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"Our Real Families"
Part 11
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them...just borrowing, but don't worry, I'll bring 'em back the way that I found them, all broken and depressed.
Summary: This is my thoughts on the aftereffects of Meet the Dupes with a bit of Max in the City or Journey to New York thrown in. I wrote the dupes without their accents, simply because it was easier to write. Hope you don't mind. Starts where Meet the Dupes spoilers just my own random thoughts. It does get a little dark later in the story, but not too bad. =)
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first Roswell fic so don't be too cruel to me, please? Hope you like it!
Max's dreams

The sky was green with light green clouds. Max was sitting on a rock near a warm spring. He didn't truly remember this place but knew that it was special to him and Isabel and that he would find her here. And maybe he'd get some answers.

Just then he felt her in his subconcious. He didn't turn to her, he knew that he didn't have to, she would come to him, come to their special meeting place. "Hey, sis. How was your day?"

"Eventful," she said with a trace of amusement. "We've been busy since you've been gone." Max turned towards her and raised an eyebrow in question. "I'm not going to tell you everything just yet okay? Don't get mad or ask, but it's something that you have to see to really believe. But I do have some important things to tell you that might help out at the summit."

"Iz, tell me everything," Max said with his serious and gentle voice.

"Max, I can't. You won't believe me until you see it for yourself. Hell, I wouldn't believe me. Just know that things have changed and for the better. We're learning more about our past, who we are, but it's complicated and we don't think that we should tell you yet, just in case someone tries to get information from you. Can you understand that?"

"You mean Nicholas and his mind-raping abilities. We don't know who else has it or if he's even dead."


"Okay, but you better tell me as soon as I get home, promise me?"

"I promise. I won't hide things from you again, well, except private things," Isabel said as she began to blush.

Max laughed, "Please, don't tell me about you and Alex's sex life, I really don't want to know that." He continued to laugh and ducked as Isabel reached out to smack him.

"Alex and I have not had sex, Maxwell," she shouted in protest.

"Not yet, at least," her brother countered back.

"Ugh....if you don't stop, then I won't tell you some of what we found out today," Isabel said as she turned her back on him and looked at the spring.

"Okay, I'm sorry, Izzy," Max said. "Will you please tell me? They are taking me to the Emissary in a few hours to find out if I am the real King, then it's to the summit."

"Wow, they're not wasting any time are they?" she said as she turned around and joined him on the rock.

"No, they're not, and I don't know yet what I'm gonna do," he said.

"Okay, here's what we learned today, this is a very brief version so bear with me okay?" Max nodded. "Okay, we learned that it's not just the four of us, like we thought. It's also far more complicated. But basically, don't tell them we have the granilith. It's powerful and everyone wants it."

"That's similar to what Liz said before I left."

"I know. According to her and Michael, it can do a lot and can be altered to do a lot." Max opened his mouth to speak and Isabel placed her hand over before he could get a sound out. "Don't ask. We'll explain when you get home....too complicated and we don't have time." Max nodded and Isabel removed her hand and continued, "Also there was and is this seer who is the foreteller of the Once and Future King and his court. She is connected to us all and is very important to our survival. I saw her in a dream, Max. I know it's true. Her name is Lady Raine and she is leading the battle for your throne on our planets."

"So don't agree to have the summit or come to a decision unless I can speak to my advisor and seer Lady Raine, right?"

"Basically, yeah."

"Okay, but you are so going to tell me how you figured this out when I get home, you know that don't you?" Max asked in exasperation. "Because I really want to know how you figured this all out."

"I know, Max, and I promise that we'll tell you okay?"

"Okay. I gotta go. They're trying to wake me up to go meet the Emissary. I love you, Iz and I'll be home soon."

"I love you too, Max. Be careful."


Isabel woke up with a smile on her face. "It's going to be okay," she whispered to herself in the darkness of Liz's room.

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