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"Our Real Families"
Part 13
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them...just borrowing, but don't worry, I'll bring 'em back the way that I found them, all broken and depressed.
Summary: This is my thoughts on the aftereffects of Meet the Dupes with a bit of Max in the City or Journey to New York thrown in. I wrote the dupes without their accents, simply because it was easier to write. Hope you don't mind. Starts where Meet the Dupes spoilers just my own random thoughts. It does get a little dark later in the story, but not too bad. =)
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first Roswell fic so don't be too cruel to me, please? Hope you like it!
Rath and Lonnie were waiting for Max and Tess outside the door of the conference room. Max had finally gotten Tess calmed down and composed. He promised her that he would find out what the Emissary meant by his statement. He felt like he was dealing with a small child. He had to promise to give her something that she wanted in order to get something done. He had also cautioned her about not talking about the granilith to anyone. She was a little annoyed when he told her that Liz had told him that it was powerful. But he refused to go into detail about it. They had more pressing business then finding out what and how Liz knew about the granolith.

Rath opened the door and both Lonnie and Tess entered the room. Rath turned to Max and said, "Your Majesty, the summit awaits your presence."

Max smiled and shook his head at Rath's antics. He walked through the door and Rath followed him. He stopped short when he saw Brody standing with three other people talking. "Brody?" he asked in confusion.

"No, Zan, it's just his body," Brody smiled. "It's easier for us to take control of these bodies then to come ourselves. The travel time would be too much especially with our planets at war."

Max nodded his understanding. "Please call me Max. I don't remember being called Zan."

Brody continued, "Would you like to start?" Again Max nodded and the other three with Brody took their seats around the table with Max at the head of the table.

Brody again began, "Max, I am Larek, this is Sero, that is Kathana and this is Hanar. We will each represent our own planets in our star system."

Max nodded his consent and understanding as he began to take his seat at the head of the table. Just as Larek was going to start talking again to bring the summit to a start the door behind him opened and Nicholas walked in.

"Now, Larek. Max cannot represent his planet because he no longer rules it. Kivar does. And I represent Kivar," Nicholas said with a smirk on his face.

"Why should Kivar have a say in the search for peace? He started this bloodshed with his thirst for power," Hanar practically spit out in the direction of Nicholas.

"Well at least Nicholas remembers the reasons for the war, Zan or Max or what ever his name is doesn't," Kathana replied. This just started a loud arguing match between all the leaders save for Max.

"Stop!" Max yelled. The room fell quiet immediately at the sound of his raised voice. They remembered the tone of authority and they were filled with a sliver of fear including Nicholas. They were afraid that he had started to remember. "This arguing is going to get you no where. And I refuse to be a part of this summit without my advisor."

"Your advisor, Max?" Kathana asked with fear in her voice. Everyone but Tess had a look or fear and trepidation on their faces, her expression was one of confusion. "Who is your advisor?"

"Why the seer of the Once and Future King and his court, who else?" Max asked with a bit of cockiness in his voice. "This summit will not start without Lady Raine beside me to bring me up-to-date on the issues on the war. She is leading the fighting against Kivar in my absence and should be acknowledged."

"But...but..." Kathana stuttered. As silence fell over the room and all the leaders save Max shot confused looks at each other. Max kept his gaze locked on Nicholas.

Nicholas sat at the foot of the table and felt his hatred for Zan, no Max, his High King take over him. *God, I should have just killed him when I had the chance.*

*Do you really think that you could have, Nicholas?* A voice said near his left ear. *Do you really think that I would have allowed it to happen.* Nicholas jerked in bewilderment at the voice. He started to feel cold all over, he knew that voice. It was the voice of a woman he had hoped was dead, but knew wasn't. She would not die until her task was finished. But he decided to play the role that he was so famous for. "Like you could have stopped me if I really wanted to. He's a weakling now, it would be a piece of cake to take his life," Nicholas said with a sneer in his voice as he looked towards the empty space on his left hand side. It was empty.

"Who are you talking to, Nicholas?" Lonnie asked in confusion.

"She's here. She's come. We are done for." Sero said as he bowed his head in defeat.

Just then everyone in the room saw the beautiful woman standing next to Nicholas. She was dressed in dark brown buckskin pants that were tucked into black leather boots, which were covered in mud and blood. She had on a loose fitting beige top that was tucked into her pants. But her curly hair an unusual shade of red, brown and blond was carelessly pulled back by a leather thong at the nape of her neck and her eyes were large and completely green, an emerald green that began to sparkle when she saw Max.

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