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"In A Boy's Dream"
Part 13
by Karen
Disclaimer: Don't own anything but an active imagination. All Roswell characters are the property of someone at the WB. "Reunion" is from Collective Soul.
Summary: Good vs. Evil with our Izzy in the middle (Guess who wins)
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Feedback appreciated. Just be gentle with me - it was my first time!!
When Max opened his eyes, the first thing that hit him was the eerie silence in the cave. His head was pounding, and the silence ironically made it worse. He closed his eyes and used his power to heal his head wound.

Max scrambled to a sitting position, and looked around the cave. He could see the others laid out in the circle, all of them unconscious. He moved to Liz first, touched her forehead. Then to Alex, then Maria and finally Michael.

Michael came around first. The others started to stir slowly after.

Max had been too intent on his healing ritual to notice that something had returned to his body. A presence he hadn't felt in days. He followed Michael's gaze to the area of the floor that had been the center of the circle.

Isabel was lying there on her side, her legs pulled up in a fetal position.

"Oh, my God," he breathed.

Michael and Max both rushed to her. They stopped short, not sure if they should touch her. Max sensed the others behind him. Gently, he squatted down beside her and just looked.

Her eyes were closed, her long hair partially covering her face. There were faint scratch marks down one of her cheeks. Her clothes, her body, were dirty. Max passed a hand in front of her face. She wasn't breathing.

With this realization, Max dropped to his knees and grabbed her by the shoulders. He gently but quickly flopped her on to her back, her head rolling to one side and her legs straightening.

"Oh, no," Max heard Liz breathe behind him.

Max placed a hand over Isabel's forehead, then over her chest. He could feel her heart beating weakly. He put his hand back to her forehead, and closed his eyes. Let me in, he thought. It's Max, Is, let me in.

And he was in, looking for the damage in her body. He found her lungs and forced them to take in air while he worked. When he had the last of the damage repaired, Isabel drew in a deep breath, bolted to a sitting position and let out an ear-piercing shriek.

Max grabbed her flailing arms and struggled to stop her. Her dark eyes were wild as she tried to comprehend where she was.

"Stop, Isabel," Max said firmly, releasing her arms and taking her face in his hands. Her fingernails tore into this chest. Forcing her to look at him, his voice softened. "Stop - you're safe. You're okay."

Isabel panted, looking wildly into her brother's eyes. Max saw the realization in her eyes as all of the events came flooding back to her. Her body slumped and she collapsed into Max's arms, sobbing.

Michael came forward, knelt, and put his arms around her from behind, making an Isabel sandwich with Max. Liz approached from the side and put one arm around Max and the other around Michael. Maria repeated this on the other side. They had Isabel cocooned in the middle of their embrace.

They remained that way while Isabel sniffled softly. Eventually she lifted her head and searched the cave. She saw Alex standing by himself, his hands in his pockets. She freed an arm from around Max and held out her hand to Alex. He paused, having been rebuffed so many times in the past, then ventured forward. Isabel gratefully took his hand and pulled him in to the group.

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