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"Remembering Our Pasts"
Part 6
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them. I make 'em happy for a while then give them back. Just the way I found them, depressed and fighting. Oh, but I own Lady Raine and the other characters that I've added. =)
Summary: This is part two in my yet unnamed series. The first part in Our Real Families, you should read that before this one to understand what is going on. This is a few days after Max and Tess come back from New York. The gang hasn't been able to get together and talk because Max's parents are concerned and won't let him out of their sight except for school.
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Rating: R
Authors Note: I'd love feedback if you don't mind, even criticism. =) I need help with a name for the series. If you have any ideas, please e-mail me with them. Thanks!
"Isabel, are you alright?" Max asked in concern.

"Yeah. I'm okay, just a little drained. That was weird," Isabel said as her voice started to gain strength.

She slowly sat up and her friends, no, her family, breathed a sigh of relief. She was really okay. Tess was the first to speak.

"Okay. So Liz is one of us. She was Michael's twin in our past lives. But how can that be? She doesn't have any powers, doesn't like Tabasco sauce on her food, didn't hatch out of a pod. So what's going on here?" she asked in confusion.

"Well actually, Tess, Liz does like Tabasco on her ice cream," Ava said as she and Liz shared a secret smile. Max looked up at them at that moment, that's when it hit him hard. He couldn't believe it. The woman that he loved was actually one of them, an alien, just better hidden. And she had been his second-in-command's twin sister, he must have known her in their past lives. Max was amazed at the thought.

"Ava dared me to try it on the first night. But I haven't tried it on anything else yet," Liz said with a little smile on her face but her expression soon turned serious. "But Tess is right. I don't have any powers and my mother did give birth to me." She looked up at Michael with a look of confusion and fear on her face. "We haven't figure it out yet. I mean, Michael and I connected that morning and saw our pasts. We know that we were Rath and Kalika and that our father was Nareg, the prince of our planet and our High King Maximos' second-in-command and our mother was Sirvat. We know that Ava and Thanos were our cousins. We know deep inside that it's true. But we just don't know how it's true."

"Okay. I can believe you, Liz," Tess said with a look of shell shock on her face. "I mean I've felt something different since we've come back here between you and Michael as well as between you and Ava. But then who is Thanos, my and Ava's brother?" Tess asked trying to figure out what was going on. She wasn't prepared for an answer of any kind. She had just voiced her thoughts out loud.

"Actually, I am, Tess," Alex said next to her with a look of hope and fear on his face.

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