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"Longing for the Lost"
Part 1
by Krystal
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: Takes place a few days after 'Destiny' and what happens when people long for what they've lost, and what they truly love.
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Rating: PG-13
Liz walked into school the day after the 'Destiny' incident, with nothing but a frown on her face. Her eyes light with a color of a pinkish red from crying herself to sleep that night, but she hid it well with some cover up makeup she borrowed from Maria. She walked down the Halls of "West Roswell High" not as the same Liz Parker she always was, but looked something of a stranger. She felt this overwhelming pain inside her heart, that she felt she was going to die. She tried to shake it but just couldn't. It was true, it was all true. Max had a destiny that didn't include her. She sighed heavily holding back more heavy tears and walked to her locker quietly.

Maria was a little better, at hiding her feelings anyway... Inside she was being torn apart, But all she could think about was 'he loved me' or so he said. She shook her head slightly walking into school as she made it past the millions of loud teenagers in the halls, finally getting to her locker. She took out her books slowly, looking at herself slightly in the locker mirror she had up on the door of her locker. She sighed at the tired face that looked back at her, and shut her locker with a quiet click.

Alex slammed his locker door lightly, with a dazed but quite normal expression on his face. He was still confused, he wasn't sure.. Had he and Isabel actually broken up? or was she just saying I had to do this alone, and didn't want you involved sort of thing? He sighed remember everything Liz had told him and Maria, when she got back from the whole 'Event' That he had missed, and was just plain shocked by the whole thing. He snapped himself out of it and walked to class.

Max walked to class with his books under his arm and backpack over his shoulder, and could get nothing but Liz off his mind. He was torn between Destiny, and "True Love." He cared for Tess, but not like that. He loved Liz, he had loved Liz for as long as he could remember, and couldn't just let her go. He couldn't imagine his life without her, yet he had a 'destiny' and was now a leader of a planet he's never really known. He walked into class seeing Michael, Isabel & Tess already there along with Alex sitting towards the middle. He made his way toward the them, and sat next to Michael, trying to avoid the open seat next to Tess.

Michael sat seemingly staring at the front of the classroom expressionless, so many thoughts were running through his mind at that very second, he felt he should just explode. He was extremely torn. He never knew it would be so 'big.' What he had waited and searched for his whole life, was so....Important, he felt overwhelmed. And How stupid could he have been to actually tell Maria that he loved her. He did, he knew it, but he shouldn't have admitted it. it made things harder. He shook his head slowly making his eyes not so blank and finally looked around the room.

Isabel tried distracting herself from Alex sitting a few seats ahead of her, but she couldn't. She wasn't exactly sure what was going on with her and him, he had smiled a weak smile at her when walking in, and mouthed a 'hi' but she was still unsure. She still couldn't get over her mothers face. Her mother's beautiful face that looked so much like hers. The feeling was so wonderful, but then thoughts turned to Alex, and her whole Destiny, which she didn't really want to follow. She looked at Michael like a Brother or friend, but not a 'Mate'. She rolled her eyes slightly trying to get her mind on schoolwork. Yeah like that was the biggest problem right now, she told herself silently. She sighed softly opening her books.

Tess Glanced at Max in a sideways stare, and frowned when he didn't sit next to the empty seat next to her. She opened her notebook doodling quietly, thinking things over through her head. She loved Max, she did, but it hurt her so deeply that he didn't seem to love her back. The way she wanted anyway. He loved Liz, and he was very stubborn about it. She wanted love, all her life she had never had that, and now finally she found 'them,' and all her wishes, hopes, and dreams of being loved were gone.

Kyle walked into class nervously, still very freaked out about what had happened just a day before, his eyes landed right on Max when he entered, then avoiding his stare as he took a seat at the far end of the classroom. He believed his father when he said, that they would not harm them, I mean hell Evans saved his life, and he's grateful for that, But Aliens? I mean Aliens? It's just unreal. He sighed trying to concentrate on schoolwork, but the word 'Alien' still popped into his head, as he did a side glance of all 4 of them at the other end of the room. He glanced over at Tess, who he remembered actually 'falling for' and still thought she was beautiful, but couldn't get that thought of Alien out of his head.

Liz and Maria had met up in the halls, and quietly walked to class together, saying not many words, knowing what was going on with the other, and knowing what real pain felt like. They Entered class together. Both of their eyes trying to avoid the alien foursome towards the back, they sat down near Alex taking out their books quickly trying to distract themselves.

Max and Michael watched both Maria and Liz enter, as if it were in slow motion. Max watched Liz with intense eyes, finally looking down, not wanting to hurt himself more. Michael tried avoiding Maria's form walk into the room but glanced up slightly just to see her for a split second. He sighed heavily shifting in his seat, thinking 'this is going to be hard, really hard.'

Tess glanced over at Max staring at Liz, wishing someone would stare at her like that, looking down she draw and wrote more things in her notebook silently mourning in her own way.

Kyle couldn't help but glance at Tess after he saw Liz and Maria enter, and the looks he saw Max and Michael give them, were, well.. Intense, he didn't know exactly what had happened between all of them, but the look on Tess's face was, sad. He glanced at her again, hoping she'd look up but she was too busy writing something in her notebook. He turned his attention back to the front of the class as he saw the teacher enter.

The teacher made his way to his desk, putting his brief case on the side of it. He sat down and smiled up at the class with the words finally releasing. "Good Morning Class"

But all of the certain 8 minds thoughts, in that class were anything but good, they were thoughts of 'Longing for the Lost'.

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