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"Longing for the Lost"
Part 3
by Krystal
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, people, Roswell , etc. Wish I did. Lyrics by Dido :)
Summary: Takes place a few days after 'Destiny' and what happens when people long for what they've lost, and what they truly love.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
"This road is winding
narrow and steep
and I can't keep walking
with frozen feet
My spirit is not willing
my heart is cold as ice
Thaw out my convictions
The passions left my life"

--Ginny Owens "I Wanna be Moved"


Early Morning-Saturday

Liz stirred quietly in her bed, finally being woken softly by the sunlight coming into her room. She got out of bed slowly swinging her feet over the bed. She Looked over to the left to her outside balcony, to see a dark shadow near the window. She paused getting up slightly and looked around her room quickly, suddenly getting a frightening feeling. She looked back at the window, seeing the shadow was now gone. She walked to the window cautiously and looked out seeing nothing. She paused the climbed out as the morning air hit her. She sighed and smiled breathing in the fresh air, when she felt a presence behind her. Her face went serious and she whirled around, to see once more that shadow. She could feel the evil presence coming off of it, whatever it was. She could tell it took the shape of a human form, but could not see it's face. All of a sudden it charged for her and before she could scream everything went black.

Liz jumped up in her bed gasping for air. She looked around quickly with a paranoid look. "It was just a dream" she spoke shakily and softly "Just a dream."


Maria was cooking breakfast in the kitchen, which she rarely did, but felt somehow good today. She was running around the kitchen quickly while the phone rested on her shoulder as she chatted with Alex. "Yeah actually Liz, and I planned on having a girls night out tonight, at some Underground Party, want to come?" She started scrambling the eggs as she balanced the phone on her ear and shoulder. "Well, if I recall The last time we went to an Underground Party aka Rave or illegal convention, It wasn't exactly a night to remember, well except for me finding out there actually were aliens on earth" Maria sighed. "Whatever, just come, it will be a way to get our minds off of everything" she reached to turn off the stove but burned her finger in the process pulling away quickly "Ow, god damnit" she shook her hand quickly. "What?" Alex asked. "Nothing I burned my finger" she said sticking her burned finger into her mouth "Oh well sorry..." he sighed "but anyway I guess I'll come but don't expect me to stay long" Maria nodded, finally taking her finger out of her mouth "Ok good" she smiled slightly and put her semi burned eggs onto a plate.


Michael sat watching his small TV on his kitchen counter eating a bowl of Corn Flakes when he heard a knock on the door. He grumbled something getting up slowly and walked to it, opening it to see Tess. "Oh hey" he said leaving the door open for her and walking back to the counter "Hey" she replied shutting the door behind them. "Actually, I'm glad your here, I wanted to talk to you about something" He said still looking at the TV. "What's that?" She asked. He glanced at her, then reached to turn the TV off. "Well.." He paused eating another spoonful of cereal. "I know you planned on staying here with me, but to be honest there isn't much room, and you'd probably have to sleep on the couch which, might I add is not very comfortable" He said simply taking yet another spoonful. Tess stared at him for a second "Where am I supposed to stay? You know Nasedo, is posing as Pierce now, I can't be with him anymore" She looked down slowly then up again waiting for him to answer. "Valenti said he'd take you in" he said reaching for the TV button again. Tess sat up slightly adjusting her position "What? I can't stay with them" she said trailing off, and looking off to the right "Yes you can, he said he would. You can trust him believe me, it's all right" Michael replied not even looking at her but turning on the TV again. Tess sighed after a long moment, and then spoke softly "When do I move in?" she asked looking down and not straight at him. He glanced at her and replied "Today."


Max was awake now and had actually gotten up, and out of his room voluntarily to go downstairs to eat some breakfast. Isabel was soon down also and pouring a bowl of cereal. "Hey" Max said, in a morning grumble of a voice. Isabel looked at him and smiled slightly "Glad you actually got up" she said grabbing a spoon "Yeah funny" he said not amused and sat at the kitchen table. "Oh by the way, I found tonight's entertainment" Max looked up at her while pouring the milk "I can just imagine" he said waiting for what she had to say. Isabel ignored his comments and went on "I got some sort of flyer for a party" She of course left the part out about it being Underground. "What kind of party?" he asked looking up slightly. Isabel shrugged causally "Just some party, let's just go and have fun ok? Michael said he'd come too" Max sighed heavily and paused "I'll see how I feel."


Kyle walked down the hall to the kitchen seeing his dad already awake and reading the newspaper "Hey son" he said still reading. "Hey" Kyle replied taking a seat across from him, and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Jim put down the paper slightly and looked at him "You should get dressed" he said and went back to reading. Kyle looked at him confused "Why? It's Saturday, I didn't even plan on getting out of bed, let alone getting dressed" he said trying not to laugh. Jim looked at him "Were having someone move in today Kyle, I suggest you get dressed" he said going back to reading the paper again. Kyle's face went serious "Who's moving in?". Jim sighed annoyed that he couldn't finish his newspaper without being interrupted every five seconds "Tess is moving in with us, now let me finish this damn paper". Kyle looked at him for a second, and paused getting up and ignoring his father's wishes to let his finish his paper "Tess is moving in....with us?" Kyle asked now standing and looking down at his dad. He nodded still reading "Yes, she was going to stay with Michael, but their wasn't enough room, so I offered" Kyle said nothing "Kyle.." He looked up at him "You don't need to worry ok?" Kyle looked down then up again and nodded "Ok dad" He said walking back to his room. He shut the door and looked around for a second. "A girl, no wait an alien girl is going to be living.....with me?" he talked to himself then walked to his closet quickly "I have to get dressed."

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