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"Longing for the Lost"
Part 2
by Krystal
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, people, Roswell , etc. Wish I did. Lyrics by Dido :)
Summary: Takes place a few days after 'Destiny' and what happens when people long for what they've lost, and what they truly love.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
"My Lovers Gone

No Earthly Ships will Ever

Bring Him Home Again

Bring Him Home Again"

--Dido "My Lovers Gone"


It was an extremely busy day at the Crashdown. Maria and Liz scurried around quickly filling orders, and trying to deliver them to the correct tables as fast as possible.

Michael was still working as the cook, because he needed the money to pay his rent, and tried his best to avoid Maria, even though he wanted to talk to her.

Finally the Crashdown seemed to settle down before the Dinner hour, and Liz and Maria plopped down in a booth finally taking a breather.

Liz sighed softly organizing the napkin holder on the table, while Maria just sat there resting for what seemed a while. Finally Maria spoke up "Liz..." Liz looked up quickly "What?" before Maria spoke further, she looked over her shoulder making sure Michael was still in the back so not to hear them. She turned back to Liz once again "I think...I think we need a night out, or to have some fun. We can't stay bummed out like this forever" Liz frowned "I'm not bummed" she spoke softly. Maria gave her a look "Oh yeah were both totally normal! not bummed at all! We give a happy face to customers, & family but behind it were totally sad Liz" Maria said trying to hide her own sadness with an upbeat 'Maria voice" Liz sighed heavily shifting in her seat, finally putting away the napkin holder. "Well, what exactly did you want to do?" Liz looked up cautiously. Maria leaned back thinking deeply for a second, then her eyes popped open with a goofy grinned expression. "We could have a night out on the town! A Girls night you know?" Liz looked at her with a doubtful expression. "Yeah Maria, right.. There's tons of nightlife in Roswell..sure" Liz sat back going back to her depressing thoughts. Maria sat back again pondering their options, when Michael came out of the kitchen seemingly upset. Liz looked up at him "What's wrong?" Maria glanced over her shoulder at him then looked away quickly back to Liz's direction. Michael looked down slightly then up again. "The Stove Blew up" Liz sat up quickly running towards the kitchen "What?" she practically screamed and ran to the back. Michael looked at Maria...or rather the back of her head, and dared to walk to her. He actually made his feet move to the table she was sitting at, and was soon standing in front of her. "Hey" he said normally, adjusting his cooking apron. Maria looked up at him with a strange look "uh Hi" Michael sighed looking around "Uh I think we should talk about--" He was interrupted just as Liz came back into the room. "Michael what are you talking about the stove is fine" Liz looked at him oddly. Michael shrugged slightly "Oh my mistake" as he walked back into the kitchen quickly. Liz looked at Maria then back at Michael's fading form, and had a pretty good idea what was going on.


The sound of Counting Crows could clearly be heard from Max's bedroom. Isabel sighed as she walked to his door seeing it was locked. She looked around slightly seeing nobody around and waved her hand over it, unlocking it with a click. She walked inside shutting the door quickly behind her then faced him. He frowned at her knowing she came in 'uninvited' and sat back staring at the ceiling. "Max.." Isabel began, trying to take the situation slowly. He didn't reply, but kept staring at the ceiling "Max, You can't do this." Max side glanced her "Do what?" he replied seeming like nothing was wrong. Isabel sighed and moved to the chair near his bed. "You can't go to school, then get home and keep yourself cooped up in your room, and just do nothing." He looked up at the ceiling once again, and spoke simply "Yes I can." He put both his arms behind his neck and closed his eyes trying to Ignore Isabel there. Isabel sighed, and paused for a long moment. "Max why don't all of go out or something? You know to a party, or--" She was soon cut off by him. "No Way" He said eyes still closed. "Why not?" she said almost in a raised whine. "Because Isabel..." he paused "Just because." Isabel looked at him very annoyed "Please? For me? I really hate seeing you like this." He opened his eyes slightly and finally looked at her again "fine." He paused "For you, but where are we going to go exactly?". A small smile formed on Isabel's lips "You'll see, just leave the plans to me." With that she got up and began to walk out, before Max could say another word. He sighed heavily plopping back into bed staring at the ceiling once again.


School-Next Day

Liz, Maria and Alex walked into school tiredly. It was Friday, thank god. Then they would have the weekend to just hang out, and maybe catch up on sleep. They passed all the noisy West Roswell High Students, finally reaching all their lockers and talking casually. Alex went off to his first class, now leaving Maria and Liz. Liz looked at Maria in a sideways glance from her Locker. She cleared her throat and Maria looked at her "What?" Maria asked questionably holding her science books. Liz raised a questionably eyebrow and grabbed some of her own books from her locker "Well, what exactly happened last night with Michael, he came out of the kitchen all frantic saying The stove had burned up, then I go back there and it's fine" Her voice echoed the walls of her locker as she talked with her head half inside it searching for something. Maria shifted her weight slightly "Nothing happened" Liz looked at her finally popping her head out of her locker, while putting some of her books in her bag "Nothing? I think he made it up to talk to you Maria" Maria half snorted, and rolled her eyes "Yeah right Liz, that's highly doubtful babe" She said patting Liz's back as she started to walk to class. Liz was about to shut her locker when she saw a orangy bright flyer on the bottom, that must have been slipped in. She picked it up and started reading. Maria was babbling on and on, thinking Liz was behind her listening as she turned around to find she was talking to herself. She sighed walking back to Liz. "I was talking to myself, going on and on about the reasons why Michael wouldn't do--" Liz looked up at her and held up the flyer "I guess there is some nightlife in Roswell after all" Maria grabbed the flyer and read it quickly and looked up "A Underground Party?" she asked with raised eyebrows "Liz these are illegal.." She Paused for a moment then looked at Liz. Liz sighed slightly leaning against someone's locker "Well, you wanted to get out..and anyway that Rave we went to a long time ago was illegal" She looked around the halls passively. "Yeah Liz, it was and you and Alex ended up going to jail for a night! I mean--" She was cut off by Liz quickly "Yeah well, if it wasn't for 'that' night Alex probably would have never known about 'them,' so in a way it was good" Maria looked at her again, then looking back at the paper. She looked up smiling at Liz. Liz smiled back slightly "What?" she asked looking at her then the flyer. Maria paused then smiled again "Well I guess we have plans for Saturday."

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