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"Liz's Season Two Journal"
Part 3
by Faile
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Summary: The part was rather difficult since Liz had minimal time in the episode, so Iíve decided to expand a bit on the journal and speculate what might be happening between the episodes. I actually have a date this time to work with which is really cool :)
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Journal entry sevenÖSept 29th

I havenít written in here in awhile. Things have slowed down a bit and have actually approached normal, if thatís possible. Schoolís pretty good. Iím in the AP bio class this year, which is pretty difficult, but a lot of fun for a science nut like me. I've also been preparing for the PSAT, which occupies a lot of my time. And, of course, Iíve been working too. In fact, Iíve been keeping myself really busy. Itís good though. It helps me avoid certain individuals. Iím really focusing on me right now and working toward my goals and it feels good.

Maria has finally backed off regarding Max. When she talks about him she doesnít insinuate that I should be with him anymore. I still donít feel comfortable talking to her about my decision not to be with him because of her friendship with him, but itís getting better. Alex has been great. Weíve been spending more time together and he never mentions Max when weíre together. I feel kind of bad for Alex. He is so hung up on Isabel, but she keeps him at arms length. In fact, I think Isabel is seeing someone else. I havenít said anything to Alex yet, because I donít know for sure. But she seemed kind of cozy with a guy at the Crashdown the other day. He looked a bit older. Iíll find out more later. Iím headed over to Mariaís in a bit. Maria, Isabel, and I are having a girlís night in. Mariaís Mom is out of town so we thought weíd have a sleep over. I know it sounds like kid stuff, but it should be a lot of fun.

I'm so glad I took the job with the Congresswoman. She is great to work for. She is really laid back and fun. I feel kind of guilty though. Iíve been keeping an eye on her for Max, Isabel, and Michael, to make sure she hasnít continued the alien hunting. She hasnít said a word about it and it looks like all her files are gone too, so maybe she did get rid of them all. I feel like a spy with Maria acting as the middlemanÖoh well, such is my life. Well, I better get ready. Isabel is picking me up in 10 minutes. Later.

Journal entry eightÖSept 30th

I had such a great time last night. Maria, Isabel, and I gave each other manicures, worked on each other's hair, and watched chick flicks to the wee hours of the morning. It feels like it's been forever since I've done that sort of thing. We also talked about guys of course. Get three teenage girls in a room together and the subject of boys will come up sooner or later. We successfully avoided the subject of Max, but Michael came up. Maria is kind of worried about the new waitress Courtney making the moves on Michael. Isabel tried to reassure her that Michael isnít interested in anyone right now, but that didnít really help since Maria wants Michael to be interested in her. Maria says she gets a strange vibe from Courtney and that it has nothing to do with her making the moves on Michael. I normally trust Mariaís instincts, but I think her feelings for Michael are influencing her in this case.

Well, it turns out Isabel does have an interest in the guy I saw her with. She was hesitant to talk about him at first, but Maria dragged it out of her. It seems he's a bit older, but they've only hung out a couple of times. He found out she was 17 and decided it would be better for them to take it slow. Of course Isabel's birthday is coming up and she says they'll probably officially go out after she turns 18. She was so excited about it too. I feel really bad for Alex, but I'm excited for Isabel. She seems really interested in this guy. She had this glow when she talked about him. I remember that glow.

Itís strange to see Isabel act like a normal girl, knowing what I know about her. She wants so much to have a normal life, but she knows that will never happen. I think she likes Grant because he doesnít know about her and when sheís with him, she can forget about being different. She knows she could never truly let Grant in, but spending time with Grant lets her feel normal for a little bit at least.

We also talked a little about Tess last night. Some things had been bothering me and I felt the need to ask Isabel about it. I knew it wasnít the time or the place, but I needed to know the truth. I asked Isabel if Tess had used her mind warping abilities on Max when she came to Roswell in the spring. Isabel didnít know for sure, but she suspected thatís what Tess did. Isabel was hesitant to talk about it though. I think she feels a loyalty toward Tess, because she and Tess share a history. I understand that. I just needed to know. I donít trust Tess and I just want to be sure that she isnít going to do anything to hurt Max and the others. Isabel said that she has gotten to know Tess better over the summer and she does trust that Tess would never do anything that would hurt her, Max, or Michael. I hope sheís right.

Journal entry nineÖOct 25th

Today is Isabelís birthday and Iím sitting here going crazy because I donít know whatís happening. I understand why Isabel needed me to stay behind but itís killing me not to know. Everyone at her party was asking where she went. In fact her mother cornered me and I was forced to make up a lame excuse that she spilled soda on her dress. God, I hate being left behind and I canít reach Maria on her cell.

It seems someone has taken Tess. Isabel said she was been having visions and she had to find her. Maria went with Isabel to help her find Tess. I donít know what to do. Iím sitting here and the people I care about are out there and who knows what is out there with them. I feel so helpless. I hope Tess isnít deceiving them. Isabel said to trust her and I do, but I donít trust Tess. If she is deceiving Isabel somehow and she has put Maria in the others in danger. Oh God, Iím so scared.

Then thereís the Congresswoman. Sheís been recording my telephone conversations. Did she know I was keeping an eye on her for Max and the others? What is she up to?

LaterÖOct 25th

Maria just called to say that everyone was okay. It seems the Congresswoman was a skin. I canít believe it. They are really here and I was working for one of them. She knew about my connection to Max. Does that mean all the skins know about me and Max? And she was asking me about Tess. Was it me who put Tess in danger? Oh my God, I canít believe it, itís real, the skins are here. I wonder if there are more here in Roswell. They could be anyone and we have no way of recognizing them. Oh God my hand is shaking.

Maria told me that Isabel killed the Congresswoman. I can only imagine what she must be feeling right now. She did it to protect herself and Tess, but still, to take a life. This is too real. Iím having a hard time believing it, but people have died and more will probably die before itís over. I want it all to go away. I almost wish I had never met Max Evans. My life is a sci-fi movie. Oh God, I wish my Grandma were still alive. I really want someone to talk to. I need someone to help me make sense of this. I canít talk to my parents, and Alex and Maria are as confused as I am.

I wonder how Max is doing. I want to call him and talk to him. I want to help him through this and I want him to tell me everything is going to be all right. I love him so much it hurts not to be with him. I canít though. I can never be with him. I have to strong enough to stay away.

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