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"In A Boy's Dream"
Part 12
by Karen
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Summary: Good vs. Evil with our Izzy in the middle (Guess who wins)
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Feedback appreciated. Just be gentle with me - it was my first time!!
Alex couldn't stop his leg from pumping up and down. His fingers were drumming on the door handle of the car as Maria raced through the desert. Michael was riding shotgun, and Alex was in the back.

Ahead of them, Liz and Max were bouncing in the Jeep, a cloud of dust from the wheels washing over Maria's windshield.

Maria looked in the rearview mirror. "You okay?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah," Alex replied, but his voice cracked at the end.

Michael looked in the side mirror and could see Alex chewing his fingernails. When Max had mentioned his theory about love being the weapon, Michael had immediately thought of Alex. Possibly no one loved Isabel as much as Alex. Right now, that unassuming, computer-operating dweeb in the back seat was their best weapon.

"How does it feel to be a super hero?" Michael joked, turning his head slightly toward the back seat.

"Oh, not how I'd imagined," Alex returned. "I thought I'd get to scale a building with a spider web or fly like a speeding bullet or something. Not fight intergalactic hatred."

Michael laughed lightly. "Don't worry, Clark Kent, you still have a chance to win the girl, at least."

They pulled up in front of the cave. Liz and Max were out of the jeep almost before it had stopped rolling. The other three piled out of the car and raced behind them toward the cave entrance.

Inside the cave, Liz reached for Alex's hand. "It'll be okay," she assured him. "We're all here. And with you, we're stronger."

Max passed out the stones. He paused briefly when he got to Michael, who looked away. "We have to get past this," Max said. "You can't be feeling this way about me and expect to get Isabel back."

Michael shifted his weight, shot a quick glance at Max and looked away again. "I know. Let's just get started."

They formed a circle, each of them holding their stones in front of them. The stones started to glow in the same order as before, with Alex's trailing the rest. Max could feel the apprehension coming from Alex. He tried to send him comfort, but Liz had beaten him to it.

Liz sent Alex an image of Isabel laughing, tossing her long blond hair. Alex felt his body start to relax as Liz's thoughts flooded over him. It's only love, Alex. It's beautiful. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Max felt Alex calm down, then mentally send the message to the group to turn their thoughts to Isabel. No images, only feelings of love.

Liz gasped at the strength of the emotions that washed over her. The pure joy of unadulterated affection brought tears to her eyes. How could anything defeat that?

Isabel was cowering in the corner again. They had been there - Max, Michael, Maria, and even Liz, whom she'd never been too friendly to. How were they able to get through?

It hadn't mattered. The punishment she'd received as a result had left her trembling and beaten. She placed a shaking hand over her heart - it was beating rapidly. Was she going to die? She felt like a scared rabbit. She'd heard about animals being so frightened that their hearts had burst. Was her heart about to burst, too?

The only thing keeping her alive was the knowledge that they'd found a way to get through. They hadn't given up on her. She didn't know how long she'd been here - had it been years? Had years passed and they were still trying to get her back?

Isabel felt It move again, and under her hand her heart leapt, then pounded harder. It was coming back. She wasn't sure if she'd live this time.

Love you, Isabel, Max thought over and over. It became a mantra.

I'd love you if you let me, Alex thought, then corrected himself. I'd love you even if you didn't want me to. I do love you, even if you don't love me. I'll always love you.

You're my sister, Maria thought. I love you as if you were my sister.

You're a part of Max, and I love Max. I must love you if I love Max, Liz thought.

I love you, man, came Michael's humorous sentiment.

Isabel felt the cool smooth claws rake down her cheek lightly breaking the skin. Another threat. She muffled her tears by biting her lip. She could feel Its breath on her face. The claws stopped over the pulse beat in her throat, and she could feel Its delight at the fear It had induced in her. It pushed the tip of one claw at the throbbing spot, and she knew with one slight shove It would kill her.

Isabel felt a warmth starting beneath her breast bone, a calming. She thought she heard someone speak her name. She held her breath and cocked her head. Instinctively she blocked her thoughts before It could read them.

Max? she called. You're there somewhere aren't you? Max?

Love you, Isabel.

It took everything Isabel had to suppress her joy. He'd found her again!

Oh, hurry, Max!

Then she felt Michael again, and Maria, and Liz, and...Alex Whitman?

The love from Alex almost bowled her over. She was shocked, and almost lost the block she had over her thoughts. She'd spent so much time assuming Alex was just another horny teenager after her because of her looks that she'd never bothered to even consider him. But there he was, risking his life, confessing his love before all of them. Isabel felt the warmth in her stomach spread to her chest, and out to her fingers and toes. Her heart slowed as the calm washed over her.

Then she felt It recoil. It had felt the difference in her pulse. It knew there was something wrong.

Yes! Max screamed in his head. Come to me, Izzy! I love you!

Michael mentally opened his arms for her, inviting her in to their embrace. Isabel was reaching for them. Max had a hold of her hand, Michael her arm. Liz's hand was on her shoulder, Maria's on her leg, and Alex's were around her waist. Mentally, they all tugged.

Max could feel his grip on her tighten. His confidence grew as he repeated his mantra over and over. It was going to work!

Isabel could feel all of them touching her. Her skin burned with the love from each of them. She could feel herself starting to slip towards them, away from It.

Unfortunately, It felt her slipping too.

It grabbed her ankle, the one that It had drug her underground by, and pulled with all of Its strength. Isabel yelped in pain.

The group felt the blast from Isabel. Max saw the images from his nightmare and knew what must be happening. Isabel needed to let It see what was going on. It needed to experience their love for her.

Let it see! Max demanded. Let it in, Isabel! It's the only way!

Isabel heard Max, and put her fears aside. She opened her thoughts and let It see what was going on. Momentarily It pulled back, burnt by the emotion It felt there. Then It turned on her with a vengeance.

Michael felt the hatred coming from It through Isabel. His stomach clenched at the pure evil he felt there. He tried to concentrate on love, as Max had suggested, but his anger at what this monster was doing to Isabel started to overcome him.

Michael, no! Max shouted. Only love. No hate. Michael, stop.

But Michael couldn't stop. The more It hated Isabel, the more he hated It. His anger and hatred began to fester into a growing ball inside of him. He could feel It raping Its way through Isabel's mind, violating her every thought. She was wearing down - she was going to give in. She was going to let It win.

With an audible scream, Michael unleashed all of the hatred he felt for It. There was a blinding light in the cave, and Max felt himself being thrown to the ground. He saw Liz tumble past him just as his head struck a rock and he lost consciousness.

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