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"Remembering Our Pasts"
Part 5
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them. I make 'em happy for a while then give them back. Just the way I found them, depressed and fighting. Oh, but I own Lady Raine and the other characters that I've added. =)
Summary: This is part two in my yet unnamed series. The first part in Our Real Families, you should read that before this one to understand what is going on. This is a few days after Max and Tess come back from New York. The gang hasn't been able to get together and talk because Max's parents are concerned and won't let him out of their sight except for school.
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Authors Note: I'd love feedback if you don't mind, even criticism. =) I need help with a name for the series. If you have any ideas, please e-mail me with them. Thanks!
"Anyway, like I was going to say before my wonderful twin interrupted me is that after the little girl said that her dad called her Kalika and said that she had been spending too much time with her cousin, Ava. I was extremely confused. We had all thought that Tess and Michael were brother and sister, but it turns out that they are cousins."

Tess smiled at that thought. Deep inside it seemed weird for her to consider Michael her brother, but she had accepted it because Vishnu had told her so. She wondered to herself when she had started calling Harding Vishnu, but pushed it aside. It had been his true name anyway.

"But the other really weird thing about Kalika was the fact that she loved science and school. Anyway I found out that Ava had a brother who was called Thanos. Apparently the four children were very close. Then the scene changed and I saw Rath and Kalika about two years later. They were in the hallway of their home planning a prank for their cousins. The four kids were having this prank war and the rules were that both siblings had to participate and that no one else could know about it. Thanos and Ava had put bugs in Rath and Kalika's bed but the two of them didn't think that it counted because Ava wouldn't touch bugs."

"I still won't touch them. And we lived in the sewers," Ava said with a shudder. Everyone laughed at that. Tess nodded her agreement with Ava's comment. At that moment their eyes met and they felt their bond; that soon they would be one being instead of two. It was a weird but comforting feeling. Isabel continued with her story, oblivious to the connection between the two.

"Anyway they had rigged a bucket of pond scum over the sitting room of Thanos and Ava's sitting room. They hid in the curtains when they heard their cousins coming but they weren't alone. They had Lady Raine with them. She was about our age now, 17 or so, and she was beautiful." Isabel said with a smile on her face as she remembered. All of those that had seen her, smiled as well as they remembered as well. "She was about 5'7 or so and slender. But her hair and her eyes were her most commanding features. Her hair was a strange mix of red, brown and blond that looked like fire when the light hit it a certain way, but her eyes were different from everyone else's. Everyone else had the large circle eyes that were completely black. Her's were the same size but they were an emerald green. And they seemed to sparkle. Apparently her eyes were a sign that she was a seer. She was the daughter of our father's Ambassador. She was an only child and was raised by her father as her mother had died in childbirth. Anyway she got covered in the pond scum cause Ava and Thanos had cheated and looked into their cousin's minds and figured out their prank. But she was cool with it and sent them off to get ready for dinner because they were going to eat with the adults."

"So, are you saying that..." Tess started to interrupt.

"Wait. I'm not finished yet. You'll know for sure after I tell you this part," Isabel said with a smile on her face. Tess nodded that she was willing to wait for the end of the story before she asked her question. "I just stood there waiting for the dream to take me to the next part when Lady Raine turned to me and looked me straight in the eye and spoke to me. She said and this is exactly what she said, I haven't forgotten a word of it. I don't think I ever will," Isabel said with a smile. But instead of Isabel telling them, the scene appeared in the air before them, the vision was being projected from Isabel's mind. It was as if her mind had turned into a movie projector. They all saw and heard everything that Lady Raine had said to Isabel.

"It is good that you are here, Vilandra. You will remember this when you wake and tell them. It is almost time. I should have come to you sooner, but I was too caught up in fighting Kivar for you all. I had hoped that things would go the way they should without my interference, but I didn't know that Kiril's trusted servant had been one of those sent to protect you. You will wake soon. It's time for you to go to get up and get ready for school. Although I doubt that you will end up going today." She smiled. "I know you have questions, but they will be answered. Just make sure that they connect with each other. Then their memories will start to return. All of your memories will return when I come to you. But I have much to do before I can come to you. Do not fear, Vilandra. Never trust your enemies. They don't always tell you the truth." Lady Raine smiled at Isabel and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes.

"But who is Kalika?" Isabel asked.

"You'll know when you wake up. You'll see and realize from the memories. All of you have many of the same qualities that you had in your previous life." She smiled and her green eyes sparkled with joy and love. "Wake, my princess. I miss you very much. You don't remember me, at least not yet, but I loved you very much. I loved all of you very much."

After the scene ended, Isabel slumped onto Max in exhaustion. The whole group looked back and forth between each other in shock and surprise. What had just happened?

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