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"In Death, In Life"
"Peace Reigned"
Part 7
by Kerry
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Things had been hectic since that fateful day where the sun had been shining, birds had been singing and blood had been dripping from two of their most trusted friends….Life had been hectic.

But like a phoenix rising from ashes, relationships had been bonded even more closely now.

The remaining four still remembered their lost friends, the two souls too beautiful that earthly bounds could not grasp them for too long.

For now, however, they had to live out their own lifetimes until they were ready to join them.

Laying spread out on the grass at the park…..the four of them, who seemed so different, yet the same….they all took a moment to ponder what the future held for them…..what was going to come of them? Would they succeed at their dreams? Would they become what they hoped for?

Life, which had seemed so complicated…was it only a couple of months ago? It seemed so much clearer now…..The death of loved ones made more of an impression than any speech, song or poem ever could. But there was no denying it….all four of them were stronger for it.

Fate….destiny…chance…at some point they have to make a choice.

They can only hope it is the right one.

As wind whistled through trees overhead, birds sang to one another as they fluttered from tree to tree….peace reigned.

Liz smiled and held Max’s hand tighter as she looked down at her best friends….ones that she will never forget. Happy to be with her soulmate, she still yearned for her she knew Max did.

"They look more peaceful now," she whispered, looking up happily at Max, standing beside her as always.

He nodded his head, his thoughtful glaze never leaving the four lying calmly on the ground.

The pair, although no longer a part of Michael, Maria, Alex or Isabel’s physical lives, still kept an eye on their friends, with the link between them all as strong as ever. Things had been bumpy for all of them…but the inner strength possessed by them, that made them who they are, had pulled them through their difficult time.

"I wish…" Liz sounded wistful.

Max smiled at her gently. "All in good time, Liz. We will be with them when they are ready, not before".

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, lips turning down slightly. "I just miss them…"

He put his finger on her lips and shook his head slightly. "We will always be a part of them," he murmured, looking into her eyes. "And they will always be a part of us."

She nodded and turned back to her silent observing.

Four pairs of eyes stared at the sky, wondering what was out there for them…two pairs of eyes stared back, wondering what life would bring.

Life moved on…and peace reigned.

The End

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