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"In Death, In Life"
Part 5
by Kerry
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He was angry.

He stood by himself, eyes scanning the sky, trying to let the peacefulness of the park surround him, comfort him.

A person could tell his mood from a mile off....angry, "leave me alone" posture, fiery eyes, wild hair that looked like it hadn't seen anything resembling a comb in weeks, let alone days.

Some would say that is what Michael Guerin always looked like. A dangerous loner who would come to no good, a born criminal.

Except for those who know him well. They were used to his facade. They knew that underneath the harsh exterior, beat a heart that craved for love…friendship…family. But not right now….

He hated them. Some people would say that it wasn’t their fault….they didn’t ask to die so young. But he was stubborn, all he had was his past experiences to guide him.

A lifetime of absences....the parents on a planet he knows nothing about, and will probably never see. An Earth family he could have had, but never received. Now, Max and Liz....they all leave eventually.

Would Maria be next? Isabel? Alex?? They will all leave him, he knew they would. It always happened to was his curse.

He hated them....and he loved them at the same time.

How dare they leave! The six of them, they were meant to stick the family he thought they were could they betray him like this??

His shoulders slumped. He knew he wasn’t being fair…at least he still had Isabel, Alex and…Maria….he didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t have her by his side.

Tears welled in his eyes, but stubbornly he blinked them back. He has to be strong. He was their protector now, and he was going to make Max proud of him…as he had always longed to.

A small hand curled around his upper arm, tucking itself in a place that seemed to be made for it. Turning his head, Michael smiled faintly at Maria, standing beside him. He wasn’t too surprised that she knew where he was, that he needed her. She always seemed to know.

He dipped his head back and looked into the bright sun, not noticing and not caring how it burned his eyes.

"I loved them," he admitted softly.

Maria smiled gently and hugged him from behind. "I know, Michael…they knew too."

Michael closed his eyes and let a tear escape.

He hated them….but he loved them.

Now it was time to protect the rest of his family.

The End

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