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"Our Real Families"
Part 12
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them...just borrowing, but don't worry, I'll bring 'em back the way that I found them, all broken and depressed.
Summary: This is my thoughts on the aftereffects of Meet the Dupes with a bit of Max in the City or Journey to New York thrown in. I wrote the dupes without their accents, simply because it was easier to write. Hope you don't mind. Starts where Meet the Dupes spoilers just my own random thoughts. It does get a little dark later in the story, but not too bad. =)
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first Roswell fic so don't be too cruel to me, please? Hope you like it!
Rath and Lonnie took Max and Tess to a unfinished building in New York. They climbed up the stairs and entered an empty floor without any drywall. Max and Tess shared a look of concern. Max felt a stab of regret that he didn't tell Tess that he and Isabel had talked in the dream plane, but pushed it aside. He'd tell her when they got home or on their way home. He was glad that she was with him on this trip, he didn't feel so alone with her along, but she didn't fill the hole in his heart or soul that Liz did. He wondered once more why that was, what did she mean to him in their other life? Max shook his head as the thoughts entered his mind. *Now is not the time, Maxwell. Focus on the situation at hand and worry about the emotional stuff later.* Max let a smirk rest on his face, the voice in his head sounded an awful lot like Michael. He let the smirk stay on his face as he surveyed his surroundings, looking for exits as well as people hidden in the shadows. He felt different suddenly, like a part of himself was just now being reviled. He looked at Rath and Lonnie and was internally amused by their looks of caution and confusion. He knew that they were starting to understand that they did not have control over him. He saw a table with two chairs in the middle of the room and saw a man about his father's age sitting there in front of a metal briefcase. Max knew that he had to approach the man, that he was the Emissary and that the time had come. He took Tess' hand off of his arm and turned to her briefly and said, "Stay here, don't move." Tess looked at him with confusion and a spark of attitude in her eyes which she quickly banked and nodded demurely. Max's smirk simply grew more pronounced. He turned back to the table and the man and sat down facing him, with the smirk still on his face.

The Emissary rose and slowly approached Max. Max turned his upper body in his chair and faced the Emissary. The Emissary gazed down into Max's face as if searching for something in his eyes. Max returned the searching gaze looking for the same. Max didn't see anything, but the Emissary must have, he had a slight smile on his face and his eyes looked excited. He walked behind Max and placed his hand behind his head. Max heard a voice in his head, *please look forward, this may hurt a bit.*

Max did as he was asked to and felt a sharp pain as an image started to project itself from his brain. His eyes widened in surprise at the image before him. It was the constellation that they all believe to be home. As suddenly as he had placed the hand behind Max's head, he removed it and sat back down on his chair. He began to place his things back into his briefcase and closed it. He stood up and promptly bowed before Max.

"Your Majesty. It is truly you. The summit will begin in a half an hour. They will be waiting for you up one floor in this building in a conference room. It is good to know that soon, you will bring peace to us." The Emissary bowed and walked from the room, running into Tess. He looked at her with an expression of confusion on his face.

"I'm Max's wife, your Queen," she said in a haughty tone.

"You were once his wife, but never the Queen. It was legal but not blessed. She would not bless it, so you were never Queen. And unless she does at your next wedding, you never will be anything more than the bride of our King," he said without inflection and quickly walked out of the building.

"What?" she screamed after him. "What do you mean by that?" She turned to Max, Rath and Lonnie. "What did he mean? Who didn't bless Max and my marriage?" Tess yelled as a look of fear appeared on her face. Tears trickled from her eyes that were filled with confusion, hurt and fear.

Lonnie spoke, "Look, I don't know, okay? But don't worry about it right now. We've got bigger fish to fry then worrying about whether you were Queen or not." She turned to Max. "So, your majesty. How does it feel to know for sure that you are the King of our world? Do you know what you are going to do or say at the summit yet?"

Max looked at Lonnie with surprise on his face. "Lonnie, how am I suppose to know what to say or do when I don't know why this summit is being called for, what they are going to ask of me, of us? I can't know until then. It's time to go. I'd like to get there early."

"You're right, Max. I'm sorry, I guess that's why you're King and I'm not right? Well besides the fact that I'm a girl," Lonnie said with a smirk, but Max didn't miss the look of anger and hatred in her eyes.

"I guess so. Let's go upstairs," he said. "Rath, Lonnie, you two go ahead. Tess and I will follow in a second. She needs to calm down first." They nodded and took off for the stairwell.

"Lonnie, I can't believe that you let him..."

"Let him? I didn't let him do anything. He's playing his part and so are we, got it, Rath?" Lonnie said with a voice as cool as steel.

"Yeah. Nicholas said that he was gonna show up right?"

"Yeah. He said he's be there and that he'd make sure that if Maxie boy takes the bait that we'll be going home in a few days," Lonnie said with a smile on her face as she slowly leaned against him and turned her face up for a kiss that she knew he would give. As their lips met, she knew that soon everything would change. Soon, they were going to go home and she would see Kivar.

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