. Maria Sorry. Liz It's just, it was almost like he didnít know what heíd done. How was he when he showed up at Michaelís? Maria I think he was like in shock or something. He seemed really out of itÖ FADE INTO Michaelís trailer, Max has just finished explaining whatís been happening. He looks a little better. Michael How long has this been going on? Max I donít know maybe a week. He stands up and walks around. Michael Do you think these flashes are the reason you attacked Sean? Max I donít know. Michael Why didnít you tell anyone? Max I guess I figured it would pass. Michael Scratching his eyebrow and standing up. Well, it didnít. Max Stops walking and looks at him. I know that. Michael Shrugging. Maybe you should stay away from Liz for a while. Max Maybe I should stay away from everyone. Michael Come on Maxwell, what are you going to do go hide in your room for a week? Max I was thinking of staying in the cave for a while, just till things blow over. Michael We have to tell Isabel and Tess. Max No, this stays between you and me. He begins pacing again. I donít want them to know. Michael Maybe they can help-we could talk to Isabel. We can find out what this thing is. MAX sees flashes again, this time they are just white he starts to fall but Michael catches him. Michael We have to get you help. Max Angrily No. He shoves Michael out of the way and leaves the trailer. Michael falls back against the wall and a picture falls off, he rubs his chest and watches Max go.
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