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"In Death, In Life"
"And the Moon Smiled"
Part 6
by Kerry
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Numb...that's all he felt right now....that and a shaking that seemed to permeant deep into his soul.

He wasn't sure if it was he who was shaking, or Isabel whom he held in his arms.

It was still hard to comprehend that for some life ended so quickly.

No longer would he see Liz slightly roll her eyes at his crazy antics...the stunts he pulled just to make his girls laugh, Maria...Liz. They would always be his girls, his best friends. They had been through so much together, the three it was down to just two.

Two Musketeers and two aliens against the world.

Who would be ready first? The world, or them?

Alex felt Isabel sigh against him and knew from her deep, steady breathing that she had dropped off to sleep.

If only he could do the same so easily....

He turned his head to look out the the moon which always seemed to look upon the Earth with a Mona Lisa smile, it which knew everything, saw everything...amused by the lives of the creatures who knew nothing compared to that enigma in the sky.

Easing Isabel from his arms, he walked to the window, leaning out and breathing in the cool, night air. Staring up at the stars, he wondered if Max and Liz were looking down at him...were they happy where they are? Do they miss the rest of them already?

Shoulders slumping, he turned his back to the window, to the stars, to that damn smiling moon.

He knew he missed them both already - Liz's gently smile, Max's dry humour, blink and you would miss it.

He gazed at the blond sleeping peacefully on his bed and smiled softly. With Isabel, Alex would put his emotions back together, his life back together. With Isabel, his numbness would fade.

With Maria, he would reminisce, think of all the good times they had had with Liz, would continue to have even with one of their Musketeers gone.

With Michael, a kinship that comes from two young men who knew loss, who would do anything to protect the ones they loved, to keep their family together.

With them all. What would he do without them?

Creeping back, careful not to disturb his love, he gathered Isabel back into his arms. Alex turned to smile back at the moon.

He understood. Life will always continue. Through death, through life...until the end of time.

And the moon smiled.

The End

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